First We Feast
First We Feast
First We Feast

For every question that they field from host Sean Evans, guests must join him in eating a progressively spicy chicken wing.
The Burger Show explores everything about modern burger culture through the eyes of Eggslut chef, Alvin Cailan.
Joji and Rich Brian are celebrating the summer by partying in L.A. and are determined to feed their friends by any means necessary.
Discover untold stories from the culinary world’s most exciting personalities in First We Feast’s James Beard Award-winning Food Skills.
Food Grails, explores America’s underground food icons through the eyes of reporter Miss Info.
We dive headfirst into the delicious world of Japanese comfort cooking. Hosted by HU-gos star and anime pro Reina Scully

  1. Grant Hubbard

    Grant HubbardNapja

    if i saw someone throw ice at ya i would kick there asss dude

  2. TheRealPicard


    Her beauty is something ! Very down to earth, especially with her upbringing!

  3. The Ali's

    The Ali'sNapja

    What an amazing spirit 🥰

  4. Bianco Nero

    Bianco NeroNapja

    She’s a weirdo but She’s fucking adorable 😍😍😍😍😍

  5. Addie Cantwell

    Addie CantwellNapja

    Finally someone who has my spice tolerance is on the show. Lol!

  6. Lazlow Rave

    Lazlow RaveNapja

    Her step dad is Jason Momoa. That's trippy.

  7. Jax Morris

    Jax MorrisNapja

    He already looks burnt

  8. Shayla Rizzo

    Shayla RizzoNapja

    Best episode ever!!! Love you Zoe!!!❤🌟😎🔥🔥🔥

  9. Sofia Cavalcante

    Sofia CavalcanteNapja

    I wanna be as badass as margot

  10. wide out

    wide outNapja

    I fucking love YG this man is real

  11. Linda Shields

    Linda ShieldsNapja

    Have the sauces gotten spicier over the seasons? John Mayer started at 450, and Margo's first is 1,200?

  12. SuTen


    Funny to see them in pain - but no it wont make me see that woke shit movie...

  13. ryan bray

    ryan brayNapja

    In actuality he carried 4 bags the 4th carried guns weed and lean.

  14. taylor williams

    taylor williamsNapja

    Dont know why but this reminds me of sneakers shopping with complex

  15. Noddiga norpan

    Noddiga norpanNapja

    Man i love russel im also a recovering heroin addict by the way one of my dying wishes is to hang out with russel for a day man.

  16. Brett Muller

    Brett MullerNapja

    She’s adorable...and a beast on the hot sauces!

  17. Lillian B.

    Lillian B.Napja

    Not surprised by hundreds of thousands of likes, but who in the world is a hater of *this*? (Maybe people who really loved that Uranus lyric?)

  18. selena rodriguez

    selena rodriguezNapja

    ngl I want him to be my grandpa

  19. Æ N I Ǝ M A

    Æ N I Ǝ M ANapja

    This dude isn’t even funny. Should have put the bomb sauce on all 10 wings

  20. Ithmiths


    Her being herself is kinda hot ngl

  21. Mattytorbs


    Little did fupa lord know, that just this week he would sit with him on the podcast

  22. Shitposts Daily

    Shitposts DailyNapja

    Maga nigga

  23. viewmaster617


    Please get James Schrader on this season or next

  24. Edward Aldana

    Edward AldanaNapja

    Why u look and dress like that

  25. wide out

    wide outNapja

    His probably the first celebrity who didn’t make a big fuss about the hotness in this show yelling and creaming. I love wiz ❤️❤️

  26. Andrew Pumariega

    Andrew PumariegaNapja

    Steve-O is a g

  27. Bob Marley

    Bob MarleyNapja


  28. Tebogo Seatlhol

    Tebogo SeatlholNapja

    7:59 The most original top 4 in the history of tops 4's ever

  29. Alexandria  Davis

    Alexandria DavisNapja

    I like her hair messy 😲 it’s her staple

  30. Space V

    Space VNapja

    shes one of those female that LOVE to argue

  31. Rocio Enriquez

    Rocio EnriquezNapja

    Chiefs just won the LIV Super Bowl

  32. bibby42


    Has anybody ever requested "Hot Sauce?" You know, the And1 street ball legend?

  33. Ag Sher

    Ag SherNapja

    Zoe killed it! Like it was NOTHING! Sooooo impressive! Hopefully, she did the same to that bug that crawled across her lapel and down her jacket at 7:23...dang. Great stuff!

  34. kim e. powell

    kim e. powellNapja


  35. Augustine Mo

    Augustine MoNapja

    Take a shot every time Ramsay says fuck

  36. Love 4all

    Love 4allNapja

    I'm so sick of these puss heads taking a tiny bite and not finishing the while damn vegan wing!!!! Grow some nuts!!!! Stop being wasteful!

  37. Rachel Brand

    Rachel BrandNapja

    Skye may be my new favorite person ever

  38. Joanne Ganon

    Joanne GanonNapja


  39. April Shadows

    April ShadowsNapja

    Elon Musk is a blight, a canker upon humanity. He innovates nothing, all he does is owning the wealth stolen from the working people.

  40. leprinceconstant1985


    Keith Richards!

  41. freakyfabe


    A whole nother level of respect for Zoe!!! What a soldier to the end.

  42. Dougal McGuire

    Dougal McGuireNapja

    does everyone hate michael cera or was that a really well done joke?

  43. bepowerification


    has any guest ever asked to switch the plates to make sure Sean is getting wings as hot as the guest?

  44. clockwize



  45. J J

    J JNapja

    Amazing interview.

  46. TheBjiii


    Stop eating meat to save the environment? Hollywood is so fucking fake. Everyone has to morph into the same fake asshole or they get shunned. At this point its not much different from a cult.

  47. mercutio246 anthony

    mercutio246 anthonyNapja


  48. Genius.Beauty


    Please the next time you have him on. Because there should definitely be a next time. Please incorporate his funny editing style of his videos. The merge would be a masterpiece. Also. Any thoughts about wing Russian roulette

  49. James Casey

    James CaseyNapja

    6:03 I love these kind of interactions between people from two different languages and cultures. Ah... imagine a world without war where we conduct combat by extinguishing painfully hot chilli peppers with our face whilst talking respectfully to each other. (Edit) when he says why are chillis the ultimate connector of the human race?-- my best guess is mutual suffering (and enjoyment) no matter who we are you see each other going through the same sort of thing. Although I'd definitely behave like I've been tear gassed while these two are just clicking fingers, talking politely and cleaning the invisible mess on the table with napkins.

  50. Roger Watts

    Roger WattsNapja

    Probably my favorite episode...

  51. Tom Dee

    Tom DeeNapja

    It's nice to hear and see how sensitive Theo is emotionally. Cool chill dude I wouldn't mind having philosophical talks with. You know, like how he met Buzz Aldrin, the guy from the moon :P

  52. Debszz


    they have the best friendship I sweeeaar

  53. unprecedented speed

    unprecedented speedNapja

    This was so sad 😭

  54. Shawn G

    Shawn GNapja

    I love her! It’s always the females that kill it on this show, I love it!

  55. dimpless '`_' -

    dimpless '`_' -Napja

    Can I just say.... HER. Face. Structure.

  56. Adalgrim Took

    Adalgrim TookNapja

    OMG i think we all got intense flashbacks at 8:58

  57. David Sheehan

    David SheehanNapja

    Wow. Zoe is the GOAT.

  58. ツIsaah


    Tadinhaaaaaaaaaaaa Sou br ta kkk

  59. RaginAsian419


    Typical douche bag brit

  60. madkabal


    I can see why DC picked her to be Catwoman.... 😍😍😍

  61. bibby42


    Just watched Billie Eilish, where literally every other word was a swear. And I don't think Jeff swore once in this. Contrast of ages. Interesting.

  62. BlazePower Channel

    BlazePower ChannelNapja

    I would really like to see Tom Cruise on the show it would be amazing



    Bro I had a biggest crush on Johnny in the 3rd grade lol

  64. DopeyLoksta


    How many GREAT ass songs does t pain have with all kinds of people I wanted to hear about his music career wat he's known for SMH

  65. Samuel Smith

    Samuel SmithNapja

    You need to get Matt Stonie on here ASAP

  66. Arrowverse.i


    You guys should get Stephen Amell! He plays the green arrow and in the comics he makes the worlds hottest chili which is perfect for this series!

  67. Anthony Luna

    Anthony LunaNapja

    You should get Shaggy 2 Dope on he's very entertaining

  68. Max Bartholic

    Max BartholicNapja

    She’s such a gorgeous woman

  69. Brett Johnson

    Brett JohnsonNapja

    Wow, that's not the Willis Tower. I don't even live there and I know that. You should really fire whoever is in charge of these things!

  70. krusher74


    I hope you watch this DJ Khaled you LOSER!!!!!

  71. Polat Jumadurdyyev

    Polat JumadurdyyevNapja

    99% of us watching for this 19:27 😅😅

  72. April E Salazar

    April E SalazarNapja

    "Inconceivable!" Lol

  73. Springwood Slasher

    Springwood SlasherNapja

    I'm sorry but gotta call bullshit on this show. I own and have tried most of the hot sauces they use especially the bomb. My tolerance for spicy food is prety amazing so they have to be watering the sauce down because there is no fucking way there just tossing them in the sauce especially the bomb. If you tossed a wing in full on the bomb sauce you wouldn't be able to function or speak.

  74. Félicien Cloarec

    Félicien CloarecNapja

    I would kill to taste babish's burger, damn...

  75. Brandon Hanley

    Brandon HanleyNapja

    Tom is hilarious

  76. armaX jailson

    armaX jailsonNapja

    Rip kobe💔

  77. andrea cortez

    andrea cortezNapja


  78. Frank Comma to be

    Frank Comma to beNapja

    Jag off is a Pittsburgh word

  79. AjayGaming. TV

    AjayGaming. TVNapja

    I know my comment is just a drop in the bucket but we must keep Paul Rudd safe no matter what.

  80. Fabian ZTK

    Fabian ZTKNapja

    24:04 best part xd

  81. Mat Murk

    Mat MurkNapja

    She doesn't say thank you to anyone who brings her anything... That's telling.

  82. Steamy Pecker

    Steamy PeckerNapja

    Fuck this fat ass clown

  83. cj bmxes

    cj bmxesNapja

    skip with the drip

  84. PHILLY



  85. az12223


    I unsubbed months ago can youtube stop these fucking celebrity commercials

  86. Paper Mario

    Paper MarioNapja


  87. X Tina

    X TinaNapja

    So Hardcore.

  88. Corrine Chan

    Corrine ChanNapja

    I think post malone is so beautiful

  89. juggawest

    juggawestNapja PUT SHAGGY ON PLEASE!!!

  90. Richard The Chef

    Richard The ChefNapja

    Jeff Goldblum is wildly positive and incredibly appealing man. Truly mesmerizing human being

  91. Derek Nez

    Derek NezNapja

    The prince story and her just being happy to answer the friends questions correct were cool to see

  92. Andrew Miner

    Andrew MinerNapja

    Margot is a badass for making it to the end. She was dying half way through.

  93. calvinjluther


    Why are they calling those runzas a weird name?

  94. Act726


    Please get Jason Bateman on here

  95. Abdullah Ijaz

    Abdullah IjazNapja

    Is this some new kind of good cop bad cop talk?

  96. Imran Ali

    Imran AliNapja

    how can you be so white yet black

  97. Wallace James

    Wallace JamesNapja

    When you hood and rich and they cannot say shit😂

  98. jrelated1


    These guests suck lately