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Console Wars!

Console Wars!

3 hónapja

Testing Real 5G: Part 2!
5G: Explained!

5G: Explained!

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The iPhone 11 Models!
Top 5 iOS 13 Features!
The MKBHD Gear Tour 2019!
  1. Mahender Choudhary

    Mahender ChoudharyNapja

    Need one more elon video

  2. Filosofa Stone

    Filosofa StoneNapja

    Moving parts are a liability. I am not going back to a flip phone no matter how fancy it is. Gone are the days

  3. |ω・`)


    Bixby button is finally gone! It's just a useless thing to me. But I prefer the volume button on the left side.

  4. Kakha Khmelidze

    Kakha KhmelidzeNapja

    Woow, talking with Bill! You are a legend, Marques.

  5. TheAwesomeV _

    TheAwesomeV _Napja

    Is that an Apple Watch?!

  6. Ross1510


    fun fact: Bill made $278 470 by the time of this video

  7. Manny Ribera

    Manny RiberaNapja

    Enclosure = attachment.

  8. Ginger Ninja

    Ginger NinjaNapja

    Hello Mr. Gates can you next time please speak Hindi i dont understand you thanks you

  9. Barrie


    looks like there’s zero response in the swipe at 1:15

  10. 10 11

    10 11Napja

    Marques : 1 last question Can u unbanned me from. Xbox

  11. Luca Kush

    Luca KushNapja

    Any new years resolutions? Oh yeah we begin with letting our patented Corona Virus Out and then we will See.... If you dont believe me, his foundation funded the whole Corona Virus , you can Google IT on the official Patent page

  12. Robert


    No plug in for earphones that bad just wireless then

  13. Élysée


    10:48 " I'm very PC centric person" haha thats gold.

  14. Pranab Medhi

    Pranab MedhiNapja

    two of my favourite men🥰

  15. Duck1435


    for money

  16. brecker14


    i wonder if Steve jobs would had yes to a interview that would had been amazing

  17. Ismael


    I know I'm adding a comment late but this is a man that lives his dream.

  18. Pamela Gonzalez

    Pamela GonzalezNapja

    This was relatively easy to watch. I have had difficulties watching videos with a big load of information before, so glad to be able to listen in on this conversation.

  19. Jyotish Thanapati

    Jyotish ThanapatiNapja

    Marquees : It's really amazing to interview an youtuber, who can buy the youtube😀😀

  20. #NOMOREcookiesFORya


    This guy is so deeply in Samsung's pocket, it's not even funny!

  21. OSMchills Adventures

    OSMchills AdventuresNapja

    I can cry in 8k now

  22. A Noor

    A NoorNapja

    I hear a lot of ahhhh 😉 from my Boi Bill.

  23. Alexandru Hodis

    Alexandru HodisNapja

    Gates, windows update broke my mic settings. Get your shit together

  24. Oliver Varga

    Oliver VargaNapja

    You dumbass they got rid of the jack because of waterproof IP67 / IP68 if the jack was there the IP67/68 is useles

  25. Zs Sz

    Zs SzNapja

    I love this. Please continue, gr8 vid

  26. XenoMorphing23


    Let’s all take a moment to realise how Marques started off unboxing and now is friends with Bill Gates

  27. edboss


    Why are there so many dislikes lol

  28. George Bush

    George BushNapja

    Somewhere along the way, Marques got his ass recruited by the Elite and unbeknownst to him he now serves them.I mean stuff like 5G , Vaccines, Education are well known to be tools of destruction and control. They could be useful if made and applied correctly not satanically. So MKBHD is a small mouth piece for technological aspect of this invasion.I hope somewhere he wake up and see the truth.

  29. Ben


    holy shit

  30. Kirtijyoti Senapati

    Kirtijyoti SenapatiNapja

    Millionaires have a vision

  31. Orbital


    You can clearly see that you are not good at interviewing. I mean better than Jimmy Fallon, who interrupts his guests all the time but still not good. Aside from that, the very brief discussion about electric cars is sadly totally on sided. There is so many bad things to say about electric cars (rare earths, Gigantic CO2 emissions during the battery production that can’t be compensated during the life time of a car, batteries being a totally unrecycable waste after a few years of use, no electric charging networks in most countries, no poor country using such an expansive car system, fuel cell motors being way cleaner than any electric car these day) that haven’t been even mentioned. At least use your opportunity to ask the unpleasant questions.

  32. Bryan William

    Bryan WilliamNapja

    Yesterday Mark Rober fed him fake beef

  33. Peter Kaeselau

    Peter KaeselauNapja

    Great interview! Even if it’s not a filmmaking channel I’m always inspired by your filmmaking ability’s .

  34. deedas


    They said the C (virus) word. DEMONITIZED.

  35. Alexander Winter

    Alexander WinterNapja

    I like that Bill Gates Is still talking about nuclear, because the untold truth is that Windmills, and solar power are still horrible for the environment. The future is fusion, let's hope we get there in time.

  36. zermello franck

    zermello franckNapja

    stop pretending you don't know and you are modernized, the manufacturers know that how be they High Tech of 60 years later. Especially the console game, it's not evolved at all when we see the Nintendo 3DS as if it came out 25 years ago

  37. Fredi panther

    Fredi pantherNapja

    00:28 Mr. smart nobody host interrupted the iconic Bill Gates. I'm out.

  38. Vivek Khare

    Vivek KhareNapja

    Even a normal watch has always ON display ;p

  39. Stasz


    Welcome the ‘Bill Gates unboxing and first impressions’

  40. TechDiffuse


    Always talking to the big guys. You are a great role Model Marques. Keep on doing that!

  41. Black Dynamite

    Black DynamiteNapja

    Marques congratulation bro! really cool to see that this man cares about giving you the time to speak on your platform.

  42. youcef you

    youcef youNapja

    Waiting for an interview with steve Wozniak

  43. Drake Khahili

    Drake KhahiliNapja

    2010: Galaxy S1 2011: Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S2 plus 2020: Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 plus and Galaxy S20 Ultra 2060: Galaxy S60 Galaxy S60+ Galaxy S60 Ultra Galaxy S60 Premium Galaxy S60 Ultra-Premium Galaxy S60 Gold Galaxy S60 Diamon Galaxy S60 Platinum Galaxy S60 God edition

  44. YEAPEA


    When Bill Gates sits next to Siri. ...and when the "Siri Sound Diagram" would say "Hi, Steve"

  45. Gian Singh

    Gian SinghNapja

    Bill gates do some favour and drop the price of Ms office 2019 lifetime You are the person to force us to use crack versions

  46. Comrade Russkiy

    Comrade RusskiyNapja

    finally a true competitor for the apple $1000 monitor stand

  47. Bruce S

    Bruce SNapja

    There's a video(unless HU-gos deleted it)where Bill Gates was talking about these vaccines lowering the world population,which is what the conspiracy experts warned us about.The ruling class puts cancer-causing additives in their vaccines.

  48. Powelish Xx

    Powelish XxNapja


  49. Devansh


    Why can't someone like him be the POTUS?

  50. laserbeam444 maddness

    laserbeam444 maddnessNapja

    I keep thinking it’s £20

  51. Yousuf Sheikh

    Yousuf SheikhNapja

    Isnt it crazy that at that moment bill is chatting with marques he probably got the amount an average American citizen gets paid in a month while he makes it probably in 1 minuet.🤔🤔

  52. Daniel Schwartz

    Daniel SchwartzNapja

    Marques please keep up the yearly tradition of interviewing him.

  53. Mega Dude

    Mega DudeNapja

    I love the way Bill gates dresses himself

  54. HuntaKiller


    Is the 64mp a gw1 sensor? Theoretically the 108mp in mi 10 will be better for zoom 2-3x if it's for normal use

  55. Vhsss Tv

    Vhsss TvNapja

    Bill is the grand dad you wish you had.

  56. Mega Dude

    Mega DudeNapja

    Bill gates be like I will buy HU-gos and you will be CEO Brownlee be like : Yeahh boyy



    May be they use graphene

  58. 444haluk


    Omg I an in love with the design, I always like the flip design



    I am proud of these two fine Americans!

  60. Iftiar Mohammed

    Iftiar MohammedNapja

    I heard, bill gates did predicted about corona virus. Is it true?

  61. TecH RevieW

    TecH RevieWNapja

    Bill is so simple

  62. Daniel Uchanski

    Daniel UchanskiNapja

    Samsung is showing off now, finally.

  63. Karthik Srinivasan

    Karthik SrinivasanNapja

    Bill Gates talks about sustainability, yeah, *the guy who owns the firm that has agreed to provide cloud computing and AI services to big oil companies for exploring new wells.* I can't stand the hypocrisy.

  64. Adwait Deshpande

    Adwait DeshpandeNapja

    When you realise you can hardly afford just the bag

  65. TecH RevieW

    TecH RevieWNapja

    He's got it now

  66. tonya mro

    tonya mroNapja


  67. Benjamin Malave Jr.

    Benjamin Malave Jr.Napja

    Do you make movies other content that takes advantage of your gear?

  68. FuriousJ


    Will cost 400 in 9 months

  69. परून Kandari

    परून KandariNapja

    Jahntu fhon

  70. Carl Turland

    Carl TurlandNapja

    For a man who started his first business with some very dodgy business practices, it is great to see how he uses so much of his money to do good now. He will certainly go down in history as one of the greats

  71. tinashe zimunya

    tinashe zimunyaNapja

    So Bill decided to get a Taycan after he herald Tesla is the Apple of electric cars😂

  72. Shakila Imaniar

    Shakila ImaniarNapja

    Is there any phone case for foldable phone?

  73. Azhar Ul Islam

    Azhar Ul IslamNapja

    No matter how much costly it is, we will be able to buy it for 300 to 500 dollars within year 2022.. 😄😄 I'm gonna buy it than... 😄😄

  74. Add101 'It's Only Me'

    Add101 'It's Only Me'Napja

    No head jack?! No head phone!

  75. NotANut


    That was a weird series of cuts at the start? Overall cool video though, super interesting!

  76. Mar Jun Amistoso

    Mar Jun AmistosoNapja

    Bill gates and his family uses Sony Xperia

  77. Hector Tio Salamanca

    Hector Tio SalamancaNapja

    It's great when it's Snapdragon. When it's that piece of shit exynos it stutters like hell

  78. Chris H.

    Chris H.Napja

    Whole structure of our civilisation is going wrong way.We should learn from nature himself and see context with our universe like an Indians do whole time.Close the pharmaci company's and start to learn people at school what is most important, our health and our live..learn them read,write and count and what need our body to die healthy at 120.Natural hunger of young children till they visit first time school is to know thinks,asking for to know what it is.....unfortunately, they lose it,because the our school system is learning them bad habits, and what to learn,all of them the same...they are the last one to be first one... Our consciousness level is importent, not how smart we are..

  79. Ascii89


    Please find enclosed my cv for your attention!

  80. shashi kumar

    shashi kumarNapja

    its so easy to sit and comment on a phone right? hard to make one buddy

  81. Mr Bison

    Mr BisonNapja

    He forgot to tell you how he stall the plans of apple which made him what he is today 🤣



    Why are you wearing an apple watch when interviewing ex-microsoft ceo

  83. Rogan Pohl

    Rogan PohlNapja

    *Ok HU-gos I get it now stop*

  84. Darkroverit 5

    Darkroverit 5Napja

    Loved it, you are a great interviewer!!

  85. Adeeb Taja

    Adeeb TajaNapja

    Next video: Tim Cook.

  86. Vivek Dixit

    Vivek DixitNapja

    I think you should do i trio interview with elon and bill.... Over there.... 💫

  87. Said Al Maawali

    Said Al MaawaliNapja

    I am waiting for Alon Musk to come up with his phone... it will be called PhoneX, and will be run by hydrocells!

  88. NRGH89


    Hey Bill. Please kick out that clown running microsoft and get back to work. Windows 10 built in apps fail to launch for a myriad of untraceable reasons, and default apps are reset on every sign-in (Education). I await a speedy reply!

  89. GaLoS


    Bill will be remembered far longer than Jobs because of his philanthropy. Steve didn't do anything for charity.



    Man you’ve come a long way! I hope you become just as successful as all these elites you rub shoulders with! 💯

  91. Anthony Johnston

    Anthony JohnstonNapja

    Man, what i guy! why can't all people in positions like his be like him?

  92. Taonezvi Mutsvangwa

    Taonezvi MutsvangwaNapja

    The interview was just a lot better then the one last year...

  93. Chu Bear

    Chu BearNapja

    You need it for fancams lmao

  94. Parthip Dinesh

    Parthip DineshNapja

    Great interview!!!

  95. Kelly Painter

    Kelly PainterNapja

    Great interview. I like the fact that you resisted the urge to slap the shit out of that guy. I would have failed at that.

  96. Clixs Felix

    Clixs FelixNapja

    Sony makes the cameras for iPhone i think

  97. mrwillmcfall


    What a video to wake up to. You're sick at interviewing

  98. fernando navarro

    fernando navarroNapja

    Dude don’t look down when you’re interviewing your guest . You seem uninterested. You’re a very smart guy so I don’t care what questions your team come up with just have more of an organic conversations . Talk to Billy Gates don’t interview him . Unless they have a bunch of his people off camera ready to kick your azz just in case you ask the wrong questions then... never mind .

  99. jhlord 2

    jhlord 2Napja

    Supreme leader Bill gates

  100. sayem Sajib

    sayem SajibNapja

    best person !