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  1. norng manech

    norng manechNapja

    A bit late! Noah Flynn for sure!!!

  2. Keyanna !!

    Keyanna !!Napja

    I hated when they broke up:( but in the end they got back TOGETHER!!!

  3. Leiah Davis

    Leiah DavisNapja

    I course they’re not going to show a Black couple 🙄

  4. Smirk. šol

    Smirk. šolNapja

    Am so watching this

  5. Tristan De Ramos

    Tristan De RamosNapja

    Sypha and Trevor remind me of Guts and Casca a bit

  6. C Money Drives

    C Money DrivesNapja

    This shit rite here is straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  7. Alexander Prime

    Alexander PrimeNapja

    This kind of animation is enough to enlighten the darkest of hearts and minds May them animators be blissed

  8. zipzap570


    No one is mentioning how well Lu speaks English. She can even act in English series

  9. Karim Sukkar

    Karim SukkarNapja

    I'm willing to give it a chance but from the theme music {sorry prefer yoko kanno over a boy band} and plastic looking models {looks like something kiddies would be into} ... We shall see

  10. Isaac James Tea

    Isaac James TeaNapja

    Wish there was more Renfri. Really liked here character cast in this series.

  11. Walee H

    Walee HNapja

    Can't wait

  12. Sachin Pandey

    Sachin PandeyNapja

    Featuring Dante from devil may cry* Wish they would have shown this 😔

  13. Horotan


    Please tell me its gonna come back 😭

  14. Zoe Fredrickson

    Zoe FredricksonNapja

    the fault in our stars but Netflix

  15. Ada Matta

    Ada MattaNapja

    Can’t watch it without seeing Lecter 🤦‍♀️

  16. Senbu Johns

    Senbu JohnsNapja

    Woman: It's bloody chaos out there! Me: If chaos gives us more seasons then LET IT BE CHAOS !!!!!!!!

  17. 537monster


    Of all the games this show makes me want to play, I always end up just playing as the Vampire Counts in Warhammer Total War.

  18. IndieWeeDuel


    OMG, thank you, thank you for this clip and for the whole series. I'm overwhelmed now. Such a great show, such talented people.

  19. L'evea Aitchison

    L'evea AitchisonNapja


  20. Rania Pond

    Rania PondNapja

    Its been exactly a year and still no trailer or release date ?

  21. Joseph Martins

    Joseph MartinsNapja

    Oh. hell. yes.

  22. SmokinPumpkin


    I came when i found out that Castlevania is getting a 3rd season!

  23. Alex Malik

    Alex MalikNapja

    This just gave me chills.

  24. Lincoln Reid

    Lincoln ReidNapja

    Watch it only be 4 episodes

  25. ThunderhorseOfHell


    Can we just have Grant?

  26. oh


    Y E S

  27. Yılmaz Arslaner

    Yılmaz ArslanerNapja


  28. Christian Rivera

    Christian RiveraNapja

    Simon when?

  29. Naniun.


    0:26 Oh no, what a predicament!! I surely would hate being in such a position.

  30. MickyThunderV


    sad thing is: the best swordfight of the show is already in the first episode!

  31. Ali Sirwan

    Ali SirwanNapja

    Berlin was hero , he died a heroic death

  32. Levi Eddie Aluede

    Levi Eddie AluedeNapja

    this is one chaotic trailer

  33. Selin Linen

    Selin LinenNapja


  34. kudallot


    John Ambrose was white on the first movie... anyone here noticed???

  35. Creeper Awwwe man

    Creeper Awwwe manNapja

    I’ve been waiting for this for agesss!!

  36. Mahda


    Imagine if his daughter'd be tvd fan and she would be like oh no my dads having sex for 7 time this episode

  37. 파워


    No Jam

  38. Hairy Ginger Scot

    Hairy Ginger ScotNapja

    1. Alison is a much better looking woman without all that make-up on her puss. 2. The film starts well, last 30 minutes, in dream land, spoils it for me & the film loosing itself. 3. Alison is not shy is going buff. Does she really have a hairy muff? Or was it a stick on mop head? 4. 4/10 .. Again the last 30 minutes is far from a satisfying ending & leaves you extremely frustrated after a great first hour.

  39. Martin Nicholls

    Martin NichollsNapja

    Second season so it'll be cancelled at the end. GG Netflix, it was nice whilst it lasted - I'm not getting too attached.

  40. Keith64 _

    Keith64 _Napja

    He nevered finished his slurpee hes so blessed

  41. steadfast101


    Hellz yes , more plz!!!

  42. doom guy

    doom guyNapja

    Hell yes I can't wait for this its gonna be so good

  43. Flannery Monaghan-Morris

    Flannery Monaghan-MorrisNapja

    I love how they took it in stride and really get into the show.

  44. UnsaidWords



  45. MK Atroce

    MK AtroceNapja


  46. GO! Go! Zeppeli!

    GO! Go! Zeppeli!Napja

    ISAAC!!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  47. Alienwarez567


    This looks awesome i loved the first 2 seasons

  48. Ionel Voicu

    Ionel VoicuNapja

    Don't watch it if you're high! :)

  49. darkness101011


    Looks all over the place

  50. iftikhar Malik

    iftikhar MalikNapja

    i watched 2 seasion i am waiting for 3 ❤TURKRY ❤PAKISTAN❤❤❤

  51. Nic Daren Makinano

    Nic Daren MakinanoNapja

    *The Chilling Adventures of Denise* Would love that!

  52. Avatar Kyoshi

    Avatar KyoshiNapja

    I’m really not looking forward to binging this season in a day because then there won’t be more to watch.

  53. alexandra silverstein

    alexandra silversteinNapja

    Will arnett has the perfect bojack voice! Wish the show could keep going. The episode where Sarah Lynn dies tore at all of our hearts.

  54. Why Do I Even Look At The Comments

    Why Do I Even Look At The CommentsNapja

    Mr Peanutbetter is dressed like Professor Thistlethorpe

  55. S C

    S CNapja

    Please don't leave me

  56. King ragnar

    King ragnarNapja


  57. Ramazan Koç

    Ramazan KoçNapja

    She only got this far because she is female... Caleb Colossus performance with Tory Lanez was better than hers in her previous rounds

  58. Sky’s Vlogs

    Sky’s VlogsNapja

    Who’s here after watching the trailer teaser for season 4✌🏽😗

  59. El Bando

    El BandoNapja


  60. Leo Laudari

    Leo LaudariNapja

    Avatar korra?

  61. Eryson oliveira

    Eryson oliveiraNapja

    I love the softiness of the characters's voices and the animation. is as if Ayami Kojima herself was the leader designer of everything.

  62. ladyserena1989


    Omg omg omg omg omg omg omg

  63. Father Funk

    Father FunkNapja

    Please say this is just a big publicity stunt

  64. celine deniz

    celine denizNapja

    J'ai pas vue un gat aussi beau 😍😍😍😍😍 si ceulment nous aussi on pouvais etre dans un film

  65. Bruce Chmiel

    Bruce ChmielNapja

    Now I'm harder than Trevor's skull.

  66. Nishat Tasnim

    Nishat TasnimNapja

    lanas reaction to geo was adorable

  67. donovan goldsborough

    donovan goldsboroughNapja

    After all this time they better have more than six episodes

  68. The one in the back

    The one in the backNapja


  69. juan jose cota

    juan jose cotaNapja

    Porque vgas cambian de actor asi nada mas se pasan de lanza

  70. Tiffany Au

    Tiffany AuNapja

    great concept and had so much potential. it was visually appealing but the plot and storyline was below average. storyline seemed very rushed...a bit disappointed really.

  71. Mayhen


    anyone who has never kissed before?

  72. Series ë etc

    Series ë etcNapja

    ficou chato a leyla morreu

  73. Pierpaolo Mercurio

    Pierpaolo MercurioNapja

    maybe this time the pacing of the episode won't be excruciatingly slow

  74. RecklesFlam1ngo



  75. Beatrix Kiddo

    Beatrix KiddoNapja

    Can't wait!!!

  76. Leonardo Langa

    Leonardo LangaNapja

    im a simple man with simple pleasures....

  77. Sensei Sash

    Sensei SashNapja

    Wait... so Todd is spoken by Aaron Paul who is kept prisoner by someone named Todd in Braking Bad, which is also a series, which was chancelled and that means... OH MY GOD bojack is being cancelled?

  78. Lagundo Burnett

    Lagundo BurnettNapja

    Bout damn time

  79. Benhalsing


    Netflix please Spawn

  80. sarielpg


    Oh, I was having just an awful day, and this popped up in my feed. Now I feel much better. Can't wait for March 5th. Now excuse me while I go rewatch the other two seasons for the *counts on fingers and runs out of fingers* uh again.

  81. monkeyboy8me


    Is this worth watching ? They’re fighting ghosts? Lol

  82. Amanda Lynn

    Amanda LynnNapja

    I always pictured Anthony Padilla as Finch in my head for some reason, but I am so excited about this actor and his rendition of the character! I think a lot of us want that "personally PERFECT" cast that fits the narrative in our imaginations, but if we go into it with little to no preformed judgements, it can just be...nice? (Even though this movie is guaranteed to break me because: Ultraviolet Remarkeyable 😭)

  83. James Drake

    James DrakeNapja

    Will the writing be better this time around?

  84. aR0ttenBANANA



  85. Joshua Eric Santos

    Joshua Eric SantosNapja

    please make a berserk anime like this netflix

  86. Esesem ssm

    Esesem ssmNapja


  87. Inês Gonçalves

    Inês GonçalvesNapja

    Peter Kavinsky

  88. Maykokiu


    0:33 Kars join the game! Awaken my masters!!!

  89. Niaplays Roblox

    Niaplays RobloxNapja

    Okay, I barley started watching this, BUT! The easiest way for them to get the truth out of him is with a professional lie detector

  90. Akdeniz Serdik

    Akdeniz SerdikNapja

    Next time Archie Andrews and 3rd Forsythe Jones (Jughead) come please

  91. cedricSSW


    This is one of the first time where I watch a trailer for a series based of off a video game and just worry nothing. It feels weird and good at the same time

  92. gl gr

    gl grNapja

    The babys very very nice and beautiful 🥰🥰

  93. Dark Demonik

    Dark DemonikNapja

    Im glad this show ended on top and not in the bottom where the Simpsons will be when they end

  94. Jolly Ghosh

    Jolly GhoshNapja

    Griffin was cuter earlier

  95. Shrek


    Just had a massive orgasm from this trailer uhhh

  96. TheNamesDitto


    Beautiful. Just beautiful

  97. Erin Broderick

    Erin BroderickNapja

    I’m sorry but why aren’t these at least 1 hour? They are reviewing 10 hours of content!?

  98. fctorypro


    I wouldnt mind if the MCs (The woman and the man) die cause i just dont like them at all. Still i like the series because of that dark fantasy style. I would like it a lot more if the devil would win sometimes and not the usual good always win shit

  99. Dimitrios love you 106%

    Dimitrios love you 106%Napja

    LOVE YOU ❤😍❤😍❤😍

  100. diamond mine

    diamond mineNapja