Dolan Twins
Dolan Twins
Dolan Twins

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It's Time To Move On...


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11 hónapja

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  1. Kira Wilson

    Kira Wilson6 másodpercig

    i mean i felt bad for ethan

  2. Kira Wilson

    Kira WilsonPerce

    i fel6 bad for ethan 1:30 he looks so sad

  3. Danneel Brendly

    Danneel Brendly2 perccel

    why does Grayson own a crop top??????????

  4. Noor Al-sahily

    Noor Al-sahily4 perccel

    Grayson : i have no idea what time it is Grayson’s pocket : 25:32

  5. Nadia

    Nadia8 perccel

    3:16 you know Ethan thinking dirty

  6. Jane Pico Villamizar

    Jane Pico Villamizar9 perccel

    No one: Ethan: yo, was that anesthesia dairy free? 😂

  7. Pers Godiva

    Pers Godiva10 perccel

    I wonder if they ever go "Nope, we're not related" when people ask if they are twins, just to spite people.

  8. Brayton Baker

    Brayton Baker14 perccel

    49, 47?? 26:12 you'll thank me later

  9. Tessa micgure Tessa

    Tessa micgure Tessa16 perccel

    I never been jealous of s. Pellow 😂

  10. CandiB Sweet

    CandiB Sweet16 perccel

    No shade All tea ... I don't care for D-Trix's face 😑

  11. Super soggy- Nuggets

    Super soggy- Nuggets17 perccel


  12. Kaiden Jr

    Kaiden Jr20 perccel

    This video was so funny 😂 😂😂👏👏

  13. Ivette Rodriguez

    Ivette Rodriguez20 perccel

    6:40 " you like it? " said with uncertainty. That's so me in everything I do.

  14. NichtNochSoEine

    NichtNochSoEine26 perccel

    guys, I would advise turning the dark side of the front curtains towards the cockpit, otherwise everyone will know it's a campervan... also: you've shown the pattern and people who have seen your videos might bother y'all. Be safe, xo

  15. Juliet Holland

    Juliet Holland30 perccel

    *“We’re gunna crash!” *van isn’t moving**

  16. Gavin Saunders

    Gavin Saunders31 perce

    They have the same laugh

  17. Alexis Rivera

    Alexis Rivera31 perce


  18. Josh Murray

    Josh Murray35 perccel

    Sister squid ❤🧡💛💚💙💜

  19. Looking for Cinnamon and Peppermint the Elves

    Looking for Cinnamon and Peppermint the Elves36 perccel

    I'm with Grayson but I'm only scared of certain things skydiving no I actually wanna do that but standing on a brige 30 ft in the air nope

  20. Jameea Gibbs

    Jameea Gibbs38 perccel

    I wanted Grayson to win😭

  21. Kimberly Marie

    Kimberly Marie38 perccel

    No ones gonna talk about what they were doing with the pole😅😂 22:32

  22. Noah Dimodica

    Noah Dimodica39 perccel

    Ethan and Grayson should split channels--Ethan Dolan, Grayson Dolan

  23. Jayla Johnson

    Jayla Johnson40 perccel

    *My Little brother saying his ABC's* : A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S... Him: wait what comes next Me *in my head* : 1:18

  24. Ex Chrome

    Ex Chrome43 perccel

    My boy said he wakes up at 3am🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  25. Sleepy.k1ddo

    Sleepy.k1ddo46 perccel

    Really does look like a denise

  26. xxlollipop_gamingxx 123

    xxlollipop_gamingxx 12348 perccel

    Plot twist: it's there back garden😂😂

  27. Teenage dreams

    Teenage dreams51 perce

    Plot twist: Emma actually did the prank 😏

  28. EmmaLie Rosenbalm

    EmmaLie Rosenbalm52 perccel

    22:29 ???

  29. Olga Weber Koefoed

    Olga Weber Koefoed52 perccel

    I have a crush on savage Ethan

  30. emma

    emma53 perccel

    i still don’t understand how they did this

  31. luckyburrito123

    luckyburrito12355 perccel

    Idk why but I didn't know these 2 were funny until now. To be fair I never watched a dolan twin youtube video until now too.

  32. Laurel Mitchell

    Laurel Mitchell57 perccel

    I just realized that you guys posted this on my mom's birthday

  33. Bailey Angus

    Bailey Angus59 perccel

    When he couldn't drink room temperature water 😂 I was like, you better never get lost somewhere hot.

  34. Lizi Lock

    Lizi LockÓrája

    Are they really Italian?

  35. ApolloApex


    This just gives me White Chicks vibes. I love it

  36. Infinite224


    Gets you used a different drone

  37. Jordin Twiddy

    Jordin TwiddyÓrája

    e:grays a heavy sleepe gray:raps all of ethans things in rapping paper with out him waking up

  38. Aric Schumacher

    Aric SchumacherÓrája

    Which one is older?

  39. kriss mg

    kriss mgÓrája

    So immature 22:28 😂😂😂

  40. Marley Bingham

    Marley BinghamÓrája

    Re watching this makes me realise how uncomfortable James made Grayson

  41. Hayley Spires

    Hayley SpiresÓrája

    “No we’re back.” Haha😂 There’s a sister missing😂

  42. April



  43. Zetta



  44. Órája

    Sister squad no matter what XD

  45. Aric Schumacher

    Aric SchumacherÓrája

    Two rather thicc twins. 😂 The cat Ethan was playing with was so cute

  46. Jessica Hudson

    Jessica HudsonÓrája

    Anybody else re-watching the series. Waiting for the last episode? Cause same.. P.s I don't usually re watch things after I see them, but with these guys, it's been like 5 times each ep lol

  47. Jacob C

    Jacob CÓrája

    #sister squad

  48. Certified Loner

    Certified LonerÓrája

    TBH I miss when theh use to make videos like this😔

  49. Bam Girlbeauty

    Bam GirlbeautyÓrája

    Is literally no one gonna y’all about 22:30 how they were jerking off that building

  50. Megan Mills

    Megan MillsÓrája

    Loving this series!

  51. tatum buchen

    tatum buchenÓrája

    is it just me or does the sound at the end of all their old videos always cut out?

  52. Keira Flaherty

    Keira FlahertyÓrája

    My nickname is Kiki but my dad calls me Kiki my leaky 😭



    Who remembers their first video

  54. Danna O'Connor

    Danna O'ConnorÓrája

    They really didn’t use the space to the best of their ability. They will learn soon that this space will be tiresome to be in for awhile

  55. lisa maina

    lisa mainaÓrája

    slime isn’t supposed to be watery... 💀😂

  56. Danielle Habet

    Danielle HabetÓrája

    Ahhh I miss the old twins :(

  57. ShushOrIWillKissYou

    ShushOrIWillKissYou2 órája

    I hope there will be a 2019 blooper compilation! 😁😁

  58. AmoonahEqualsCanceled Oop

    AmoonahEqualsCanceled Oop2 órája

    As I watched Ethan take the first sip of his drink... I realized... ETHAN THATS FRICKEN DAIRY. sometimes he is really dramatic when he realizes is (ahem all the time)

  59. Bella Cross

    Bella Cross2 órája

    Round 1: Ethan Round 2: Ethan Round 3: Grayson

  60. Lil momo Rone

    Lil momo Rone2 órája

    Aww mini grayson and ethen they so hansom and cute 💙 💚

  61. Jada Pickens

    Jada Pickens2 órája

    Can we pls talk about E face at 3:15 ☺️ so worried And anyone watching this in 2019

  62. Sehjal Brar

    Sehjal Brar2 órája

    Omg I have a iPad Pro to and a pencil

  63. Aesthetic Queen

    Aesthetic Queen2 órája

    This video took my virginity

  64. Bro Gang Squad

    Bro Gang Squad2 órája

    He burnt the hydro flask

  65. Morgan_MB _

    Morgan_MB _2 órája

    7:38 huuuh huuaaah huhah. 7:41 Edit: press one after the other your welcome lmao👍😂

  66. Brian A. C

    Brian A. C2 órája

    Emma was clutch af

  67. mateus souza

    mateus souza2 órája

    "And we eat a lot of diferent things" What does that mean Mr Ethan are u trying to say somenthing more with that ?

  68. Megan Mills

    Megan Mills2 órája

    Grayson definitely should have his own home improvement show some day

  69. Fiona Kuka

    Fiona Kuka2 órája

    when you see how big the world is you will see how small your problems are 💔😥that is the best thing i heard all day love you guys

  70. TeddyB

    TeddyB2 órája

    James: he’s my best friend in the whole world Also James: Shut your eyes *****

  71. Morgan_MB _

    Morgan_MB _2 órája

    "I know whose knees caps those are" 5:09 Idk why that sent me

  72. arvs santy

    arvs santy2 órája


  73. Samantha Liz

    Samantha Liz2 órája

    Omg i can watch this over and over and never get tired they are so cute

  74. arvs santy

    arvs santy2 órája

    okay im wet for ethan

  75. Kayla

    Kayla2 órája

    all I have to say is ICONIC

  76. Alyssa Haynes

    Alyssa Haynes2 órája

    gray is so dramatic

  77. War0000

    War00002 órája

    I can tell they’re acting it’s entertaining though

  78. yeet skeet

    yeet skeet2 órája

    this looks so fake i’m sry but it does

  79. Liana Samson

    Liana Samson2 órája

    Best present giver award goes to James Charles for sure 😍😍😍

  80. Isabel Fabila

    Isabel Fabila2 órája

    i love their laughs too much

  81. girl 173

    girl 1732 órája

    11:08 everyone want to be on Kyle place

  82. r wright

    r wright2 órája


  83. Zoe L

    Zoe L2 órája

    Reminds me of Bananas in Pajamas. Love them so much.

  84. Sabrina Duckett

    Sabrina Duckett2 órája

    13:23, Douchbag-squared >D jk thanks for the hotness, guys!

  85. Isabel Fabila

    Isabel Fabila2 órája

    i miss these times

  86. Sabrina Duckett

    Sabrina Duckett2 órája

    Someone had fun editing this video >D

  87. Janet Romeo

    Janet Romeo2 órája

    they make me laugh

  88. Syifa Dwiyani Raharjo

    Syifa Dwiyani Raharjo2 órája

    My bby greyson😍😍😍

  89. arvs santy

    arvs santy2 órája


  90. Justin Coleman

    Justin Coleman2 órája

    mind blownnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  91. Maggie Lawrence

    Maggie Lawrence2 órája

    you should get a sticker form every place you go and put it on the van!!!

  92. arvs santy

    arvs santy3 órája

    okay imma fuck up my brother if this happens to me

  93. Nevaeh Gardner

    Nevaeh Gardner3 órája

    I think both of you are telepathic

  94. Alexis Rivera

    Alexis Rivera3 órája


  95. Andy Karlson

    Andy Karlson3 órája

    Molly is so adorable!😂😍

  96. Alexis Rivera

    Alexis Rivera3 órája

    2045 anyone?

  97. Pers Godiva

    Pers Godiva3 órája

    Imagine going to a sex shop with your twin brother ... THE AWKWARDNESS I CANT'

  98. Isabel Fabila

    Isabel Fabila3 órája

    i’m watching this 2019. and i cannot belive that the first time i watched this was 4 years ago

  99. Renata Covarrubias

    Renata Covarrubias3 órája

    I was Shaking and crying when Grayson went into the cooler because I am so claustrophobic like it’s not ok. I am very small and can fit into most things but will never try because of my claustrophobia I felt so bad for him

  100. Steve Freedman

    Steve Freedman3 órája

    Adorable much fun to watch my dears...😊👌x Mama Steve