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G-Eazy - It's Eazy
  1. Jessica Miller

    Jessica MillerNapja

    Cardey is hhhhhhhhhoooooooooooottttttttttt🔥🔥

  2. Rickert Drawings

    Rickert DrawingsNapja

    I just realized .. I think white rappers are cool.. But I'm not attracted to white guys who rap. It's like .. If a white guy with n a mariachi outfit and did banda... I'm not attracted to rap at all.. But I Love the music!!!! Not saying black guys aren't cute..I'm just not attracted to the culutre..but my aha moment almost 40..Lol

  3. Avocado



  4. Sinem Durak

    Sinem DurakNapja


  5. Arnold Kingdriz

    Arnold KingdrizNapja

    The cover😎

  6. Moustapha Diallo

    Moustapha DialloNapja

    Look like jfk

  7. Anna Maria

    Anna MariaNapja

    Is it version or versoin? What's the difference?

  8. Ayon Barua

    Ayon BaruaNapja

    sounds like I'm in it

  9. Miriam Ramieri

    Miriam RamieriNapja

    The picture is a condom? Haha, shit!

  10. Itz_Kuri


    I feel like he should've had this released on Valentine's Day

  11. Brad Hirst

    Brad HirstNapja

    Mgk sent me here.

  12. Ly Invisible

    Ly InvisibleNapja

    youtube keep recommend me this on Valentine's day



    They are the best couple in my dream.

  14. demonicsyndrome


    Thank fuck a non Cardi B version, now this is LITTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Freddy Zapata

    Freddy ZapataNapja

    Yooo finally someone rapping about being a lone wolf who don’t need the homies the gang the fake friends fuck the world I’m the king here ... I can relate to this bruh, I’m a metal:grunge head who is big in 90s hip hop and this dude is bringing me back to the type of hip hop I like to chill to

  16. Stava OP

    Stava OPNapja

    Producer: Bugatti , bitches and tons of $? G-Eazy:Hold my condom

  17. Vienna Visions

    Vienna VisionsNapja


  18. RDG Phillipo

    RDG PhillipoNapja

    You look like a young Negan lol

  19. orel.barlev


    Condom red

  20. Kira Wohrmann

    Kira WohrmannNapja


  21. 6ix9ine Tekashi

    6ix9ine TekashiNapja

    buy me condoms

  22. Imane Ell

    Imane EllNapja

    Halsy super

  23. vibewmia


    Guys...i think he means it.

  24. Lizzka Belka

    Lizzka BelkaNapja

    Halsey: You can't fill the hole inside of you with money, girls and cars *G-Eazy's next song is about money, girls and cars

  25. Yourmomma Son

    Yourmomma SonNapja

    Whore song tbh for only ones named shelbie lyn

  26. TheLovelyvideos


    Thats what you wish..with halsey but good luck;)

  27. Borcher


    showed this to my doll now its chucky

  28. KayzZen Ze Beest

    KayzZen Ze BeestNapja

    2:50 👁

  29. ChaseClary TikToks

    ChaseClary TikToksNapja

    Halsey featuring G-Eazy

  30. yogesh sehrawat

    yogesh sehrawatNapja

    This is fucking true

  31. fuckoff


    I only watch this video for home girls smile.

  32. 700t


    “The world must know pain.”

  33. Elle Bee

    Elle BeeNapja

    That was fire fr 🔥

  34. Руслан Кулуев

    Руслан КулуевNapja

    I think what it's best music

  35. Kristina Stojanovski

    Kristina StojanovskiNapja

    Tory my god 😍

  36. Danii Brooks

    Danii BrooksNapja

    "For her pleasure guaranteed satisfaction" 🤣🤣🤣🤣 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 I strive to be this petty

  37. Eddie Mijares

    Eddie MijaresNapja

    This video looks alot like the Anilyst Triple Threat video 🤔

  38. Laila Anderson

    Laila AndersonNapja

    nigga tyga has to have biches have naked ps i beat he sleep with all them😑😑😑😑😑

  39. GratefulSFOaKFoXy 11LoVe77GirL11

    GratefulSFOaKFoXy 11LoVe77GirL11Napja

    Fuck wit me & get some money

  40. GratefulSFOaKFoXy 11LoVe77GirL11

    GratefulSFOaKFoXy 11LoVe77GirL11Napja

    It aint safe for the white girls...

  41. GratefulSFOaKFoXy 11LoVe77GirL11

    GratefulSFOaKFoXy 11LoVe77GirL11Napja

    My theme song

  42. XxX_LilGaminPsycho_XxX


    That poor old man is just tryina get through and then he passes a bunch of bouncing asses. RIP His Poor Mind.

  43. Claudia Alvarado

    Claudia AlvaradoNapja


  44. anakin skywalker

    anakin skywalkerNapja

    How did they break up

  45. anakin skywalker

    anakin skywalkerNapja

    What happend to them

  46. noah stump

    noah stumpNapja

    Someone take g-eazy to the gym

  47. Dylan Blettner

    Dylan BlettnerNapja

    I like the beat better than the singing 🎤

  48. Daniel Mora

    Daniel MoraNapja

    Remix with Fetty Wapp, please 🔥🔥🔥

  49. Eric Cordts

    Eric CordtsNapja

    Remix with wiz!

  50. Jessica Archer

    Jessica ArcherNapja

    All 2020😍😩😩😩😩who's listening only real people know all my mans songs and albums tuhhh

  51. Atlantis IRL

    Atlantis IRLNapja

    They didnt put Juicy on the first version because he would have wrecked the other verses badly. I would have loved that personally.

  52. Ezequiel Pereyra

    Ezequiel PereyraNapja

    more songs with beats like these go

  53. Robert Miller

    Robert MillerNapja

    G-Eazy: my girl have a girl Peanut Baby: ahhhhh

  54. Tayla Lucci

    Tayla LucciNapja MUZIK!!!!!! That's how we say Mu$iC

  55. fortheloveofsex


    G eazy: cause I’m a fucking crazy Gemini Me: I’m ashamed to be a Gemini now

  56. angel trofimenko

    angel trofimenkoNapja

    Love this song ❤️

  57. Amanda Tucker

    Amanda TuckerNapja

    Call me let's meet~

  58. J Smooth

    J SmoothNapja

    I’m just here for the rappin.

  59. Phenomenxl Sxvxge

    Phenomenxl SxvxgeNapja

    Is there going to be a music video for this song?

  60. City By The Bay

    City By The BayNapja

    The 137k dislikes are from the ones who didn’t mean it.

  61. Warm Ketchup

    Warm KetchupNapja

    This is one of the worst songs you ever made

  62. Jaykob Hale

    Jaykob HaleNapja

    This is great Valentine's Day music

  63. bran luu

    bran luuNapja

    Allblack trying to fit a 3 minute wong into his 40 seconds

  64. shookn


    G Eazy believes in pumping and dumping these hoes (like Halsey)

  65. Vygintas


    It's blowing up! Good to see, Tyga has at least one banger every year, summer vibes man. I hope people won't miss this

  66. SARAH


    "here Kobe comes" hits differently now

  67. Raging Fire

    Raging FireNapja

    Me: I want his hoodie and for him to be at by birthday! Mom: You're a 10 year old girl. Heck to the no.

  68. Juli Setiadi

    Juli SetiadiNapja

    Ajg gambar kondom sutera cok

  69. Dispossessed


    Best part of this entire track is where he finally shut the fuck up

  70. Joe Tz

    Joe TzNapja

    Kyle!!!! Hahaaaaaa👌😁

  71. Victoria Alexander

    Victoria AlexanderNapja

    Devil drove off for real they related to cheff black an gold cars an k9 unit

  72. Victoria Alexander

    Victoria AlexanderNapja

    They stole every ride dad had fuck the law

  73. Victoria Alexander

    Victoria AlexanderNapja

    I was raised up with dif colored pep

  74. Chris Morris

    Chris MorrisNapja

    Been listen to easy for years but every time I watch this I'm like dammnnn I wanna smash his co anchor. Just no i lean it

  75. Kyle Polvere

    Kyle PolvereNapja

    Can someone who likes this stuff explain how one "style" of hip hop has overtaken commercial hip hop so completely that it has become the formula for any new artist to make a name for themselves, while simultaneously lowering the bar for lyricists and all sounding exactly the same. I understand we live in a time where most can't think for themselves or have an original idea, but do we have to keep praising their slaughter of an art form that spent decades growing, only to be bought and sold by tasteless record labels and talentless "rappers" who claim it is the pinnacle of hip hop evolution? Rant done....

  76. Krish Bb57

    Krish Bb57Napja

    Here’s a joke The best threesome is between me myself and I.

  77. s l e e p y h e a d

    s l e e p y h e a dNapja

    Not surprised, all G's songs are 🔥🔥🔥

  78. Aj Avery

    Aj AveryNapja

    Can I get a YESSIRSKII♨️🧪

  79. Wallace James

    Wallace JamesNapja

    I like the song but what was French talking about😂

  80. Raja thakur raja thakur

    Raja thakur raja thakurNapja

    Raja Thakur 🐾

  81. Kevin Maniebo

    Kevin ManieboNapja

    Valentines day 2020

  82. Spacciatore di sassi

    Spacciatore di sassiNapja

    Guess he wants a rock

  83. Vinicius Neves

    Vinicius NevesNapja


  84. Nolan Solano

    Nolan SolanoNapja

    Why did I just realize the asian kid is gay lmao

  85. Kymia V

    Kymia VNapja

    Haha this song is my favorite bec it has my name in it kymia

  86. Steve Smith

    Steve SmithNapja

    G easy bodied that

  87. Kira Wohrmann

    Kira WohrmannNapja


  88. BEASTLY_N00B1


    Anyone else just looking up old songs you used to listen to

  89. Kira Wohrmann

    Kira WohrmannNapja




    Perfect PAL-entines day song! 🔥

  91. Rodrigo Oliveira

    Rodrigo OliveiraNapja


  92. Rostislav Rajchev

    Rostislav RajchevNapja

    That song resonates within my soul!

  93. Jovem Bicks

    Jovem BicksNapja

    Loooolwing shit 🔥🔥🔥

  94. Rodney S.

    Rodney S.2 napja

    Meow !!!

  95. Omar El'omari

    Omar El'omari2 napja

    The worst voice here is cardi’s one

  96. Kiko

    Kiko2 napja

    2015- Friend zone 2017- FFF (Fuck Fake Friends) 2017- Just Friends 2020- Still be friends G-Eazy and his *FriENdShiP*

  97. esanto jk WA KIGOCO

    esanto jk WA KIGOCO2 napja

    From Kenya my likes

  98. Adam A.

    Adam A.2 napja

    I like the MacDre-eske beat drop in the beginning.

  99. •Jeez•

    •Jeez•2 napja

    Top 3 parts 1.g eazys part 2. A$ap rocky 3.cardi b

  100. IMPlive 17

    IMPlive 172 napja

    Legend has it that he still means it.