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  1. Aryanise Avila

    Aryanise Avila12 órája

    Omg i cant believe i am talking to you charlie i hope you read this. Charlie i am your biggest fan in the world and i will love that you read this and one day we can FaceTime . I will start crying if you see this you are my huge inspiration. Love you charlie . My name is Aryanise 💖💖💖💖💖

  2. Ava Knight Stewart

    Ava Knight Stewart12 órája

    Charli I love you you are the best ever I would love if you could just like this because the boys in my class said I was weird because I love you vids and tic tocs and it would just make my day for you to like this 💕❤️

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    Lillian Whisman12 órája

    Charli and Noah are a couple goal

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    We’re are my dunkins at

  5. Sienna does stuff Terrell

    Sienna does stuff Terrell12 órája

    Your stunning ❤️❤️❤️xxx

  6. Sienna does stuff Terrell

    Sienna does stuff Terrell12 órája

    I love youuuuuu ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. Elsa Ståhlgren

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  8. Queen Womba

    Queen Womba12 órája

    Did James just cry at the reveal lol. Cause watching him watching them gave me teary eyes ..

  9. Mariko. o

    Mariko. o12 órája

    I lov you charlie❤️🥺

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    hii follow me tik ❤️❤️❤️❤️pls

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    im a stranger thing fan oh my god i followedd noah and you on tickock

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    Cute Charli'damelio Love you

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    I love charlie inTIK TOK🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

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    I Love you ❤️

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    Omg charli is only 15 !!!!!!!!😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱if u think that she looks older like this comment👍🏻👍🏻

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    Chloe Leclercq12 órája

    Hello Charlie can you subscribe to me on tik tok my name is chloe_lec8

  17. Gabriela Munoz Ortiz

    Gabriela Munoz Ortiz12 órája

    James: Charli D’amelio Auto-generated captions: China billy-oh 😂😂

  18. {Shin UwU }

    {Shin UwU }12 órája

    Im dont speaking English!)Sorry pls

  19. {Shin UwU }

    {Shin UwU }12 órája

    James is gay?!😨😲

  20. Jaysi -ann Croes

    Jaysi -ann Croes12 órája

    I love you Charli. I wish I could’ve been there but I live in Aruba and it’s like one day flight and it takes too long together and I couldn’t get there I wish❤️❤️❤️

  21. Jaysi -ann Croes

    Jaysi -ann Croes12 órája

    I love you Charli. I wish I could’ve been there but I live in Aruba and it’s like one day flight and it takes too long together and I couldn’t get there I wish❤️❤️❤️

  22. Sonja Albers

    Sonja Albers12 órája

    Did chase cheat on you wuth nessa

  23. Zoey Gustin

    Zoey Gustin12 órája

    It took yoyr 3 days to learn renegade it took me a week

  24. Luca C.

    Luca C.12 órája

    I love you

  25. syvoginofix x

    syvoginofix x12 órája

    she looks 20 not 15

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    Soo cute

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    I love u ❤️

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    Вз подписка

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    Hi charli!! i hope to see you soon❤☺ im from Philippines 💜💜

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    Omg i luv u😍😍😍

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    I love you

  32. Adriana Fussu nzumba nsudi

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  33. GetSmokedLoser _

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    I like when Charli looks high

  34. Cute Panda

    Cute Panda13 órája

    “ I feel like she’s not AS fake as them” Damn what a real fan, I know she was nervous but that just sounded a bit disrespectful <3 no hate <33

  35. Rojun Savandal

    Rojun Savandal13 órája

    Hi charliii!!❤☺ im your biggest fan ever❤😭

  36. Ömer Dasdemir

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    enes baturun 12 million abonesi var bu kız enes baturdan daha ünlü 2 milionu var

  37. Cute Panda

    Cute Panda13 órája

    Dear Charli: I just wanted to say that I’m 11 yrs old I know that doesn’t make a big difference but i love you ssoooo much, I may be any ordinary fan too many of people but for me I ain’t no ordinary fan, pls keep doing what you do, also when this whole corona virus thing stops, can you come (Also PLSSSSS come with Dixie if you will ever come) pls come to Mexico your my idol, I respect you, I try to do every thing that you do, because when you love your idol too much you do everything that your idol does LOVEE UU,so if your actually Charli that is reading this I LOVE YOU SOO much! <33 ❤️🥰😍 Also happy early birthday my dear idol :D <33 love you and your family <3 I also love Dixie but she sadly doesn’t have a channel to do her a letter to 🤗😅😂

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    Lana Banana13 órája

    I love you

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    I love charli

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  41. R Y E N A E L E N A

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  42. R Y E N A E L E N A

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  43. R Y E N A E L E N A

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  44. R Y E N A E L E N A

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  45. R Y E N A E L E N A

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    Hii omggggg

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    I love your vids Charli

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    Awww ❤🥺 I want to meet you but i stay in romania 😪💜

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    Charlie is an actress.❤️💕💗

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  51. Infinite Playz

    Infinite Playz13 órája

    Charli do you have any Merch?

  52. Kira Peppe

    Kira Peppe13 órája

    What Kiera songcake said is definitely not true!! You are so beautiful!! So think the exact opissite!!

  53. Madrid B-G

    Madrid B-G13 órája

    kind of alward in the beggining😅

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    I keep double tapping the like button

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    Love 💖

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    Hi charli I'm a fan I love you

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    hi charlie you are so pretty i really want to meet you xx

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    I love you💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘

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    Someone just film you in the beach

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    U have very long nails

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    ILove you Charli ♥️♥️

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    Charli and Chase

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    Cute i love You ❤🥰

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    i love u charli u the best and I wish i can see u Xx

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    Hi im from tik tok 🥺😂✌️

  69. Emmie HULME

    Emmie HULME14 órája

    ive heard about your break up with chad but I love you so much and im your biggest fan hope you keep safe xx

  70. Marie Carius

    Marie Carius14 órája

    Oops I spelt it wrong

  71. Marie Carius

    Marie Carius14 órája

    It look like 3 days to learn the renewable

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    I love yours charli is Adisson

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    I love you charli

  74. Sienna KERFORD

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    no one: literally no one: Noah: yep venmo me 50 Charli: yep ill venmo you

  75. Jack Wang

    Jack Wang14 órája

    All of her friends hi I thought she had more

  76. Devon Walton

    Devon Walton14 órája

    Hey Charli you don't know me but I'm a fan and all those people like are being mean to u and stuff they are just jealous of your skills and your beauty I don't really know how being famous feels like or having millions of followers but like don't go all the way to try and get people to like u and pls them like when u try people can be mean and stuff but I know for a fact that a lot of people really do like u for the things u like do such as ur tick told wish I was good as you Ngl but what I'm trying to get at is don't let jealous people pull u down they don't matter what matters is being you and stuff hope u feel better reading this hope one day we can meet

  77. Fiona Leidmann

    Fiona Leidmann14 órája

    I love u Charli

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    I love you sou much❤❤❤❤😘😘😘😘🥰🥰🥰🥰💕💕💕💕💗💗💗

  79. Mary Mallison Harrell

    Mary Mallison Harrell14 órája

    Go to ocracoke island when corona is over

  80. Mary Mallison Harrell

    Mary Mallison Harrell14 órája

    You should come to ocracoke island when corona is over please

  81. Camden Frederickson

    Camden Frederickson14 órája

    My friend has a crush on Dixe

  82. Arianna Gwyn Segovia

    Arianna Gwyn Segovia15 órája

    Charli is such an amazing and inspiring person she doesnt even deserves the hate that she is getting

  83. Rafaella Castaneda Villa

    Rafaella Castaneda Villa15 órája

    Oh and don’t listen to those haters bc some of them are jealous of you bc ur very famous in tik tok

  84. Rafaella Castaneda Villa

    Rafaella Castaneda Villa15 órája

    Luv ur vids

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    Simran Radia15 órája

    this is so awkward i hate it

  87. Amálka Prošková

    Amálka Prošková15 órája

    I love you❤️charli

  88. ayeyodj

    ayeyodj15 órája

    thanks to charlie n noah for this, i didn't really like charlie, and i dont even hate her before, but i think i might like her for her.. kind soul? pure attitude? i like this duo but they should meet again to build that chemistry

  89. Miral Wissam Shubat

    Miral Wissam Shubat15 órája

    I love you Charlie❤️❤️❤️

  90. Mailyn Kutschke

    Mailyn Kutschke15 órája

    Hi Charli can you kake a make up routine

  91. Patric Partridge

    Patric Partridge15 órája

    They both seem so nervous, but can be amazing people. They are two of my favourite people in the world!

  92. Redouane Ouarri

    Redouane Ouarri15 órája

    i love you

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    Les français vous êtes où

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    Love you 🙂

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    Best friend👌👌❤

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    Hey I saw your tik Tok My name is HuiXuan

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    i 🚢⛴️🛳️

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    Hey Charli I love you xxxx

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    I will love to meet you💖💖💖Charli d'amelino💖💖💖💖im emily💖💖💖you are amaizing dancer💖💖💖💖i wan't too meet you so badlly💖💖💖