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"Are your videos copyright free & can I use the songs on my videos?"
We own direct rights to use the tracks on our channel, and you will have to ask the artists themselves.
"Is this copyright free?"
Most of the songs aren't Copyright Free. We receive the songs from the labels or we get written legal permission from the artists directly.
"Where do you get your backgrounds?"
I get the backgrounds from, since their photos are free for commercial and non commercial use.
"Do you have written permissions for your uploads?"
Yes! We have written permissions from all the labels that we work with.

Mpirgkel - Bubbles
Devan - I Want You
Regard - Ride It
Demeter - No Sweat
Efemero - Insomnia
Dj Goja - Freak
Robert Fest - Hurt Me
Efemero - Amelia

Efemero - Amelia

3 hónapja

Serge Legran - Tell Me
Dj Vianu - Higher
Moonlight - Ocean
Efemero - Dubai

Efemero - Dubai

5 hónapja

DJ Antonio - Baby
Mari Ferrari - Closer
Dj Goja - Go

Dj Goja - Go

6 hónapja

Moonlight - Muchacho
Aris - Love Again
farfetch'd - Givin' Up
Lady Ocean - Painter
Adem & Murat - Sad
Lavigne - Elevated
THAT KIND - Hypnotize
  1. VFX Todd

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    A great song and excellent visuals.

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    Супер 👍

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  6. Mohammad Mohammadشيئ رائع وجميل أحسنت و

    Mohammad Mohammadشيئ رائع وجميل أحسنت و7 órája


  7. lalogt77

    lalogt778 órája

    Fantastica produccion musical MF vs MS & HM... Gracias MT

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    Claudia Morris8 órája

    Dance dance dance yaaaay i love it ❤️

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    Poland 🇵🇱🇵🇱💪😍

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    Very nice this track ♥️♥️♥️🎵💃

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