uh oh! Emma Chamberlain made fans mad AGAIN and now she's mad!

Emma Chamberlain really upset her fans!
Emma Chamberlain fans are not happy with her most recent video called “DYING MY HAIR FOR NO REASON *fail*” and spoiler alert, it was in fact a fail. Emma stated she wanted to dye her hair because she was bored. But instead of dying her whole head like she did last time, she’s just gonna dye a strip of hair a fun color. As Emma got ready to dye, she revealed that the video was sponsored by a hair product and shampoo. She attempted to bleach a strip of hair and after 5 minutes when nothing happened she decided to not go any further with any sort of hair dye and called it there. And that’s when fans got mad. Emma was aware that she made fans upset and tried to make it right by posting a second video released 2 days later titled “my worst video ever”.
Sprousehart is NOT end game while Charmila should get back together according to their zodiac signs - hu-gos.info/video/f8eEb3q8hdqQiYk.html
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  1. Brittney battisti

    Brittney battistiHónapja

    She tried and that's all that counts

  2. Ray Das

    Ray DasHónapja

    aww u have 53 dislikes

  3. Cristobal Quintana

    Cristobal QuintanaHónapja

    I hate her she always do

  4. Cristobal Quintana

    Cristobal QuintanaHónapja


  5. Jadie clyburn

    Jadie clyburnHónapja

    it’s hair ? 💀 y’all need to leave people alone

  6. vanilla seed

    vanilla seedHónapja

    you're late.

  7. carolina cervantes

    carolina cervantesHónapja

    There are bigger problems in the world. Let it go

  8. Xen.the. rat

    Xen.the. ratHónapja

    Oh my god y'all so damn pressed. Let her live.

  9. Laughing With Lucky

    Laughing With LuckyHónapja

    Emma Chamberlain is a sellout.

  10. Alyssa


    Who cares seriously. It’s hair

  11. Genesis Martell

    Genesis MartellHónapja

    I love Emma so much that I didn't care that the bleach didn't work. As long as I watch her, I am happy.

  12. Nadine sameh

    Nadine samehHónapja

    That wasn't even clickbait she literally said fail in the title

  13. Just Carlos

    Just Carlos28 napja

    she added the “fail” like hours after everyone had already watched it

  14. Ryan lex

    Ryan lexHónapja

    But didn't say the company was promoting their product to her

  15. Shiloh Nugent

    Shiloh NugentHónapja


  16. Nia Johnson

    Nia JohnsonHónapja

    Her content IS getting dry tho

  17. LGSaikou


    Really? People are this triggered because this was clickbait but wtf like guess what there’s people that are worse like Fortnite you tubers that gets hella clout

  18. Grace Armstrong

    Grace ArmstrongHónapja


  19. givememore4free


    Slow news day huh?

  20. Lucie Bandyova

    Lucie BandyovaHónapja


  21. Melissa Gutierrez

    Melissa GutierrezHónapja

    This channel makes all people look bad leave Emma alone her energy was the same as always just because she thought about it and decided not to. That’s her choice

  22. Lea M.

    Lea M.Hónapja

    This happened a week ago. I think people are over it

  23. Adriana B

    Adriana BHónapja

    I honestly love Emma her videos make me laugh along with the Fun Collabs she has done in the past she is funny af But I honesty think that video was not the worst but I would like to get into the most specifics on how she was dating one of the Dolan twins. I don’t know why Emma would not want to share more details about that. Most of us would support her including me. And if Emma has made a video about how she was dating one of them it would go viral. And I am positive that she would gain more likes and followers.🙂

  24. NeptuneFormula1


    It wasn't that serious I was fine lol

  25. Mariah Kadlec

    Mariah KadlecHónapja

    WHO CARES! SHE CAN CHANGE HER MIND! It’s a video, it’s just content. Again, she can change her mind!

  26. Shiloh Nugent

    Shiloh NugentHónapja

    It wasn't clickbait, the bleach just didn't work because, if you have been a fan of Emma, you would remember all the times she dyed her hair, and when you dye your hair multiple times it tends to get damaged. That's why she couldn't use bleach.

  27. Shiloh Nugent

    Shiloh NugentHónapja

    First of all you probably have never even watched her videos, second of all, just because she got sponsored by a company doesn't mean anything. Her hair was really damaged that's why the bleach didn't work, she has dyed her hair several times before. And third of all you should probably go watch some of her(hair dyeing)videos before you start hating on her.

  28. Ryan lex

    Ryan lexHónapja

    Well she do that cause of she getting paid by the company to promote their products

  29. Angeliz Arias

    Angeliz AriasHónapja

    I was fine with it, there’s nothing to be mad about. Let her sponsor what’s she wants. What’s so wrong about that?

  30. Carroll Zegarra

    Carroll ZegarraHónapja


  31. Bella Cotton

    Bella CottonHónapja

    Before this goes viral remember me :3

  32. Victoria vanegas

    Victoria vanegasHónapja

    Wow she did it without one thing that is why

  33. Jackie Haddad

    Jackie HaddadHónapja


  34. Christelle


    Idk why they get so mad over stuff like that. Oh well

  35. Hannah is lit

    Hannah is litHónapja


  36. Riley Harrelson

    Riley HarrelsonHónapja


  37. Shatha Matar

    Shatha MatarHónapja

    I’m the first comment!!!

  38. Angus Winton

    Angus WintonHónapja

    Shatha Matar not

  39. Malia L'Alesi

    Malia L'AlesiHónapja


  40. Zayyking Games and music

    Zayyking Games and musicHónapja

    Stop remaking videos thats already done

  41. sarxai


    this is old. get over it.

  42. Cristobal Quintana

    Cristobal QuintanaHónapja


  43. Aava x

    Aava xHónapja

    omg she didn't die her hair even tho she said she would big deal no one cares

  44. lilly smith

    lilly smithHónapja

    And u can’t control the hair dye u don’t know how it is going to turn out

  45. Esther Yoo

    Esther YooHónapja


  46. Esther Yoo

    Esther YooHónapja

    Angus Winton I just changed it

  47. Angus Winton

    Angus WintonHónapja

    Esther Yoo ur not

  48. Patty BertuzZi

    Patty BertuzZiHónapja

    A little bit late don't u think?

  49. Juwan Guerrido

    Juwan GuerridoHónapja


  50. Alena Smith

    Alena SmithHónapja


  51. Alejandra Sanchez Medina

    Alejandra Sanchez MedinaHónapja

    1st comment 1st like 1st view

  52. Angus Winton

    Angus WintonHónapja

    Alejandra Sanchez Medina ur not thirst comment lol

  53. Alejandra Sanchez Medina

    Alejandra Sanchez MedinaHónapja

    @Angus Winton not what

  54. Angus Winton

    Angus WintonHónapja

    Alejandra Sanchez Medina not

  55. Lia Nicole

    Lia NicoleHónapja

    Why are people mad? She just wanted to die her hair?

  56. Amber


    @Angeliz Arias I was just saying what she did I really couldn't care less, but I see how annoying that would be.

  57. Farting Unicorns!

    Farting Unicorns!Hónapja

    yeah exacly

  58. Angeliz Arias

    Angeliz AriasHónapja

    Amber so? There’s nothing bad about that

  59. Amber


    no she didn't even dye it, she dyed one strand and it did nothing so she just gave up.

  60. Ariana Butera

    Ariana ButeraHónapja

    let the girl live.

  61. itzz jai&john

    itzz jai&johnHónapja


  62. Andre Romero

    Andre RomeroHónapja

    When your so early there are no comments

  63. Demi Adesagba

    Demi AdesagbaHónapja

    1st probably not but I tried

  64. Angus Winton

    Angus WintonHónapja

    Demi Adesagba I was first

  65. Maria Caronan

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  66. averi roselyn

    averi roselynHónapja


  67. Noob President

    Noob PresidentHónapja

    No views but 3 or 2 likes wow

  68. Chelsea Toledo

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  69. Malia L'Alesi

    Malia L'AlesiHónapja


  70. Rosanna E

    Rosanna EHónapja


  71. Angus Winton

    Angus WintonHónapja

    Rosanna E I was first

  72. Brigitte Ruel

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  73. J .O .K

    J .O .KHónapja


  74. Payton Bright

    Payton BrightHónapja

    Hey ❤️

  75. Ke Zhu

    Ke ZhuHónapja


  76. Angus Winton

    Angus WintonHónapja

    Ke Zhu I was first

  77. Angus Winton

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  78. Getz a life

    Getz a lifeHónapja


  79. Angus Winton

    Angus WintonHónapja

    Getz a life I was first

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