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G-Eazy - It's Eazy
  1. Rock boy

    Rock boyNapja

    Yo yo rock 🤘🤘

  2. Rock boy

    Rock boyNapja

    Nice rap

  3. John Galt

    John GaltNapja

    I dunno if that's what he was going for but I see his interview guy as Charlie Rose.

  4. raquivas


    niyjah houston?

  5. SkyGoCrazy


    G-Eazy is the blackest white man I’ve ever heard

  6. rohit joshi

    rohit joshiNapja

    Golden lyrics 🙏

  7. Hisham Kaleem

    Hisham KaleemNapja

    G-Eazy's just white on the b and w filter

  8. JuazeiroMLG


    "No Sleep" did a remix of this song. If you like this, definitely check it out

  9. Robert Miller

    Robert MillerNapja

    Best Freestyle Rapper on the planet 🌎😎👌🇬🇧😔

  10. Everson Tumolo

    Everson TumoloNapja

    It feels like I'm stuck in 2015/2016

  11. Sakine Qocayeva

    Sakine QocayevaNapja

    Remember me every time you come here🚬

  12. travis pellow

    travis pellowNapja

    He can't rap he sucks

  13. FiF_EATS


    nobody is talking about Elhae :(

  14. Raul Garcia

    Raul GarciaNapja

    #1 song in existence pac the nigga but this is for all u haters lol

  15. Jose carlos Chavez

    Jose carlos ChavezNapja


  16. Vladimir Meme

    Vladimir MemeNapja

    I tought the second guy was a black dude lol jajajajaj

  17. imanuel wahyu

    imanuel wahyuNapja

    he looks like young negan with no beard

  18. Wilson Cortez

    Wilson CortezNapja

    Yo this song goes hard

  19. Quavo‘s bester Freund

    Quavo‘s bester FreundNapja

    hello to all my 2020 people.;) btw just an insider, in november 2020 more than 80% of the earth will be dead... because corona :) when i wrote that, i felt that

  20. Chris McNally

    Chris McNallyNapja

    R.I.P. Big Cane.. *^•*•^*

  21. Aniya Scisson

    Aniya ScissonNapja

    This remind me of my I miss those days

  22. Alan Lynch

    Alan LynchNapja

    I make songs click on me and listen to them if you want no pressure init

  23. Tyler Vasquez

    Tyler VasquezNapja

    Let’s not let this song die everyone!

  24. Gold Couch

    Gold CouchNapja

    shop now at

  25. Kim Pham

    Kim PhamNapja

    Relationships suck!

  26. Trunk WitDaPump

    Trunk WitDaPumpNapja

    Blacked raw Instagram story? Nobody just me? Ight. Imma head out. Kmsl

  27. Damion keryîn

    Damion keryînNapja

    i steal love you 💔

  28. Dominique J. Anderson

    Dominique J. AndersonNapja

    Yes your my wife. But I just remembered...To my lover I'd never lie, I have another wife...Casey undercover. Nothing wrong with it, you knew what you signed up knew I wasn't normal don't give me that it's me or her....I love you both equally...

  29. Thaw Zin

    Thaw ZinNapja

    I need 2 2

  30. Sa Ra

    Sa RaNapja

    We need movies like this

  31. Oty Nunez

    Oty NunezNapja

    But she's back with yungblood ...I think hopefully they good couple

  32. Constantino Fletes

    Constantino FletesNapja

    Y mi lana

  33. Elijah Young

    Elijah YoungNapja

    Where in the actual fuck is the music video to this at tho. Don't get why they didn't make one

  34. Mike Huffman

    Mike HuffmanNapja

    Not all men are fucked up assholes. Some are.

  35. EvaMVisser


    These lyrics 😂 I feel too innocent to be listening to them

  36. ZENO


    Should’ve just been yg

  37. Elena Carter

    Elena CarterNapja

    I love the tag💀💀”EVERYTHING FOREIGN!!!”

  38. Arab Barbie

    Arab BarbieNapja


  39. Doug Nation

    Doug NationNapja

    when you hear those beats , Tyga is featured

  40. Dexter Morgan

    Dexter MorganNapja

    This song made me listen to rap music. Already 5 years ago, how the time passes.

  41. nadjat Shm

    nadjat ShmNapja

    it is just weird why would anybosy cheat on halsey she is the sweetest and the best person and singer thatt i have ever seen

  42. salaa23


    Texted my crush in quarantine she blocked me.

  43. AcE_Olivia’sVids238


    I don’t really like G-Easy, but this song is a bop.

  44. Jasper Dilbert

    Jasper DilbertNapja

    This shit fucking go hard it's something about the beat like if u agree

  45. moriah dunsing

    moriah dunsingNapja


  46. Bernardi


    That dark-skin woman, though... Lord help

  47. Francine Torbotchkine

    Francine TorbotchkineNapja

    Belly I love some 😋😛❤️🔥🔥🔥

  48. Francine Torbotchkine

    Francine TorbotchkineNapja

    The best song 😍 have u pump up for real 🔥💋 yesss

  49. Francine Torbotchkine

    Francine TorbotchkineNapja

    The song ever have pump up 😛😋🙌🥰I love me sum 💯 cardi b 👅💋🔥🤩

  50. Francine Torbotchkine

    Francine TorbotchkineNapja

    So nasty 💋💞🙌🙌🙌😛😋but good nasty 💦🔥✨

  51. Augusto

    [email protected] AugustoNapja


  52. Alberto Romeo

    Alberto RomeoNapja

    If bebe had been blonde, the video wouldn’t have had the same vibe

  53. lllewelll


    Keep that head *still* skanky spastic cat lol

  54. leathal cobra2001

    leathal cobra2001Napja

    E40 in the background 2:30

  55. Sehan Damsri

    Sehan DamsriNapja

    Best song ever!!!

  56. Nina Nouss

    Nina NoussNapja

    مجنونة حباتو وهو ما يستاهل💝💙💜🌺 مسكينة قلبي قسمتهولي 💔😥😣

  57. Hardscoper


    If they ever do a flashback for neegan in the walking dead they g-eazy to play young neegan

  58. Kayla Pugh

    Kayla PughNapja

    Lol this song i feel 😁😁😁😁😁😁🤣

  59. Robert Miller

    Robert MillerNapja

    CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF.. THIS BEAT G-EASY. THE PLAN [email protected]

  60. shaharyar khan

    shaharyar khanNapja

    Being quarantined ME,MYSELF AND I

  61. Justinas Kubilius

    Justinas KubiliusNapja

    Hit the like button with my eyes closed

  62. BaBy JoKer Friday

    BaBy JoKer FridayNapja


  63. Tina Quinn

    Tina QuinnNapja

    What’s understood ain’t got be explain 🔥

  64. Kári Genevois

    Kári GenevoisNapja

    Say it one more time, we didn't hear

  65. sisila btj

    sisila btjNapja

    Its 2020 and this is still one of the best songs young gerald ever did

  66. Paprika Lya

    Paprika LyaNapja

    I was in a relationship and this was ‘our’ song. Meanwhile we broke up and I never listened to this song again because I was scared of thinking about her and ‘us’ again. I finally found the courage to listen again and I only remembered the good parts....

  67. Justinas Kubilius

    Justinas KubiliusNapja

    Does somebody still listening in 2020 and doesn't care about blueface offbeat ?

  68. MrFlyingSourcer


    Showed this to my mom she's my dad now

  69. Van


    idk u guys but for me in 1:50 . G was like "yes sr this a good cake"

  70. Alexandra H.

    Alexandra H.Napja

    My favourite song since I was 13 💗

  71. domiko1991


    anyone can tell me whats the name of g eazys college jacket?

  72. Fuckin Dumbass

    Fuckin DumbassNapja

    Ok I know what they mean all black is off beat damn he os

  73. قناة الربح

    قناة الربحNapja

    Please abonné and j'aime😘😘

  74. Eric M

    Eric MNapja

    Esta Dura

  75. Junior Imafidon

    Junior ImafidonNapja

    2:46 is that halsey. It is funny the way time plays

  76. haleigh


    the violin or whatever sounds so good in this song 😍 i love the beat.

  77. Im ChheangRatt

    Im ChheangRattNapja

    2020 still mean it.

  78. mbolahosambatra nirina

    mbolahosambatra nirinaNapja


  79. PJJ BOSS

    PJJ BOSSNapja

    check my track called queen on my channel . a lit hip hop track

  80. Russell Westbrook

    Russell WestbrookNapja

    ASAP Rocky part was lit especially when he was flexing

  81. Im_a_pisces


    Who else is lockdown?

  82. Akshay Williams

    Akshay WilliamsNapja

    It just me my girl and my game

  83. Akshay Williams

    Akshay WilliamsNapja

    I like being alone

  84. Anthony Tomason

    Anthony TomasonNapja

    Finally another good song

  85. Yohan Huberts

    Yohan HubertsNapja

    Cardi B you so fuckin' sexy 😍😍

  86. Helene


    Every time I watch this video I wanna be in a hot dysfunctional toxic relationship 😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  87. Robert Miller

    Robert MillerNapja

    Quality sound love it gets me in the mood to eh lol

  88. bijay gyawali

    bijay gyawaliNapja

    I was here when this video didnt have comments like this. LOL

  89. Evan Dicesare

    Evan DicesareNapja


  90. Kevser Avcilar

    Kevser AvcilarNapja


  91. Mjhnjhb Bgfvhfc

    Mjhnjhb BgfvhfcNapja


  92. noor


    coronavirus - "i walk in they all stare like who the fuck is this dude!?"

  93. noor


    0:28 ,when coronavirus invades your cell. me - "i just need to be alone, i just need to be at home."

  94. Olga Rod

    Olga RodNapja

    When you listen randomly to this song on Instagram and the first thing you realize is Erik Satie Gymnopedie playing in the background. The poor piece doesn’t deserve that sorry.

  95. Hi Beam

    Hi BeamNapja

    These things happen

  96. Nick3xtreme Gaming

    Nick3xtreme GamingNapja

    family: Who do you hang out with all day? me: Just me, myself, and I

  97. The Boss

    The BossNapja

    Anunaki naa.. pleani and nordic mejor

  98. Haley Brown

    Haley BrownNapja

    This was me and my ex song now i hate him

  99. Toxic Boxic

    Toxic BoxicNapja

    He sounds like he's trying to do an Obama impression.

  100. Marto Dimitrov

    Marto DimitrovNapja

    why they scream like lil girls