Water Cooling is DEAD. Meet the THERMOSIPHON!

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The startup IceGiant is trying to change the computer cooling landscape - and according to our testing they’re off to a good start.
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  1. Zachary Scott

    Zachary Scott10 órája

    So its currently using 2 what quater power blowiematrons? how far could you push that chip with 2 11000 rpm fans on it? i need anwsers linus

  2. João Victor Madureira

    João Victor Madureira13 órája

    What case is this?

  3. Dr Bombay

    Dr Bombay19 órája

    3:28 linus so white....

  4. unidoubt


    Linus thanking himself I didn't see coming at all!

  5. antonio bradiano

    antonio bradianoNapja

    Hell yea

  6. Alex Schneider

    Alex SchneiderNapja

    Is there anything like a "blower" type air cooler? Loke instead of a low density fan you use a induction compressor to push a large amount of air across a set of fins to cool the cpu?

  7. en y

    en yNapja

    ¿De verdad que es necesario un armatoste cómo ese? ¿Esta es la tendencia?

  8. magusat999


    AN even easier fix is not to overclock. Dont overclock, not worries about temperatures.

  9. B A

    B ANapja

    Sorry sponsors, my wallet is two hair-bands from the dollar store.

  10. ThermaL1102


    how does it work on cooler temps then ? if it needs to be boiling the water to get the loop going ?

  11. Eric Perry

    Eric PerryNapja

    one comment can you make a video a good cpu but a bad gpu?

  12. Porkleaker

    Porkleaker2 napja

    I just shit in my pants

  13. Ayy Lmao

    Ayy Lmao2 napja

    Lets be real. Nobody buys air coolers because nobody wants that disgusting oversized brick in their computer.

  14. IcarusLSC

    IcarusLSC2 napja

    Gimmick, It won't be any better when thinner and sounds like a vacuum :/

  15. elenchus

    elenchus2 napja

    I'm not sure I'm impressed yet. It managed to beat a single tower Noctua cooler with a single, very quiet, fan by a large margin (about 10C). But it did so with many times the mass, twice the fans, and using multiple Delta fans that are far louder at max RPM than the single fan in the Noctua, so loud, from my own experience using Deltas, that you wouldn't want to be in the same room with it. If I were to put together a conventional, modern air cooler, like the NH-U14, and just make it as enormous, and put two extremely high RPM fans on it, and throw hearing loss caution to the wind, I wouldn't be at all surprised if the conventional cooler was as good. The variables between this and conventional coolers are just too massive, literally, to get much out of a comparison. We should just all be using Tuniq Towers like the good ol' days.

  16. AmyGrrl78

    AmyGrrl782 napja

    With that large surface area on top, it would be really awesome if they added a LED Panel. Could display lots of system stats, have interesting patterns, images, and videos cycle on it. Maybe even use it as a small screen for playing games or movies. Watch a movie while playing a game on your main monitor.

  17. Radulescu Romulus

    Radulescu Romulus2 napja

    Is this bools**t for REAL? Or it's only for commercial? Neh you are messing with that Sh**

  18. Çommenter Person

    Çommenter Person2 napja

    7:27 cardinal sin: - talked about temperature in f - shows temperature in c

  19. indigodream21

    indigodream212 napja

    The Moment when Linus said "Heat Pipe".. :0220:

  20. SOUK TV

    SOUK TV2 napja

    50% off and I'd have one

  21. Sedokun

    Sedokun3 napja

    It's not wobbling! It's flexing!

  22. jd603

    jd6033 napja

    It's also way louder than liquid cooling. Mine is almost silent

  23. Numinous Tattoo studio

    Numinous Tattoo studio3 napja

    Not a fan at all of this price points is good for what it is and the quick access to superior than air cooling but a home built water cooled system with d and d pump half inch tubing and 240 or even 360 tubbing and a separate res will easily pull temps to as low as 40 were 70 in the water cooling world high so real water cooling is far from dead

  24. Nikos Per

    Nikos Per3 napja

    goodbye airflow...

  25. R H

    R H3 napja

    For 80$ I got the 360 mm liquid copper plate and conductonaut liquid metal thermal paste. 50c under load max idles at 7-9c near silent

  26. dark

    dark3 napja


  27. xtian170174

    xtian1701743 napja

    Have to wonder if Dyson will diversify its room cooling range to focus on this niche and come up with something that's reassuringly three times the price.... www.google.com/search?q=dyson+fan

  28. ateng lenon

    ateng lenon4 napja

    What about peltier?

  29. Darran Douglas

    Darran Douglas4 napja

    three words..... want!!

  30. Ikmel A.A.A.

    Ikmel A.A.A.4 napja

    Computer cooling solutions are getting bigger than car radiators.

  31. Belzarion

    Belzarion4 napja

    Hey guys check out my first t-shirt design. I feel so blessed to have this opportunity!!! For each sale you'll be supporting me! www.amazon.com/dp/B083XQ8Q71?customId=B07536XX75&th=1

  32. Jerry Stauffer

    Jerry Stauffer4 napja

    I have a tractor from 1927 with this technology. The 1931 tractor in my pic has a more sophisticated system. lol

  33. IAN 4000

    IAN 40004 napja

    Dang I wish my CPU cooler had a 400 watt Y33T mode

  34. Elena

    Elena4 napja

    every 20 years or so we make a step forward, but also a step back. now the power is here for consumer prices but its big and clunky. in 20 years its gonna be as small as todays shit and we're going to repeat aaaaaaall over again 😂

  35. Travis Stratton

    Travis Stratton4 napja

    Looks like shit. The huge blocks over the CPU always do.

  36. Stinn Spidy

    Stinn Spidy4 napja

    Its not even out yet, then how can you say water cooler is dead? 🙄 Size of a brick 🧱? Don’t like it.

  37. That guy With dat laptop

    That guy With dat laptop4 napja

    when your cpu cooler is trice the size of the gpu

  38. Serana

    Serana5 napja

    I'm not impressed. Noctua NH-D15 is still better for air cooling!


    theSUBVERSIVE5 napja

    I wished you guys had a follow up on this at CES, it would have been interesting, but I guess, when they have the final product, they will send to LTT to test it out and have some fun.

  40. Ziv Zulander

    Ziv Zulander5 napja

    PC World (Gordon) just uploaded an interview from CES with IceGiant's engineer.

  41. Bradley Saulteaux

    Bradley Saulteaux5 napja

    It's only a matter of time before some company builds a small heat pump CPU cooler.

  42. dillon shane

    dillon shane5 napja

    going get one for sure

  43. Daniel Phyronix

    Daniel Phyronix5 napja

    Finally, a cooler for Intel cpu's

  44. Notoxic30

    Notoxic305 napja

    Common , we need some technological LEAP forward in the GPU department to keep up with all this crazy monitors (resolutions). They seems to focus only on the CPU's this days and on displays. Need for GPU that are not like 10% better next release but like 200 % to be able to drive the monstrous 4k, , 5120x1440 , triple screen setups, and smooth vibrant high quality high def V.R game play. Imagine now trying to play Red Dead Redemption 2 on the Samsung Odyssey G9 5120x1440 on all ultra settings with current best GPU... I would guess around 20 fps? And that monitor is labeled as Gaming monitor.... Powered by what?

  45. nomeirx

    nomeirx5 napja

    Motherboard = alamak encok kumat gendong cooler segede gini. Patahhhhh

  46. SlyNine

    SlyNine5 napja

    2:10 that heatsync is from a AMD's phenom 6 core CPU's. The first one is from a nuclear reactor.

  47. Judess 69er

    Judess 69er5 napja

    why don't they just go the whole 9 yards and use an HFC refrigerant system like the ones they got in your kitchen freezers. we plug everything else into a molex connector lol whats a few extra watt's of power for a mini refrigerant compressor also they could put 2 fans in between the hot and cold pipes so the fans take the cool air from the cold pipes and blow it over the hot pipes then out the exhaust

  48. Joel Jay Cataylo

    Joel Jay Cataylo5 napja

    they forgot to add the rgb that will greatly improve the performance

  49. Asif Talpur

    Asif Talpur4 napja

    wow man so funny, how did u do it?

  50. Zep C

    Zep C6 napja

    A few years from now, we would all be laughing at this huge ass cooler video not because of its size, but because we are amazed at what it can do. Oh how fast technology evolves.

  51. Joseph Slack

    Joseph Slack6 napja

    I build thermal process control units for a living. So I’m pretty familiar with this setup. It’s some incredible technology!

  52. Asif Talpur

    Asif Talpur4 napja

    Will the bulk go down? It's pretty scary trying to put on my mb

  53. FvckYoutube'sCensorship UseAdblock

    FvckYoutube'sCensorship UseAdblock6 napja

    The thing is water cooling (without sub-ambient temps being a goal) is basically unbeatable, physics won't let you without some new liquid invented that has better heat capacity than water (none has been discovered/invented). If a particular air cooler is outperforming a water cooler = just increase the flow rate, fan CFM, fin surface area (more radiators in series or parallel) or all three. I have a 3970x with a EK velocity block, a Nexxos Monsta 560 rad, 4x LLl140's, a PMP-600 pump, and liquid metal tim. Even when OC to 4GHz stress test it all cores barely reach 40-45C in silent mode (600-700 rpm fan setting). Sure, all that cooling was $560 (not including the VGA block), but you get what you pay for. This video title is clickbait bullshit. I want my view back. Here, have a dislike.

  54. FvckYoutube'sCensorship UseAdblock

    FvckYoutube'sCensorship UseAdblock6 napja

    I'm waiting for PC CPU's to require cooling with a liquid nitrogen phase change loop. Hell if it's a quantum CPU it will need liquid helium (not cheap at all).

  55. Lastguytom

    Lastguytom6 napja

    i know you are not talking about the 3900, or 3950..i have bothe and tested them your b.s. again and using drama to male amd look bad

  56. Brad

    Brad6 napja

    What! 6-7 year warranty... That tells me this thing will last 6 months.

  57. Josh Moon

    Josh Moon6 napja

    "All for the low price of selling your soul to the devil to acquire! So, whattya say?"

  58. ninline2000

    ninline20006 napja

    That was pretty awesome.


    KJER ERRT6 napja

    is this guy a homosexual?

  60. clamo6362

    clamo63626 napja

    2* difference? I will just stick to my air cooler.

  61. Allen Tompkins

    Allen Tompkins6 napja

    thermal dynamics show that the process of a liquid evaporating pulls much more btu s than a cool liquid simply flowing over a heat source

  62. Guided Hand

    Guided Hand7 napja

    Water cooling ensures leakage, ensuing a new gaming computer purchase 🤔