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JRL - Free (Lyrics)
  1. 张清浩

    张清浩18 órája

    sounds like chris brown . wow。。。。。

  2. Djdjdj Hdjrj

    Djdjdj Hdjrj18 órája

    ^___^ haha

  3. Djdjdj Hdjrj

    Djdjdj Hdjrj18 órája

    Wow 100000like

  4. V Mr.

    V Mr.18 órája

    Maroon 5 never die



    I love it so much to much



    I love it

  7. Trang Vo

    Trang Vo18 órája


  8. Thiên Khắc Quốc Mai

    Thiên Khắc Quốc Mai18 órája

    This girl is sticking her middle finger at us Lmao ._. 2020?

  9. lexie carpenter

    lexie carpenter18 órája

    Yeah I'm a man and this song rocks

  10. marti chan

    marti chan18 órája

    Está canción es bonita, lenta, calmada, y tiene mucho que decir uwu

  11. paula andrea pena lobo

    paula andrea pena lobo18 órája

    abc if u love this song

  12. Damaris Jesus

    Damaris Jesus18 órája


  13. Toni Foster

    Toni Foster19 órája

    WOW is there anything Angelina cannot do ♥

  14. Marlinah 77

    Marlinah 7719 órája

    Bagus banget


    DEREK DAX19 órája


  16. YAN TING

    YAN TING19 órája

    From instagram❤️ This is lit

  17. Gerald Tamayo

    Gerald Tamayo19 órája

    i love songs

  18. Lily Rose

    Lily Rose19 órája

    I found this song now😏

  19. 林米妮

    林米妮19 órája


  20. Amber Bennett

    Amber Bennett19 órája

    I listened to this 200'9990008 times

  21. honeybunchesofwhat

    honeybunchesofwhat19 órája


  22. Amber Bennett

    Amber Bennett19 órája

    But what if we all make a vid of singing dance monkey

  23. Amber Bennett

    Amber Bennett19 órája

    I am I love songs my bother is a famous singer

  24. Tre'Mar Ross

    Tre'Mar Ross19 órája

    Whitney Houston tribute

  25. Amber Bennett

    Amber Bennett19 órája

    My little sister is always singing it when it is on hope you get this Dance monkey is mine and her favorite song

  26. Luis Amilcar

    Luis Amilcar19 órája

    Linda musica denle like si piensan lo mismo

  27. nesha amabel

    nesha amabel20 órája


  28. Ruth Bacor

    Ruth Bacor20 órája


  29. Emanuelle Fojas

    Emanuelle Fojas20 órája


  30. jesus campos galvan

    jesus campos galvan20 órája

    Who else loves this song ?♥️❤️🖤🤎💙💜💛💙💚🧡

  31. reverson lopes

    reverson lopes20 órája

    Quem fez essa musica e um geneo

  32. Nicole Derilo

    Nicole Derilo20 órája

    Love it

  33. Kamron Peyson

    Kamron Peyson20 órája

    Great song it is a very smooth song

  34. Wellington Santos

    Wellington Santos20 órája

    Já seeei

  35. Kalen Floyd

    Kalen Floyd20 órája

    How ever gives this video doesn’t quite know exact what they’re doing. Her voice is beautiful and she shouldn’t have to worry about all of her dislikes. This song leaves me 😶😶

  36. Haley Stewart-collis

    Haley Stewart-collis21 órája

    I love this song and how calm and firm his voice is

  37. Ear Candy

    Ear Candy21 órája

    The saddest part of life is when person who gave you the best memories becomes a memory

  38. diogo games

    diogo games21 órája

    Take your Tand my de as and place them Both in mine

  39. diogo games

    diogo games21 órája

    They Say oh my god l see the way you shine

  40. Nilma SIlva

    Nilma SIlva21 órája

    Como é: Dance Monkey Como eu pesquiso:Quis fomi quis Kkkkkklllk

  41. Sri Sri murti septyani

    Sri Sri murti septyani21 órája

    Siapa sih yg nyanyi

  42. Shane music

    Shane music22 órája


  43. Made Laca

    Made Laca22 órája

    thanks! This is something very different by Angelina. But hey, it's Angelina Jordan, she could sing the phonebook like there's no trouble in the world, lol.

  44. Cheetahlover OMGtotaly#1

    Cheetahlover OMGtotaly#122 órája

    Best song ever!

  45. AF CRAFT 75

    AF CRAFT 7522 órája

    is the real memories

  46. Deborah Heck Anderson

    Deborah Heck Anderson22 órája

    This song. Awsomme

  47. Амина Дадаева

    Амина Дадаева22 órája

    Кажется я одна на русском языке пишу😂 никто ни чё не понял да ?

  48. Guadalupe Segoviano

    Guadalupe Segoviano22 órája

    😱😱que padre cantas te quiero

  49. Амина Дадаева

    Амина Дадаева22 órája


  50. mundo luka sales 2

    mundo luka sales 222 órája

    love is music dence mokey my god addicted our people

  51. luke schoren

    luke schoren22 órája

    :( I miss kobe

  52. Drive637

    Drive63722 órája

    This song brings me back Memories of another hit from Maroon 5 : She Will Be Loved. Can't believe I've been in love with them for almost fifteen years!

  53. The Vibe Guide

    The Vibe Guide22 órája

    I'm not crying' you're crying...

  54. FCC TrickShots

    FCC TrickShots22 órája

    Maroon 5 is the best

  55. Alara Bucur

    Alara Bucur22 órája

    Bring back memories bring back you..

  56. Jude Poblacion

    Jude Poblacion22 órája

    best music

  57. Nurul Izza

    Nurul Izza22 órája

    Yes no monkey

  58. 30kingz One four

    30kingz One four22 órája

    love your song keep it up and dont leave your dream

  59. Nurul Izza

    Nurul Izza22 órája

    Dance monkey what it is

  60. 김윤겸

    김윤겸22 órája

    best maroon5 music ever

  61. Emine Erdem

    Emine Erdem22 órája


  62. SeaKay Productions

    SeaKay Productions23 órája

    Don’t mind me just an English comment

  63. Alexsandra Morina

    Alexsandra Morina23 órája


  64. małpa z księżyca

    małpa z księżyca23 órája

    98 % English comments 1% Poland comments 1 % other comments 😂😂

  65. 7

    723 órája


  66. Daluma Paris

    Daluma Paris23 órája

    Omg me like the's on school the song to and am Soo like the songgggg😊

  67. سارة البغدادي

    سارة البغدادي23 órája

    الاجانب عبالهم كاتبه شي مهم 😂😂😂😂

  68. Fernando Cruz

    Fernando Cruz23 órája

    BOB MARLEY ARMONY in a wonderful voice .. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

  69. AnGeL Vargas Ramírez

    AnGeL Vargas Ramírez23 órája

    Me. Ecata

  70. Kayla Fenteng

    Kayla Fenteng23 órája

    This is my favorite song I think you should do the song in the middle I’m loosing my mind just a little XD

  71. アルティメットふびん



  72. Sal Montes

    Sal MontesNapja

    these are my only intentions Live life the best and positive way you can. Be Happy and show love, the world needs more people like you! God bless to everyone in the world and I hope your dreams come true ❤..Dont trip-

  73. Aleksandra Szewczyk

    Aleksandra SzewczykNapja


  74. Gabriel Canal

    Gabriel CanalNapja

    Eu amo es a musica

  75. Victor Folmer Larsen

    Victor Folmer LarsenNapja

    @Magnus Larsen brought me here

  76. Mechain Sosa

    Mechain SosaNapja

    Que buena mujer canta :v si lo canta hombre es gay

  77. Jana Fierens

    Jana FierensNapja

    I truly see myself in this song! :o

  78. Christopher Norman

    Christopher NormanNapja

    Love it it is my favrout song in

  79. Michelangelo Gabrieli

    Michelangelo GabrieliNapja

    1000%I love Dua Lipa 💖

  80. Michelangelo Gabrieli

    Michelangelo GabrieliNapja

    I love Dua Lipa

  81. Jolanta Jurgutyte

    Jolanta JurgutyteNapja

    Beautiful song ❤

  82. Luís Fernando Soares lobato

    Luís Fernando Soares lobatoNapja

    Adoro essa música

  83. Hemmi Grön

    Hemmi GrönNapja

    i like dance monkey is my favorite sing

  84. Hayder Ali

    Hayder AliNapja

    If monkeys talked this is how they would talk

  85. Tongcum Iyara

    Tongcum IyaraNapja

    thai land

  86. Jaques Azevedo

    Jaques AzevedoNapja

    This song is a partner between TRXD and the extraordinary singer Angelina Jordan 14 yrs old:

  87. O trio

    O trioNapja

    amooooooo essa musica mdssss

  88. Luke Cantanhede

    Luke CantanhedeNapja

    Eu pesquisei sito sito

  89. BALIE



  90. Ronny Andersen

    Ronny AndersenNapja

    National treasure, greatest artist from Norway since Edward Grieg

  91. cinthya trindade

    cinthya trindadeNapja


  92. Zennure Bayazıt

    Zennure BayazıtNapja


  93. procitech ing

    procitech ingNapja

    i love you dance monkyey

  94. Håkon Dahm-Simonsen

    Håkon Dahm-SimonsenNapja

    How did this song not reach the finals?

  95. سلام سلام

    سلام سلامNapja

    وف احبها

  96. Andrea Aguirre

    Andrea AguirreNapja

    Está hermosa, es mi canción favorita

  97. ريــما𖤐.



  98. Bálint Komlyáti

    Bálint KomlyátiNapja

    BASS BRO!!!!!!!!

  99. Sándor Józsa

    Sándor JózsaNapja

    Nice music

  100. jackie pierce

    jackie pierceNapja

    You beat