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  1. Raymond Nakamura

    Raymond Nakamura5 órája

    great band

  2. Xannschii h

    Xannschii h5 órája

    Me, a 16 years old girl from switzerland visiting them on a concert in zurich today..🤘🏻🤘🏻

  3. Karo Quessy

    Karo Quessy5 órája


  4. Karo Quessy

    Karo Quessy5 órája


  5. Karo Quessy

    Karo Quessy5 órája


  6. KylelovesToMakeMusic Ryuk

    KylelovesToMakeMusic Ryuk5 órája

    I'm going to make a petition to induct these guys in The Big Four already.

  7. DevilGrimmi6

    DevilGrimmi65 órája

    Fuck this stupid slut Angela! Bring the guys back!

  8. Brenden Vens

    Brenden Vens5 órája

    Bruh when I heard the teehee at the end I got so fucking hyped 😂😂

  9. vianocturne

    vianocturne5 órája

    Excellent song,lots of palpable emotions,superb lyrics as always.

  10. VAGNER Alves

    VAGNER Alves5 órája

    Som bom, letra expressiva e imagem mal produzida.

  11. MuhamadDinoND

    MuhamadDinoND5 órája

    Sick !

  12. Bryan Brinson

    Bryan Brinson5 órája

    YES!! getting that perseverance vibe,cant wait to hear the whole album

  13. Janusz Jankes

    Janusz Jankes5 órája

    🤘👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹🤘Doskonały świetny mocarny dla mnie petarda cover super super.

  14. Naiara Moraes

    Naiara Moraes5 órája

    berserk influencing the band ❤️

  15. BananaCake26

    BananaCake265 órája

    These women are beautiful the way they are, there is no need for that ridiculous digital filter. It makes them look like uncanny CG characters. And it's quite telling that they don't use any effects on the guy, but the women's faces are blurred and edited into oblivion.

  16. Christian Furrer

    Christian Furrer5 órája

    when even rough things are just beautiful and let me cry...

  17. Edu Sven

    Edu Sven5 órája

    Melhor clipe do epica sem duvidas, a musica é linda.

  18. David Readman

    David Readman5 órája

    Cool were's the rest of da band?

  19. Adetv1616

    Adetv16166 órája

    So where’s the original video with the green screens filled in?

  20. Peter Gosinya

    Peter Gosinya6 órája

    Kirk's solo is sooooo fucking rad!!!!!

  21. Matthew Aagesen

    Matthew Aagesen6 órája

    pls hungarian cover

  22. Peter Gosinya

    Peter Gosinya6 órája

    Wasnt to impressed with this band in beginning. This is vast improvement. Song is structured very well. Some sickass riffage

  23. Debs Policarpo

    Debs Policarpo6 órája


  24. euro snuke

    euro snuke6 órája


  25. Félix Molina

    Félix Molina6 órája

    que esta pasando con nuclear blast?? tantas bandas de metal buenas que existen... y dan contrato a esta mierda.

  26. Marcio Vianna

    Marcio Vianna6 órája

    Crlh! Esse álbum está muito bom! Pqp!

  27. Steve French

    Steve French6 órája

    This video on shrooms is Fucking amazing

  28. DecemberSun

    DecemberSun6 órája

    Director: "We will make you dance on a garbage mountain and it's gonna look super sexy" Elize: "Weird flex, but ok"

  29. Gutozaquifresco Zaquifresco

    Gutozaquifresco Zaquifresco6 órája

    Nice hiro Angelina gossow

  30. Сергей Лит

    Сергей Лит6 órája

    Ооооочень круто и органично сочетаются....🤟🤟🤟

  31. Wai Kit 1124

    Wai Kit 11246 órája

    in 2020, X=3

  32. Mirella Jambo

    Mirella Jambo6 órája

    I came for Gossow! 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

  33. pestlegion

    pestlegion6 órája

    post viking metal

  34. Davi Ramos

    Davi Ramos6 órája

    Eta porra

  35. ReprogrammedToHate

    ReprogrammedToHate6 órája

    I feel sorry for everyone who decided to ditch this band after the departure of the Cavaleras. they're missing on such a good band.

  36. Wahyu Karso Wiguno

    Wahyu Karso Wiguno6 órája

    New vocal is bad,,,,

  37. LukeCfh

    LukeCfh6 órája


  38. Óscar de Caez

    Óscar de Caez6 órája

    Angelaaa <3 ..

  39. dmtrponomarev

    dmtrponomarev6 órája

    Angella looks more horezmatic and powerfull than other girl in this song.

  40. Antal P.

    Antal P.6 órája

    Is it just me or does one of the firedancers look like Elize Ryd?


    HUNTER SOUNDS6 órája

    Disco do ano!!


    HUNTER SOUNDS6 órája

    Disco do ano!!

  43. MrWrgh

    MrWrgh7 órája

    Aaron don't worry , You will dance on the wedding party of of your beloved daugther parent deserves for all that you had to go through... this is not a wish ... it's certainty...sleep well my friend

  44. Ricardo Andres Vega Torres

    Ricardo Andres Vega Torres7 órája

    angela is a goddess

  45. roadhouse699

    roadhouse6997 órája

    Everyone's talking about what would happen if the Winged Hussars came to save the Spartans, but what about if Audie Leon(idas) Murphy jumped on a burning tank destroyer, got on the .50 cal, and called for fire?

  46. Leon_de_ Guerra_1998

    Leon_de_ Guerra_19987 órája

    Wooo solo pase por casualidad por aqui pero me gusto el rock y como lo cantan asi que me quedo

  47. bassliveevil

    bassliveevil7 órája

    I would love a behind the scenes feature on this

  48. OverPlayer

    OverPlayer7 órája

    Iggy plejer

  49. Sylwia Paczynska

    Sylwia Paczynska7 órája

    complete relaxation after work

  50. 호미습득 - Get Homi

    호미습득 - Get Homi7 órája


  51. Christopher Smith

    Christopher Smith7 órája

    Welcome to the Boog, comrades.

  52. Subaru Valit

    Subaru Valit7 órája

    Тапок сделал уже кавер ?

  53. Chris Michael

    Chris Michael7 órája

    I am a huge Amaranthe fan but this should have been labelled... "Elize Ryd and Angela Gossow duet" I know it must be hard to maintain a consistent voice growler since it probably strains the voice but what about Henry? they just brought him into the group so where did he go? I still think Amaranthe should do a collaboration with Halestorm. A clean female vocalist plus a raspy rocker female vocalist that would be a cool mix and bring Jake back for a threesome.

  54. king kush

    king kush7 órája

    Panggilan alam (......) 😁

  55. Dedieu VALERIE

    Dedieu VALERIE7 órája

    I like this song,Amazing voice, Amazing guitar,Tommy you're so great,from France🇫🇷😘

  56. qewerka

    qewerka7 órája

    video from movie maker?

  57. Mako LC

    Mako LC7 órája

    Phone bad.

  58. kkk kkk

    kkk kkk7 órája

    Great guitar solo !!! Great song !!!

  59. Pedro Felipe Paulino Richter

    Pedro Felipe Paulino Richter7 órája

    show de Álbum, muito foda!!!!!!

  60. DzOnI

    DzOnI7 órája

    Neko posle iggijevog storija???

  61. Cody Bryson

    Cody Bryson7 órája


  62. Deuler Morais

    Deuler Morais7 órája

    Que música foda! 🤘🏻

  63. xerxesmv

    xerxesmv7 órája

    I am born 1989, so I live in 1980s now.

  64. Bruce Gaskins

    Bruce Gaskins7 órája

    This is crazy. I live in Salt Lake City, Utah. The First time I saw kreator. was in the 80s. Pleasure to kill they Open up for voivod. who had killing technology out of the time. It was called the World War 3 tour. There was maybe seventy-five people there. They have been here five times since then. The last time I saw them was the enemy of God Tour. And they were still only playing to maybe a small room of 350 people. The first time they came through my band opened up for them. They were very nice and they have always treated me very nice and invited me on the bus to hang out with them and stuff. As a matter of fact the second time I saw them with dirty rotten imbeciles and they had terrible certainty out. They did not have any t-shirts left by the time they got to Salt Lake City. I was very upset. I was talking to Millie about it, and he said don't worry Bruce I have something for you. Went to the bus and brought me two different kreator t-shirts. I won't go on a rant and say they are the best metal band in the world. But they have always been my favorite more so than Metallica. Testament Pantera any of the band's of that genre kreator is at the top. Glad to see them having such success. But if you ever want to see a small kreator show. Come to Salt Lake City. The last time they were here co-headline with accept. I think there was maybe a thousand people. I heard from a friend. That is the one show I missed.

  65. 20master

    20master7 órája

    The Artwork is Phenomenal. MDB Actually Cares About Art and Album Covers. This is Respectful. Without a Doubt, This Album is Gonna be Fantastic.

  66. Roberto Reyes

    Roberto Reyes7 órája

    Man this is sick. Really interesting to hear such a melodic metal part followed by such a heavy hardcore stomp. Now excuse while I mosh during the Beatdown/breakdown 🤘🏼🏴‍☠️

  67. гвілхир ксеноморф

    гвілхир ксеноморф8 órája


  68. Ulf Sark

    Ulf Sark8 órája

    well, just when i thought I'd re-introduce myself to Ministry .... I see this garbage.

  69. insane79

    insane798 órája

  70. Bjørn Veiviser fra Norge

    Bjørn Veiviser fra Norge8 órája

    Es gibt macht denken nach

  71. Сергей Лазарчук

    Сергей Лазарчук8 órája


  72. Thiago Macedo

    Thiago Macedo8 órája

    Sepulnation! 🤘

  73. FloFly Berlin

    FloFly Berlin8 órája


  74. ACIRNE MeLandHeLL

    ACIRNE MeLandHeLL8 órája

    ..that drum session! 🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️

  75. planetdean

    planetdean8 órája


  76. Andrea Dal Col

    Andrea Dal Col8 órája

    Looks like Tuomas remembers how to write badass songs. Well done!

  77. Ghost Grey

    Ghost Grey8 órája

    Негр металлист.... Это же....... КРУТО!!!

  78. Esteban Hurtado

    Esteban Hurtado8 órája

    The song is amazing, but the video is perfect.

  79. AmZiee Herb

    AmZiee Herb8 órája

    As a 23 year old woman I can say this is the very embodiment of HEAVY METAL GIRL POWER! I am even more proud to be a woman listening to this! (no not a feminist) This band rocked my socks off and I will definetely look forward to getting the tickets for the concert when the chance permits and as my awesome dad has introduced me to this band on HU-gos, I will definetely take him with me to witness the awesomeness of BURNING WITCHES! I love heavy metal, I love witches, I love witchcraft and I love the metalhead and goth style - this band has it all that I love: ITS A NEW FAVOURITE IN MY TOP LIST OF HEAVY METAL BANDS! ROCK ON SISTERS!!!! \m/

  80. Nameless Ghoul

    Nameless Ghoul8 órája


  81. Cristian Duran

    Cristian Duran8 órája


  82. Romina Lotocki

    Romina Lotocki8 órája

    for god´s sake, how I missed Angela´s grunts. I really like that duet!

  83. Mr. Sulfasin

    Mr. Sulfasin8 órája

    Отменный трэшак, олдскул!

  84. Wes Saint

    Wes Saint8 órája

    magnificent is it not ?

  85. Little Lamb

    Little Lamb8 órája

    Total war rome 2 intensifies

  86. Tiago Peçanha

    Tiago Peçanha8 órája

    Just waiting for the version in portuguese

  87. Shawn McDowell

    Shawn McDowell8 órája

    Good song. Singing something about booty.

  88. Seamus Mailey

    Seamus Mailey8 órája Check out MORTAL BACKLASH Debut Cut 🤟🎸😈🤯

  89. Seamus Mailey

    Seamus Mailey8 órája Check out MORTAL BACKLASH Debut Cut 🤟🎸😈🤯

  90. Seamus Mailey

    Seamus Mailey8 órája Check out MORTAL BACKLASH Debut Cut 🤟🎸😈🤯

  91. Иванов Бэнд

    Иванов Бэнд8 órája

    Классика и рок - неразрывны! Есть чего слушать любому поколению!!!


    LITTLE HORN8 órája

    See that bird with the shorts on or short skirt coming over the front row if that was a male he would have not been handled like that he would have been sexually assaulted I get sick of people looking at us blokes as if we are pieces of meat its degrading I remember a gig I went to and when I was crowd surfing the amount of people were groping me was embarrassing I got a accidental hard on which made it worse people trying to get it in their mouths and rubbing up against it I tell you it gave me nightmares for weeks

  93. F. S.S.

    F. S.S.8 órája


  94. Magzd

    Magzd8 órája

    Where's the Brazilian (Portuguese) version with Wesley Safadão?

  95. Stephen Kanz

    Stephen Kanz8 órája


  96. taistelijan

    taistelijan9 órája

    1:25 Empuu Vuorinen looks a little different in this video...

  97. Kyle Thrashleigh

    Kyle Thrashleigh9 órája

    Getting some thrash vibes here. I like it!

  98. Horus Osirisson

    Horus Osirisson9 órája

    Awsome. But the servant, Olof Mjörk. Dunno if he looks like Dracos dad from Harry Potter or the butler from Scary movie 2.

  99. Yon Lock

    Yon Lock9 órája


  100. Leonidas Chryssinas

    Leonidas Chryssinas9 órája

    thank you Sabaton Band for honouring my name & my ancestry as well \m/ \m/