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The $1.7 Million Lie
They stole $1.7 million
  1. Jo Bic

    Jo Bic8 másodpercig

    OK but this doesn't explain force push or pull, just increased athletic ability. and it also doesn't explain how it slows just one object in the game instead of everything

  2. Trinity G

    Trinity G11 másodpercig

    #Cat all the way

  3. Story!Swap Chara

    Story!Swap Chara19 másodpercig

    Luigi is best character. I can tell you that.

  4. Rix Stories

    Rix StoriesPerce

    No they just have jedi sharengan

  5. Kaze no oji

    Kaze no ojiPerce

    She actually tries to care but outside factors like policy makers and the government or the need to maintain a good balance among all the content of youtube make it so that she can't afford to show she cares. Gotta think about her perspective too. Look at the things she has tried to do like helping give creators a viable outlet to explain how much article 13 would've harmed them as well as warning them. I can see that running such a huge company is stopping her from being the type of leader she wants to be. Don't see this as hate MatPat but although these questions were very necessary, the way you asked some of them seemed like an attack. Gamers may seem set aside from other content, you didn't have to use phrases like "segregated" or "2nd class citizen" as well as that Billie Eilish example. I can tell that made her uncomfortable and a little upset. Anyway I love that you were brave enough to ask this stuff and I applaud her as well as the staff at youtube for not running away and trying to be transparent. This was a good discussion.

  6. explosive diaper

    explosive diaperPerce

    Anyone in 2019

  7. Bootin

    Bootin2 perccel

    Screw coppa

  8. John Clinkscales

    John Clinkscales3 perccel

    Is it just me or does she have a really big head

  9. Firestarr 58

    Firestarr 583 perccel

    Oh crap I just realized. If we didn’t fall into the underground, sans might have accidentally called toriel! That would have been interesting to see play out.

  10. Mister Jester

    Mister Jester4 perccel

    THANK YOU!!! ❣

  11. HorseFan4

    HorseFan44 perccel

    Those were some good sound effects in the beginning lol

  12. Will Is the name

    Will Is the name4 perccel

    The last one was vacuole

  13. Brix Motion Movies

    Brix Motion Movies4 perccel

    8:14 Large vacuoles or regular vacuoles??

  14. DwarfmanGaming

    DwarfmanGaming5 perccel

    Right around the 9:20 mark, she said that everyone was going to be grandfathered into the new verrifird member program, but I never had that happen when I was making vids... wtf....

  15. Aaron Graf

    Aaron Graf6 perccel

    Now do Clock stoppers

  16. Ray warlock

    Ray warlock7 perccel correction for the incorrect parts of the vid

  17. Science@pproved

    [email protected]7 perccel


  18. soumyadip sanyal

    soumyadip sanyal7 perccel


  19. Logan Entertainment

    Logan Entertainment7 perccel

    Am I the only one getting a vibe that Matpat not only did this for the benefit of the HU-gos community, he did it for his channel??? All I'm saying, is that I can't bare to imagine that this channel will be gone. :( I'm wishing you the best Matpat. :)

  20. Pinocchio the real boy

    Pinocchio the real boy8 perccel

    I feel like hes not just going really fast like doesn't stuff outside of the area continue

  21. Negro Neutron

    Negro Neutron8 perccel


  22. Azzam and Tanri Gaming

    Azzam and Tanri Gaming8 perccel

    Who was killed not killer

  23. Deer Slayer

    Deer Slayer8 perccel

    fnaf is no longer fnaf

  24. Moe Taidrik

    Moe Taidrik8 perccel

    Put all of the purple stuff or purple thing that you see and make purple guy

  25. Rix Stories

    Rix Stories8 perccel

    Its all bullshit

  26. Azzam and Tanri Gaming

    Azzam and Tanri Gaming8 perccel

    The phone guy is not purple guy in fnaf 3 he already does,actually the purple guy is William afton,and one the phone guy is.., guy is Brian the murder of kids with purple guy and inside the chest was a restless soul the children who was killer.

  27. bath tubs

    bath tubs9 perccel

    Ribstomes i think?

  28. Charles F.

    Charles F.9 perccel

    Isn't the verification checkmark just so viewers know the account is real? Why would it be a problem to give the checkmark to celebrities or politicians if HU-gos knows the account is run by them? Obviously if any new (non-celeb, non-politician) account could get the checkmark with any amount of subs that could create an issue with people getting checkmarks they shouldn't have and impersonating people, but I'd imagine it'd be easy for HU-gos to verify the identity of celebs and politicians, so I don't really see the issue with that specific case. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. Everything else I tend to side with MatPat on. Based on what Susan said, I can understand the pressures of being responsible for a big platform like HU-gos, but she did kinda dodge MatPat's actual questions more often than not.

  29. Apex Inc

    Apex Inc9 perccel

    Rip Grant Thompson...

  30. Matthew Hawes

    Matthew Hawes10 perccel

    Mat is a natural. Very professional interview.

  31. Christoforos Paphitis

    Christoforos Paphitis11 perccel

    bah you got it all wrong man like seriously wrong. If you are even watching fencing or sworfights the 1 major determining factor in a standoff is reach. Some lightsabers have adjustable reach, meanwhile the energy sword is fixed. Also you know you can turn off the lightsaber and re-ignite it virtually instantly and this will leave the guy with the energy sword wide open for a blind attack. Sorry bud I give this one 100% to the lightsaber

  32. Extended Nightcore

    Extended Nightcore11 perccel

    We've been killing each other since the dawn of man. Humans are just violent. We're slowly moving away from that as we grow as a species, but we're not there yet.

  33. Brix Motion Movies

    Brix Motion Movies11 perccel

    3:04 on the very left, I saw that at Disney world in Orlando. It was in the water at Disney Springs.

  34. Reboot The Protogen

    Reboot The Protogen11 perccel

    Real note, I am 12 so almost 13, but I am extremely intelligent when it comes to science such as biology for example. I enjoy watching your stuff because I actually learn things from time to time, sure I learn the lore and theories on games but, I actually learn the types of high school subjects you talk about like psychology and etc. I also do not want your channel to ever be shut down because it can sometimes accidentally teach people real science and such and implement them into real life situations in the near or far future. If this really is the end of Game Theory then I just want to say a sincere bye and hope you are able to find another way to gain profit and have a functioning life and not worry about becoming poor and all that stuff. Just all I am saying is, is that you do teach people real sciences and you are a extremely amazing channel. Thank you for teaching me so many things. Bye.

  35. Mitchell Snyder

    Mitchell Snyder12 perccel

    Executives from Mojang said, "secrets behind the locked doors". Don't believe me? Link:

  36. Vesperium

    Vesperium12 perccel


  37. Mochi My hamster

    Mochi My hamster13 perccel

    (Hot wings) Is anybody else confused about sword and shield and how you can make Pokémon huge

  38. Ryan_ Animated

    Ryan_ Animated13 perccel

    excuse me is that a Minecraft cactus?

  39. YTP 18000

    YTP 1800013 perccel

    Stop drinking coke cola your not sponserd

  40. Smosh Apollo

    Smosh Apollo13 perccel

    MatPat: - biLlie eLish that kidna triggered me when he mispronounced it

  41. Yubelious!

    Yubelious!14 perccel

    I already saw this elsewhere, but I took the time to watch this on your channel as well for the watch time. I hope a lot more people see this.

  42. GameStart just a simple youtube channel

    GameStart just a simple youtube channel14 perccel

    I'd like to take a look at these "numbers

  43. Nancy E Heath

    Nancy E Heath14 perccel


  44. MagicRolo101

    MagicRolo10114 perccel

    People are so quick to rip Susan to shreds, it's pathetic and not constructive at all. She answered all these questions as best as she could and gave some good insight into how HU-gos is working with advertisers to help creators. I think people don't realise that HU-gos is so broken because it bends to the will of the advertisers and lawmakers - issues such as demonetization happen for a reason and are not the direct fault of HU-gos, and them addressing things such as article 17 and the content choices for advertisers is a good indicator that they're trying their best to fix things. Maybe listen to what she's saying before vilifying her.

  45. Oliver Sonier

    Oliver Sonier15 perccel

    10,266 people will have to donate $10 to #teamtrees every day for the rest of December if we are to get to 20 million by 2020.

  46. Carsonic21

    Carsonic2115 perccel

    What if the night was a reincarnation of the of king

  47. iSimply Wolf

    iSimply Wolf15 perccel

    Susen is a broken record and a brick wall combined together....

  48. Nana Clark

    Nana Clark15 perccel

    You think we should replace her with a better HU-gos ceo

  49. White light

    White light15 perccel

    All these boomers

  50. Wickidfart577

    Wickidfart57716 perccel

    you forgot about the vacuole!!!!!!

  51. Crystal Barnett

    Crystal Barnett16 perccel

    That intro was terrifying

  52. Rock Candy

    Rock Candy16 perccel

    who doesnt like a gigantic banana? let me tell you who matpat, my gf

  53. Stephen Jeffreys

    Stephen Jeffreys17 perccel

    Just live in a boat out at sea use the deak to grow food zombies can't swim helps to go where sharks are more safe

  54. D.Money Madness

    D.Money Madness17 perccel


  55. ImaginaryMdA

    ImaginaryMdA17 perccel

    Interested to see whether they'll do another gamer's summit after COPPA kills all their channels.

  56. TheDragon’sDen

    TheDragon’sDen17 perccel


  57. sierrathings

    sierrathings18 perccel

    Frankly, it doesn't really matter what she's saying. It matters what she's mandating as rules on the platform.

  58. Thyri Carver

    Thyri Carver18 perccel

    Was this a good interview? Yes. Was every possible creator question answered in this? Certainly not. but its a good step to having YT be more transparent with its creators. That said, while I understand that in order to continue having these dialogues, you sometimes have to back off when the CEO completely dodges a question, but I think her feet could have been held to the fire a little more in regards to content ID, and in regards to demonetization. "We're going to do better" has been the answer for years, and its not getting better, its getting worse.

  59. _ RelicD3pth _

    _ RelicD3pth _18 perccel

    Are you okay Matt? You always look like you just finished crying.

  60. Glenn Galasso

    Glenn Galasso19 perccel

    When you gonna shave your head

  61. Jayemai Xisten

    Jayemai Xisten19 perccel

    She is the best person for the job that she has. #prodigy

  62. Nick The Noob

    Nick The Noob19 perccel

    Good job Matt Pat!

  63. Tom Spagnola

    Tom Spagnola19 perccel

    Matpat: asks a question Susan: WELL FIRST OF ALL

  64. ADCArtAttack

    ADCArtAttack20 perccel

    I've NEVER felt Gamers aren't given opportunities... Artists however...…. ………. …………….

  65. Pokegojirex 5000

    Pokegojirex 500020 perccel

    Just to go a little further on your already awessome video, if Thanos made a crossover with Fornite, then that would include the entire marvel multiverse, since the mcu earth is Earth 616 out of thousands. That would also tie the entire dc multiverse too because the two companies made crossover comics of their characters. Since dc is now a part of this, we can include the ninja turtles since batman crossovered with them a few times in comics and tv, and since all versions of the tmnt exist in a multiverse themselves (as confimed by shredder in the 2005 tmnt), we can also include the entire power rangers universe since they crossed over with one version of the tmnt in a live action tv special. I really hope more people continue this thread. I'd really like to see where it goes.

  66. Sadie Gellasch

    Sadie Gellasch20 perccel

    Matpat: (sarcastically) oh Freddy please don’t get, please don’t get me Golden Freddy: I’m about to end this mans whole career

  67. D-Lego Studios

    D-Lego Studios21 perce

    Pro's mask says "Optical Mask" meaning that his mask makes it so she is confused on what it real. Schizophrenia is a mental disorder, but having a mask change what you see doesn't count as a mental disorder.

  68. Ms Pineapple

    Ms Pineapple21 perce


  69. King Ammonite

    King Ammonite21 perce

    Good ok mark being funny, savage, and unrealistically stupid, all of it on purpose, but it gone wrong.

  70. creeper_ girl

    creeper_ girl21 perce

    What if enderman get upset when you look at them because they arent happy they look like enderman instead of their previous selfs aka like the player?

  71. Simon Grey

    Simon Grey21 perce

    Considering how Susan is completely disconnected from HU-gos creators and how platform gets worse every year, i have trouble understanding what she is so busy with. Even doing nothing would probably yield better results.

  72. Reker 345

    Reker 34521 perce

    Susan really likes giving mat death stares

  73. Axel Qu

    Axel Qu24 perccel

    You showed a clip of Minecraft Story Mode?! Use that game as evidence!

  74. Axel Qu

    Axel Qu25 perccel

    You didn't even mention the Mining Fatigue the elder guardian gives you.

  75. SouthWestScott

    SouthWestScott25 perccel

    Hey, so, thought I'd point this out after 3 *FRIGGING MONTHS* that nobody has noticed this; the fact that the Explorer WAS being chased by an enderman. Or at least in disk 11 it is, if you hear at the end of that disk and clip that Matpat shows at disk 11 (roughly at the 12:14 mark) you can hear the classic screams of a pissed off enderman/ an enderman getting attacked. Most of what you said's correct, just that little detail need'ed to be pointed out.

  76. Belinna Xu

    Belinna Xu26 perccel

    Me: ends channel Also me: I thought I could save me channel.

  77. Rohan Vallamshetla

    Rohan Vallamshetla26 perccel


  78. Hanny B.

    Hanny B.26 perccel

    Haha HU-gos lady said gamer

  79. Anodyne Melody

    Anodyne Melody27 perccel

    Since Cal can slow one specific object down while the rest of the objects in the environment around him move at normal speed it would mean that Cal is not moving, thinking, and perceiving faster with this force ability. If Cal was using this ability to speed up his entire body then absolutely everything outside of his body would appear to be moving more slowly to him. Since that's not the case in this game, and the "Force Slow" ability can be used to selectively slow down just one or several objects while leaving the rest of the world moving at normal speed, then Cal must be manipulating the very fabric of spacetime in localized regions around him, which would require practically infinite energy to use, thus "Force Slow" must be the single most powerful Force ability in the Star Wars universe, making Cal's powers closer in strength to those of Dr. Manhattan or basically, a god. Although this is a great game, and this is a fun ability for the player, I think this was an oversight by the developers of Fallen Order.

  80. Hopelessknot

    Hopelessknot27 perccel

    Oh how naïve we were

  81. Redbunnyfish White

    Redbunnyfish White27 perccel


  82. Rose Blitz

    Rose Blitz27 perccel

    There is no reason why big HU-gosrs should swear on their videos. Instead of getting triggered, they should just make kid friendly videos. If it's too difficult for these HU-gosrs to stop using profanity or having violent content, then the parents should pay attention to what their children watch. I myself had to stop watching some famous gamers and influencers because of their foul language and the inappropriate content. I wouldn't let my kids watch PewDiePie or Jake Paul or tana mongeue whatever her name is

  83. hi

    hi27 perccel

    Susan yikes

  84. Sunset Saint

    Sunset Saint28 perccel

    Wait, why are they so short?...

  85. CYBER_Luke 20

    CYBER_Luke 2028 perccel

    Ima flag this so HU-gos has to watch

  86. The Lone Demon

    The Lone Demon28 perccel

    Why nobody talking about the suicide and wanting the reason of it

  87. icemanWV84

    icemanWV8428 perccel

    Rip game theory

  88. Carsonic21

    Carsonic2129 perccel

    Do a theory on who is hop's father in Pokemon sword and shield and see if it's Leon.

  89. Dude Swagmaster

    Dude Swagmaster29 perccel

    I’m actually doing something related to this for an English project

  90. S B

    S B29 perccel

    13:00 wait a minute, another name for a battery is a cell... SO ITS A CELL INSIDE A CELL (inside a cell?)

  91. A Christian Pigeon

    A Christian Pigeon30 perccel

    Does he mean ribosomes?

  92. Parker Prevost

    Parker Prevost31 perce

    Ask how you don’t have 100k subscribed

  93. TheDrummerBoy 75

    TheDrummerBoy 7531 perce

    Vacule? Matpat, for the organelle were you thinking of the Vacule?

  94. Terry Huckabee

    Terry Huckabee31 perce

    Golden Freddy is actually "Fredbear," the bear animatronic before Freddy, covered in golden rust and very broken down.

  95. Mitchel Parker

    Mitchel Parker32 perccel

    I have realized my mistake, but I'm pretty sure nobody's gonna see this comment anyways.




  97. drangon gaming

    drangon gaming32 perccel

    plot twist prismarine is made of guardian flesh

  98. Alex H

    Alex H33 perccel

    Idk if anyone has addressed it but in the Phantom Menace, when Qui Gon and Obi-Wan fight droids, they use super speed down the hallway after throwing something with the force. Awesome video!

  99. guitarman0365

    guitarman036533 perccel

    The very first thing kylo ren does with his introduction is stop a blaster bolt in mid air like cal can do. So as far as Disney star wars goes its actually not that shocking now but it does completely debunk your theory that it is the individual going faster and not things being effected around him. Kylo stops the bolt and everything else including him goes normal then as he leaves he stops the hold and the blaster continues to it's path. So it is actually slowing things around the force user.

  100. Acromat /ak-roh-mat/

    Acromat /ak-roh-mat/34 perccel

    This is definitely the best interview with Susan by a country mile. I have my personal criticisms of Mat, but he hit a home run for the short amount of time he had. While I do think Susan had a few valid points (for example, what's trending), she's dodging so much in her answers. But even with trending she's dodging as the platform doesn't even try to promote variety; when you go on the gaming page it's so bare and featureless it's basically "what's trending," and "what's recommended based on trending." When talking about demonitization, her answer was "we give advertisers options on what to choose," but it's been shown that that tool is poorly constructed and that the options are ambiguous to a fault. Just like the terms of service, "controversial" and "sensitive" are such broad categories. As for violence, I'm surprised HU-gos hasn't just aligned themselves with the ESRB and PEGI.