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  1. Love elise And megan XXX

    Love elise And megan XXX8 órája

    Kobe Bryant and his daughter that was an really bad fall... 🚁 😥 And Billie we love you all i'm your biggest fan!

  2. Ahmed Sarkar

    Ahmed Sarkar8 órája

    it's getting tiresome now... annoying

  3. Luis Galvis

    Luis Galvis8 órája

    So what's Happen with Stand Lee !!! Her memorial so much important for many fans in Hollywood and the worldwide

  4. Nathan Bourdukofsky

    Nathan Bourdukofsky8 órája

    There wouldn't be The Conners without Roseanne.... I wonder how much money this show is making... Sorry Roseanne Barr wish YOUR show didn't get canceled.

  5. Ahmed Sarkar

    Ahmed Sarkar8 órája

    This is getting tiresome.... move on please

  6. yawotton

    yawotton8 órája

    Tiffany is Fiinnneeee!!

  7. Varsht_Vlogs .B

    Varsht_Vlogs .B8 órája

    Whats tht background music?

  8. pfft

    pfft8 órája

    Good thing you didn’t talk to a Democratic before coming to America...they hate it here.

  9. b o

    b o9 órája

    1. Don't clap! 2. Where's Cameron Boyce and Luke Perry? 3. Billie did amazing job

  10. Patricia S. Farmer

    Patricia S. Farmer9 órája

    🐄🐄 3:49 මම ස්නායු වනු ඇත වාඩි කාර් සමග අමුතු

  11. ChiyuLater97

    ChiyuLater979 órája

    He said mama, he lost

  12. Vu Le

    Vu Le9 órája


  13. Chad A.

    Chad A.9 órája

    Talented people behind him

  14. Baye Highhouse

    Baye Highhouse9 órája

    luke perryyy ??

  15. Robin Ayers

    Robin Ayers9 órája

    That song was not appropriate for any series.

  16. MsFriendsfan4ever

    MsFriendsfan4ever9 órája

    How sure are we that Dean is the father. It's the same showrunner for GA as well as station 19, so there might end up being a question of paternety

  17. Rebirth 1999

    Rebirth 19999 órája

    Lori is so fucking sexy got damn.

  18. Billie's-takis v:

    Billie's-takis v:9 órája

    She was in sick in this Like please

  19. engineslovetostart matthew

    engineslovetostart matthew9 órája

    s u b s s u b s here help returned

  20. Jasmine T

    Jasmine T9 órája

    Well he died and that’s just messed up ..

  21. Nunnayer Beeswax

    Nunnayer Beeswax9 órája

    Well this just proves how shit she really is. She looks constipated when she makes that noise. I wouldn't call it singing. She'll be suicidal very soon then she'll be gone and forgotten. Yes!!

  22. Mama ko

    Mama ko9 órája

    Me an intellectual: *Pure silence*

  23. Mr. Freyy

    Mr. Freyy9 órája

    The 30k+ Dislikes are for the fucking clappers!

  24. Sophys 23

    Sophys 239 órája

    And Luke Perry?

  25. Oliana2012

    Oliana20129 órája

    So what's the storyline with Alex now? How did they explain him leaving? Problems with Jo?

  26. Jason Jackson

    Jason Jackson9 órája

    You can take this kid’s idea & shovel it 😂😂

  27. Kamar Mason

    Kamar Mason9 órája

    So who won? *not including the grandmother*

  28. Việt Đỗ Tú

    Việt Đỗ Tú9 órája

    she doesn’t like Britney? How dare she!

  29. adam santiago

    adam santiago9 órája

    Alvin Sargent getting little to no applause makes me so fucking upset, why didn’t they show spiderman 2???

  30. Optimus Prime

    Optimus Prime9 órája

    If Joaquin really wanted to talk about an important issue he should have spoke about the false worship of celebrities. These actors are just people like everyone else, they are not special. Way too many individuals put these people on a pedestal. Not a single one of these celebrities should be lecturing others on how they live. Hollyweird never learns. If you are influenced by what an actor says or does congrats, you're a zombie who cannot think for yourself. Joaquin can F off, i will still be drinking coffee and eating cereal, with milk and i'll enjoy it 😋🤤

  31. Wu Aaron

    Wu Aaron9 órája

    love both of these really talented people, but the jokes are so boring.

  32. Alex Linders

    Alex Linders9 órája

    It’s funny how the board members were all doctors, but Meredith was the one to first respond even though she was furthest away.

  33. Khadijah Williams

    Khadijah Williams9 órája

    So... no black princesses were available? SMH.......

  34. Other Guy

    Other Guy9 órája

    multiculturalism is stupid

  35. foopyu nooui

    foopyu nooui10 órája

    They forgot Cameron Boyce, Luke Perry, Valerie Harper, and Robert Conrad

  36. Eques of Casilinum

    Eques of Casilinum10 órája

    "This is how we ate in our natural state when we were kings and queens in Africa" What she should has said was: the African diet was not processed like the western diet, and was not high in carbohydrates/calories and made Africans healthier by comparison to the processed western diet, and how nutritional metabolism effects health, physiological, and skeletal development. She could have explained "social division" better too: the political system is usually something like a chiefdom. The chief is usually in most cases a descendant of divine ancestors and maintains some sort of linkage between the ancestors and the living community, the divine ancestors are also the ancestors of multiple clans that every family can trace their lineage back too either patrilineally or martrilineally. There are specializations that every family member is born into, some are royals, priest, black smiths, commoners and slaves. That would have been a much more thorough break down of a traditional African social structure.

  37. Animania freak

    Animania freak10 órája

    ....and 3% longer 😂 I love Dr Lim, she says the most unexpected things

  38. denike

    denike10 órája


  39. LulusLife

    LulusLife10 órája

    Giveaway at 50 subscribers, subscribe for a chance to win! :)

  40. Tara Vlaisavljevic

    Tara Vlaisavljevic10 órája


  41. Game Changer

    Game Changer10 órája

    I'm thinking Finneas will be displayed next year. It's pretty clear Billie has already made that betrayal. Greed is lethal

  42. настя иденорог leon

    настя иденорог leon10 órája

    Fucking fake

  43. Srsly Not me

    Srsly Not me10 órája

    I had a autistic friend but he passed away last month... This series reminds me a lot of my friend. He's smart, kind, takes everything seriously lol and funny. I hope i see him after this life.

  44. Alexis Policarpio

    Alexis Policarpio10 órája

    No Stan Lee?

  45. nazryn ismayılovas

    nazryn ismayılovas10 órája

    Türkler sahımızı görelim😄

  46. Av8r 96

    Av8r 9610 órája

    "look this Is a song for my girl." "Rosa, Rosa, Rosa, Rooooosa."

  47. Cosplayzine

    Cosplayzine10 órája

    Some of them were either 5 yrs old or still listening to Marvin Gaye or prince on vinyl (RIP to both legends) when Eminem came on the scene. He should have did a remix to baby shark. It's perfect for the attention span of both the boomers and millenials and even gen x with this technology obsessed age we are living in

  48. Rebirth 1999

    Rebirth 199910 órája

    Sexy ass mamasita in the red dress

  49. Максим Борисов

    Максим Борисов10 órája

    Love Billie😍

  50. ernest hairston

    ernest hairston10 órája

    Even the band was grooving

  51. علاء عدنان

    علاء عدنان10 órája

    This song is so fitting and so sad A true piece of art

  52. Michelle Heighway

    Michelle Heighway10 órája

    Girl did good x

  53. Vidal J

    Vidal J11 órája

    She's gonna make a great mom

  54. gnarghh 2

    gnarghh 211 órája

    Bout fuckin time

  55. Sonya Burton

    Sonya Burton11 órája

    5ft of power.

  56. abitigger101

    abitigger10111 órája

    She is such a talent ♥️

  57. Dccrasher Games!

    Dccrasher Games!11 órája

    Nobody: Billie's Hair: hAi EvErYbOdY


    XTRACRYPTO11 órája

    Perfect song for the perfect moment

  59. Abdul Rozak

    Abdul Rozak11 órája

    What the title this song? This song same with No Tima To Die

  60. Ольга Сон

    Ольга Сон11 órája


  61. samira hassan

    samira hassan11 órája

    billie’s performance was sensational but ruined by the audience clapping for only some of the people mentioned. that’s real disrespect they should’ve just waited till the end to clap and cheer

  62. Merith Suurd

    Merith Suurd11 órája

    goosebumps everywhere

  63. Serena Scartezzini

    Serena Scartezzini11 órája

    And Luke Perry? My adorable Luke... <3

  64. King Ky

    King Ky11 órája

    Damn they could’ve gave the kid an extra 10k 😂

  65. Alisa Presley

    Alisa Presley11 órája

    Каким боком эта песня ко всем людям,которых показали на экране?

  66. Brovelasky Ronald

    Brovelasky Ronald11 órája

    Daddies: heyyyy. Lily: oh helllll

  67. Bobbi Ortega

    Bobbi Ortega11 órája

    The tone and pitch was great! The reason why it sounds wrong was the tempo was jacked up somewhere! Whether her earpiece had a delay, a bad time signature or what because the instruments were not in tempo with the vocalists. They did her dirtyyy for sure but she still slayed her tone!


    BARBIE TINGZ11 órája

    The people in the audience were so disrespectful smh

  69. Skittles Official Channel

    Skittles Official Channel12 órája

    Why did nobody clap for Zeffirelli ? Director of 1968 Romeo and Juliet

  70. Julio Rudy

    Julio Rudy12 órája

    Spit off and boo off stage

  71. Heavyoak

    Heavyoak12 órája

    sad he had to do the censored version.

  72. Julio Rudy

    Julio Rudy12 órája

    Any body be for 8 mile

  73. Nina Linds

    Nina Linds12 órája

    Is she always gonna sing like that. Whispering ..I d like to hear her singing ilouder. Can she do that even ? It gets boring after a while. Listening her I felt the same way I felt while I was watching the movie Quiet Place . I want to 😱

  74. Charley Gregory

    Charley Gregory12 órája

    So glad I stopped watching the show before Derek died... doesn’t make any sense

  75. Austin CC

    Austin CC12 órája

    Sigourney Weaver did pave the way, by being a bad ass actress. Brie Larson whined until Marvel dropped her a deal. Drag that bitch off stage.

  76. Just Another Austrian Girl

    Just Another Austrian Girl12 órája

    From age 4 to 9 I was in that situation... I cried my eyes out when I saw that... So beautiful



    I want to see all episodes please suggest link or website to watch or download



    I want to see all episodes please suggest link or website to watch or download

  79. World Aquarium Singapore

    World Aquarium Singapore12 órája


  80. John Scott

    John Scott12 órája

    They dumb down this part every year. Instead of briefs flashes of those who have left us they should include a few snap shots from their lives.

  81. Shaun Victory

    Shaun Victory12 órája

    Her in that blue dress make me want to make five kids

  82. Zi zi

    Zi zi12 órája


  83. Celina Ve

    Celina Ve12 órája

    Trauchig das viele wie zum Beispiel Cameron boyce, Luke Perry vergessen wurden

  84. jacqueline haro

    jacqueline haro12 órája

    It’s true other species have right to exist, humanities sense of entitlement is catastrophic. Global warming and extinction has received less attention then Utube. I appreciate him speaking out for the animals because there voices are never heard.

  85. JBear Antonicic

    JBear Antonicic12 órája

    Robbie has pretty good control over his abilities

  86. Bourne Nation

    Bourne Nation12 órája

    The audience had no class.

  87. GST Monkey

    GST Monkey12 órája

    Famous people watching a famouser guy sing a famouser song

  88. kitten girl 123

    kitten girl 12312 órája

    Disgusted how the audience clapped for certain people. Honestly stfu and respect everyone, how about stop clapping and have respect and silence 🤮🥺😓

  89. HoangDuyKhanh HDK

    HoangDuyKhanh HDK12 órája


  90. AMM & M'S

    AMM & M'S12 órája

    They actually forgot to add Cameroon Boyce....

  91. LLL SSS

    LLL SSS12 órája

    Why dors she look EXACTLY like Amanda cerney

  92. Laura Rico

    Laura Rico12 órája

    Koracic is by far the best character on the show in current times. Whenever he is on screen he gets all my attention

  93. Musicube

    Musicube12 órája

    I’m like Evan in a way, this was the first time I heard what a dishwasher and I was at least 11 years old

  94. Lance Goodthrust

    Lance Goodthrust13 órája

    I'm starting to see why the terrorists hate us so much.

  95. Gravity Works

    Gravity Works13 órája

    I watched a movie today that is the same premise of this storyline and the child is an alien. It had Elizabeth Banks in it and it was more of a thriller/horror genre.

  96. Gravity Works

    Gravity Works13 órája

    I watched a movie today that is the same premise of this storyline and the child is an alien. It had Elizabeth Banks in it and it was more of a thriller/horror genre.

  97. can't think of a name lmao

    can't think of a name lmao13 órája

    They have ruined the show, it's been made into a playground. We need to let this show go!

  98. Alan Garcia

    Alan Garcia13 órája

    Why didn’t he talk about mental health... that’s what joker was about.

  99. Alexander Foulks

    Alexander Foulks13 órája

    Remember when the show focused more on the SURGERIES and the PATIENTS? If I wanted watered down repetitive drama I can watch any other daytime soap opera.

  100. Julie Nguyen

    Julie Nguyen13 órája