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  1. jwttwjjwt jwttwjjwt Turner

    jwttwjjwt jwttwjjwt Turner9 másodpercig

    Why not #1LSU and #2 Ohio State in the play off rather than slimming their way around a lie a BS lie at that yeah I said it !

  2. Francisco Juarez

    Francisco Juarez10 másodpercig

    Como hace unos años, de regreso...

  3. Jose Angel Hernandez

    Jose Angel Hernandez11 másodpercig

    Kyle Shanahan is one cool customer.

  4. Aarush Devimane

    Aarush Devimane12 másodpercig

    3:05 best comeback ever in NFL history and Super Bowl history

  5. Matt Naylor

    Matt Naylor12 másodpercig

    kyler Murray is a huge bust lol i love when these hype machine's turn into nothing like mayfeild and Manziel also

  6. Giants Pride

    Giants Pride12 másodpercig

    “JiMmY gEtTiNg CaRrIeD bY hIs DeFeNsE”


    JOKER FACE17 másodpercig

    *The Raiders Are Trash Plain and Simple*

  8. Larry Legend is a GOAT

    Larry Legend is a GOAT18 másodpercig

    Tennessee is for real. AFC better root for Pittsburgh to get the #6 seed because the titans could make some noise if they get there

  9. SuperOmega93

    SuperOmega9319 másodpercig

    Like the Ravens/49ers game last week, this was one game where somebody unfortunately had to lose. The 49ers did not become the team to suffer that twice in a row.

  10. AKbeast412

    AKbeast41223 másodpercig

    Anyone see juszcyck get destroyed at 6:15

  11. Wamoo57

    Wamoo5728 másodpercig

    Brown is a goddamn beast. Almost looks like Henry when he gets some space to run

  12. Lawrence Lejay

    Lawrence Lejay29 másodpercig

    The saints are headed for another offseason of frustration and questions

  13. Dewitt McDidditt

    Dewitt McDidditt30 másodpercig

    Mike Vrabel is low-key a Coach Of The Year candidate. Lol

  14. Vincent F

    Vincent F32 másodpercig

    Broncos fan here.. It's Less stressful when Denver doesn't make the playoffs...

  15. CrazyKing04

    CrazyKing0432 másodpercig

    If only they would've beaten the Broncos.......and the Chiefs.........and the Raiders...

  16. Octavius Kelly

    Octavius Kelly35 másodpercig

    How did Tannehill eat that tackle on that Int when he got push by offense lineman

  17. Tyrone Redd

    Tyrone Redd37 másodpercig

    Cardinals traded away Josh Rosen just to win 3 games again.

  18. Mr.Glass

    Mr.Glass37 másodpercig

    Where all the 9er haters at? You always show up when we get beat last second, can't find you hoes now😀😀

  19. SportsComedyGamers

    SportsComedyGamers38 másodpercig

    Tannehill is a STUD

  20. Kevin Sharp

    Kevin Sharp39 másodpercig

    Is it just me or is Marcus letters a liability

  21. Chris The Commentator

    Chris The Commentator43 másodpercig

    Can someone tell them that this is not the NFC championship so they can relax with the unbelievable gameplay lol. Sheesh! What a game!

  22. Slim Papi

    Slim Papi44 másodpercig

    Damn Tannehill is both a franchise QB and linebacker 😂🤣

  23. T South

    T South44 másodpercig

    Outchea like he a starving crackhead

  24. Jack Hackerman

    Jack Hackerman47 másodpercig


  25. Liam Stanley

    Liam Stanley47 másodpercig

    Murray has negative football IQ...

  26. That High Halo Guy

    That High Halo Guy53 másodpercig

    So deans PI play was all part of the plan 🤥

  27. Elijah Foringer

    Elijah Foringer57 másodpercig


  28. Garrett Lees

    Garrett Lees57 másodpercig

    announcer needs to hang it up bolts were on fire

  29. 12346

    1234659 másodpercig

    The Titans look scary, they’ve been stomping teams out since Mariota got benched

  30. dr. bombbay

    dr. bombbayPerce


  31. Jaden Jahci

    Jaden JahciPerce

    "Can I Kick It?" -Phife Dog Sincerely, The Dajjal Phins

  32. #Titanup


    Titans are playing like they really want this .... #titanup

  33. Rusty Ass

    Rusty AssPerce

    Is this a future TRANNY play by play?

  34. texless69


    The Arizona experiment is officially over. Get quarterback over 5'9 next year !

  35. Young Mexico Choppa

    Young Mexico ChoppaPerce

    Dam this game was marvelous 💥💥🔥

  36. NazKidd 13

    NazKidd 13Perce

    Got blow out after beat Patriots?? Man, they are overconfident on this game 😂

  37. Dee_ 23

    Dee_ 23Perce

    As a titans fan im just enjoying every moment. Let’s keep it up Tennessee #TitanUp

  38. hoodout16


    Titans vs Dallas 2020 super bowl

  39. ben parrish

    ben parrishPerce

    Pay the man

  40. Black Reaper

    Black ReaperPerce

    Jesus Christ Steelers fans travel everywhere

  41. Jaden Ross

    Jaden RossPerce

    Somebody say ducky hodges

  42. 行止



  43. Jo Griffin

    Jo GriffinPerce

    Who cares the anits lost !! That’s good enough

  44. Fafi rip

    Fafi ripPerce

    Brees had the game of his life at home and still took that L.... who Dat ? We Dat 9ers ✊🏾

  45. Mario Yamasaki

    Mario YamasakiPerce

    Looks like jimmy g is really comming into his own now so happy for him

  46. Jason


    The Vikings are so hard to beat at home. The pats lost tonight at home to the chiefs. The Vikings are the only team in the league to be undefeated at home. Honestly the Vikings are one of the hardest teams to beat at home.

  47. Blackthorn 461

    Blackthorn 461Perce

    First half raiders: 21 titans: 21 Second half raiders: 0 titans: 21 I guess the raiders in the second half realized that they need to keep playing like the have the past 2 games

  48. violent shemp

    violent shempPerce

    HOW IS 9:30 NOT INTERFERENCE?? *not a fan of either team*

  49. johnny Lama

    johnny LamaPerce


  50. SevynGaude Johnson

    SevynGaude JohnsonPerce

    This goes down in history as one of the NFL GREATEST GAMES!! They played a Great game today SALUTE 49ners and the Saints

  51. Krimson Gaming Channel

    Krimson Gaming ChannelPerce

    2:52 blocking lol

  52. Horror Hoared

    Horror HoaredPerce

    George kittle. Niners hero

  53. skreets


    considering these last 3 games were the hardest and their only loss was to another great team by 3 points i’d say 2/3 ain’t bad ❤️💛

  54. GMV Central _

    GMV Central _Perce

    Odell Beckham Jr.:Exists Kellan Cole:Im about to end this whole mans career.

  55. Aaron Gerrior

    Aaron GerriorPerce

    The referees sucked that game

  56. SteelersGoingFor 7

    SteelersGoingFor 7Perce

    That fake punt tho? And wtf is Edmunds still doing on the field? Put Artie in there!

  57. Tyrekus Jones

    Tyrekus JonesPerce

    Titan up after 20 years of searching we finally found our QB

  58. David Santayana

    David SantayanaPerce

    Watched this cause of thatsgoodsports

  59. Semour Buttz

    Semour ButtzPerce

    Now this is a high powered game!

  60. KWilliams81

    KWilliams812 perccel

    49ers and Saints: How much offense yall want? NFL fans: Yes

  61. Draymond Mean Greene #WARRIORSCAPTAIN

    Draymond Mean Greene #WARRIORSCAPTAIN2 perccel

    Somebody Save Fitzgerald I fear he has Stockholm syndrome

  62. Jordan Maynard

    Jordan Maynard2 perccel

    Dj more haven’t a good year

  63. UsernameDollar

    UsernameDollar2 perccel

    Johnson rookie of the year

  64. MoonSista Ray

    MoonSista Ray2 perccel

    Wow....compared to Lady Gaga's SB show......Poor Marron 5. They cant compete with her. .

  65. ExpertAim23

    ExpertAim232 perccel

    TITAN UP!!!!!!!!!

  66. Derek Savage

    Derek Savage2 perccel


  67. Alisson Felipe

    Alisson Felipe2 perccel

    Brazilian Fan Jackson MVP

  68. some dude

    some dude2 perccel

    Titans won 6 of 7 since Ryan Tannehill started

  69. Tennessee Titans

    Tennessee Titans2 perccel

    Aj brown was a steal he is like a Julio Jones

  70. instant_ power21

    instant_ power212 perccel

    Derek Henry is a beast

  71. Jonathan Kubacki

    Jonathan Kubacki2 perccel

    When everyone said it cant be done DUCKS FLY TOGETHER!!

  72. Derek Savage

    Derek Savage2 perccel


  73. The weird kids

    The weird kids2 perccel

    Here we come playoffs!!! Tannehill is our guy!!! #Titanup

  74. Gabriel

    Gabriel2 perccel

    Raiders officially eliminated from playoff contention.

  75. Big Blue Squad

    Big Blue Squad2 perccel

    Daniel Jones future is Ryan Tannehill, his NFL comparison. I’m cool with that, Tannehill is one of the best QB’s. He just needed help & development, just like Jones.


    JOKER FACE2 perccel

    *He Looks Like Pittsburgh Playing @Home*

  77. Goo Steelerss

    Goo Steelerss2 perccel

    After years of torture on the defensive end I can finally feel comfortable with a less than 7 lead again 😅

  78. Justinn Zamora

    Justinn Zamora2 perccel

    A.J. Brown and Derrick Henry were on fire. What a week for Tennessee.

  79. SteelersGoingFor 7

    SteelersGoingFor 72 perccel

    The DEFENSE can carry us to a playoff spot! Once we're there, Juju ane Connor will be back.

  80. Rashad Mabon

    Rashad Mabon2 perccel

    Peter's went all pro after Joining the Ravens

  81. Sloandron3

    Sloandron32 perccel

    #TitanUp my dudes

  82. LaRamsLunatic !!!!

    LaRamsLunatic !!!!2 perccel

    I need to see Jimmy g do this year in and year out before I say he’s a elite quarterback

  83. Fun Chiefs

    Fun Chiefs2 perccel

    We got our revenge #gochiefs

  84. 707Gian

    707Gian3 perccel

    Great game. 43 needs to get fined thou, blatantly holding on Kittles face mask. Could've broke his neck. I just don't like that.

  85. De Shane

    De Shane3 perccel

    One helluva game fr.

  86. Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard

    Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard3 perccel

    Terrible calls. Patriots scored touchdown, but did not have any challenges left.

  87. Aiden Jackson

    Aiden Jackson3 perccel

    KC WON

  88. Tyler Miller

    Tyler Miller3 perccel

    Great win guys, let's take it home and win this division!

  89. Jaydiem Rivera

    Jaydiem Rivera3 perccel

    they lost cuz they didn't have parker

  90. Gabriel

    Gabriel3 perccel

    Tannehill looking like a franchise QB Henry looking like the 3rd coming of beastmode Titans in the wildcard now

  91. Geometry Warrior

    Geometry Warrior3 perccel

    Legend says if you ask the people in the comment section for top comment you get it. Can I have top comment? Just kidding don't tell at me please

  92. Chips Aloe

    Chips Aloe3 perccel

    lmao and they wasted money on Gordon

  93. Crystal Roland

    Crystal Roland3 perccel

    The only people who found the woman commentator "annoying", are the ones who know they can't do her job 😁😁😁

  94. MRTUPAC 28

    MRTUPAC 283 perccel

    Titans with Tanninghill will win the AFC South 🤔?

  95. Mike Hunt

    Mike Hunt3 perccel

    A 20 second ad for a minute clip is worse then TV.

  96. Diego Varelas

    Diego Varelas3 perccel

    Titans vs Texans next week, to see who is in first place in the division

  97. richard escobar

    richard escobar3 perccel

    Here come's Belichick's famous quote. We're on to Cincinnati, they really play Cincinnati too.🤣

  98. beneathdatrees0

    beneathdatrees03 perccel

    With the exception of the Raiders, all AFC West teams have won today.

  99. Escocivo 30

    Escocivo 303 perccel

    The Titans are real contenders unlike the Texans.

  100. fibonacci

    fibonacci3 perccel

    I keep hearing that Duck is a good story but he doesn't have the arm strength to be a full time NFL starter. Well that laser TD pass off his back leg says otherwise. If he is not a franchise QB, it has nothing to do with his arm strength