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Galaxy A: Storage
  1. Chicken Go Pro

    Chicken Go ProNapja

    2020 and there still TFT panel? Not even IPS

  2. HailPriest


    Just for $ 20,000,000 thank you

  3. Light Tile

    Light TileNapja


  4. Göksel K

    Göksel KNapja

    Ok this is not z shape phone so why its name z your designers stupid or blind, you say v flip ok but z? If you say this phone name z, maybe change your camera design like "asus zenfone 6" thats a look like z ok... Motorola da siz de tasarımı çalıyor (esinleniyor) sunuz sonra da saçma isimler ile çıkarıyor sunuz, bari düzgün bir şeyler ekleyin de işlevsel olsun tasarım...

  5. Babul Hossain

    Babul HossainNapja

    Samsung:I'm the bad guy Billie eilish:Bad guy

  6. Ash


    okay so my j7 is now non existent to you?

  7. R raven._.

    R raven._.Napja

    Não sei vocês mais eu acho celular dobrável uma merda, você vai gostar muito muito dinheiro pra ficar dobrando um celular;-;?,celular e pra usar no dia dia não ficar dobrando espero que a Xiaomi e a Apple e LG não vão para esse lado°^°

  8. MoDeMemer _

    MoDeMemer _Napja

    Iphone:Hahaha beat that Samsung Samsung:*uploads* Everyone:*breaks iphone* SAMSUNG IS THE BESTTT

  9. 갸스키


    Watching with "Galaxy Buds+"

  10. Pawin Jenjaka

    Pawin JenjakaNapja

    So desperate. I’m with Apple Forever!

  11. Enzo Martelozzo

    Enzo MartelozzoNapja

    Pq shoraste iphone!?

  12. Brayams Alderete Letelier

    Brayams Alderete LetelierNapja


  13. Xx Greeze xX

    Xx Greeze xXNapja

    Galaxy Z Flip more like Galaxy Fold 2

  14. huttio srreu

    huttio srreuNapja

    The first thing I searched up after watching this was "Can I live without my kidneys?"

  15. Ayman Mohammad

    Ayman MohammadNapja

    Atleast they don't block the comment section like Apple.

  16. Rahish Namikaze

    Rahish NamikazeNapja

    Aye yo Samsung's killing it baby. She's on fire

  17. WeLČme2 B.L.O

    WeLČme2 B.L.ONapja

    Comments - 8K

  18. itz maXxle_

    itz maXxle_Napja

    Does anybody know if we´re going to be able to buy them in Europe?

  19. Hussein Al-Shami

    Hussein Al-ShamiNapja

    Where is the active noise cancellation feature????

  20. Ayyash


    They skipped 9 phones

  21. Ajay Bahure

    Ajay BahureNapja

    What is work of the camera below flashlight. Can anyone tell??

  22. Alya ZetsChan

    Alya ZetsChanNapja

    I want it😣😣😣

  23. Rayan Rizk

    Rayan RizkNapja

    I phone 11 pro: *Has 3 Cameras* Samsung galaxy s20 Ultra: So you have chosen death

  24. SHERZAD TAHER Mohammed

    SHERZAD TAHER MohammedNapja

    Sony destroys anything this can do

  25. Signatures Mash

    Signatures MashNapja

    Eagerly waiting for enhancing my project videos in Samsung Galaxy Book Flex! Best Regards Dear Samsung 💝

  26. Rolly Ry

    Rolly RyNapja


  27. Ajwad Isada

    Ajwad IsadaNapja

    I wonder how apple is going to react to this

  28. Makhwax


    Finally something that doesn't look like mentos

  29. Josh Yanney

    Josh YanneyNapja

    I’m the bald guy


    TURTLEMAN !Napja

    Apple fans that say android cameras are bad are really stuck rn 12mp vs. 118mp idk

  31. Noam602 d'msp

    Noam602 d'mspNapja

    Nintendo 3ds is just the same

  32. Shuvojeet Adhikary

    Shuvojeet AdhikaryNapja

    Was it a phone intro or a camera intro??

  33. Kryille


    I'll be buying this in 2040 when people are selling it for $100+


    SHAHED ZXNapja

    I still use a S6 edge 😢😂😂

  35. Ijlaal Ahmed

    Ijlaal AhmedNapja

    I don't really like the shape tho

  36. nikolas nikolas

    nikolas nikolasNapja

    song name???

  37. I AM ALONE

    I AM ALONENapja

    I don't have money to buy this phone! 💔💔

  38. Ayman Boukhir

    Ayman BoukhirNapja

    "image simulated for ilustrative purpose only" yh ofc smd



    That's why I love Samsung

  40. 9maximuspondal0


    I really wish this was uploaded on april

  41. NWOchaos


    Tech companies: abandons flip technology for touch screen Tech companies: brings back the flip but with a touchscreen Flip phones: you couldnt live with your failure and where did that bring you...right back to me

  42. Najwa Crystal

    Najwa CrystalNapja

    I’m in Apple Family but !! It’s time to change ❤️

  43. NWOchaos


    But can it do thiiiiiiiiiiiiiis

  44. LegendJim


    *Laughs in empty wallet*

  45. Rayyn Reanimated

    Rayyn ReanimatedNapja

    Who's here waiting for the tab s7?

  46. Marianieves Miguel bravo

    Marianieves Miguel bravoNapja


  47. Thulasi Madhavan

    Thulasi MadhavanNapja

    Did they just use the Billie eilish's song be guy

  48. Akmal Hakim

    Akmal HakimNapja

    I sense Nintendo DS here

  49. annyas inc

    annyas incNapja

    2 years and ur phone is useless and not supported, i ll stop buying Samsung cuz of that ^-^ my note 8 is useless now , and afraid to buy note 10+ and be forced to upgrade soon

  50. The Guy With An T

    The Guy With An TNapja

    The song is Say Hello by Speelburg & Yez Yez

  51. Hakeem Bradshaw

    Hakeem BradshawNapja

    For future references wat would kill apple!!! A projector in the LED flash

  52. OmqItsIkonik -_-

    OmqItsIkonik -_-Napja

    annnd, you guys will do a fortnite colaboration? the iris skin. even the phone colors have the same colors as the iris skin.

  53. Daniel Santosa

    Daniel SantosaNapja

    What!!! This is amazing

  54. Baba Yaga

    Baba YagaNapja

    one of the things i like most about Samsung that they leave their comment section open

  55. Habib Khan

    Habib KhanNapja

    Samsung:"I'm the Phone guy"

  56. Atique Raza

    Atique RazaNapja

    Every phone is a Z flip if you are strong enough.

  57. Billie & Ariana Fan

    Billie & Ariana FanNapja

    Samsung: I'm the bad guy I phone: Duh! Edit: billie is the queen 💞

  58. Azeem Parmessur

    Azeem ParmessurNapja

    Which song is used ?

  59. SM supporter!

    SM supporter!Napja

    This Z-Flip is a bad guy.

  60. Extreme Bass Tester

    Extreme Bass TesterNapja


  61. Ismailer Gamer

    Ismailer GamerNapja

    You are very bad

  62. Extreme Bass Tester

    Extreme Bass TesterNapja

    Why am I excited for this every year I can't afford it

  63. Metin Suat Alp

    Metin Suat AlpNapja

    2:00 “11” dislikes...

  64. Jan Szymankiewicz

    Jan SzymankiewiczNapja

    Samsung ZDS

  65. IgnUp21


    Disappointed it wasn't called the galax Z flip

  66. Daniel Ogbuigwe

    Daniel OgbuigweNapja

    Samsung finally hired good marketers

  67. Gav Hastings

    Gav HastingsNapja

    Hopefully have mine Monday or Tuesday coming. Just waiting on delivery from Samsung. Can't wait to put it through its paces.

  68. Ankit Kumar

    Ankit KumarNapja

    My money after buying this phone: whiz,shabam ,Pow.. Its invisible..

  69. SoftFix


    I hate Apple!👎👎😡🤬

  70. Matias Vaudagna

    Matias VaudagnaNapja

    Nintendo 3ds version samsung

  71. SoftFix


    I WANT IT!

  72. Aloin


    The consequences of the 5G rollout that Samsung is working diligently on:

  73. Aurobindo Ghosh

    Aurobindo GhoshNapja

    fold the price

  74. Themanwhoplays


    You look better than Lg

  75. Themanwhoplays


    :( I want one

  76. Miró Pauwels

    Miró PauwelsNapja

    After watching the video: I want that Looks at the price Conclusion: My portfolio can also fold

  77. Usman Abdullah

    Usman AbdullahNapja

    Me wanting to buy a Galaxy Z Flip I am Once Again Asking for your Financial Support

  78. Haslina Harun

    Haslina HarunNapja

    This is awesome

  79. Technical Devji

    Technical DevjiNapja

    Billie eilish be like : u should have asked me before using my song Samsung : I’m a bad guy Samsung z flip : DUH

  80. Melvin Wärmpf

    Melvin WärmpfNapja

    For 1600 dollars, no thank you! I could buy my phone (flagship from 2018) 3 times with this money and still got something left!

  81. BRO


    I'm a Samsung fan boy But Samsung This is not a good choice of design.. They all look like your own mid range smartphones..

  82. fat swede

    fat swedeNapja

    1:39 That's split screen

  83. Siddhartha & Pandey

    Siddhartha & PandeyNapja

    Only with mobile camera phone can't be better mobiles can be Best by Ther Other Features and Functions_______

  84. Ary Upadhana

    Ary UpadhanaNapja

    So im watching this with my airpods pro, sounds amazing

  85. Scott Stamp

    Scott StampNapja

    Motorola: we made a new folding phone Samsung: so did we! Apple: *What?*

  86. Kunal khatri

    Kunal khatriNapja

    Where is fingerprint?? 😊

  87. - ALPHAEIUS -

    - ALPHAEIUS -Napja

    Why does it have to be a book doe?!

  88. GODSZZ


    Nokia flips:*We can't be famous anymore were useless* Samsung introduce Samsung flips Nokia be like: *I'm so proud were famous*

  89. தமிழன்டா彡 kishan

    தமிழன்டா彡 kishanNapja

    A30 one ui 2.0 up date not coming 😡😡😡

  90. Tour Quadrillion

    Tour QuadrillionNapja

    The song doesn't even match the word . It's like speaking and ignore following like don't sing the song. They talk while music plays.

  91. Yaba Hane

    Yaba HaneNapja

    If it was iPhone we can't tell the difference between iPhone 9&10

  92. drink up

    drink upNapja


  93. SweetSeeBee


    i love how they used billie’s song 🤗🥰

  94. Rafiq


    when MKBHD review video get more view than the official video

  95. Kxmmyqwq


    Samsung : Apple : HU-gos Commenters : SAMSUNG : APPLE :

  96. Alexx


    "Galaxy Fold Keyboard Edition"