Coming Soon: The Farewell, In Fabric, and The Lighthouse.

  1. johnny b

    johnny b21 órája

    Looks cool

  2. Christopher Carr

    Christopher Carr21 órája

    So Kubrick.

  3. Ayesha Khan

    Ayesha Khan21 órája

    finally a lead brown actor not playing a terrorist role

  4. Niamh C

    Niamh C21 órája

    THIS IS A GOOD TRAILER. I’m so sick of trailers being 3 minute summaries of movies that show way too much. This is perfect. I have no idea what will happen but I know I want to see it

  5. Pesky Jesky

    Pesky Jesky21 órája

    This makes me want to cry

  6. Mir5

    Mir521 órája

    Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope this out of nopeton to nopington town to nopernity. NOPE.

  7. Jacob M

    Jacob M21 órája

    this trailer gives away so much plot, I feel like I've already watched the film

  8. Athirah Asmadi

    Athirah Asmadi21 órája

    The color, brightness, aesthetics elements, really brings out the new kind of horror to it. Now im not gonna be too attracted to aesthetic attractions anymore 😂

  9. Javalin197 Gaming

    Javalin197 Gaming22 órája

    Would it be funny if this just turned out to be a psychological origin story to the Green Power Ranger?

  10. Meme Queen

    Meme Queen22 órája

    Is this worth watching ?

  11. ming Li

    ming Li22 órája

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  12. Ellie

    Ellie22 órája

    This movie sucked, made no sense. The moral is: TRUST NO ONE, NOT EVEN FAMILY.

  13. MaybDefinitely

    MaybDefinitely22 órája

    Can someone explain why an ancient British tale about a white male with a white last name is played by an Indian? Is this part of the Kalergi plan?

  14. toma ristic

    toma ristic22 órája

    This is the only horror movie that left me speechless. When I got back home I literally had a mental breakdown, this move had an strange impact on me, I can’t even explain, it was that scary

  15. Bortgang

    Bortgang22 órája


  16. RocketPower36

    RocketPower3622 órája

    Broke back chiraq.

  17. Carl Stawicki

    Carl Stawicki22 órája

    The title makes me thing of Sword of the Valiant with Sean Connery from 1984.

  18. JoAnna Love

    JoAnna Love22 órája

    This was really a great movie just watched it today.

  19. Corbelle

    Corbelle22 órája

    I heard he finally stepped out of comedy. Sadly no theaters around me had any showings so I'll just have to enjoy it alone.

  20. 1,000 Subscribers Without Videos Challenge

    1,000 Subscribers Without Videos Challenge22 órája

    I have no idea what's going on but oh boy I can't wait.

  21. Corey Casciano

    Corey Casciano22 órája

    A24 never disappoint

  22. PRABODH97

    PRABODH9723 órája

    Indian representation plus Dev Patel looking perfect for the role is what I needed to look forward for this year. Thank you A24 for the quality of films.

  23. Panos Papageorgiou

    Panos Papageorgiou23 órája

    really bad movie and music that makes you smash the tv

  24. Rafael Uchimura

    Rafael Uchimura23 órája

    I love you A24!!!!

  25. Ahmed Kareem

    Ahmed Kareem23 órája

    I didn't know they were making an origin story for "Caddicarus"

  26. MBDTD

    MBDTD23 órája


  27. silk box

    silk boxNapja

    Why would a medieval English Knight be Indian exactly? Stop injecting 'diversity' into situations where it makes no sense.

  28. J Holyroller

    J HolyrollerNapja

    This is blasphemy I see the sybolism the halo behind them all you ain't fulled this Christian Jesus Christ is coming to put wrath an vengeance in those who worship these idolatry

  29. The Piratey Weenie

    The Piratey WeenieNapja

    "The Green Knight." Lettering's red.

  30. El Canal de Rebeca

    El Canal de RebecaNapja

    Saludos desde mi canal de HU-gos

  31. El Canal de Rebeca

    El Canal de RebecaNapja


  32. Curtis Newton

    Curtis NewtonNapja

    and that fucking musical montage in a trailer, it's so overused it sounds like a mummy

  33. Dominique Smith

    Dominique SmithNapja


  34. Curtis Newton

    Curtis NewtonNapja

    krrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr whut ?? no I was'nt sleeping that movie is totaly interesting at all

  35. karizad k

    karizad kNapja

    He is struggling to express himself

  36. Saikotic


    oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh HELL YEAH

  37. Fever-Blade


    "In a time, when political correctness was everything... *THE BROWN KNIGHT!"* Lol, no thanks. Not spending my money on more creepy propaganda.

  38. simon daughtry

    simon daughtryNapja

    unwatchable...... IF after an hour someone would have mowed everyone down with a machine gun in the film I would have been pleased....I didnt care a penny about any of these characters......The movie was agro for the sake of it....I like Adam but this film was not redeemable IMO.

  39. eminosose


    Waiting for the *Green* Band Version of the trailer

  40. rainbow goddess

    rainbow goddessNapja

    This looks messed up. What the heck is happening?

  41. Mocha Puppies

    Mocha PuppiesNapja

    I invited a friend over to watch this on Halloween

  42. Bee Yang

    Bee YangNapja

    those damn farts! wtf did i just watched, was my thought when i finished it.

  43. Patrick Mcdonald

    Patrick McdonaldNapja

    So hyped!!!!

  44. 10,000 Subscribers With no Videos Challenge

    10,000 Subscribers With no Videos ChallengeNapja

    I'm quite impressed by Dev Patel for lighting himself on fire for that scene. Hayden Christensen did that same thing and I respect both actors for their commitment to their roles!

  45. fagwh0re


    Anyone else stress over the scene where KG, his bodyguards and Demany were stuck in the little booth when they were trying to open the doors? FML LOL Can someone PLEASE recommend me movies that stressed me over like this one!? 😅

  46. Anja Potokar

    Anja PotokarNapja

    Alternative title: Midsommar Murders

  47. sandra morey

    sandra moreyNapja

    I hope hope hope that this will be a telling of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight that I tried to read in Middle English in Snordum's SFSC class in Middle and Old English. I wasn't terribly successful. It is such a wonderful story and so very old. I will really look forward to the film in the hopes that it will tell this story in a way they can understand to those new to this ancient tale from Arthur's Court.

  48. Cassie


    slower pacing?

  49. Moloko


    Epic throne scene!

  50. Ταινίες για Όλους

    Ταινίες για ΌλουςNapja

    A Commonwealth Knight! Who would say that?

  51. Elizabeth King

    Elizabeth KingNapja

    I clap to all these people who know the Arthurian tale👏👏👏👏👏👏

  52. Andrew Gloy

    Andrew GloyNapja

    What an excellent film and performance.

  53. luis remelli

    luis remelliNapja

    Stars in my eyes

  54. SadDiplodocus


    Smart Cultured People: It’s an Arthurian legend! Me: it’s Dark Souls.

  55. Hasanul Banna

    Hasanul BannaNapja

    It is not scary at all but disturbing as hell,, I want to rewatch it but don't want to rewatch,,,... That first day of main festival was so bizarre, horrifying and disturbing

  56. Desth O

    Desth ONapja

    I've locked on, my eyes seen a glimpse of what's ahead such a film will be a true hit.

  57. levihint


    So nice I watched it twice.

  58. Rolo Tomassi

    Rolo TomassiNapja

    More pretentious garbage from A24. With a non-English Sir Gawain fighting a horroresque green knight. Forget the original message of the literary masterpiece.

  59. CHLD Metabee

    CHLD MetabeeNapja

    I thought the thumbnail was the emperors new groove live action.

  60. Mike The Brummie

    Mike The BrummieNapja

    His dad must have come back with more then just scars from the crusade.

  61. Luis Mengo

    Luis MengoNapja

    This trailer is insanely better than the film. Hats off to the trailer editor!

  62. Bonk Roku

    Bonk RokuNapja

    Racists triggered lmaoo.

  63. Juangc


    Anybody else kind of got live action Dark Souls vibes from this?

  64. michaelgerard2


    Why did they race switch gaiwan??? This is from old English mythology. The diversity bullcrap is out of control.

  65. Charles Gardner

    Charles GardnerNapja

    I've watched this trailer more times than I'd like to admit.

  66. Visuals For You

    Visuals For YouNapja

    Haha how did David Lowery go from The Old Man and the Gun (2018) to this? By the way The Old Man and the Gun is a great movie, it has a pretty mellow tone and feels classy. 9/10 imo

  67. chaaampagnesupernova


    It's the Dark Souls of movies

  68. Ruairitrick


    Another brown-washed piece of European heritage. It saddens me to think they will probably begin erasing Irish people from our stories soon.

  69. kinesta


    Holy shit

  70. Philip Wisa

    Philip WisaNapja

    dark souls ;)

  71. a 07970000982

    a 07970000982Napja


  72. Isis Genesis Santos

    Isis Genesis SantosNapja

    What is the song music??

  73. Isis Genesis Santos

    Isis Genesis SantosNapja

    Como se llama la cancion???

  74. Nelson Blackshear

    Nelson BlackshearNapja

    A24 being weird again but for some reason I still want to watch it!

  75. Julia Bautista

    Julia BautistaNapja

    Where all my English Literature majors at 👀 👀

  76. Cody Cigar

    Cody CigarNapja

    A non-white playing a 12th Century round table knight. Why am I not surprised A24 is run by J👀ce. Sickening.

  77. MarcTheFilmmaker


    I find parasite to be the best film this year. But, Lighthouse should’ve been on top with it. Lighthouse was a mind blowing masterpiece and the fact it only got nominated 1 Oscar is fucking completely stupid from the academy

  78. Allen Reed

    Allen ReedNapja

    Some of these comments, man. If you think jump scares are what define a horror movie, I honestly feel bad for you. You have no depth. Jump scare movies are the Jerry Springer of the horror genre. It's for shallow idiots. Shame how this recent generation of horror directors have all but ruined the genre.

  79. kalel0607


    More white wash of English history.

  80. Gabe Itches

    Gabe ItchesNapja

    This looks shit

  81. ssjwes


    I think I need to start watching more A24 stuff. This is amazing.

  82. Mel1lvar


    First David Copperfield and now Sir Gawain. Are films set in Britain's distant past allowed to just have just white people in or do PoC have to be shoehorned in at every opportunity?

  83. Steve Myers

    Steve MyersNapja

    I wish I didn't watch this because now it's all I am going to think about for months.

  84. Boris Haimerich

    Boris HaimerichNapja

    last night i had a dream that was like a crossover of The Thing and The Lighthouse, it taked place on a train, one of the best dreams i ever had

  85. Glip Klopsyiop

    Glip KlopsyiopNapja

    A disappointment of the highest order

  86. Greg Red

    Greg RedNapja

    A24: Would you marry me ?

  87. Furtalance_x



  88. Joakim Alvarez

    Joakim AlvarezNapja

    Somebody needs to slap this whore

  89. Michael Wade

    Michael WadeNapja

    You had me at A24, but you kept me at Arthurian legend.

  90. Hasanul Banna

    Hasanul BannaNapja

    I have none to tell.. Yet, you have none to tell yet... Oh boy, loneliness never felt so good

  91. Christopherson f

    Christopherson fNapja

    I'm surprised this doesnt star Amy Schumer

  92. mondomacabro major

    mondomacabro majorNapja

    looks fantastic ...

  93. Leo W

    Leo WNapja

    Film adaptations of the Arthurian stories are usually pretty dire, but honestly, I'm optimistic about this one. I studied the story of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight for my dissertation and I'm really looking forward to seeing how they handle it!

  94. Adam Bassett

    Adam BassettNapja

    My best friend is Swedish and we had a long talk about this movie and it's traditions...the filmmakers were not far off. Scary.

  95. Crystal Slayz

    Crystal SlayzNapja

    Looks more like the brown knight to me 😂

  96. Chris Corley

    Chris CorleyNapja

    Stanley Kubrick smiling down on Claire Denis from heaven for HIGH LIFE. Challenging circumstances, but very honest about human nature. Great setting. Academy Award nominee material.

  97. Ibrahim Hukun

    Ibrahim HukunNapja

    "Slumdog millionaire part 2"

  98. Barry Richards

    Barry RichardsNapja

    Loved this film, so much tension and energy building up and up and up until it burst.

  99. Slick Man Slickster

    Slick Man SlicksterNapja

    I am getting serious dark souls vibes

  100. Anna Smith

    Anna SmithNapja

    Another example of why I love A24