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We Broke Up.

We Broke Up.


Never Doing This Again.
  1. Kai Wen

    Kai WenNapja

    To be honest, his stuff is actually really affordable even though he calls it "luxury" items. $60 for a bomber is standard and $45 for a windbreaker is too. A sports brand would sell that shit for $100.

  2. Bea Tejano

    Bea TejanoNapja

    You should try the korean brand 3ce!!!

  3. Manisha Singh

    Manisha SinghNapja

    I have never ever seen packaging like this ! Soooooo pretty!!! God kylie cry!

  4. jenny espinas

    jenny espinasNapja


  5. Push Mak B

    Push Mak BNapja

    Jeffree jiggling his ass gives me life... I rewound so many times!!! 😂😂😂😂

  6. Clove’s Tired

    Clove’s TiredNapja

    Something I’ve always thought about is. WHAT IF YOU WERE JEFFREE?? CAUSE BITCH I WANNA BE THE QUEEN!

  7. Christina Protic

    Christina ProticNapja

    The colors are so pretty! I love Beauty Sleep. Also, the background for this video is AMAZING.😍💜

  8. Alyssa Vautin

    Alyssa VautinNapja

    Such a gorgeous collection 😍 Jeffree never fails to amaze 👑🤗💜

  9. Etta Dee

    Etta DeeNapja

    The Gucci top is everything

  10. AtrociouS


    Reminder that this guy attacked a kid on Twitter out of pure spite for James, sent vicious text messages to him and his friends, and when James came forward about it, he ran off to Snapchat trying to make a last ditch effort to keep James quiet, by showing receipts of his "true nature." Then made this pathetic bullshit of a video. "I was in a dark place" Nah you were not. You were being a toxic wad who was trying to destroy someone's career because the door opened. I cant believe nobody ever held him accountable for this shit. And I hate how everyone was like "They were all in a bad place." No. James lost 3 million subs, has a very damaged spot on his career, and had dozens of false stories about made up when "Bye Sister" hit. He is truthfully the only person in this case who was put in a very dangerous state of mind. At least Tati had some reason to be hurt. This guy was being a 7th Grade orbiter.

  11. Honey Finau

    Honey FinauNapja

    Jeffree you r so gorgeous!! U on fire ❤ hope they sell this in Australia like hope you haven't forgotten about us cause i want i want i want lol

  12. Anita Beata

    Anita BeataNapja

    Why don't you have a brows? You can do a tattoo 🙊🙊🙊

  13. tro _ jana

    tro _ janaNapja

    I know jeffrees focus is make up, but y tf does nobody speak about that BOSS ASS GRINDERS

  14. سيد محمد

    سيد محمدNapja


  15. Bé Bao Dumplyn

    Bé Bao DumplynNapja

    Hi, can u plz try the hershey’s collection collap between hershey and etude’s house ?

  16. Coco_Cola cos!

    Coco_Cola cos!Napja

    Girl I am BUYING

  17. Jes Barreda

    Jes BarredaNapja

    I've been watching you since the music days my god you fucking made it yesssssss!!! I am so choked up for you yes! (I mean you made it a long time ago but.... Dang) this was like MTV CRIBS BUT WAY BETTER

  18. Ava Humble

    Ava HumbleNapja

    Hi For my bday I got your pallet

  19. Val



  20. ChallengeForChangeGirl 2020

    ChallengeForChangeGirl 2020Napja

    Bounce back Jeffree! You are the sweetest ♡ Your reviews make my day

  21. Cody May

    Cody MayNapja

    $60 dollar jacket😤😱😱😱😱 Girl that mess looks like it’s from the dollar tree with your logo on it.

  22. chelsea anginone

    chelsea anginoneNapja

    I love the blood lust palette the packaging is out of this world i love the creativity and heart you put into your cosmetics your brand is beyond this world all the detail you put in you are a true cosmetic artist jeffree

  23. Maxine L

    Maxine LNapja

    Why does he constantly come out with all of these makeup lines, all of this packaging.. what is he doing for the environment? his private jet he's often in aswell, do something for the environment you fame monster.

  24. Xxwolfie Xx

    Xxwolfie XxNapja


  25. Xxwolfie Xx

    Xxwolfie XxNapja

    Metres star army!!

  26. Kaylee Lloyd

    Kaylee LloydNapja

    If he diddint have this youtube channel he be talking poor

  27. Shannon Escamilla

    Shannon EscamillaNapja

    Yes please get mevsomepleasdZZZ

  28. Özlem Ayyıldız

    Özlem AyyıldızNapja

    I want your products in Turkey. Do something. 😍

  29. ivanita loseps

    ivanita losepsNapja

    I love your make up but you need eyebrowns

  30. Teiya Dyke

    Teiya DykeNapja

    Knock knock on the blush, hello! XD and dookie stick had me LMAO!

  31. Ari Fon

    Ari FonNapja

    I hate to sound dumb, but is Jeffree's natural eye color brown, cuz they are so pretty!!

  32. Beth Barclay

    Beth BarclayNapja

    Love it. Love your hair too.

  33. -*Christina_ YNX*-

    -*Christina_ YNX*-Napja

    NOOO!! i wanted it tk be a clickbait😢😢

  34. Zoë Rebsch

    Zoë RebschNapja

    I love this!!❤️ But Jeffree I noticed you got back in the “real world” really fast... Please remeber to take of yourself first, we care more about your happiness!!

  35. Nandini Varshney

    Nandini VarshneyNapja

    I don’t know but ... I think that Gucci is a little overrated that I end up buying from H&M 🤔🤔🤔

  36. M • B K

    M • B KNapja

  37. John Brooze Sagayan

    John Brooze SagayanNapja


  38. Karen Sheppard

    Karen SheppardNapja

    Always awesome. Loving. And entertaining. One of a kind.

  39. Jessica Cruz

    Jessica CruzNapja

    Please don't ever discontinue this!!

  40. Alina Mustafic

    Alina MustaficNapja

    Seems like you are happier than ever before ... Love seeing you that happy ❤️

  41. baguette


    Besides there's nothing new in makeup, at least JSC giving us the experience of having a new palette with the super extraordinary concept💜

  42. Lindsay Cariad

    Lindsay CariadNapja

    Gorgeous makeup ,but were his natural nails showing from under the Blood Lust stilettos bothering anyone else?? Just me? Ok. 🙃

  43. I AM THE ONE

    I AM THE ONENapja


  44. Christina Protic

    Christina ProticNapja

    I love you Jeffree and I hope the rest of 2020 goes much better for you and all of us.😊🙏🏻❤️

  45. Alexa Dabbah

    Alexa DabbahNapja

    how r ya

  46. shai G

    shai GNapja

    Need those lip glosses though , looks sooo good Jeffrey 💕

  47. Liam Pereira

    Liam PereiraNapja

    This isn’t Geometry Dash

  48. زهراء حسن

    زهراء حسنNapja

    خاب مصخه تمصخك بعد اكثر

  49. زهراء حسن

    زهراء حسنNapja

    ادري منزل علان تخلينه نشتريهن لو تخلينه نشتهي ناكلهن حرامات انت أجنبي متعرف لغتي جان حطيت نعال بحلكك بنكلوزي😂😞

  50. زهراء حسن

    زهراء حسنNapja

    خاب مال الغسل وجهج بطول البريك مال تواليتنه وتتغنيج عليه تفوو و بالنكلش😂😂

  51. - neocultured -

    - neocultured -Napja

    this collection just oozes slytherin vibes

  52. CM Renwick

    CM RenwickNapja

    Gorgeous! 🔥🔥🔥

  53. characterblub


    I am in no way going to be able to afford this, so I'm hoping and praying itll still be in stock come my birthday 😂😭 this is the one I NEED

  54. Kathya Salas

    Kathya SalasNapja

    💜💜💜💜 wow!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  55. Gacha X Roses

    Gacha X RosesNapja

    19:24 we all saw Nate grabbing Jeffrees butt

  56. Meicaijin Lan

    Meicaijin LanNapja

    i can't even see her eyes :v

  57. Jes Barreda

    Jes BarredaNapja

    She really was such a pretty little doll baby you're happy and healthy on the otherside of the rainbow bridge now

  58. Lanying Song

    Lanying SongNapja

    Here’s a difference between Jeffree Star and Voldemort.... Jeffree has a nose.

  59. Six Super fan

    Six Super fanNapja

    No one: Absolutely no one : me: getting ready to spend all my money

  60. F sweet

    F sweetNapja

    this is the most sincere video ever from jefree, its so humbled and lovely when he talks about the past

  61. Jeannette Bailey

    Jeannette BaileyNapja

    Who else is LIVING for the throne and the backdrop. Jeffree is the baddest bitch😍

  62. Isabella Rourke

    Isabella RourkeNapja

    Honestly I think Kylie doesn’t give a shit about Jeffree because she is legit the most famous person in the world!! And Jeffree keeps on talking about Kylie because he is jealous no joke ehhe

  63. Wolfi_dream Dream

    Wolfi_dream DreamNapja

    You look amazing in all make up

  64. Sophie Mcdoogal

    Sophie McdoogalNapja

    Jeffree the new pallette looks just like the conspiracy palette

  65. Wolfi_dream Dream

    Wolfi_dream DreamNapja


  66. irkengirl16


    My mom was telling me that this pallet was lack luster and I'm watching this and I'm like BITCH WHERE?

  67. addicted love

    addicted loveNapja

    woOW the coolest vempire...😍❤❤❤❤😈😍😍😍

  68. Elif Dinçer

    Elif DinçerNapja

    Kendini beğenmiş salak

  69. Uchiha Karin

    Uchiha KarinNapja


  70. Uchiha Karin

    Uchiha KarinNapja


  71. The Official Andy Saenz

    The Official Andy SaenzNapja

    Hershey's: let's enter the cosmetics industry with our original packaging. Jeffree Star: My new Blood Lust palette looks like Queen Elizabeth II. 💜

  72. rebeka tokovic

    rebeka tokovicNapja

    My favourite colour is Elson I’ve bought it so many times now and I am in love😍😍

  73. Katherine Bryan

    Katherine BryanNapja

    Use the two pallets together.

  74. Avita


    This is what started it all

  75. Tiff C

    Tiff CNapja

    I just started watching your videos and i know nothing about make-up but i love watching u and im very grateful for ur honesty and ur amazing. We need more people like you in this crazy World...

  76. عمر شيخو

    عمر شيخوNapja

    Bu ne 🤔🤔🤔😒😒😒

  77. angelina Serna

    angelina SernaNapja


  78. Dear Lisa

    Dear LisaNapja

    Meet me out back how bout dat!! She was on Dr.Phil

  79. Ariane Patino

    Ariane PatinoNapja

    Its so pretty i cant- i would literally buy his products just becos the packaging is so pretty.... they look like collectibles 😭

  80. Alex Perez

    Alex PerezNapja

    Yesssss can’t wait for it to be released hunny

  81. soinu foig

    soinu foigNapja

    when jeffree screamed “stop it!” i felt that in my soul

  82. ruffles my feathers uwu

    ruffles my feathers uwuNapja

    I'm not quite sure if the lipsticks are more like for those 'korean lips look' (colour on the inside blending out)

  83. harshala joshi

    harshala joshiNapja

    I love watching your makeup reviews Jeffree. Jeffree should one makeup review every week. It’s calming and soothing experience. 🙂

  84. Kevin Diocena

    Kevin DiocenaNapja

    Where is the true purple? The dark purple? The deeps? Somethings lacking. This doesn't feel right jeffree. I love you honey but this is the most underwhelming palette you've released so far😪🙈👎

  85. Mz_ Ayla

    Mz_ AylaNapja

    holy fuck

  86. 우리욘재


    에뛰드가 제프리한테영업한거야? ㅋ ㅋ

  87. Samantha Butler

    Samantha ButlerNapja

    I love the palette design and absolutely adore the color Executioner

  88. Cherripxt


    Imagine playing hide and seek there

  89. Yovel Franko

    Yovel FrankoNapja

    sasha baron cohen is making a new bruno movie?

  90. Jamie Smiles

    Jamie SmilesNapja

    COULD U SWATCH THESE FOR DIFFERENT SKIN TONES??!!!! (You’re welcome;) Ps: I’d love to meet u, Jeffree!!!!!!!!! Pleaseeeee

  91. brinabrina


    uhm i never heard a thank you to jeffree

  92. Jamie Smiles

    Jamie SmilesNapja

    “This gloss is soo 🤬pretty” Yaaaassssss!!!! Love the color on ur lower lash line! Omg!!! Very nice!!!!!

  93. Michelle Huff

    Michelle HuffNapja

    Congratulations 🎉

  94. xDeathCandyX3


    I love it so much ♡

  95. Ë M M Ä .S

    Ë M M Ä .SNapja

    The fact that Garret had little wands to “control” the traffics is so pure

  96. SnowDrop _

    SnowDrop _Napja

    Oooo pretty colors and love to glossy colors. Very good taste of colors and too pretty to use it. 💋❤️

  97. Anna Duhon

    Anna DuhonNapja

    SICK. EN. ING!!!! 💜💜💜💜💜

  98. Danielle & Charlotte Rivera

    Danielle & Charlotte RiveraNapja


  99. Kimberly Rodriguez

    Kimberly RodriguezNapja

    Jeffree Star reminds me of ivy queen 👑 😅😍😍😍😍

  100. Aniah Anderson

    Aniah AndersonNapja

    Girl same on the funfetti icing