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Epitaph Records is an independent music label founded in Los Angeles by Bad Religion guitarist Brett Gurewitz. Early releases from a variety of punk heavyweights spawned what became known as the 90s punk explosion. Along the way Epitaph proudly launched its sister label ANTI-, representing unique and distinguished acts. From the beginning Epitaph's mission has been to serve the musicians on its diverse and creative roster - an artist-first model, radical twenty years ago, and much imitated today.

The Garden - Sink
Teenage Wrist - "Mary"
Remo Drive - "Romeo"
Save Face - "Bummer"
  1. GIF Music

    GIF MusicNapja


  2. Miki Honoka

    Miki HonokaNapja

    Am I the only one getting evanescence’s lithium vibes?

  3. Snake !

    Snake !Napja

    I love this version^^ really great

  4. Abi Hegarty

    Abi HegartyNapja


  5. Miki Honoka

    Miki HonokaNapja

    I can’t believe those two videos are the same song. They feel so different, the older one is more “upbeat” while this one made me cry. You can actually feel what this song is trying express.

  6. David Axelsson

    David AxelssonNapja


  7. Dead Artist Club

    Dead Artist ClubNapja


  8. eva scott

    eva scottNapja

    this is absolutely fucking sick, i’m obsessed

  9. Jdk22 22

    Jdk22 22Napja

    The reimagined version sounds like a completely different song. Sounds more heartfelt and emotional then the original. Love both but reimagined is better.

  10. MaadMaad



  11. Kayley Moseley

    Kayley MoseleyNapja

    What the hell.. that was beautiful.

  12. Iron Clad

    Iron CladNapja

    3:03 Vote for Pedro 😁👍😂

  13. Sabina Neumannová

    Sabina NeumannováNapja

    I've been waiting for this my whole life. YES PLEASE

  14. Zara ville

    Zara villeNapja

    Wow 😍

  15. Ash Townley-Parker

    Ash Townley-ParkerNapja


  16. jordean dias

    jordean diasNapja

    Caramba, nunca pensei que uma música tão animada antes Poderia se tornar essa maravilha!

  17. Yania



  18. HEYitsTJ


    I didn’t know I needed this in my life

  19. Stephanie Louise

    Stephanie LouiseNapja

    #32 on trending. Good shit! I love this version just as much as the original. Perhaps more. I like Ronnies new style. Your own headline tour Australia 2020. (Even though you were at good things) This tour sounds amazing. I would be beyond words. Blood pressure at 180 or something. Close to death, really haha.

  20. Eddie B

    Eddie BNapja

    Gucci probs in my top 3, can't see it going any lower with this level of content, well done! 💕

  21. Ethan O'Shea

    Ethan O'SheaNapja


  22. Alycian


    Just wow, being an angsty teen at the time all the big emo hits were being released i grew up being influenced by these songs. Now here we are, so much time has passed and so much has changed in the genre. Teenage me loved the original for crying out against my peers and adult me relates to the new take for completely different reasons but both show to be a hand reaching out to the audiences soul ❤

  23. Mikell Padgett

    Mikell PadgettNapja

    4:53 literally took my breath away

  24. Mikell Padgett

    Mikell PadgettNapja

    Fucking powerful

  25. sjescone


    This is the version i love!

  26. Tess C

    Tess CNapja

    I’ve lost my goddamn mind It happens all the time, I can’t believe, I’m actually, Meant to be here Trying to consume, the drug in me is you...And I’m so high on misery ❤️

  27. A_EntxtysYT


    I perfer the new one.

  28. Ethan O'Shea

    Ethan O'SheaNapja

    I don't understand I am 20 this year and I thought my music taste had evolved and changed from when I was 13. But fuck me I will always love FiR Ronnie is actually just a fucking legend

  29. Dimitar Nazarov

    Dimitar NazarovNapja

    Bro, I was in high school in the mid 2000s. I was a metal kid, so I hated anything emo with passion. A sort of feeling that carried through to today. But damn boy, this song, or rather re-imagining is pure brilliance. It definitely changed my mind, this dude is a true musician not some screaming emo poser. Kudos my man, kudos.

  30. Leah Wright

    Leah WrightNapja

    This gave me chillllls in the best way possible

  31. Michael Jones

    Michael JonesNapja

    ohh ronnie im really not ready for this / this song keep touching my soul

  32. Indie sparrow

    Indie sparrowNapja

    God I dont know which version I love more 🤪🤔

  33. Alex Lamb

    Alex LambNapja

    YOU SIR FUCKING KILLED THIS...My girlfriend and I spent valentines on the road and we listened to this probably 30 times and sang it every time it came on (we took turns on the slow parts and I covered the screams at the end)

  34. Wolfgamerkid


    This is fucking amazing...

  35. DarkMoon


    I don't know what happened to him but he has bloomed like a flower, a fucking dark and astonishing flower, and my emo heart is here for it.

  36. Laura Fragoso

    Laura FragosoNapja

    This song speaks to my heart this and BMTH- Sleepwalking, anyone else? 😭💜 I’ve worked hard to not be suicidal anymore got counselling and have progressed a lot over the years, but I’m thankful for music like this, it’s like finally someone understands what I’ve felt

  37. Larissa Kellen

    Larissa KellenNapja


  38. Larissa Kellen

    Larissa KellenNapja


  39. SCheco3


    The internet is always bringing back my impressionable Years full circle , 2004 Slipknot worshipper to 2007 ETF car jammin to 2020 Radke / Corey collab, is this a dream??

  40. James Davies

    James DaviesNapja

    I can't express how much I love these people.

  41. I am Heffy

    I am HeffyNapja

    To sing a long, I'll play this now(plus this shows his vocal range) To rock out, I'll play the original from 10 years ago. Still love Ronnie!

  42. Lunar Raven

    Lunar RavenNapja

    The sound is so fucking beautiful and it's so different I can not believe this is the same song I was listening to yesterday on my way yo school. Gosh it's pure art

  43. Cholie Melan

    Cholie MelanNapja

    SO beautiful!

  44. Silent Russian

    Silent RussianNapja

    Hate to say it but, this version is better than the original one... really shows Ronnies maturity.

  45. Frank Gallagher

    Frank GallagherNapja

    this song was the song that kick started my Falling in reverse obsession 🥺🥺 so cool that revisited it and made a new version 🤧💞 just wish you’d come back to Edmonton so I can see you again :(

  46. Kim Ryeon

    Kim RyeonNapja

    This is so freaking amazing. He is so amazing😍😍

  47. Li


    Holy shit I didn't expect this at all but it's blown my mind. It sounds beautiful and the music is genius, but tbh that shouldn't be a surprise.

  48. M M

    M MNapja

    Stop pretending this is good.

  49. E H173

    E H173Napja


  50. Angeleckt


    Hahaha 😂😂

  51. Aimee Schultz

    Aimee SchultzNapja

    this sounds like it belongs on a Tokyo Ghoul sound track

  52. Mad9977-RC and HOBBY

    Mad9977-RC and HOBBYNapja

    great song

  53. Meagan Foutch

    Meagan FoutchNapja

    Hauntingly beautiful...I'm addicted. Loved the original but this...You just set the bar for 2020.

  54. Ryan Clune

    Ryan CluneNapja

    I'm getting real West World vibes from this if this wan an instrumental. Love it, though.



    Emo great again

  56. Alyy Loneyy

    Alyy LoneyyNapja


  57. CptGinger6661


    this was the song that got me into FIR when it was released, hearing this reimagined today has me in my feelings and it’s amazing...after watching it all i could say was “wow..holy shit”..this song hits a cord deep in oneself when it’s actually slowed down..Thank You, Ronnie

  58. Gunpowder Gelatine

    Gunpowder GelatineNapja

    Professor Snape and Lily

  59. Stay Alive It is worth it

    Stay Alive It is worth itNapja

    This. This is a masterpiece Didn't see it coming

  60. Chase Lepomme

    Chase LepommeNapja

    Waiting here in 2020 for the "Reimagined" Not Good Enough For Truth In Cliche!

  61. William Mayer

    William MayerNapja

    Thats a no from me fam

  62. MIMMIM desu

    MIMMIM desuNapja

    Wow. That's it. Just wow. 🤘

  63. Frankie Iero

    Frankie IeroNapja

    *the knights of ren* in rl

  64. Jordan Harrison

    Jordan HarrisonNapja

    I see a like and a dislike button...where is my goddamn love button 🤔

  65. Karmeleq


    Oh hell... I remember when girlfriend showed me first version of the song years ago, so much good memories with the song. And now, as we broke up after 8 years Falling in Reverse releases THIS.... god, I cried out.

  66. y0semite


    Damn goosebumps

  67. Melina M

    Melina MNapja

    Doubting if I should buy tickets or not... Saw you guys life for 3 times, with my mom.. Now she's gone and idk if I wanna come without her...

  68. jurnee :3

    jurnee :3Napja

    im in tears.

  69. Cindy Rosales

    Cindy RosalesNapja

    This.... Is so fucking beautiful....I can't.... 😍😍😍

  70. Ben Hannington

    Ben HanningtonNapja

    I keep thinking of a aerosmith song

  71. Cindy Rosales

    Cindy RosalesNapja

    Omfg! My inner scene kid is screaming!

  72. Ben Hannington

    Ben HanningtonNapja

    I don't believe you're playing that piano, it's not even plugged in.



    Falling in reverse is outdoing themselves only greatness lies ahead

  74. Stevie Rose Huff

    Stevie Rose HuffNapja

    Holy shit this is BEAUTIFUL, didn't expect this. So classy and it gives the lyrics a whole new feeling. I'm in love

  75. Cindy Kelley

    Cindy KelleyNapja

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  76. Mythic


    I’ve never heard this band before but this song just came up and I can’t stop listening ❤️

  77. Kurtis Russell

    Kurtis RussellNapja

    The replay button. 0:00

  78. Christophe Coletti

    Christophe ColettiNapja

    That song & video is haunting me 😭🖤

  79. Yvon Shawn Legrand

    Yvon Shawn LegrandNapja

    Ronnie, just never stop ! From the bottom of my heart ! See you there in France

  80. Dominic Ritter

    Dominic RitterNapja

    so talented man, impressive af

  81. WhileSheSleeps


    no words...love it

  82. erz 7w7

    erz 7w7Napja

    best valentine's day present ever

  83. syaifa inanta sari

    syaifa inanta sariNapja


  84. Alisha Whapshott

    Alisha WhapshottNapja

    Omg wauw Ronnie you have the most beautiful voice have ever heard

  85. Paul Armo

    Paul ArmoNapja

    1:18 man smoking on some reggie

  86. Taco Ninja

    Taco NinjaNapja

    In my personal opinion. This is the better version of the song.

  87. MusicCentral


    Ever since I've heard this I've been trying to find the words to describe how I feel. I love you Ronnie, you are beautiful brother.

  88. SnubieZ


    After watching 13 seasons of Criminal Minds. I'm a little concerned.

  89. Steven Kiel

    Steven KielNapja

    That aint snow, its the ashes of the past he has let go and the being he used to be. yet with a foumdation and knowing who he is but hes here and he shall be and slay as always. the melancholic nostalgia is real but what a high

  90. Jay Casteline

    Jay CastelineNapja

    I cant see, my eyes r a river. I can feel the burning pain and can relate on such a level

  91. Flying Bunny

    Flying BunnyNapja

    this more like the angry version.. and reimagined is the crying version.. i love both :D

  92. winter shit

    winter shitNapja

    en shock y la piel de gallina, puro arte </3

  93. Inmu Yataz

    Inmu YatazNapja

    Wait.... Lund is here? Feels weird man

  94. christian D

    christian DNapja

    Frozen movie looks decent

  95. KarD SP

    KarD SPNapja


  96. Mr. NoseyBonk

    Mr. NoseyBonkNapja

    I have it on 10% volume and I can still hear his screams through my headphones.

  97. GU1Lty dagamer

    GU1Lty dagamerNapja

    I'm so high on happiness Can't you see?

  98. Illidan Reaper

    Illidan ReaperNapja

    3:39 black jacket.

  99. Ace Hardy

    Ace HardyNapja


  100. RextheRebel


    I actually really liked this. Wow.