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  1. Chad bad

    Chad bad18 órája

    Waiting for the song to start. Oh wait

  2. DC bboy1

    DC bboy118 órája

    Bro this a fire visual




  4. hifli danni

    hifli danni18 órája

    J. Cole doing his hardest to show the world he really can dunk 😂

  5. Juan Rosas

    Juan Rosas18 órája


  6. Alberto Chavez

    Alberto Chavez18 órája

    If you disliked this you’re a hater fr

  7. Cikidi Harrison

    Cikidi Harrison18 órája

    Great video i love the songs

  8. Dre Mesquiti

    Dre Mesquiti18 órája

    The real kicker is the billy Joel song! That’s what sells it! That’s what caught my attention! That’s real music😎

  9. Bit Zibi

    Bit Zibi19 órája

    Y'all see lil cole

  10. Sam L

    Sam L19 órája

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  11. RJ

    RJ19 órája

    J. cole never disappoints even if its just an AD

  12. TuKute123

    TuKute12319 órája

    Anybody else was waiting for the beat to drop? 💔

  13. Adigun Olusola

    Adigun Olusola19 órája

    Never felt so happy to watch a Puma Advertisement 😌

  14. Bink !!!!

    Bink !!!!19 órája


  15. Isaiah Jones

    Isaiah Jones19 órája

    Man I cant wait til the world ends. Aint yall tired of this reality shit? I am. Heavens a better place I hope you all die (Ab-Soul)

  16. Reggie Denver

    Reggie Denver19 órája


  17. Megan Perry

    Megan Perry19 órája

    The song at the start is by Labi siffre, behind so many hip hop samples that have been taken. GENIUS. Check him out

  18. Mohamed Alzeheri

    Mohamed Alzeheri19 órája

    j cole will you release a fucking album already before all ur fans do a suicide lmfaoaooa

  19. DeeMONEY23

    DeeMONEY2319 órája

    Oh my boy gettin that puma bag drop a sneaker ASAP!!!

  20. Shut Up Dodo

    Shut Up Dodo19 órája

    Same sample as I Wonder by Kanye

  21. Daniel Green

    Daniel Green19 órája

    Damm all this for puma??

  22. Dawelo Sears

    Dawelo Sears19 órája

    Damn, I should've came to the comments 1st!! Was dead about to be like, "I'm 1:53 mins in and I can tell this about to jam" 🙄

  23. Roll tide Roll

    Roll tide Roll19 órája

    J cole is already a fuxking legend but not having ads all over this video 😭 brings happy tears to my eyes 😂

  24. Kerdakov

    Kerdakov19 órája

    Rumor has it Drake is still standing there, waiting for a handshake

  25. ProlificTV

    ProlificTV19 órája

    Not that I have doubted him but I look at him more ball and I he movin like a NBA player no cap

  26. Janodean Calcutta

    Janodean Calcutta19 órája

    I watched till 4:54 and I can't finish it. I'm scared there might not be a bar at the last second.

  27. Phoenix_Prestig E

    Phoenix_Prestig E19 órája

    Goddamit it was a puma ad

  28. Kuol Deng

    Kuol Deng20 órája


  29. Indiana_. Lit

    Indiana_. Lit20 órája

    My favorite fr❤️

  30. Omar Cain

    Omar Cain20 órája


  31. Nina 7abiba

    Nina 7abiba20 órája

    Waiting for that beat to drop like... "Its been 84 years..." 👵😂

  32. Saint

    Saint20 órája

    J. Cole dropped a new song! ! He ain't spitting...

  33. Abdi Hosh

    Abdi Hosh20 órája

    Mamba mentality.

  34. Jonathan Kintner

    Jonathan Kintner20 órája

    I dig it

  35. Jonathan Kintner

    Jonathan Kintner20 órája


  36. Brendon

    Brendon20 órája

    All i hear is Kanye West

  37. TerrellDemetris Photography

    TerrellDemetris Photography20 órája

    Lmao we just got songfished 🤷🏾‍♂️😂

  38. Michquan McKnight

    Michquan McKnight20 órája

    Play me in ball j

  39. Follow BLACKMOSES1

    Follow BLACKMOSES120 órája

    Mamba 4 Life

  40. Christian Cavazos

    Christian Cavazos20 órája


  41. Jair Shal

    Jair Shal20 órája

    After 4:55 mins Me: so where is the verse😂

  42. Juan Gonzalez Jr

    Juan Gonzalez Jr20 órája


  43. Carla Alvarez

    Carla Alvarez20 órája

    Is this about a movie of his life or something ?

  44. Troy TheMighty

    Troy TheMighty20 órája

    So J Cole is coming to the NBA?

  45. Alice Rhim

    Alice Rhim20 órája

    This song was sampled by Kanye West in "I Wonder"

  46. Harlem YnLF

    Harlem YnLF20 órája

    This Sounds Related to Under The Sun

  47. #WeHoopin #WeHoopin

    #WeHoopin #WeHoopin20 órája

    *Tryna grow, gettin bck in shape for one last shot at the League. I'm 32 yrs old **hu-gos.info/video/pa6wj4TPirW1Y4U.html** 🙏🏼All support appreciated 🏀🏀🏀**#WeHoopin*

  48. :::

    :::20 órája


  49. Brayan

    Brayan20 órája

    I just got clickbaited by j Cole

  50. KatzoMatzo

    KatzoMatzo21 órája

    Still waiting for the beat to drop.

  51. Joel Resendiz

    Joel Resendiz21 órája

    This brought tears I forgot I had

  52. Aglowfall7

    Aglowfall721 órája

    The piano sample is the same from I wonder (kanye)

  53. Furious Stylez

    Furious Stylez21 órája

    Do ya thing Dreamville!

  54. Giovanni Sivia

    Giovanni Sivia21 órája

    I like the scene switching between him writing and playing ball. I like how it shows how his environment influenced his growth as a person. Who knows? Had he been on the court long enough he could have been in the NBA, but nah, he got good at something else.

  55. Brandon Waters

    Brandon Waters21 órája

    Ahh okay Cole would of played ball if he happen to not do music,,, true true

  56. Logan Murray

    Logan Murray21 órája

    J. Cole’s dunk at the end was EPIC

  57. Aiden Moe

    Aiden Moe21 órája

    Kinda reminds me of Kobe bryant Rip Kobe Bryant

  58. Mitchell Jones

    Mitchell Jones21 órája

    Where was bro in the celeb all star team??

  59. nwalkernc

    nwalkernc21 órája

    This video is what the warm up is about

  60. Julian Tomasello

    Julian Tomasello21 órája

    Im ballin my eyes out rn Idk why

  61. K9 Kym

    K9 Kym21 órája


  62. Hentai Castle

    Hentai Castle21 órája

    Beautiful video And amazing samples.

  63. Josh 'Vinci'

    Josh 'Vinci'21 órája

    Well that's an ad I'll be watching again

  64. J-Slots From Da Back Blocks

    J-Slots From Da Back Blocks21 órája

    Remember Kanye did this sample

  65. Obear34

    Obear3421 órája

    Nice !!!

  66. Raul jr Bustamante

    Raul jr Bustamante21 órája

    My and the wife remember dancing to this soundtrack down at the piers back in ‘77, those were the days..

  67. IfIGottaTellYou

    IfIGottaTellYou21 órája

    All that just to say J Cole still can't dunk and he's been practicing since a child. Thank God for rap!

  68. Malik Yussuf

    Malik Yussuf22 órája

    J. Cole so corny, how do yall listen to this?

  69. sebamango2094

    sebamango209422 órája

    Damn... this a better commercial than a normal commercial

  70. Moses Ulai

    Moses Ulai22 órája

    Nice ad, but you wouldn’t catch me in some pumas.

  71. Flaw Phantom

    Flaw Phantom22 órája

    Is this a song? Well yes but actually no

  72. Envy Beats

    Envy Beats22 órája

    Can someone sub to my shitty channel for no reason?

  73. Heso Shuttlesworth

    Heso Shuttlesworth22 órája

    Brooooo this man is too motivational for his own good lol didn’t even have to say a word to inspire you to keep going no matter what an watch how beautiful the outcome will be 💪🏿

  74. Zack Francis

    Zack Francis22 órája

    My dumbass was thinking puma was a rapper🤦‍♂️

  75. NativeJesus

    NativeJesus22 órája

    More ads should be like just like this, its lit

  76. Kam_ my

    Kam_ my22 órája

    J Cole done fooled us😪❤

  77. F PG

    F PG22 órája

    Even tho this an ad I lowkey listen to it

  78. No1onU2be

    No1onU2be22 órája

    I'm sorry Cole, this was dope, but this art mirrors real life so I just have to say about that one scene with the ball being thrown by the intense guy, ...PSA: irl y'all just remember He's a kid ...pause the game for less than a minute and explain to him why he can't play at this time & the danger. I understand the adrenaline and masculine energy but no. Things like that occur in real life and can get out of hand (fights, shootouts, hot warfare) if noone is thinking past the moment. Manhood, masculinity, and hardness gets tested and people overreact in that moment. Find the guardian or just Give the ball to the other children. Respect is necessary. Peace and Love.

  79. Logan Foote

    Logan Foote22 órája

    This is the same song that Kanye sampled on “I wonder”. It’s a beautiful song

  80. goosebumerrs

    goosebumerrs22 órája

    damn... this video really hit my soft spot... I used to do the same thing, playing ball 24/7 and just dreaming to play the sport that i love and make it to pro one day. But even though i didnt make it, i still chased my dreams through a different path by coaching the younger generation and hell i became a sports trainer to continue to spread the love for basketball. Great motivational video to let the whole world know there are always other ways to achieve your goals and do the things you love. Keep on dreaming and keep on grinding! Thank you, J. Cole and Puma for this video

  81. Ask to seduce Miss

    Ask to seduce Miss22 órája

    My emotions : am i a joke to you? Cole : i tHinK wErE SoRrY

  82. alexbar50cal

    alexbar50cal23 órája

    Don't know about anyone else but after this I went and listened too Billy Joel for like 1 or 2 hours a whole concert, thanks J.Cole.

  83. SlowKidzMatter

    SlowKidzMatter23 órája

    Damn only if it was a super bowl commercial🤦🏼‍♂️

  84. Qube-IIV

    Qube-IIV23 órája

    Cole the king

  85. Joseph Adjei

    Joseph Adjei23 órája

    Like I said earlier, am a simple guy I see Cole, I click

  86. Kênns Rãndoms

    Kênns Rãndoms23 órája


  87. Jeffrro

    Jeffrro23 órája

    Looks like the element music video

  88. Billy Yuan

    Billy Yuan23 órája

    Cole has officially signed with puma

  89. Nikki B

    Nikki B23 órája

    1:45 why did no one dap him up? :( lmaoo

  90. Nicholas Ragbir

    Nicholas Ragbir23 órája


  91. Misty Minded

    Misty Minded23 órája

    Turned out to be a really dope commercial.. Cole is the king of storytelling stg

  92. Matt Frendon

    Matt Frendon23 órája

    God damn clickbait

  93. Sea

    Sea23 órája

    The first dark dude with dreads😍👀

  94. FCastillo000

    FCastillo00023 órája

    Well now I gotta go listen to I Wonder by Kanye

  95. WHT-Flicks NBB

    WHT-Flicks NBB23 órája

    Jcole wit da bunny’s

  96. Jarrett Evans

    Jarrett Evans23 órája

    That was thrash. Thanks

  97. Batman Beyond

    Batman BeyondNapja

    Doesn’t make the celebrity all star team*

  98. Halo Genisys

    Halo GenisysNapja

    Damn 😭😭😭❤ i love cole so much bro one day ill meet you and talk to you face to face ❤

  99. Anthony Figueroa

    Anthony FigueroaNapja

    Cole trying to be slick and drop a mixtape for his basketball career...

  100. Team Vexil

    Team VexilNapja

    I just voluntarily watched a 4:55 minute ad