what happened at my meet & greet

Hi guys,
Getting to see the people that got me to where I am and the people that care about me no matter what was an experience like no other. The entire day was filled with so many smiles and hugs! I had a truly amazing and unforgettable day.
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  1. Chloe Jackson

    Chloe JacksonÓrája

    Charlie my sis Brooke Jackson DM you

  2. Moniter Boii

    Moniter BoiiÓrája

    She is so nice

  3. the crazya

    the crazyaÓrája

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="202">3:22</a> idk but that boy seems cute to me 😅🤣🖤🖤🖤

  4. alan jhosep liz barragan

    alan jhosep liz barraganÓrája

    I love you ❤ Charli

  5. Jani Beraque

    Jani BeraqueÓrája

    Your in tiktok

  6. Abeba Habtewolde

    Abeba Habtewolde2 órája

    Pls follow me I’m a big fan nama.mama MUAH

  7. Stormy Lover

    Stormy Lover3 órája

    I like Dixie more than Charli.. OOP

  8. Elizabeth Watabe

    Elizabeth Watabe3 órája

    lol remember when we could hug peopel

  9. jozekoppl

    jozekoppl3 órája

    Hey charli! I love you so much!♡ you are the sweetest person ever!♡♡♡love your dances♡ill love you forever as a fan!!!♡♡♡you are so amazing and you always make me smile♡i wish i could meet you and do some tik tok dances 😂💕and i wish i could hug you!💗💖

  10. Tiffany Dugger

    Tiffany Dugger5 órája

    love you

  11. jaleeyah canela

    jaleeyah canela5 órája

    Hi Charlie im a biggggggggggggggggg fan of you I can't go to your meet an greet because I live in Salem and now I'm crying in my room 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  12. Sena Saleh

    Sena Saleh6 órája

    They are so lucky I can't afford to go but it's Gucci it's fine because her smile is all I need

  13. Débora Rodrigues

    Débora Rodrigues6 órája


  14. Hristian Yordanov

    Hristian Yordanov6 órája


  15. Yanina Zapata

    Yanina Zapata6 órája

    No entedi ni madres no ablo ingles :( I LOVE YOU CHARLI ♡♡

  16. Heidy The baby

    Heidy The baby7 órája

    I can't go their but I love Charli

  17. Cale Beeston

    Cale Beeston7 órája

    I feel bad for Dixie

  18. Tik tok Mashup

    Tik tok Mashup7 órája

    your are sooo beautiful

  19. Sugeith Torres

    Sugeith Torres7 órája

    I love you 😘 l see you on time too

  20. orett qq baldwin

    orett qq baldwin7 órája

    I love you 😍 you Charlie 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩

  21. Well Done

    Well Done7 órája

    just came here to say that in " 0.00 why ???"

  22. Mimi Maus

    Mimi Maus7 órája

    Can you please do a workout routine of you ❤️

  23. Stefania Spagnolo

    Stefania Spagnolo7 órája

    Why are people disliking??

  24. Alfonso Barajas

    Alfonso Barajas7 órája

    I love you so so so much I wish I can meet you

  25. Hayriye Gök

    Hayriye Gök8 órája

    Bu kız her gün 1 milyon kazanıyor ve ne zaman açtı tiktok hesabını bilmiyorum.

  26. qt-_-Neon ‘

    qt-_-Neon ‘8 órája

    You guys don’t notice the get shit done pillow

  27. The Marwa

    The Marwa8 órája

    I love you ❤️💕😘

  28. FatimaMajait Official

    FatimaMajait Official9 órája

    Hey charli cann u. Follow me. An tic toc plsssss🥺🥺🥺🥺

  29. tu veux quoi toi mais toi tu veux quoi la

    tu veux quoi toi mais toi tu veux quoi la9 órája


  30. Donna Bailey

    Donna Bailey9 órája

    Wish I could be at the meet and greet

  31. Destiny Hines

    Destiny Hines10 órája


  32. Lydia Wills

    Lydia Wills11 órája

    I woke up at 7 a.m. for this - I feel you girl 🥺😛

  33. The greatest Hamill

    The greatest Hamill11 órája

    All ur accounts

  34. The greatest Hamill

    The greatest Hamill11 órája

    I follow u on tiktok

  35. The greatest Hamill

    The greatest Hamill11 órája

    Pls charli can I have ur number


    CRISTI WIN11 órája


  37. Happy Hatley

    Happy Hatley11 órája

    I’m your biggest fan😗😗😗😗😘😘😘😘

  38. Tif Vanroyen

    Tif Vanroyen11 órája

    I want to meet you to Charlie but I don’t live in New York I live in Belgium 🇧🇪

  39. viancy valdez

    viancy valdez12 órája

    I love you charli I wish I would see you you are the Queen

  40. IEnVy Connor

    IEnVy Connor12 órája

    Damm I didn’t know that you were that small 🤏🏻🤏🏻


    ZOE CORVALAN13 órája

    yo the girls fighting about the phone


    ZOE CORVALAN13 órája

    Hi, Charli i'm your biggest fan i subscribed liked and turned on the bell

  43. Artene Rebeca

    Artene Rebeca14 órája

    Singurul com in romana cine mai e din romania sa scrie com

  44. Yannah Bautista

    Yannah Bautista14 órája

    it's funny,talking with matching renegade dance HAHAHAHAHHAA😂🥴

  45. Albena Angelova

    Albena Angelova15 órája

    I LOVE YOU SO MUCH Charli 💗💗

  46. Anurithikaa selvakumer

    Anurithikaa selvakumer15 órája

    Charlie u have so much boy fans

  47. Eliana Velasquez

    Eliana Velasquez16 órája

    An I really want to meet you but I leave in soudi Arabia

  48. Kamelia Biserova

    Kamelia Biserova16 órája

    Charlie you are cool

  49. Eliana Velasquez

    Eliana Velasquez16 órája

    Hi charli I love you

  50. Carry on DIY

    Carry on DIY16 órája

    I wish i was there btw love u charli...😍

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    Hi can you please follow me back on tiktok @yarasaleh63 ❤️❤️❤️

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    Hi can you please follow me back @yarasaleh63 I Love you Charlie ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  53. soumaya lakfif

    soumaya lakfif18 órája

    nobody gonna talk about how awkward the Q&A was? lmao no hate smh

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    Follow me please

  55. argo49

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    The kids are simp

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    Charli the best ❤️❤️

  57. Christian Gobin

    Christian Gobin22 órája

    Your my favorite Carlo

  58. Susana Orozco

    Susana Orozco22 órája

    Its me solash sis

  59. Roudayna Dahmen

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    Hi charli I follower tout from dreamcast island Djerba on tik tok , Ilove you charli❤️😍😘

  60. Lovely Brooke

    Lovely Brooke23 órája

    Now I'm the one crying bc I didn't get to see one of my idols😂😭

  61. Gaboo Lopez

    Gaboo LopezNapja

    Soy la única que abla español

  62. Aida Ciiccarellli

    Aida CiiccarellliNapja

    I wish I was at that meet and greet

  63. Jessica Gray

    Jessica GrayNapja

    Hi Charlie I'm a big fan of your HU-gos channel 😁

  64. Chloe-Marie Rivas Acevedo

    Chloe-Marie Rivas AcevedoNapja

    You know you called Ev on the Larbret fam I want to call you too

  65. Anezza Udjaman

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    Hi charlie I followed you at tiktok

  66. Tylerxerri10


    OK that intro will always haunt me

  67. ghita harti

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    I love Charli

  68. Kaylin Marie

    Kaylin MarieNapja

    They are so lucky

  69. Royce Grant

    Royce GrantNapja

    Hey sorry about all the people who hate you and people that make videos about why they hate you I think you are a sweet girl and have a long life ahead of you

  70. Simon Phaff

    Simon PhaffNapja

    Why are so many people doing those hand movements? I dont know whats so fun about it

  71. Nilah Rich

    Nilah RichNapja

    Plz plz plz

  72. Delena Richards

    Delena RichardsNapja

    But I still like her videos Even on tik tok

  73. Delena Richards

    Delena RichardsNapja

    I'm sad I dont live anywhere there I have no chance what so ever to talk to her

  74. Danielle Hart

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  75. Tiffany Jones

    Tiffany JonesNapja

    Charlie Demello I like your videos

  76. Jayla Dow

    Jayla DowNapja

    Have you gone to Belmont if you haven’t you should go because it’s a really nice place

  77. mariana santos

    mariana santosNapja

    hello Charli !! I'm Mariana I'm from Brazil, and I'm your fan I know you don't have a 1% chance of seeing my message anymore .... I wanted to say that you are a wonderful person, even though you have a huge person on your back for being a great dancer (etc ...) And most people don't remember that you are a teenager, because we teenagers (I am 14 years old) have our insecurities even though you are Charli d'amelio, like that you are beautiful, a full person of talents, who and for fame didn’t change (speaking of that, I don’t know if you know, but on April 1st, in Brazilians and maybe other people from different countries, we made a joke to stop following you and then the next day back to follow you, sorry) and that will grow even more, and many people will judge you for what you dance or clothes, but you need to know that you are such a PERFECT person, and that is envy. Most important of all you are a human being (even though it is hard to believe) and to give you more strength know that in Brazilians we love you, as well as Dixie, and ..... I thank you for taking the time to read this text (if you read it, I don't blame you anymore) and I love you and ... bye.

  78. Kristina Strauss

    Kristina StraussNapja

    I am your BIGGEST fan!!!!!! Really want to do a TikTok with you

  79. Vasilisa Gorochko

    Vasilisa GorochkoNapja

    honest to god, i used to be best friends with Michela, which is one of the girls in this video.

  80. meriam tns

    meriam tnsNapja

    i love you charli you are so better 😘😘😘