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  1. Shino Gomez

    Shino Gomez3 perccel

    A puertas de la navidad no puede faltar esta música🎉🎉🎉

  2. Cooper Silva

    Cooper Silva4 perccel

    This is on my #1 put of all Christmas songs in the world I have it in a top 3 playlist

  3. MrFriesBlox

    MrFriesBlox4 perccel

    Really?! 126K dislikes?! How rude

  4. Psycho Harald

    Psycho Harald5 perccel

    Chicken Leg piece

  5. Kraito Krombongus

    Kraito Krombongus6 perccel

    So beautiful when its live!

  6. Cooper Silva

    Cooper Silva8 perccel

    Skip to 0:35 that's when the music starts

  7. Cooper Silva

    Cooper Silva8 perccel

    I'm exited for Christmas Merry christmas

  8. Rigo Valdez

    Rigo Valdez9 perccel

    She’s such a fucking queen 👸 no one will ever match her talent, skill, and song writing... SHES THE QUEEN ON MUSIC!

  9. Notice me John Wick

    Notice me John Wick14 perccel

    Mall employees should listen to Im Gonna Kill Santa Claus instead

  10. Strwbxrry uwu

    Strwbxrry uwu16 perccel

    1:53 2:43

  11. Andre Valerio

    Andre Valerio19 perccel

    Justice for The Art of Letting Go

  12. Idi Dieng

    Idi Dieng21 perce

    A chaque fois que j'écoute ce song mes yeux rempli de larmes

  13. Jeremiah Sherman

    Jeremiah Sherman22 perccel

    25 year Ago And Still Sounds good.... Legendary Mariah

  14. Jeo Sioson

    Jeo Sioson23 perccel


  15. U Weirdo

    U Weirdo23 perccel

    Please Shut UP!!!!

  16. Hidden

    Hidden26 perccel

    That's the worst lip-sync job I've seen in years.

  17. Baconnated Churro

    Baconnated Churro27 perccel

    Why is she singing it a half step down?

  18. player 69

    player 6928 perccel

    Remember Ems verse on forever: they been waiting for pinocchio to poke his nose, that was a response to Gucci's pinocchio Bar.

  19. tanilyah Robison

    tanilyah Robison32 perccel

    This is song has gone viral i would listen to it everyday

  20. Lucas Manso

    Lucas Manso36 perccel

    Mais um final de ano e eu preso nessa música

  21. Filipe Marques

    Filipe Marques37 perccel

    é incrível como eu absolutamente nunca me canso de ouvir qualquer música da mariah carey

  22. blaziinbarbiie

    blaziinbarbiie39 perccel

    my poor baby is suffocating so bad trying to keep that sinched wasit that she fuckin up her breathing 😥 *you're perfect the way you are Mama Mariah*

  23. Pill Grimm

    Pill Grimm39 perccel

    I can't believe they stole the entire backing track from genius of love

  24. HolySmokes Am Rich

    HolySmokes Am Rich39 perccel

    LOVELOVELOVE MC MY FAVOURITE SONG - She song this Live just so Beautiful 😍

  25. Didik Haryanto

    Didik Haryanto42 perccel

    Selamat natal sedoyo,ayem nderek gusti yesus 🙏🙏🙏


    MOHAMED CHARROUD43 perccel


  27. strangenessandcharms

    strangenessandcharms43 perccel

    my guilty pleasure XD

  28. Conny Burnet

    Conny Burnet43 perccel

    ❤Greetings from suriname❤👍👌

  29. Im Yannik

    Im Yannik44 perccel

    A real summer song

  30. HolySmokes Am Rich

    HolySmokes Am Rich44 perccel

    Love Remixes if it Done Right like this - Tunessssss 🥰💕

  31. Reinette Young

    Reinette Young44 perccel

    The first time I remember hearing this is in the movie "Love,Actually".

  32. Just here Chillin

    Just here Chillin44 perccel

    Mariah Carey is one of the best singers ever. Her vocals are amazing!!! She like never uses autotune. It’s quite spectacular, it’s pure talent!!!!😆

  33. Otro Perfil Más

    Otro Perfil Más45 perccel

    iconic video 👑❤

  34. Otro Perfil Más

    Otro Perfil Más45 perccel

    this song is amazing, I love it ❤❤

  35. wardell cowwie

    wardell cowwie45 perccel

    Happy Kwanzaa

  36. Otro Perfil Más

    Otro Perfil Más45 perccel


  37. Daniiel Marshall

    Daniiel Marshall46 perccel

    Merry Christmas Everyone, hope everyone had a great year and better things to come in 2020 ❤️

  38. jcmvz

    jcmvz47 perccel

    wow ive never heard this song before

  39. Dean Robbins

    Dean Robbins48 perccel

    Definitely not live in 2019.....

  40. Zete

    Zete51 perce

    2019 december 9?

  41. bottasbacsi

    bottasbacsi52 perccel


  42. TS ST

    TS ST53 perccel

    This song aged well

  43. Super John

    Super John54 perccel

    Free Guy Bought Me Here.

  44. xfire7

    xfire755 perccel

    When she`s not overweight , WOW.

  45. That’s what she said

    That’s what she said58 perccel

    Where my December people at? Or am I just the only one 🙋🏾‍♀️

  46. Jordi Bosacoma

    Jordi Bosacoma59 perccel

    Best Christmas Song in History!

  47. Jboylego


    ew this isn't pat benatar either

  48. Hicham Hicham

    Hicham HichamÓrája

    ça me rappelle mon enfance

  49. Hicham Hicham

    Hicham HichamÓrája

    Quelle voix ! J'en ai les larmes aux yeux

  50. Alle TATA

    Alle TATAÓrája

    That one time Tommy crappola let her dress sexy

  51. Ju Bowie

    Ju BowieÓrája

    Larry 💙💚

  52. 세환


    D-16 D-15 D-1때 다시 카운트다운하러 오겟습니다 오전 7:43

  53. Leg1t


    im hyped for christmas, anyone else??

  54. bei w

    bei wÓrája

    Still so beautiful in 2019 December!

  55. Vanessa Slater

    Vanessa SlaterÓrája

    Enjoying this song now

  56. Ludi Ruiz

    Ludi RuizÓrája

    Just listening to this song makes me want to have a boyfriend..🎄🎄🎁🎁💖💖 Merry Christmas 2019🎄🎄🎀🎀🎅🤶

  57. Jay Miller

    Jay MillerÓrája

    December 9 2019 🎶🎶🎵still listening to this ageless song💔💔

  58. mskernow


    this one never gets old❤🎄⭐

  59. Marcstacos



  60. Javi Valfr

    Javi ValfrÓrája

    You can tell she is butiful

  61. Jamie Neblett

    Jamie NeblettÓrája

    People are tired of this song! Not me I love it! Timeless classic.

  62. Nuno CB Nuno CB

    Nuno CB Nuno CBÓrája

    Vey funny, most of people thinks that's a Carey hit, but the reality is quite different...

  63. Nuno CB Nuno CB

    Nuno CB Nuno CBÓrája

  64. Anaïs mllr

    Anaïs mllrÓrája


  65. Mohamad Riyadh

    Mohamad RiyadhÓrája

    who is here from Ryan movie trailer?

  66. Amir Muslims

    Amir MuslimsÓrája

    Darlene Love said this is her favorite cover of her song...

  67. ayako o

    ayako oÓrája


  68. Michelle Chung

    Michelle ChungÓrája

    Stores playing this song.. me: not again... At the end when she hits that high notes me: she's amazing.......

  69. 八幡Hikki


    came here from the Radiohead's Creep version video

  70. Татьяна Романенко. Просто Вкусно и Полезно!

    Татьяна Романенко. Просто Вкусно и Полезно!Órája

    *Прекрасная рождественская песня!*

  71. tcladyt584


    Dedicated to my husband ken

  72. Rigoberto Lopez Mateo

    Rigoberto Lopez MateoÓrája

    Lip Sync!

  73. Entidade Wolf

    Entidade WolfÓrája

    How on earth the original tapes for this performance are shot in 16:9? 🤯

  74. Bryan Tan

    Bryan TanÓrája

    Here because of the Free Guy trailer. Anyone else?

  75. Julyelli Priscila

    Julyelli PriscilaÓrája


  76. That Guy

    That GuyÓrája

    Imagine the chinese guy in your class which is named You

  77. Mala Sawma

    Mala SawmaÓrája

    im here after listening ... "lord above" - fat joe ft eminem

  78. Ruthye Mcmillan

    Ruthye McmillanÓrája

    Nice 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  79. Jennifer Groom

    Jennifer GroomÓrája


  80. Zoë Ruiz

    Zoë Ruiz2 órája

    Mariah securing her bag as she should

  81. aj mala

    aj mala2 órája

    rip juice wrld

  82. Zoë Ruiz

    Zoë Ruiz2 órája

    I need to write a hit Christmas song so I can secure the bag

  83. Loca aaa

    Loca aaa2 órája

    Ah, shit Here we go again

  84. Zoë Ruiz

    Zoë Ruiz2 órája

    This song better go #1!

  85. Stefano Scapini

    Stefano Scapini2 órája

    November 1994🎄🎄🎄💖💖💖



    I know Go dislike video for Emi ..But the video Drop on My Bday♐🌐✊👑👋😆😆😆#eminemWin #MgkWin

  87. Stefan Mitrevski

    Stefan Mitrevski2 órája

    The Warning brought me here. Eminem wiped the floor with her. Damn...

  88. Fabio Campos

    Fabio Campos2 órája

    Brasil te ama

  89. Michael Hedrick

    Michael Hedrick2 órája


  90. High Society

    High Society2 órája

    Dj Vlad

  91. Rolando Amaris

    Rolando Amaris2 órája

    Que asco... La voz del CD bajada de tono, que MIERDA esta tipa, pura estafa

  92. polanskyf

    polanskyf2 órája

    "All I want for Christman, is you" **points at breast implants**

  93. Mr. Best

    Mr. Best2 órája

    Wer kommt aus Deutschland und freut sich schon auf Weihnachten ?🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🎄🎄🎄🎁

  94. Junel Flores

    Junel Flores2 órája


  95. Mateusz Osiak

    Mateusz Osiak2 órája

    Polska słucha? 🇵🇱🎄🎄🎄🎁

  96. poolchamp 1904

    poolchamp 19042 órája

    Louis Tomlinson be like:

  97. Talit Aslam

    Talit Aslam2 órája

    Just a Wonder classical song Just make Christmas It a miracle xx It was my very first love Only lasted to the new year....can not wait for next year....!!

  98. Sumera

    Sumera2 órája

    At the beginning, when she said "and i was like why you so obsessed with me?" was a mean girl reference when Regina is talking about Janis.

  99. Mark Lowe

    Mark Lowe2 órája

    When you mix technical ability with great song writing and the ability to sing musically / emmotonally this is the result. She also has the decades long consistency not come back as the media like to talk shit.

  100. Shamar Morris

    Shamar Morris2 órája

    (C) 2013 Def Jam Records