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  1. Muhammadnoris Muhammadnoris

    Muhammadnoris MuhammadnorisNapja

    Love you bieber love you voice verry nice😁😄👍🥇😎

  2. gulshan akoijam

    gulshan akoijamNapja

    Literally he looks like P!nk

  3. zems zens

    zems zensNapja

    Like is still winning .. 😅

  4. Ezequiel Fernandez

    Ezequiel FernandezNapja

    Like si viniste por droos




  6. And that’s the tea sis

    And that’s the tea sisNapja

    my bday is april 25th 2010-

  7. Jap Malalay

    Jap MalalayNapja


  8. Art Tv

    Art TvNapja




    Goodyear good good

  10. Sevematt


    t amo

  11. Eiffel Han Bustamante

    Eiffel Han BustamanteNapja

    Got here after watching his yummy official video

  12. Sebastián Ramírez

    Sebastián RamírezNapja


  13. 『D⸁』 Erick

    『D⸁』 ErickNapja

    Quien viene por dross

  14. the yellow flow

    the yellow flowNapja

    0:11 really he had to do that

  15. Best fat! Quý

    Best fat! QuýNapja

    Mới 16 tuổi đi chọc gái rồi 😂



    Black MOON Justin YOUR voice is Imagine 🖤 from my heart. ♥️🖤❤️💜💓💙❣️

  17. Belal Khan

    Belal KhanNapja

    Justin look so cute in this video

  18. Aasheesh Singh Singraur

    Aasheesh Singh SingraurNapja

    Lovely brother 😁😁😁😁😀😀

  19. Pink Peppermint Gacha

    Pink Peppermint GachaNapja


  20. Lord Ferchi

    Lord FerchiNapja

    Although it seems a meaningless song, the lyric contains a subliminal and dark message about pedophilia in the environment of celebrities, look closely at the children of the instruments and the change in the appearance of Justin Bieber

  21. Diy triplets gaming

    Diy triplets gamingNapja

    he probably thought of this song when he was eating lunch

  22. John Surber

    John SurberNapja

    Rappers have to vote democrat because more people on that side purchase their music. It's not like they get electoral purchases...

  23. Jess Jess

    Jess JessNapja

    Look how happy he is when he’s dancing! So good to see biebs smiling like that again.

  24. Kookie Girl

    Kookie GirlNapja

    i hated him so much that i ddint even want to listen to his yummy yummy crap and im only like 30 seconds into the song and im dead😥😣😟😨😧😩😖😝🤒😷😳😵

  25. Andrew Blayne

    Andrew BlayneNapja

    It’s been about 10 years and people still comment



    Couple of gays

  27. Ca Fa

    Ca FaNapja


  28. Angel Montiel

    Angel MontielNapja

    Like si esta fue la unica cancion de justin que te gusto

  29. Shadeya Smith

    Shadeya SmithNapja

    This can be used in a 9 years old birthday party

  30. Ashli Nance

    Ashli NanceNapja


  31. Mysterious Peeps

    Mysterious PeepsNapja

    Oh who am I kidding it’s been 5 days since I commented this song is dope

  32. SoFy_AloNe


    BR estão colados🇧🇷❤

  33. Charlotte Loader

    Charlotte LoaderNapja

    A stallion is a boy horse

  34. Yanmilo



  35. Kaylee O’Connors

    Kaylee O’ConnorsNapja

    Anyone else only here bc of Danny’s video

  36. DJ Jessy Lima

    DJ Jessy LimaNapja

    Galera, ouçam “Get me” também! Música maravilhosa

  37. clark corona

    clark coronaNapja

    He looks so ugly 😖🤢

  38. Cpt- Spiderman

    Cpt- SpidermanNapja

    Isn’t this song about children trafficking in California or something

  39. Troub Bone 159th Merritt

    Troub Bone 159th MerrittNapja

    He did that

  40. Ajith Goonetilleke

    Ajith GoonetillekeNapja

    Justin has changed alot he's the best anyone can be

  41. Pastel kitty

    Pastel kittyNapja

    Well when I'm watching the mv I only focus on the food :T

  42. 石井理予



  43. Shaikh Jafar

    Shaikh JafarNapja

    India se kon kon sunra ye superb song

  44. emmanuel e.j

    emmanuel e.jNapja

    I need that yummy

  45. Emiliano Mata Hernandez

    Emiliano Mata HernandezNapja


  46. Beatriz Fernandes

    Beatriz FernandesNapja

    2020? 🇧🇷

  47. babyFiona


    I like the song,,dangggggg he’s got some moves now,,,not feeling his hair he’s so cute y ruin it

  48. joão iwnl

    joão iwnlNapja


  49. Ajith Goonetilleke

    Ajith GoonetillekeNapja

    I really dont know why people dislike thing even though only some i gues they are very negative hopeless people

  50. Analysha Beaty

    Analysha BeatyNapja

    I hate justin but this songs the best out of all of them

  51. Ämourr Nation

    Ämourr NationNapja

    I Miss Him🥺💗

  52. LalaTube Play Zueira

    LalaTube Play ZueiraNapja

    Nice song

  53. Inna Rhino

    Inna RhinoNapja

    Its almost been a Full Decade. Damn time flies

  54. Benny jam_in

    Benny jam_inNapja

    JB is fake as PB&j

  55. sofiane Mankour

    sofiane MankourNapja

    Wow ❤️❤️

  56. Roberta Motta

    Roberta MottaNapja

    Eu sou s única aqui que fala português amo Justin amo mesmo mesmo mesmo

  57. Analysha Beaty

    Analysha BeatyNapja

    Is he candy Ken from tiktok

  58. kk alwaysslay

    kk alwaysslayNapja

    Even though we all know he not talking about food👀

  59. FGC Shadow

    FGC ShadowNapja

    I can’t imagine how many pounds he gained making this useless song

  60. Benny jam_in

    Benny jam_inNapja


  61. juampi2906


    Sounds like he’s saying “I’ma wake n bake n bake n bake,any night any day “lol am I the only one who hears this??

  62. J A R E D G H

    J A R E D G HNapja

    Sigo deciendo que selena y justin van a regresar un dia

  63. Delwyn Natalias

    Delwyn NataliasNapja

    nice song

  64. javier nandez

    javier nandezNapja

    Pizza gate

  65. fatemeh pajoutan

    fatemeh pajoutanNapja

    love it

  66. javier nandez

    javier nandezNapja

    Pizza gate

  67. javier nandez

    javier nandezNapja

    Pizza gate

  68. javier nandez

    javier nandezNapja

    Pizza gate

  69. kk alwaysslay

    kk alwaysslayNapja

    Me: how is dinner? Justin bieber: yeah you got that yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy Me: really ? Justin bieber: yeah bae yeah bae Me:🤦🏾‍♀️ty

  70. Biel Lopes

    Biel LopesNapja

    On my intentions Is so Crazy I from Brazil🇧🇷❤🇺🇸

  71. rizki bahalwan

    rizki bahalwanNapja

    2020 you're the legend

  72. Nelson valdez channel

    Nelson valdez channelNapja

    Nice one song

  73. Rissa K

    Rissa KNapja

    Everyone: talking about him getting married Me: WHOS HERE FROM TIK TOK

  74. Yan yun Dong

    Yan yun DongNapja

    Love you

  75. 연준서


    한국인들 손

  76. Army Ines

    Army InesNapja


  77. Mike Coxlong

    Mike CoxlongNapja

    *Gets married* *Helps ppl* *Writes better songs* *Becomes a better person* I think it's time for him to become a father ;)

  78. ปิยะวัฒน์ ธีระศาสน์

    ปิยะวัฒน์ ธีระศาสน์Napja


  79. UU? RR?

    UU? RR?Napja

    One less lonely n

  80. Jean Wendy

    Jean WendyNapja

    2020 all day

  81. Krissia Lino

    Krissia LinoNapja

    Amo infinitamente a este hombre❤

  82. Daniel Saadat

    Daniel SaadatNapja

    This porn has nice music

  83. Iure Moraes

    Iure MoraesNapja

    Fala platina

  84. Guidance of Allah Info

    Guidance of Allah InfoNapja

    OMG 😮 this song has so much good intentions behind it!!!

  85. Baoa Nan

    Baoa NanNapja

    Who's here before he release his album?

  86. Said Moreno

    Said MorenoNapja

    Tu noeres nada sin el autontun



    Like si solo veniste por like o tik tok

  88. Gabby Gabby

    Gabby GabbyNapja

    Love this song 😌😌😌

  89. sna KEZ

    sna KEZNapja

    This sucks but you said you was coming hard this year 💩🤮🤢

  90. Oliver LaValley

    Oliver LaValleyNapja

    finally doing something good with your life congrats. helping people

  91. Yanmilo



  92. Reanh Buded

    Reanh BudedNapja

    Kantahe ang akong uyab

  93. Ximena monserrat chavarin

    Ximena monserrat chavarinNapja

    Ya chida

  94. Kierra Allen

    Kierra AllenNapja

    🥰🥰🥰 so love ❤️ this song

  95. Arkin Angelo c. Mambong

    Arkin Angelo c. MambongNapja

    Ho whatching this and sing 2020

  96. Anthony Daniels

    Anthony DanielsNapja

    Whe else is here only because of quavo

  97. Chris khiane Manantan

    Chris khiane ManantanNapja

    Justin yummy song is on tik tok

  98. Blankslate


    This is cute af.

  99. Noah Bach

    Noah BachNapja

    Justin’s Valentines be like: “You gotta heart full of equity, you’re an asset.”

  100. Tina Sprout

    Tina SproutNapja

    Chance the Rapper é brabo dmsss