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  1. C Man

    C Man3 perccel

    Alonso why is that Troll still around

  2. TheSquadGaming

    TheSquadGaming12 perccel

    Am I the only one dirty minded enough for 2:58?

  3. Álvaro Hoyos

    Álvaro Hoyos16 perccel

    In memory of Charlie and Niki.

  4. Jufki

    Jufki17 perccel


  5. Stop Media Fakery

    Stop Media Fakery22 perccel


  6. Thyago Gomes

    Thyago Gomes22 perccel

    Phoenix Lauda! My favourite!

  7. Jacek Bambaryła

    Jacek Bambaryła24 perccel

    Give Kubica a proper car which he deserves like anyone else!

  8. Mick Solo

    Mick Solo28 perccel

    Me scrolling through the comments to find Sbinnala comments

  9. Thoughtful Thoughts

    Thoughtful Thoughts37 perccel

    I'm sorry but this thing just looks boring if I ever went to one of these things I would fall asleep. The opera humour thing is something I don't understand maybe it's a posh people thing but I don't know. Max looks like he doesn't want to be their. Lewis is busy talking to random people probably praising him and thinking 'this is dead'. Bad event

  10. Elvin Archer

    Elvin Archer41 perce

    Watch the Haas driving by and 0:31 and look at the number

  11. BillionDollarFilms

    BillionDollarFilms42 perccel

    2018 was better

  12. Jordi Lopes

    Jordi Lopes49 perccel

    proving they were born like 3 years ago hahahahah

  13. インフィー

    インフィー52 perccel

    I don't like the highlights of F1 this year

  14. Rob Illustrates

    Rob Illustrates55 perccel

    Alonso deserved way more than 2 F1 drivers titles, legend.

  15. Alexandre KYHENG

    Alexandre KYHENG56 perccel

    Could be cool to have the lap numbers on screen too

  16. Str8DV8


    I have a few questions for all of the long time F1 fans here that have been plaguing me for a while: When an F1 driver crashes, does that get chalked up on a record/profile of some sort and if they crash/fail a certain amount of times do they eventually get terminated from the sport altogether? How does something like this work? I'm curious because I keep seeing drivers swap teams almost every season and despite some of them crashing and failing often, they're still in the sport whereas some have left completely. Another question: If your team constantly ends up in last place will your team eventually get terminated from the sport? I mean, what's the point of racing at all if all you've been doing is losing every season? It's not like you're going to have the funds to catch up with the rest of the teams, right?

  17. 93morda


    Very good video. Smoooootch :)

  18. Aaliya Aftab

    Aaliya AftabÓrája

    i want to post my tik tok video..but no one here for watching.

  19. Aaliya Aftab

    Aaliya AftabÓrája

    Ineed your support

  20. Aaliya Aftab

    Aaliya AftabÓrája

    hello all

  21. 1sonofpeter


    hamilton is a cock

  22. #Highlighted comment

    #Highlighted commentÓrája

    *when you are in hurry to go to toilet*

  23. CraftRacer 44

    CraftRacer 44Órája

    Don’t know if it’s messed up or not but like having this when someone crashes to get a sense of g-force etc would be cool

  24. robert de vries

    robert de vriesÓrája

    why don't we get a live open radio feed of kimi every f1 race instead of the reporter stuff

  25. Cloak AndPoke

    Cloak AndPokeÓrája

    MACHINE LEARNING? They have a virus in their tire degradation system... (They are Beyond 60 grid place penalty bad IMO)

  26. trizzy 3

    trizzy 3Órája

    Yessss Hamilton you legend

  27. 63gallon


    Droid of the year

  28. Vincent Brocker

    Vincent BrockerÓrája

    Yea good luck in the Netherlands in 2020 lol

  29. Tayler Clifton

    Tayler CliftonÓrája

    McLaren=Meme Team

  30. Alexander Hausladen

    Alexander HausladenÓrája

    Maldonado the Legend

  31. MarkitusRacing


  32. Baran Yavuz

    Baran YavuzÓrája

    Smooth operator became a legend.

  33. Burnt Rubber

    Burnt RubberÓrája

    0:36 Raghunathan has the fastest lap!

  34. Banana Swirl

    Banana SwirlÓrája

    Vettel is crap now

  35. marcos vazquez

    marcos vazquezÓrája

    Vendo dos Placas Base Asrock G41c-gs nuevas, quien las quiera hago oferta, las tengo en wallapop. Nuevas valen 85€. Las vendo en 65€ escucho ofertas ;)

  36. Prokars


    this is useless I could just compare their sector times myself

  37. Radosław


    More interesting than actuall F1

  38. Aron Rahim

    Aron RahimÓrája

    4:20 voice crack

  39. P Player

    P PlayerÓrája

    Lewis Hamilton Best driver !

  40. Alonso gaming

    Alonso gamingÓrája

    Lando is using a veloce esport driver technic

  41. marvelousJAKRA


    they should do the season in slow motion like in 2017

  42. julio rava

    julio ravaÓrája


  43. eveannun


    Where r the sparks coming from? Chassis hitting the ground?

  44. Strange _22

    Strange _222 órája

    the videogame looks so real

  45. British Mountain Biker in Poland

    British Mountain Biker in Poland2 órája

    It would have been cooler if Lewis had driven the F1 car onto the stage, and not that boring Bottas, but maybe it wasn't possible to drive the car in your pajamas!!!

  46. Deaths Choice

    Deaths Choice2 órája

    Please F1, spend some of your cash on less wooden and pretentious hosts LOL

  47. Ken Chen

    Ken Chen2 órája

    0:44 you are welcome

  48. 929roger

    929roger2 órája

    I'll just save 1:50 for the memes

  49. diesel

    diesel2 órája

    Glad I wasn’t sent tickets..

  50. Mady Oudshoorn

    Mady Oudshoorn2 órája

    How can people dislike this! Great drive from Valtteri

  51. raftom

    raftom2 órája

    All respect to Claire. None of her drivers ever got a broken steering column.

  52. Aduggie

    Aduggie2 órája

    1:05 Your welcome

  53. Azel Az

    Azel Az2 órája

    Stop trying to make this season look epic. It wasn't. We haven't had a real rivalry for the championship title for almost 6 years now. It's always the same team and driver winning the title again and again for years. Yes, I remember Rosberg. But look in the mirror and tell yourselves without laughing that it wasn't just a gift from Mercedes to him. F1 sucks because we all know who's gonna win in the end. For the first few races it sometimes looks like it's changed. It looks like this time we'll see a real fight until the end. But then it's always the same old story: Mercedes wins and nobody has a chance to defeat them. Respect to Mercedes for creating a car like this, they are clearly the best. But it's ruining F1 for us, fans. It's worse than the Schumacher or the Vettel era and that's a very low bar.

  54. Rafael Ramos

    Rafael Ramos2 órája

    -Formula 1-

  55. cryssianna

    cryssianna2 órája

    0:26 "Eeaaa es hat tuscht!" Most Austrian expression for a crash possible.

  56. Marcos Párraga

    Marcos Párraga2 órája


  57. Radosław

    Radosław2 órája

    BORING... need fucking jet engine in F1 or something like that boooy

  58. gaming channel and swidon games fortnite

    gaming channel and swidon games fortnite2 órája

    He get out like nothing happend

  59. Win Yabut

    Win Yabut2 órája

    smoooth operatoooorrr

  60. Savya Halley

    Savya Halley2 órája

    Ser piloto team 1 Ferrari aos 22 anos, bom demais pra ser verdade. Ele é confiante, eu ficaria é desconfiada. Sorte ou destino? Fly darling!

  61. Mista V

    Mista V2 órája

    IMO Best Highlights: Memory of those who passed away, Rookie of the year - Alex Albon, Fernando Also - 50% chance he maybe back in 2021, Lewis Hamilton speach.

  62. Rasco

    Rasco2 órája

    Holy shit that last crash was ridiculous.

  63. Lorenzo Longu

    Lorenzo Longu2 órája


  64. Teekay285

    Teekay2852 órája

    Hulk at the German GP😪

  65. みぃたんぐるぐる

    みぃたんぐるぐる2 órája


  66. Time TRAVEL

    Time TRAVEL2 órája

    Horor sircuit

  67. Danny Noakes

    Danny Noakes2 órája

    1,000th comment

  68. Mark Thiel

    Mark Thiel2 órája

    I would have liked to see a nod to Lauda and Hubert.

  69. WaN_LUiZ

    WaN_LUiZ2 órája

    I'm not crying. You're crying, Stop.

  70. Frederic Osei

    Frederic Osei2 órája

    Drive to survive 2

  71. Bimon Solivar

    Bimon Solivar3 órája

    What an epic episode this was!

  72. Bimon Solivar

    Bimon Solivar3 órája

    Can't wait for Noljoy Laperm to finally make it through the junior categories!

  73. Ebenezer Antiedu

    Ebenezer Antiedu3 órája

    Lol the typing of Stroll's second audio was Gold😂😂😂 (0:55)

  74. Time1iver

    Time1iver3 órája Sieht irgendwie aus als wäre eher Leclerc daneben getreten. War ja am Platz machen, aber zum Schluss zog er wieder gerade.... vettel nicht.

  75. jens Savelkouls

    jens Savelkouls3 órája

    Please tell me there will be one this year

  76. Debiprasad Indrajit

    Debiprasad Indrajit3 órája

    1:30 Was Daniel meditating...!!😀😀

  77. The Most Original Gamer

    The Most Original Gamer3 órája

    I believe poop comes with force and pressure but not with relaxation Yeah after poop you can relax and read the newspaper for next 10-15 mins but before it's illegal

  78. ShangTsung Baiano

    ShangTsung Baiano3 órája

    Too short circuit...

  79. svogender

    svogender3 órája

    The skills of a 6 time world champion...!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. Lyionis

    Lyionis3 órája

    Ferrari wake up, you shit yourself.

  81. Ivan Tarantsov

    Ivan Tarantsov3 órája

    This would have been way better with the distorted version of the F1 theme haha

  82. Christian Guerra

    Christian Guerra3 órája

    R.i.p.ayrton you are the best ever

  83. Jose Gregorio Moya Urpin

    Jose Gregorio Moya Urpin3 órája

    Japan 2005?? bwoah...

  84. Armless Soldier XD!!!!

    Armless Soldier XD!!!!3 órája

    The last one reminds me of the pesky Forza players that can't drive

  85. Jussi Suuri

    Jussi Suuri3 órája

    F1 is not about drivers, it's about cars. And it's pay to win. If this was an e-sport (lol), it would've been fixed or lost it's playerbase. Faster cars are faster, exiting. F1 is a playground for the rich, true racing is done elsewhere.

  86. William Budiac

    William Budiac3 órája


  87. MAMAYOU H4

    MAMAYOU H43 órája

    not my world, not my f1 nineties, so clean, so, so, so, so far that i liked before....

  88. Moses Ade

    Moses Ade3 órája

    At the start of the season everyone thought gasly will get his first podium before albon but at the end everyobe is suprised gasly got the podium before albon

  89. beExtrme

    beExtrme3 órája

    2:13 best joke ever😂

  90. top secret

    top secret3 órája

    0:18 2 years later Honda engine car won a drag race against Mercedes in Brazil 😂😂😂

  91. Jasonic Multiverse

    Jasonic Multiverse3 órája

    Where is Kimi ?????

  92. Ya boi Turbs

    Ya boi Turbs3 órája

    Can someone translate what seb said?

  93. Charles Fessart

    Charles Fessart3 órája

    Damn Daniel! Back at it again with Räikkönen!

  94. Charles Fessart

    Charles Fessart3 órája

    Damn Daniel! Back at it again with Räikkönen!

  95. sogerc1

    sogerc13 órája

    It was a pretty good season, wasn't it?

  96. DLM

    DLM3 órája

    1.05.38 ham and alonso😂

  97. Zdoroviy Antony

    Zdoroviy Antony4 órája

    Please, don't say anything bad about Brendon Leigh, there is nothing about not being champion again.

  98. EclipseGaming2073

    EclipseGaming20734 órája

    How can people who play video games get into this category what a joke.

  99. LogiForce86

    LogiForce864 órája

    Still waiting for the 2019 version.

  100. Dogukan Demirci

    Dogukan Demirci4 órája

    #forzaferrari , I'm from turkey , charles leclerc 👍🏻