- Counting to 100k
- Counting to 200k
- Reading the Dictionary
- Watching Dance Till You're Dead For 10 Hours
- Reading Bee Movie Script
- Reading Longest English Word
- Watching Paint Dry
- Ubering Across America
- Watching It's Every Day Bro For 10 Hours
- Saying Logan Paul 100k Times

*Do not email me asking for money, YOU WILL BE IGNORED AND BLOCKED.

I Am Santa Claus

I Am Santa Claus

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  1. Nathan Nemeth

    Nathan Nemeth2 órája

    A torture chamber is very different from solitary confinement lol

  2. Skyler Barnes

    Skyler Barnes2 órája

    Yes yes I just got to the store to go get to my stuff and get stuff to go get to my stuff and get stuff to go get stuff stuff to go get to my stuff and get stuff to go get to go bye I got stuff stuff and I just got home and stuff stuff and stuff bye I don’t want you know what to my w

  3. Brooke Godwaldt

    Brooke Godwaldt2 órája

    You should have gone in the pool

  4. Skyler Barnes

    Skyler Barnes2 órája


  5. ItsLoobyDooby

    ItsLoobyDooby2 órája

    Every time I watch this I cry

  6. Skyler Barnes

    Skyler Barnes2 órája


  7. Skyler Barnes

    Skyler Barnes2 órája


  8. Cooper Brown

    Cooper Brown2 órája


  9. Lo hunn

    Lo hunn2 órája

    I cried 😭❤️

  10. Zoe Random stuff

    Zoe Random stuff2 órája

    How do you do bold *hmm*

  11. E speaker E

    E speaker E2 órája

    Me subscribe

  12. Alex Medina

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  13. LucLec

    LucLec2 órája

    Ça a du être long tous ramasser :\

  14. the chilly snek boi

    the chilly snek boi2 órája


  15. Ziggy_Animatez

    Ziggy_Animatez2 órája

    Imagine this word meant *HELLO*

  16. Abigail Matthews

    Abigail Matthews2 órája

    Image how dirty his room is if that room is that dirty

  17. TheBluShark

    TheBluShark2 órája

    4:09 is that a hermitcraft refrence

  18. A Dragon fruit

    A Dragon fruit2 órája

    Mr beast swore

  19. Andy Sully

    Andy Sully2 órája

    He only won cause the other three were tired,he really needed this.

  20. Robert Rubio

    Robert Rubio2 órája

    Wow 👏.. i instantly subscribed. Amazing videos. Wish I could do the same for people.

  21. Game_Hunter XD

    Game_Hunter XD2 órája


  22. liam playz

    liam playz2 órája

    Why is the comments so active

  23. Lance Yabut

    Lance Yabut2 órája

    I love mrbeast

  24. x0verwatchx

    x0verwatchx2 órája

    At least Chandler is with his mother lol

  25. Buddys79 OwO

    Buddys79 OwO2 órája

    Excuse me, as I was reloading the page Jimmy became neon red. Anyone else see that?

  26. Juice-_-sxvage -_-

    Juice-_-sxvage -_-2 órája


  27. Raymond Huke

    Raymond Huke2 órája

    3 2 1 kkaaaabboooom

  28. Muhammad Sifat Ullah

    Muhammad Sifat Ullah2 órája

    Who gives you this huge money!! Messiah or Illuminati??

  29. Tate Farwell

    Tate Farwell2 órája

    3:08 should have kept that toilet paper

  30. Nathan Koretsky

    Nathan Koretsky2 órája

    99 33 55 67

  31. Moh Kh

    Moh Kh2 órája

    Gimme a 10 $ gift card 😭😭😭 that's all i need

  32. Presley P

    Presley P2 órája

    The reff wasnt very good.

  33. Shannara A

    Shannara A2 órája


  34. Starr Wolfie

    Starr Wolfie2 órája


  35. Billey Boy Gaming

    Billey Boy Gaming2 órája

    I care about the arch...

  36. Woordi

    Woordi2 órája

    Imagine going through the drive thru and seeing a dude in a golf cart and someone else in a lawnmower

  37. Starr Wolfie

    Starr Wolfie2 órája


  38. Martinez Martinez

    Martinez Martinez2 órája

    Why no play Fortnite monopoly

  39. Ahmed Kadric

    Ahmed Kadric2 órája

    This is the same guy who's saving the planet keep in mind

  40. Taiki Miyake

    Taiki Miyake2 órája

    I love chandler

  41. Alfie Lucas

    Alfie Lucas2 órája

    Oof he swore

  42. Folatech

    Folatech2 órája

    Tell my crew everytime

  43. BirbUp

    BirbUp2 órája

    7:11 everything was fine until the fire nation attacked

  44. Myah Mannette

    Myah Mannette2 órája

    Tyler: screams Chris:who screamed Jimmy:it's Chandler Found Tyler Chris:why did you scream Tyler:taught I saw a bug Me:😂😂😂😂

  45. Stella Beyersdorf

    Stella Beyersdorf2 órája

    Is it just me or does he keep me sane during this quarantine

  46. Queen Lover

    Queen Lover2 órája

    Good job you have a beautiful soul god bless you mr.beast

  47. Tennif Shoe

    Tennif Shoe2 órája

    13 hours of yodeling look it up

  48. Ryan Guernick

    Ryan Guernick2 órája

    lighting mcqueen 0:24

  49. Ken Ken

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  50. 300subs reddit

    300subs reddit2 órája who is the older brother?

  51. Demon Doom

    Demon Doom2 órája

    18k dollars!

  52. Drason Harongsemal

    Drason Harongsemal2 órája

    for real tho jimmy outsmarted all of them *i see y he dosnt play in the challenges*

  53. Knight SparKerZ

    Knight SparKerZ2 órája

    What I want to do for getting it

  54. Myles Jackson

    Myles Jackson2 órája

    You gotta give a hand for the camera man

  55. skunkBUD21

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  56. Zachary Flanagan

    Zachary Flanagan2 órája

    I don’t think they know what solitary means

  57. Jawee Ayacocho

    Jawee Ayacocho2 órája

    Watching this while on quarantine and I still hope mrbeast can do a follow up on this vid.

  58. Sportex plays

    Sportex plays2 órája

    Mrbeast: Subscribe or ill eat ur cookies Me: I'm already sued and I ate all my cookies!

  59. Salo Rudy

    Salo Rudy2 órája

    Wish i was that lucky enough i could get back home to be with my loving family ....😭

  60. Izuku Midoriya

    Izuku Midoriya2 órája

    Mr.beast should play Vr Chat, it would be so funny.

  61. Jason Baas

    Jason Baas2 órája

    Do you now about Morgz

  62. Abbie O Sullivan

    Abbie O Sullivan2 órája

    Your a great person ☺☺☺

  63. Monorum Dith

    Monorum Dith2 órája


  64. Caleb the Gamer2011

    Caleb the Gamer20112 órája

    1:09 lol

  65. Guy Nahshony

    Guy Nahshony2 órája

    is that actually chris

  66. Dibbleisouris !!!

    Dibbleisouris !!!2 órája

    So realy you get paid millions of dollars to be a assassin

  67. AGoodGamingChair •_•

    AGoodGamingChair •_•2 órája

    This is where is all started

  68. Shaun Chennault

    Shaun Chennault2 órája

    they get to spend all this money when my family still hasn't finished building a house after 6-7 years, i wish i just got lucky. :(

  69. Demon Doom

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  70. Da_Wolf-DaBomb

    Da_Wolf-DaBomb2 órája

    Literally all I was thinking about the entire sliming: “damn Chris and Chandler Packin...”

  71. Folatech

    Folatech2 órája

    How much do you make every time that's what they tell me everytime

  72. Dominic Umney

    Dominic Umney2 órája

    As I watched this vid it went up by 2 mil views 😂

  73. travis traylor

    travis traylor2 órája

    this is what the world has come to...

  74. aprilia rain

    aprilia rain2 órája

    50 hr Rick Roll loop!!!!!

  75. JuniorsGamingChannel

    JuniorsGamingChannel2 órája

    I love you

  76. Lainey Baker

    Lainey Baker2 órája

    I never thought I would ever cry in a mr beast vid, but it happened. Lmaoooo

  77. Folatech

    Folatech2 órája

    That's how my friends think too

  78. Javier Berenguer

    Javier Berenguer2 órája

    Someone commited treason

  79. Brian Tran

    Brian Tran2 órája

    He was weird back then

  80. Victoria Calderon

    Victoria Calderon2 órája

    Mr beast pls let me be in one of your videos I'm 8 please! 😟😟😟😟😟😟 It is almost my birthday it on June 3rd

  81. Holly Lamovsky

    Holly Lamovsky2 órája


  82. 54K_LuhJay

    54K_LuhJay2 órája

    "Oh I'm licking it alright" Get a load of this guy 😂

  83. ChunkyMoney

    ChunkyMoney2 órája

    How do u make all your money

  84. Mason Moeller

    Mason Moeller2 órája

    The real loser is Chris because of his haircut

  85. Xero 0716

    Xero 07162 órája

    Tyler olivera

  86. Alexandra Heatley

    Alexandra Heatley2 órája

    I watched this because of unspeakable, Preston, james, and jaiden

  87. Edrian Brlano

    Edrian Brlano2 órája

    I want to work for you free I just want to have fun

  88. black rose

    black rose2 órája

    Mr beast such an amazing person Boi he needs to get an award for most amazing person

  89. Malek Elammari

    Malek Elammari2 órája