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  1. john white

    john white9 másodpercig

    Andrew Neil doesn't allow those he interviews to answer properly and repeatedly talks over and bombards those he interviews with the "next question". A perfect example of his technique was the interview with Nigel Farage. We do not get a proper balanced prospective or understanding from this style of discussion. I am not a Boris fan but think he is right to ignore an invitation for an interview given the way he is likely to be treated. To hell with Andrew Neil - who does he think he is ?

  2. Talha Rawat

    Talha Rawat57 másodpercig


  3. Northern


    Bernie Sanders has taken the lead but there is no way the DNC will allow him to win the nomination, they will cheat again Trump is going to win in 2020 :)

  4. Nintendo Guy00

    Nintendo Guy002 perccel

    One side have college degrees and basic human intelligence and the other side only have tattoos guns truck flag and tiny brain Guess which one is which

  5. NPC000 361

    NPC000 3615 perccel

    Labour Party are all antisemites.

  6. Frankly Frank

    Frankly Frank5 perccel

    Intresting.....why is it that Brits seem to think their NHS is a unique feature only they have ?

  7. Emile K

    Emile K6 perccel

    I hear yanny

  8. Ravedaze

    Ravedaze7 perccel

    Hearing about little green men?.. is there something we don’t know boris?

  9. Rob Val

    Rob Val7 perccel

    Once again these politicians we not pressed hard enough to give full and detailed answers, more rhetoric. Andrew Neil is the only interviewer on T.V. currently worth listening to. Jo Coburn seems to have taken some pointers from him, Nick Robinson is second division, with the likes of Julie Etchingham bringing up the rear, far too soft!

  10. Pazoon god of Slam

    Pazoon god of Slam9 perccel


  11. Who? Jigga?!

    Who? Jigga?!9 perccel


  12. Anna Neudorf

    Anna Neudorf10 perccel

    Put on your captions it's funny😂

  13. Sloppy Boggler

    Sloppy Boggler10 perccel

    Where is Mosley when you need him?

  14. Mina M

    Mina M11 perccel

    Didn’t think his hair could get any worst ...I was wrong

  15. Lei P

    Lei P12 perccel

    Whoever wins. Just get brexit done & get britain out of the corrupt EU.

  16. Kinnish

    Kinnish17 perccel

    Biden just told most of Florida not to vote for him

  17. Nerd Mysteria

    Nerd Mysteria17 perccel

    For anyone thinking HK protesters are cowards for wearing masks, you try walking in clouds of tear gas without a mask. And remember HK police cover their face and badge number as well.

  18. Willie Wind

    Willie Wind17 perccel

    Why aren't the media quiet? Disrespectful

  19. moparmon

    moparmon18 perccel

    9 hours of nothing burger

  20. Mapother

    Mapother19 perccel

    lol people getting stabbed to death and banning bikini ads is priority

  21. David Hemmings

    David Hemmings19 perccel

    Boris is a dangerous liar.

  22. Mae

    Mae20 perccel

    this is worse than sonic's humanish design

  23. Sheila Newman

    Sheila Newman20 perccel

    Of course Justin Trudeau is two faced. We knew that a long time ago

  24. Leo Stenbuck

    Leo Stenbuck21 perce

    Vote labour if you want the country be in debt of 100 billion+ in the next 10 years. The austerity was needed because the previous labour government emptied the coffers. Remember the past and why it matters. If we don’t history will repeat and the blame game will go on in a cycle.

  25. David Hemmings

    David Hemmings21 perce

    Boris will avoid at all cost as public will discover how much of a thick liar he is.

  26. David C

    David C23 perccel

    Apparently Boris wants to build 40 new hospitals that’s a novel idea because since the NHS was formed the conservative Governments have built a grand total of ZERO!! new hospitals. What a bunch of lying W****ers.

  27. Aesthetic Tutorials

    Aesthetic Tutorials23 perccel

    I wonder how she got there perhaps a car??

  28. Rafael Maisonet

    Rafael Maisonet23 perccel

    As an American I absolutely never hear anyone mention the NHS. Not the friends nor the opposition to Trump. Is not in any way in the minds of the US. I think it’s just a fear tactic of Corbyn and company

  29. leavemealoneplease

    leavemealoneplease24 perccel

    Ugh, Boris doesn't say anything factual whatsoever. He just struggles to get any words out at all. Just gross.

  30. Aesthetic Tutorials

    Aesthetic Tutorials24 perccel

    How dare you.

  31. Richard Dukard

    Richard Dukard25 perccel

    Her hand is shaking like she's holding a Polaroid😐

  32. Anthony Bha

    Anthony Bha26 perccel

    If the Dem party thinks this clown should be the next president, they are bat$hit crazy

  33. zaid Islam

    zaid Islam26 perccel

    Boris is a lier

  34. Cornholio033

    Cornholio03330 perccel

    With training I could do more pushups than Biden. I may need Corn Pop to train me

  35. isla louise

    isla louise30 perccel

    Okay this morning I heard Yanny and now I hear laurel i-

  36. S.S.K K

    S.S.K K32 perccel

    NATO are thee Worst Allies we have useless as WW1 weaponry..

  37. S.S.K K

    S.S.K K33 perccel

    He thinks he too smart and those 3 worst PMS and tredo ,,borris dumson . worst uk leader ever be a disaster if he's chosen. and no our jaws were not drop ...

  38. Harlek

    Harlek33 perccel

    Put a pineapple ring on this audience, they're done.

  39. Heinz

    Heinz33 perccel

    I hear NANI

  40. chittur101

    chittur10135 perccel

    Politics...Other people's money

  41. Rusty Beedle

    Rusty Beedle39 perccel

    Thats AMERICA now, people breaking the LAWS walk away and people trying to go to work get PENALIZED.

  42. Jonathan Ciesla

    Jonathan Ciesla40 perccel

    You are a terrible person - Master of Disguise reference or the slapping fight bar scene

  43. honkytonk25

    honkytonk2540 perccel

    Can we stop blaming the Government for everything that’s out of their control!

  44. Bud Brown

    Bud Brown42 perccel

    Trump is the most maligned leader since Idi Amin Dada.

  45. Master Hand

    Master Hand43 perccel

    Hoes mad stay mad hoes

  46. West Wind

    West Wind45 perccel

    Dems: No bullies! Biden: Oh yes I can! You know why? YOU wanna know why? I can't remember why, but yes I can bully, all while I'm running laps and push-ups in my mind.

  47. R Schmidt

    R Schmidt46 perccel

    I always like to settle arguments with a push-up contest...

  48. Shelle Vautier

    Shelle Vautier46 perccel

    What the f is that a Pokémon!?

  49. rafi aljero

    rafi aljero47 perccel


  50. Ehtesham Farooqui

    Ehtesham Farooqui49 perccel

    Suitable ayat for the situation

  51. Ruben Cordova

    Ruben Cordova49 perccel

    This Caucasian guy should honestly be punched. He's being disrespectful. He forget who is being a punch himself. If that was a black man or a different race color, kops would have been on him like a flat pancake. What racial ppl we have here in America. Especially the one who's making bad comments.



    "Look fat"

  53. LadyBug Beyond

    LadyBug Beyond52 perccel

    When uncultured swine rudely hold up the line

  54. Ben Stevinson

    Ben Stevinson52 perccel

    It's called free speech! and Democracy! Stanley something that you don't seem to like very much! Lol lol 😂🤣

  55. redcomic619

    redcomic61952 perccel

    When videos like these pop up during the general, Trump is going to have a field day...

  56. fotha Dan

    fotha Dan54 perccel

    I think Boris has kissed the Blarney Stone, lol.

  57. cresshead

    cresshead54 perccel

    vote brexit

  58. Tyler M

    Tyler M55 perccel


  59. Antidisestablishmentarianism

    Antidisestablishmentarianism57 perccel


  60. karpetcabin

    karpetcabin57 perccel

    Hope Rory stands in next elections.

  61. Magatism

    Magatism57 perccel

    The US Constitution is a document OF the White people, FOR the White people and BY the white people. There was not a single black signatory when our Constitution was adopted.

  62. Keith Royster

    Keith Royster58 perccel


  63. BeastArtVlogs YT

    BeastArtVlogs YTÓrája

    It's literally yanny being said 2 times.

  64. RevelationTwelve11


    Hey Quid Pro Quo Joe ... if you really want to see a LIAR, just look in the mirror!!!

  65. Kowgirl Kel

    Kowgirl KelÓrája

    I'm pretty sure Trump in 2016 at the Republican Convention had the 1st openly Gay man (Peter Thiel) endorse him for president. Stupid ad.

  66. Ranko


    I herd taly

  67. Elmo


    Climate Change doesn't mean anything to the average joe, Corbyn hurt is cause by putting that out there. There's people starving, climate changes is debatable, hunger isn't

  68. Elmo


    Corbyn is such a better person, but the privileged bully is winning,

  69. Jose Perez

    Jose PerezÓrája

    I like him. I respect that man. Does anyone have his social media handlem

  70. Angel Heart

    Angel HeartÓrája

    Biden called the guy out for spreading false information, just like John McCain did to the lady calling Obama names. I like tough Joe. Biden/Harris 2020

  71. Dave BongoSlide

    Dave BongoSlideÓrája

    so scary

  72. M Clark

    M ClarkÓrája

    Boris wins the corbynov anti British loses once again. Labour is now the anti British Pakistani fanboy party

  73. The Quiet Heroes of Australia

    The Quiet Heroes of AustraliaÓrája

    Boris never specifically denies Corbyn's claims, he just went on a rant about loving NHS like he and his family are dependent on it, gtfo.

  74. Tahir Islam

    Tahir IslamÓrája

    bbc editing at its best pretty scumy i say..

  75. Dude Dude

    Dude DudeÓrája

    cat believe the leftists had a problem with him drinking water.

  76. M Clark

    M ClarkÓrája

    Corbynov is anti British and a very very bad speaker. No trust given to this pleb. Snp voter now conservative

  77. Carlos Barajas

    Carlos BarajasÓrája

    Nasty Pelosi Skeletor needs to put those dusty old bones to pasture

  78. SimplySloti


    I can hear "Laurel" and a soft voice thats saying "Yanny" in a whisper after it says Laurel

  79. CceverythinginredC c

    CceverythinginredC cÓrája

    Clobber the working class. Keep clobbering the working class wake up it's Labor or keep clobbering the working class there argument is that business employ people we will go broke. The world will end they will trick you into thinking there on your side they are only on your side within what they can do they won't fund anything much unless they have no choice. They will build roads you won't get a pay rise because they getting all the money off people that don't have any you fools wake up Australia. Vote labour the world won't end for the rich. You will get the better deal the know it alls that argue for the Tory's who are poor or middle class qer blind molerats and can't even see it. Noone will go broke noone will get rich it will be business as usual the margins will be in the working class a little bit more.

  80. benjaminhon86


    How dare you *applause*

  81. monika king

    monika kingÓrája

    i heard yanny even if the video insist it's laurel

  82. Annalise Zacarias

    Annalise ZacariasÓrája

    OMFG i was only able to hear yanny since the beginning of this but rn i started hearing laurel and i swear i just had a heart attack

  83. David Hemmings

    David HemmingsÓrája

    Boris's Brexit deal is worse than teresa mays the one that boris voted against. Boris is thick and dangerous.

  84. Matt Critchley

    Matt CritchleyÓrája

    On a totally unrelated note - if you're doing alright this christmas, consider buying a cart of groceries to give to a food bank when you're buying your own. People are needing help more than ever this year. Many supermarkets are operating collection points for it.

  85. Declan Hannael

    Declan HannaelÓrája

    Now i hear brain needle

  86. K Dog

    K DogÓrája

    Niki haily 2024❤️❤️

  87. minx liberal

    minx liberalÓrája


  88. Will Rich

    Will RichÓrája

    Does anyone know what meritorious manumission is? I'M JUST SAYING....

  89. Archibald Simone

    Archibald SimoneÓrája

    Orange Stallion

  90. Jacob


    As an American, if you live in the U.K. vote labour! You don’t want your healthcare system to look anything like ours

  91. David Hemmings

    David HemmingsÓrája

    I cant believe how many people are so gullible to believe that Boris is anti establishment. The tories have already sold 13% of the NHS to private american companies. Billionaires are funding the tory election campaign people who would not give the working class the time of day. The working class voting for the conservatives is like turkeys voting for christmas.

  92. Robert Dillon

    Robert DillonÓrája

    Get him NANCY

  93. Daniel Kays

    Daniel KaysÓrája

    AOC is wrong. We found that the alarmist predictions are actually off by a huge amount. We spent 15 months compiling historical climate data. In all we collected over 515 TB of data from nearly 3400 sources. We also established live feeds from about 150 sources globally. At the same time, using Beowulf, we set up a 2048 processor, massively paralleling supercomputer with climate modeling software which was jointly developed by the ESA, NASA, CCM and Fuji. Much to the disappointment of the UN and several NGO's, after averaging the results from over a dozen models ran over the course of 30 weeks, we determined that unless the United States forked over 1.8 trillion dollars to interested parties per the Paris Climate Summit, the world will end in 5,935,450,161 years, give or take a few weeks.

  94. Marius Samavicius

    Marius SamaviciusÓrája

    1:37 nice earing Boris

  95. TomCL 2000

    TomCL 2000Órája

    Cannot remember the last time the differences in principle between two party leaders has been so apparent. It is so glaringly obvious that we are choosing between a man of empathy and genuine care for other human beings, and a bumbling, sociopathic robot who cares only for the old boys club from which he derives. I struggle constantly to stop myself from exploding at people who cannot see what is so clear to see - we are choosing between further years of the austerity we all hate and a man who genuinely wants to offer change to people outside of the elite network. No one will ever create a perfect British society, but Jeremy Corbyn certainly wants and aims to try and make a better society. The same cannot be said for Boris Johnson. I plead anyone reading this to read closely the manifestos published by these two men and their history as politicians. I trust that you will come to the sensible decision as a result of this research.

  96. Just busting your balls

    Just busting your ballsÓrája

    "Come on if your hard enough".

  97. Slik6Sik


    When it looks like a comedy bit but isn't.

  98. Gizo02


    No surprise that the incompetent, racist, sexist, liar Johnson is a gutless coward who is desperate to avoid scrutiny and tough questions.

  99. Leexfam


    Words or support of IRA hmmmmmm pot meet kettle!

  100. Peregrine Slim

    Peregrine SlimÓrája

    Because the Americans don't have a leftist party to vote for, their media is reasonably split. The entire media ran the anti-Corbyn smear campaign and that's a problem for the electorate.