[Weki Meki - Tiki-Taka (99%)] KPOP TV Show | M COUNTDOWN 190822 EP.631

- KPOP Chart Show M COUNTDOWN | EP.631
- Weki Meki - Tiki-Taka (99%)
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상큼돌 '위키미키'
키링들에게 윜밐둥이들은 너무너무너무 완벽해!!! 'Tiki-Taka (99%)' 무대!
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  1. Amethyst Ikea

    Amethyst IkeaNapja

    Sis looked MISERABLE just sitting there it hurts my heart 💔

  2. Ifah 29

    Ifah 297 napja


  3. •ValenLisset•


    Aww poor Suyeon unu. Get Well Soon Baby

  4. Fernanda Flowers

    Fernanda FlowersHónapja

    Hermosasssss 💕💕

  5. Candypie 2010

    Candypie 2010Hónapja

    God the camera work, the dance and fashion is all so good I love them



    The fanchants tho. I miss weme 😭💯

  7. neovelvetexo’s bitch

    neovelvetexo’s bitch2 hónapja

    Doyeon 💙

  8. Smsm Alo

    Smsm Alo2 hónapja

    فيه عرب؟؟؟

  9. Rei Lovegood

    Rei Lovegood2 hónapja

    I don't what is thinking fantagio about lua 😢, gift more line for lua pliss 😢😞

  10. oFailBoat

    oFailBoat2 hónapja

    Looking back? This promotion wasn’t strong. Weki Meki gets nervous they need to practice hard like come on fantagio

  11. John michael Fulo

    John michael Fulo2 hónapja

    I am sad because I think no one is talking about Sei no one loves Sei just me😢😢

  12. X1's crack trash Bin

    X1's crack trash Bin2 hónapja

    Such an underated bop

  13. ELLY Fan

    ELLY Fan2 hónapja

    Elly so beautiful ❤❤

  14. shafir karisma

    shafir karisma4 hónapja

    The one n only kim doyeon💞

  15. Yeri’s wifey

    Yeri’s wifey4 hónapja

    I stan weki meki's stylists(them too ofc). Like their outfits in literally EVERY comeback stage look stunning💍

  16. 사랑해요Kokoro-chan

    사랑해요Kokoro-chan4 hónapja

    Doyeon is undeniably the visual. And Lucy, Rina, and Lua definitely are the better looking members. BUT for me Sooyeon beats them all! I hope she regains her health!

  17. Kat Mon

    Kat Mon5 hónapja

    Suyeon shined despite her injury!

  18. Marco Pilar de fuego

    Marco Pilar de fuego5 hónapja

    this song is so perfect, and sound exactly like kpop not weird rhythm. so good WM

  19. I lost my wig GetWellSoonWendy

    I lost my wig GetWellSoonWendy5 hónapja

    Wait- why are they wearing the same thing?

  20. FAFA 00’

    FAFA 00’5 hónapja

    Still don’t get why they never got their first win

  21. Peachwonnie Universe

    Peachwonnie Universe5 hónapja

    When lua is ur bias and u spent the whole video trying to find her oof.......

  22. KPOP Because I can

    KPOP Because I can5 hónapja

    I’m a new fan, could Someone help me with the members please??? 💕💕💕 thank you

  23. Shy Shy

    Shy Shy5 hónapja

    This is a very nice song

  24. A L

    A L5 hónapja

    1:03 루아의 좋은 미소 :)

  25. Keith Lund

    Keith Lund5 hónapja

    Get well soon, Suyeon! I love seeing the rest of the group finish the performance with her. ❤️

  26. colors nana

    colors nana5 hónapja

    LETS TALK ABOUT THEY GOING TO SUYEON IN THE END OMG I LOVE THESE GIRLS fantagio better give more lines to Lua 👺

  27. DontTrustDaniel

    DontTrustDaniel5 hónapja

    am i the only one who thinks yoojung looks like park bo young?

  28. oanh nguyễn thị lâm

    oanh nguyễn thị lâm5 hónapja

    Love yoo jung

  29. yixuan

    yixuan5 hónapja

    "lua's lack of lines" um she doesn't have ANY. she gets 1s of adlib shared w another member??? rly hate when companies do their idols dirty like that this is ridiculous.

  30. Clauds

    Clauds5 hónapja

    Do I stan?! YES this song is fire

  31. yana shaa

    yana shaa5 hónapja

    Lua and Lucy 😢❤❤❤

  32. Christina M

    Christina M5 hónapja

    This song is so good it's such an earworm

  33. Bloop

    Bloop5 hónapja

    no offence i love weme they cuties but lua and lucy TTT they literally have zErO lines im pressedt lua still looking hella fine tho 💕

  34. Alan Adam Taruc

    Alan Adam Taruc5 hónapja

    Why they cant give my lucy a better lines?

  35. lnxx_o

    lnxx_o5 hónapja

    they all are really good dancers, I'm impressed

  36. ethernaldreams_

    ethernaldreams_5 hónapja

    is this their goodbye stage? please answer me:(

  37. Rizka Oktari

    Rizka Oktari6 hónapja

    The song is good😍


    H. IMAM SUBAWI, SH6 hónapja


  39. An Lê

    An Lê6 hónapja

    Wait, what happen to the main vocal?

  40. MyungDdana Maknae

    MyungDdana Maknae6 hónapja

    What happen to suyeon?

  41. Chimmy Eiei

    Chimmy Eiei6 hónapja

    I love this song

  42. Narisa Amel

    Narisa Amel6 hónapja

    Get well soon 😭

  43. Gris

    Gris6 hónapja

    Have they had their first win already?

  44. Szabrina

    Szabrina6 hónapja

    1:03 *a baby.*

  45. Phương Đoan

    Phương Đoan6 hónapja

    Yoojung ❤

  46. xander arin

    xander arin6 hónapja

    why LuA and LuCy have little lines? and why SuYeon sid on the table?

  47. An jeje

    An jeje6 hónapja

    Although ioi already won, but please for doyeon and yoojunggg

  48. Nur Ansh

    Nur Ansh6 hónapja


  49. bruno silva

    bruno silva6 hónapja

    I love Weki Meki

  50. Grim Chirico

    Grim Chirico6 hónapja

    I love yoojung voice ❤️

  51. ulises roldan

    ulises roldan6 hónapja

    they all look so cute and i love this song, hoping a 1st win finally for the girls💞😭

  52. schnadee

    schnadee6 hónapja

    Rina tho 😍

  53. CT Kpop

    CT Kpop6 hónapja

    Ok after this I’m gonna stan

  54. Charlotte McCluskey

    Charlotte McCluskey6 hónapja

    I love all this happiness on stage and in the audience

  55. Rosemehlyn Taraya

    Rosemehlyn Taraya6 hónapja

    doyeon's daughter really is dia's somyi they looooooook so similaaaar

  56. Jules

    Jules6 hónapja

    Why is she sitting there? Is she fine?

  57. ahmad tsabit dzaky

    ahmad tsabit dzaky6 hónapja

    This is the best song their song

  58. eul yam

    eul yam6 hónapja

    I'm so proud of Suyeon. Please get well soon our precious leader😭🌹

  59. Kaeldra3

    Kaeldra36 hónapja

    Damn the chic in black really did get like no lines the fuck

  60. DY ip

    DY ip6 hónapja