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  1. xx_Deborah_xx

    xx_Deborah_xx12 贸r谩ja

    I'm looking back at this song I can't believe this movie came out around 2015 oml this used to be my fav ngl

  2. TN RC

    TN RC12 贸r谩ja

    How in the world has this filth only 101K dislikes, it should be 101M!!

  3. Kazumi02

    Kazumi0212 贸r谩ja

    I'm keep on replaying this song like her voice is really so soft and really adorable and also she's like umas sister too me.-.....

  4. vhenice ghia angilan

    vhenice ghia angilan12 贸r谩ja

    Also,it's possible she has alien blood or because of another power

  5. Frankie1innj _

    Frankie1innj _12 贸r谩ja

    I'd vote for zed for sure

  6. dhvani sehgal

    dhvani sehgal12 贸r谩ja

    Her wig is faker than its concept 馃槀

  7. Antonio Macchitella

    Antonio Macchitella12 贸r谩ja

    It's beautiful 馃槏馃ぉ

  8. #_Hali Chan_#

    #_Hali Chan_#12 贸r谩ja

    Uma so cute

  9. Rajiv Bhardwaj

    Rajiv Bhardwaj12 贸r谩ja

    Did anybody try these Bose speakers, Should i go ahead and buy these ? amzn.to/3bIXeJG

  10. vhenice ghia angilan

    vhenice ghia angilan12 贸r谩ja

    The change in style is amazing but they are wearing clothes with fur.Is the fur thirs?

  11. Frankie1innj _

    Frankie1innj _12 贸r谩ja


  12. The Potato Girl

    The Potato Girl12 贸r谩ja

    Jezz he sounds like a chicken getting a nidel in his bum

  13. Andres C.

    Andres C.12 贸r谩ja

    Wtf is this

  14. The True Cookie

    The True Cookie12 贸r谩ja

    Wow. Slashed my expectations

  15. hi hello

    hi hello12 贸r谩ja

    wow i love women

  16. 彀啝

    彀啝12 贸r谩ja

    銋...頃滉淡鞚 彀眷晞鞖...

  17. XxxCherry_ColaxxX

    XxxCherry_ColaxxX12 贸r谩ja

    I swear they sing every 2 minutes XD

  18. The Potato Girl

    The Potato Girl12 贸r谩ja


  19. 袣懈褉邪 袦褟褍

    袣懈褉邪 袦褟褍12 贸r谩ja

    2:21 写械胁褍褕泻邪 薪械 芯褔械薪褜 褋锌械谢邪

  20. Olivia Walker

    Olivia Walker12 贸r谩ja

    Here from the lemonade mouth days, so proud. From she鈥檚 so gone to this. WOw Just wOW

  21. Balonik Multifandom

    Balonik Multifandom12 贸r谩ja

    10 Elsas, one song <3

  22. Naomi S

    Naomi S12 贸r谩ja

    鈥淚t鈥檚 now or never We鈥檙e in this together鈥 HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL reference 馃槏馃槏馃槶馃槶

  23. alxaral _flower

    alxaral _flower12 贸r谩ja


  24. Kevin joy

    Kevin joy12 贸r谩ja

    Its like a story no background sound...



    Zombies high school musical and descendents were created by one person

  26. MasterZ Gamer

    MasterZ Gamer12 贸r谩ja

    top 10 rappers Eminem was to afraid to diss 0:59

  27. 鈥olly Edgington

    鈥olly Edgington12 贸r谩ja

    is it just me who thinks addison is just interested in different people such as zombies and werewolves because this song just reminds me of the song bam and how she become interested in zed

  28. saki miyu

    saki miyu12 贸r谩ja

    Kiedy ma by膰 film

  29. Habz naeem

    Habz naeem12 贸r谩ja

    Henry from the next step is on this

  30. Jaylene Torres

    Jaylene Torres12 贸r谩ja

    I herd this sound on tiktok first whene i didnt ser the movie but know i saw the movie and it sounds retarded af

  31. 閲戙仧銈忋仐浜斿彸琛涢杸

    閲戙仧銈忋仐浜斿彸琛涢杸12 贸r谩ja


  32. Anthony Ofenloch

    Anthony Ofenloch12 贸r谩ja


  33. Sam Clark

    Sam Clark12 贸r谩ja

    i love babby erial

  34. Dnd Wkod

    Dnd Wkod12 贸r谩ja

    this performance felt awkward af to me, enjoyed it tho 馃ぃ

  35. Nick Calingo

    Nick Calingo12 贸r谩ja

    Then Simba got dropped but the music continued... just that the scene is MUCH different...

  36. punished rashid

    punished rashid12 贸r谩ja

    this is bad

  37. SinisterHAND

    SinisterHAND12 贸r谩ja

    Is this zombies or furries?

  38. Chim Ae

    Chim Ae12 贸r谩ja

    idk if it's just me but idina struggled with keeping up with the orig tempo of the song

  39. Demon Wolfie453

    Demon Wolfie45312 贸r谩ja

    In Zombies 3 It will be vampires next 馃鈥嶁檪锔忦煣涒嶁檪锔忦煣涒嶁檪锔忦煣涒嶁檪锔 (銆嶏緹锞涳緹)锝

  40. stan ateez 4 clear skin

    stan ateez 4 clear skin12 贸r谩ja

    elsa,i just advice you that there is a guy called mingi that could end your whole career if you do a battle of singing to this song against him

  41. wait what

    wait what12 贸r谩ja

    This can be anthem of international environment day

  42. stan ateez 4 clear skin

    stan ateez 4 clear skin12 贸r谩ja

    bop of the year this is not my opinion,it is a fact

  43. Shaheer Muslun

    Shaheer Muslun12 贸r谩ja

    They should do a spin-off on WEREWOLVES馃く馃い馃

  44. John Mauna

    John Mauna12 贸r谩ja

    Meghan Trainor and Bruno Mars left the chat.

  45. 磨酶帽3媒 l酶v3艜

    磨酶帽3媒 l酶v3艜12 贸r谩ja

    I have goosebumps thhis is a good song xd

  46. Riya Pan

    Riya Pan12 贸r谩ja

    The songs are so amazing. Zombies 2 totally raised the bar. The first movie and the songs were also too good. Totally happy!!! And also excited for Zombies 3.

  47. Freiya H.

    Freiya H.13 贸r谩ja

    The start kinda sounds like Someday

  48. rofficial

    rofficial13 贸r谩ja

    Imagine dragons vibes

  49. bangtan_ clouds

    bangtan_ clouds13 贸r谩ja

    i see this comment a mil times: No one: Me by the title: 鈥渋 gOtTa gO mAh oWn wAyYyeEe鈥 get your own comments

  50. Nick Crane

    Nick Crane13 贸r谩ja


  51. Sara Jakab

    Sara Jakab13 贸r谩ja

    Wow ilke

  52. S Alonzo Wurtzbach

    S Alonzo Wurtzbach13 贸r谩ja

    Love you Gam 馃嚬馃嚟馃嚬馃嚟馃嚬馃嚟

  53. Lynda Heckenbenner

    Lynda Heckenbenner13 贸r谩ja

    Des fran莽ais ?

  54. 喔傕箟喔侧抚喔涏弗喔侧箘喔∴箞喔佮复喔權笝

    喔傕箟喔侧抚喔涏弗喔侧箘喔∴箞喔佮复喔權笝13 贸r谩ja


  55. Riya Pan

    Riya Pan13 贸r谩ja

    I think in Zombies 3 they will have Vampires.

  56. Septi Ana

    Septi Ana13 贸r谩ja

    Keren Frozen 2

  57. Patricia McBride

    Patricia McBride13 贸r谩ja

    My favourite werewolf the boy one this my favourite song

  58. Hermine Granger

    Hermine Granger13 贸r谩ja

    In Germany and Austria Mark Forster sings this song馃槏

  59. Lalitha Shankar

    Lalitha Shankar13 贸r谩ja

    It is awesome

  60. The Galaxy Unicorn

    The Galaxy Unicorn13 贸r谩ja

    Jay pats this random guy and the head 馃ぃ 2:42

  61. Debbie Marsha

    Debbie Marsha13 贸r谩ja

    This is actually my favorite part of the movie. I love the way Trevor Tordjman(bucky) acts is gold

  62. Zara Downs

    Zara Downs13 贸r谩ja

    Han Zimmer you done a 馃憤 job with Stampede 馃幎 that made me emotional

  63. ian scott

    ian scott13 贸r谩ja

    This shit is cringy

  64. 涓戠殑鎷栫綉閫

    涓戠殑鎷栫綉閫13 贸r谩ja

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  65. Mutmainna Ahmed

    Mutmainna Ahmed13 贸r谩ja

    I ship the alpha of the wolves with Bucky. Don't know her name cuz I haven't watched the movie.

  66. Jex Ros

    Jex Ros13 贸r谩ja

    everyone else when hearing into the unknown: Sings Me: claps along with SteVE ReiCH cLApPiNG mUSIc

  67. I can't think of a good name

    I can't think of a good name13 贸r谩ja

    I cant take this seriously after watching adam driver parody this song on snl

  68. shimaa badwy

    shimaa badwy13 贸r谩ja

    When Elsa use her power I feel like there is adoor open to other world her world 鈾

  69. Dima Bashifa

    Dima Bashifa13 贸r谩ja

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  70. 鏉ㄥ畻绾

    鏉ㄥ畻绾13 贸r谩ja


  71. heathen gremlin

    heathen gremlin13 贸r谩ja

    While this isn't the Disney I grew up with, I think it's amazing for Disney to be using their platform to explain racism and segregation in a way that young children can understand. At least that's what I think these movies are about - I have to admit I've never seen them, but the songs all seem to be about this.

  72. Juliet Silvers

    Juliet Silvers13 贸r谩ja

    What I don't get is at the end of the last movie Bucky seemed to accept zombies, so why would he be anti-Zombie again in this movie?

  73. chrisgangsta

    chrisgangsta13 贸r谩ja

    I love how calm it starts and then it builds and builds, like Elsa herself... this was my favorite song from Frozen 2

  74. Fatime Bislimi

    Fatime Bislimi13 贸r谩ja

    She really is a alfa

  75. BroudClow

    BroudClow13 贸r谩ja

    Frozen 1 more beatiful :/

  76. 銈︺偋銈ゃ偊銈с偆

    銈︺偋銈ゃ偊銈с偆13 贸r谩ja

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  77. J6991N z

    J6991N z13 贸r谩ja

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  78. victoire Cl茅roy

    victoire Cl茅roy13 贸r谩ja

    Il 茅tait trop bien le 3!!!!!

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  80. Hj jerham Sahirul

    Hj jerham Sahirul13 贸r谩ja


  81. Khaleesi Park

    Khaleesi Park13 贸r谩ja

    Never gets old..

  82. Ava Slocmbe

    Ava Slocmbe13 贸r谩ja

    There are two TNS character in this video. Anyone see James and Kingston? Where are my Next step fans at?

  83. Stephanie LeBarron

    Stephanie LeBarron13 贸r谩ja

    Is it just me or did anyone else feel like Indina might have sped the lyrics a little

  84. CandyCanePlayz

    CandyCanePlayz13 贸r谩ja

    No offense but I like the version of Lea Salonga and Brad Kane more. Because... this is version is like a rockstar version...

  85. Idk Idk

    Idk Idk13 贸r谩ja

    Willemijn is the Dutch one too.

  86. Nerice takeshi

    Nerice takeshi13 贸r谩ja

    This hit me hard


    RUDYARD LUARDO13 贸r谩ja

    I hope zombies 3 is also good 馃榾馃榾馃榾馃榿馃榿馃榿馃榿

  88. Sasha Campbell

    Sasha Campbell13 贸r谩ja

    Uma i love u girl


    FELISHA CIRINO13 贸r谩ja

    This is a better song then the other ones

  90. Gacha Life Love 4ever

    Gacha Life Love 4ever13 贸r谩ja

    I love this song so!!!

  91. Gaming Shadow

    Gaming Shadow13 贸r谩ja

    but i dunno

  92. Leticia Roxanne Alanis

    Leticia Roxanne Alanis13 贸r谩ja

    I thought flesh n bone from bone thugs n harmony was featured on this ...I was like let me see

  93. Laura White

    Laura White13 贸r谩ja

    But u a good actress

  94. Rungga Pratama

    Rungga Pratama13 贸r谩ja

    Fun fact : Both "Let It Go" Music Video and "Into The Unknown" Music Video (this video) now have the same 119M views. (February 16th 2020)

  95. Laura White

    Laura White13 贸r谩ja

    Aladdin sucked

  96. Jack Sparrow

    Jack Sparrow13 贸r谩ja

    Barbossa called me. Say's he could feel the bass drop all the way in th' Locker!

  97. Itz Mais

    Itz Mais13 贸r谩ja

    IM EXCITED 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍

  98. blu boy

    blu boy13 贸r谩ja


  99. Queen of Everything2008

    Queen of Everything200813 贸r谩ja


  100. dredre t

    dredre t13 贸r谩ja

    Wait addison is a ailen