The studio that brought you Black Swan, Slumdog Millionaire, 12 Years a Slave, Birdman, Brooklyn, Three Billboards, The Shape of Water and more of your favorites.



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  1. Amphibious 17

    Amphibious 17Órája

    I'm just waiting for confused Jojo's Bizzare Adventure fans to come.

  2. Quiet 93

    Quiet 93Órája

    Brownwashed traditional English character.

  3. ᗩᒪᖴᗩ


    1:05 can s.o. tell me what she is saying? I don't understand it...

  4. Isaac Tobar

    Isaac TobarÓrája

    I can't wait I'll never live long enough to watch this movie as many times as I need to.

  5. Russ Norberg

    Russ NorbergÓrája

    Another remake of a European movie = Force Majeure (French: [fɔʁs maʒœʁ]; Swedish: Turist, "tourist") is a 2014 internationally co-produced comedy-drama film directed by Ruben Östlund.


    ARSENAL2 órája

    Scarlet Johansson has s really good sense of humor she is Jewish and naturally I thought she would have turned this role down for understandable reasons

  7. B.A.P. Bang Yongguk Fan

    B.A.P. Bang Yongguk Fan2 órája

    I always get fascinated by what the pronunciation lessons would've been like to match the language of the time. Alfre Woodward really left an impression as Mistress Shaw.



    ** 3:18

  9. Pre destinated

    Pre destinated3 órája

    I didnt know yellowface is still a thing lmao

  10. SnowManD

    SnowManD3 órája

    Anyone know where this was filmed?

  11. Sentinel Ex

    Sentinel Ex3 órája

    This is gold XD

  12. Jr _

    Jr _4 órája

    How did I not hear about this?

  13. Sophie Heritage

    Sophie Heritage4 órája

    You’re Rex, you’re King, you’re duke, you’re boss, I’m heisenburg

  14. Ben Quinney

    Ben Quinney4 órája

    Why is she always dying?

  15. Benslayer12

    Benslayer124 órája

    I saw this last night. It was great!

  16. Yvonne YW

    Yvonne YW4 órája

    This is one of the saddest movies I’ve ever watched

  17. smadge100

    smadge1004 órája

    Not only is Wes Anderson his own film genre, he's a form of interior decor.

  18. Jessica D

    Jessica D5 órája

    No one: “Oh this is a Wes Anderson film?”

  19. constair

    constair5 órája

    The greatest war movie ever!

  20. Moja Joe

    Moja Joe5 órája

    Adolf in this movie was adorable.

  21. Juan Frattini

    Juan Frattini5 órája

    Song name

  22. Iron Dragon 1990

    Iron Dragon 19905 órája

    Did... did Adulf Hitler just give us encouraging words if wisdom? The madness!

  23. roach !

    roach !5 órája


  24. Quenty

    Quenty5 órája

    Wes, is this what you are up to now.

  25. Thom kk

    Thom kk5 órája

    This is by far one of the funniest movie I have ever watched. Now stick with that kind of humor and make another movie, just pick another event. I swear I will pre order tickets today! Maybe Ryan Reynolds can join as well! 😆


    CRAWAII6 órája

    For the Dutch: IK WIL BOWLEN!

  27. Lee Jones

    Lee Jones6 órája

    The start of the Keatonanscence

  28. Riley Bauman

    Riley Bauman6 órája

    "I am Fragile but I am not fragile"

  29. Kim Fenton

    Kim Fenton6 órája

    Don’t waste your time. See the original Swedish film “Force Majeure” instead. Making this into an American comedy was an avalanche-sized blunder.

  30. Patrik Krutzev

    Patrik Krutzev6 órája

    Nice comedy twist

  31. Adler Lowe

    Adler Lowe7 órája

    Nazism is long Dead. There is no Point in beating a dead-Horse that has been dead Long ago. Instead we need Movies that will eliminate the current World Problem: Islam.

  32. t s

    t s7 órája

    Lol, the way she pulls out the propaganda gets me everytime

  33. CrapBag

    CrapBag7 órája

    I saw it. It was amazing

  34. kookieswithtae

    kookieswithtae7 órája

    Imma watch this movie seems interesting

  35. PREZofUSSA

    PREZofUSSA7 órája

    Why is he brown?

  36. Milly

    Milly7 órája

    0:42 isn’t that arches

  37. Milly

    Milly7 órája

    One of the best films I’ve ever watched ngl

  38. hondutrujilloca

    hondutrujilloca7 órája

    Jajaja pobre vichito

  39. Super Sonic Tumbleweed

    Super Sonic Tumbleweed8 órája

    “For now, I am just going to chew on these grapes”

  40. The softest part of a woman's breast is?

    The softest part of a woman's breast is?8 órája

    *Oh God a wife that looks down with eye rolls and sarcasm on everything her husband says, how come he didn't want to save her, lol.*

  41. achref bejaoui

    achref bejaoui9 órája

    there are two complex for the zionists and there supporter that they will never fade, hitler and the muslims are a nightmare for that backward mentality of playing the role of the victim ..

  42. Miquel Escribano Ivars

    Miquel Escribano Ivars9 órája

    People going on about JoJo, but Elsa's purposely BS description of the story of the hebrews as underground dwelling, horned humanoids gave me strong Pillar Men vibes.

  43. Great Gamers Guild

    Great Gamers Guild10 órája

    I wanna live in a Wes Anderson movie it’s so clean there

  44. Some wolf dude

    Some wolf dude10 órája

    The trailer doesn't give you the signature Wes Anderson feel..... It feels like a generic trailer for a illumination animated movie.

  45. camila quezada

    camila quezada10 órája

    Woww... can’t wait to see this masterpiece 😍

  46. Pakar Bucin

    Pakar Bucin10 órája


  47. Demir Durman

    Demir Durman11 órája

    my grandmother is france she see hitler hitler came her vilage

  48. Actuallyilyts

    Actuallyilyts11 órája

    Funny version of The Lobster

  49. Amine Moughanime

    Amine Moughanime11 órája

  50. Amine Moughanime

    Amine Moughanime11 órája

  51. Amine Moughanime

    Amine Moughanime11 órája

  52. Amine Moughanime

    Amine Moughanime11 órája

  53. irmala Dewi

    irmala Dewi11 órája

    the shape of water Why she's mute? Why he's mute? Why she has the scar from beginning? Why she's alone all these times? But yet feel so peaceful and enjoy the present. Why he's alone all these times? Just to be captured & lead his path to her arms Why native people think he's a God? Why savage people think he's a nasty creature? Why she chose to swallow her fear? Why he's glowing when she touch him? They are meant for each other since beginning They feel each other's pain and glory. They found how to mend each other's wounds The languages of love hypnotizing you do the impossibles. The languages of love are so much more than words, signs, and gestures could ever possibly delivered and comprehended. The languages of love are ancient and sacred,, it's already there far ahead before YOU.

  54. emond67

    emond6711 órája

    i like everyone in this but i will be skipping this one. after a brutal drawn out and very exspensive divorce watching movies about marriages and families falling apart doesn't hold any interest for me. trying to forget not relive worse time in my life

  55. MephistoK 06

    MephistoK 0611 órája

    What is the name of the song that begins playing at 1:20?

  56. Ailsa Ni

    Ailsa Ni13 órája

    im loving what im seeing but i have absolutely no idea what is going on

  57. Arlo Cordell

    Arlo Cordell13 órája

    I had a wondedful time

  58. Fahad AlDughaishem

    Fahad AlDughaishem13 órája

    This trailer makes me happy, not sure why.

  59. D P

    D P13 órája

    Well, time for another Wes Anderson drinking game.

  60. Cavalier1645

    Cavalier164514 órája

    Can please stop this race bending bullshit. Cause we know how much Indians and POC where allowed in high society in Victorian England. Like never. Can we stop being ashamed for have white people play white characters.

  61. Вадим Иванов

    Вадим Иванов14 órája

    Ничего не понял, но было интересно

  62. angel lagrone

    angel lagrone14 órája

    Speaking of going downhill...

  63. kylehasgeniusbits

    kylehasgeniusbits14 órája

    Loved the book. Won’t be watching this self-flagellating abomination. Hope the catharsis of cultural replacement is worth it

  64. justinrill

    justinrill15 órája

    it's too much

  65. Mohan Gahalot

    Mohan Gahalot15 órája

    Those who didnt see the movie should watch it first its not about romanticising the killings or making an evil person good its rather opposite

  66. Nick

    Nick15 órája

    Anybody else think of the clip of the dad not grabbing his kids during an avalanche???

  67. matt carnes

    matt carnes15 órája

    Jojo rabbit sounds like an innocent little kids tale them see 500 and 1 nazis and say wtf this is no kids tale

  68. Hsu Myat

    Hsu Myat15 órája

    Unnecessary remake :/

  69. Muhammad Fadhil2

    Muhammad Fadhil216 órája


  70. JemmaJT 04

    JemmaJT 0416 órája

    This needs to be on netflix IMMEDIATELY!!!

  71. Mochilazo Cultural

    Mochilazo Cultural17 órája

    You have to have a very good eye to understand why this could be the best atistic trailer in history.

  72. Georgios N. Telas

    Georgios N. Telas17 órája

    It was seemed to be an interesting horror film until they show that room with the "trophies" from animals. And of course I stopped watched the rest of the film. True or fake, someday that SICK "sport" of us humanoids must STOP. And mainstream companies like Netflix HAVE TO be more sensitive about such things. We are not living in 18th century.

  73. Palmer Robertson

    Palmer Robertson17 órája

    Amazing Natalie Portman!! Perfect movie to show BPD struggles

  74. Color codex

    Color codex18 órája

    I imagine this as red Velvet's movie 😅

  75. Ja Ko

    Ja Ko18 órája

    Not a comedy

  76. V3RY P!NK L!FE

    V3RY P!NK L!FE18 órája

    I think I’ve fell in love with Thomasin.......hope she likes asian

  77. FMFvideos

    FMFvideos18 órája

    It was better than I expected

  78. lila fuentes

    lila fuentes18 órája

    I can't...It is horrrible

  79. Thalles Victor

    Thalles Victor18 órája

    Wait until he learns that Taika just won an Oscar for the movie.

  80. Krystal Castillo

    Krystal Castillo18 órája

    tbh this movie sucked in my opinion. would not see again

  81. Andrea Matlock

    Andrea Matlock18 órája

    Spoiler alert Hitler dies at the end of WWII

  82. Slippery Johnson

    Slippery Johnson18 órája

    His style gets funnier with every movie 🙃 "What do you want" "Ive come to shoot you" "Okay" *man shoots him* *end scene*

  83. Brad Erickson

    Brad Erickson19 órája

    I agree with a below comment, Wes Anderson "IS" his own genre. You will never confuse his movies with anything or anyone else. Go Wes...Go!

  84. Danindra Adirajasa

    Danindra Adirajasa19 órája

    It's funny because Switzerland is where Caesar died, JOJO!!!!

  85. ItsYaboiWizdom

    ItsYaboiWizdom19 órája

    Just saw it hands down worst movie I ever seen

  86. Archie Utai

    Archie Utai19 órája

    This film was ahead of it's time. A24 before A24

  87. Jeromy Shald

    Jeromy Shald19 órája

    Is he trying to subvert arthouse cinema or just be self indulgent?

  88. Basil In the Forest

    Basil In the Forest19 órája

    Of course Wes would have Timothee in a film. It works,but hats off for having a roll in a Anderson film !

  89. RCA G

    RCA G20 órája

    Adolf’s Bizarre Adventures

  90. Odins Spear

    Odins Spear20 órája

    HU-gos erasing any comments pointing out that there were no brown people in the UK during this time.

  91. Odins Spear

    Odins Spear20 órája

    Force diversified. The UK was WHITE during this time period. This is nonsense and Dickens is rolling in his grave.

  92. true williams

    true williams20 órája

    I am convinced that wes anderson is the only person who has bill murrays telephone number

  93. Nawtilis Maelis

    Nawtilis Maelis20 órája

    Litterally erasing Brits from there own history. Absolutely DISGUSTING.

  94. C Winiata

    C Winiata20 órája

    This has Taika written all over it

  95. Michael Lyden

    Michael Lyden20 órája

    0:14 I wonder if that shot was deliberately set up to look like a Norman Rockwell illustration.

  96. Rama Dey-Rao

    Rama Dey-Rao20 órája

    Fear, anger, hate will consume the human race unless they can go deeper than the skin and judge ppl by their character. Thank you for this.🙏🙏🙏😭

  97. Hugh Fraser

    Hugh Fraser20 órája

    Parasite may have won best picture (and it deserves it) but this will be the best movie of 2019 for me

  98. Jamey Lane

    Jamey Lane20 órája


  99. Mike Carone

    Mike Carone21 órája

    Why is David Copperfield Spanish at least if he was Indian African Native American or Abrigini it would make since

  100. prison mike

    prison mike22 órája

    2021 Oscar's Best In Cinematography ladies and gentlemen