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  1. Scott


    If you're gonna shag a boy.... One who gets freely naked (weird) with his older brother.. What are you expecting. Also, I'm gay. But that's just fucking weird.




  3. RuPaula Ritz

    RuPaula RitzNapja

    REACT (WATER) BUTTONS (FIRE) I HATE THIS PART (EARTH) DONT CHA (WIND) I stan my elemental QUEENS! Avatar shooketh and left bald frozen in ice 😂

  4. alex arambula

    alex arambulaNapja

    I love these girls, something about all of them together sparks magic and the music is just always on point.

  5. Mado Mad

    Mado MadNapja

    If I could go back to my high school days 😑

  6. adonisglamify


    Road to 100M. Keep streaming guys don't let them flop. 🔥🔥🔥🙏

  7. Raí Fermino

    Raí FerminoNapja

    Galera compartilhem bastante ❤

  8. Raí Fermino

    Raí FerminoNapja

    Essas views estão de sacanagem... é pra subir

  9. Miminchu Asilin

    Miminchu AsilinNapja

    This song makes me cry😢😢😭

  10. Alayna Taylor

    Alayna TaylorNapja

    wow they are stiil together this is a great hit also.

  11. Anthony Martines

    Anthony MartinesNapja

    The Nicole Show is back and better than ever... I’m not mad at it one bit!

  12. Maicon Lima

    Maicon LimaNapja


  13. 4ev3rY


    Vine por el video del tío que baila con un taburete bajo la lluvia

  14. Gerrid Caldwell

    Gerrid CaldwellNapja

    HELLO?? Are you kidding me? This is everything

  15. kristin crockrell

    kristin crockrellNapja

    I missed that leg popping up from the blonde (not good at names)

  16. Marco Rubio

    Marco RubioNapja

    Waiting for the reacting to react music videos

  17. •_•


    they’re back with the chairs! 😍

  18. Marco Rubio

    Marco RubioNapja

    The song name being React!! Huge search results. They’re so smart!!!

  19. Raí Fermino

    Raí FerminoNapja

    Amoo ❤🙈

  20. flydamage kayks

    flydamage kayksNapja

    Her body is insane🔥🔥🔥🔥

  21. michael gibson

    michael gibsonNapja

    Holy s**t! I'm 36. This strait up took me back to high school. These girls be looking on point, Life style choices yall, oh and money, looooots of money.

  22. Maria Gusman

    Maria GusmanNapja


  23. Herman Garcia

    Herman GarciaNapja

    More like Nicole and backup dancers

  24. Budda Herdt

    Budda HerdtNapja


  25. SAIDA for REAL

    SAIDA for REALNapja

    This is not a group right? 😶 am i?

  26. Amanie Tingle

    Amanie TingleNapja

    hey youtube im happy they are back i sure am!.

  27. WLF Electrical & Engineering

    WLF Electrical & EngineeringNapja

    Still listen this song 2020

  28. Michael Owen

    Michael OwenNapja

    PCD make porn. music I love it.

  29. Sammie Pierce

    Sammie PierceNapja

    This video was [email protected]#king 🔥🔥🔥🔥 it was literally everything

  30. Raí Fermino

    Raí FerminoNapja

    400 mil likes❤❤❤🙈🙏

  31. K R

    K RNapja

    Its ludicrous how much they feature one person

  32. Swagger Guru

    Swagger GuruNapja

    I react to that magnetic electric Shipments every Friday

  33. Ej Padgo

    Ej PadgoNapja

    Kim Kardashian?

  34. KievDarraeus TV

    KievDarraeus TVNapja

    Nicole and her traveling background dancers

  35. Matamis


    Одни и те же постановки в танце

  36. Eminfriends


    You go girls!!!!!! THIS SOUNDS AMAZING

  37. foopyu nooui

    foopyu noouiNapja

    AGAIN... 🙄

  38. Raí Fermino

    Raí FerminoNapja

  39. Michael Clemons

    Michael ClemonsNapja

    Melody Thorton where you at?

  40. Alfredo Norambuena

    Alfredo NorambuenaNapja

    No reguetón

  41. shin tocap

    shin tocapNapja

    Nicole and friends

  42. AustiN LyNN

    AustiN LyNNNapja


  43. MikeyJules69


    This would have been an interesting half time show.

  44. My Dear Journal

    My Dear JournalNapja

    They played this at the gay club last night and let me tell you all the gays and girls got down and dirty!!!

  45. Aida Ismailova

    Aida IsmailovaNapja


  46. Raí Fermino

    Raí FerminoNapja

    Vem 10 milhões ❤

  47. Comunicação & Marketing

    Comunicação & MarketingNapja

    Sometimes I want to fight 👊💛

  48. Jaylow C

    Jaylow CNapja


  49. сахарок PRO_111

    сахарок PRO_111Napja

    So happy this group comeback, awesome music. Beautiful all women's, deserve more views. Best group.

  50. Saranya Sundar

    Saranya SundarNapja

    They're back baby😍

  51. magda emanuele

    magda emanueleNapja

    Come to BRAZIL !!! uhuuuuuu

  52. Raí Fermino

    Raí FerminoNapja

    Amo ❤

  53. Martha Herrera

    Martha HerreraNapja

    How in the world is possible for them to look even better than before!!!! THEY ARE GODDESSES!!!!




  55. jay Buddih

    jay BuddihNapja

    Oh damn nicole u never change hope every women could be like u on 40 yrs of age

  56. biaa_ asgff

    biaa_ asgffNapja


  57. Briana Chelsea

    Briana ChelseaNapja

    Bhad bhabie 1:11

  58. jiyeon park

    jiyeon parkNapja

    Wtf Why only Nicole sings the whole song ??

  59. Briana Chelsea

    Briana ChelseaNapja

    I miss the girl who could hit those high notes. Also just wish they’d let the other girls shine a little more. like Nicole should be solo if she needs background dancers

  60. Trouble Maker

    Trouble MakerNapja

    The rhythm remind me to Ava Max- Torn

  61. Mia Money

    Mia MoneyNapja

    Can’t wait for the tour and album ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  62. Charlene Tizon

    Charlene TizonNapja

    Omg 💕💕💕

  63. Raí Fermino

    Raí FerminoNapja

  64. MindYour OwnBusiness

    MindYour OwnBusinessNapja

    1:12 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  65. ESC SimsLover

    ESC SimsLoverNapja

    This is litterally my childhood screaming "Hold up boo, don't think you have seen the last of me" :D

  66. Nick Bragg

    Nick BraggNapja

    Oh thank God the Pussycat Dolls are back!!!!!!

  67. Bertille Nibizi

    Bertille NibiziNapja

    Its 2020 and this song still slaps if u agree with me click the bouton👍🏽

  68. Juan Nunez

    Juan NunezNapja

    Nicole And Her Backup Dancers Still Look Amazing

  69. Pearl Edusei

    Pearl EduseiNapja

    Can someone explain to me what the other 4 girls are there for

  70. B. C.

    B. C.Napja

    This videography is stressful

  71. Jihene Khemiri

    Jihene KhemiriNapja

    This is porn litteraly

  72. Axle Wavey

    Axle WaveyNapja

    Yasss just yasss

  73. Anthony korran

    Anthony korranNapja


  74. Amanda Atwater

    Amanda AtwaterNapja


  75. Black Angel

    Black AngelNapja

    I do t know the name of the other member who also sings..her name? She should be on that video

  76. Marcos Costa

    Marcos CostaNapja

    olha ta pra nascer uma girlgroup melhor que PCD 😻

  77. Austin Deaver

    Austin DeaverNapja

    I love this song so much😍😍😍 so glad to see some new music from you girls💙💙🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 so hype

  78. Je Douglas

    Je DouglasNapja


  79. Lorena Muniz

    Lorena MunizNapja

    Meu grupo favorito da adolescência voltou! 2.0

  80. Taynara Souza

    Taynara SouzaNapja


  81. WanderLust Endumado

    WanderLust EndumadoNapja

    Damn, I'm sitting here late 30s shoving a donut in my mouth.

  82. Renan Victor

    Renan VictorNapja


  83. Eli Fereta

    Eli FeretaNapja

    As a 26 year old male. I want my body to look like nicoles. LOL

  84. wolfslullaby


    nicole looks like who kim was trying to look like

  85. Erika de Carvalho Vieira

    Erika de Carvalho VieiraNapja


  86. Daniel Casas

    Daniel CasasNapja

    Marica y esta Kim Karsashian que?

  87. Danielle Lomarda

    Danielle LomardaNapja

    Who’s still here? It’s 2020 and I still love this song!!!💓💓💓

  88. Nate Valenzuela

    Nate ValenzuelaNapja

    okay they just end up again being nicole’s back up dancer

  89. Pero Peric

    Pero PericNapja

    I watch for the educational pieces music and videos can teach you. I learned alot

  90. Bruna Duarte

    Bruna DuarteNapja

    Yeeeeeeees ❤️

  91. Gemini M

    Gemini MNapja

    Well alright ladies 👏🏾👏🏾

  92. Alexya Spanic

    Alexya SpanicNapja

    Eu estou apaixonada reallllll

  93. lil moon light

    lil moon lightNapja

    Dis is what you called good taste in music when you still into it ❤️ (even my bf frm China like this song a alot)

  94. demon slayer

    demon slayerNapja

    Yes! The Pussycat dolls are back with a BANG❣

  95. Jai Avila

    Jai AvilaNapja


  96. Liyla Cruz

    Liyla CruzNapja


  97. Tanvi C Kumar

    Tanvi C KumarNapja

    I’m so tired of only one person singing. It’s a group

  98. Jojo Bilene

    Jojo BileneNapja

    is there a way iCan make youtube not recommend this channel on my newsfeed? would love to hear the other girls sing and not just Nicole.

  99. Suyeon Han

    Suyeon HanNapja

    Go girls. So sexy

  100. lil moon light

    lil moon lightNapja

    I know Nicole sings all the way but listen to 1:21 the harmonies was good lol