Taylor Swift - Lover
Taylor Swift - Red
Taylor Swift - 22
Taylor Swift - Ours
Taylor Swift - Mean
Taylor Swift - Mine
  1. Đặng Thành Lâm

    Đặng Thành Lâm4 másodpercig

    Who could think that the little girl in the MV now become an ARTIST OF THE DECADE ?

  2. Melky Magic

    Melky Magic34 másodpercig

    I can here for the baby

  3. Andy T

    Andy T37 másodpercig

    This song makes me feel so single than ever.

  4. Buster O

    Buster OPerce

    Beautiful family .. Awesome song wow ..great job beautiful .. Christmas got a little bit Sweeter 💝ya 💋👍👏👏🙌🌟

  5. Anson Lieandy

    Anson LieandyPerce

    Let's make this song entered top 10 or top 20

  6. poopscoop


    3:17 this is why she holds her pens differently now. she had terrible handwriting before



    I miss badass Taylor😭

  8. Bert Holden

    Bert HoldenPerce

    This is discusting

  9. 王先生



  10. Kelly kelly

    Kelly kelly2 perccel

    It's 11:46 a.m. And currently rocking out with my mom 😎😎😎😏😏😏

  11. TimTam Therese

    TimTam Therese3 perccel

    I mean 23 hours ago

  12. Stella Newell

    Stella Newell3 perccel

    Woah i live on a Christmas tree farm

  13. Nutts Crackerz

    Nutts Crackerz3 perccel

    2:33 Sweet chairs.

  14. Bobector

    Bobector4 perccel


  15. Jys Kr

    Jys Kr4 perccel

    I hope she sings her old christmas songs again live, especially "Christmases When You Were Mine" which is my favorite.

  16. Oliver Worrells

    Oliver Worrells4 perccel

    Every song she makes is so magical!!💖💖

  17. TimTam Therese

    TimTam Therese4 perccel

    I thought 💭 this was an Old music 🎵 video but it is very recent 23 minutes ago

  18. Jake Mazo

    Jake Mazo4 perccel

    Does it sound like All I Want For Christmas is You??

  19. Uncle Ruckus

    Uncle Ruckus4 perccel

    Aww did you see that cute little punch Taylor threw ...

  20. aalona audrey

    aalona audrey4 perccel

    Omg I wonder how's Andrea's feeling rn

  21. Addie filomena Filomena

    Addie filomena Filomena4 perccel

    2009:nope 2010:nada 2011:uh uhhh 2012:ummmmmm no 2013:maybe..no 2014:nooooppppee 2015:noo 2016:we could... But we won't 2017:idk we shouldn't 2018:i don't think so 2019:LETS PUT THIS IS EVERYONE'S RECOMMENDATIONS

  22. Jake Mazo

    Jake Mazo5 perccel

    4 267 477

  23. RINAD

    RINAD5 perccel


  24. Gracie Enns

    Gracie Enns5 perccel

    My entire childhood was just played 😂

  25. Betzy Joel

    Betzy Joel5 perccel

    December 2019

  26. Neha Shrestha

    Neha Shrestha6 perccel

    Too cute 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  27. Pepperoni

    Pepperoni6 perccel

    Really love this song. It makes me realized how i love her talent to compose the warm heart song in her old country’s style. Miss it so much.

  28. Animo Amigo

    Animo Amigo6 perccel

    Well it's hard to be Taylor. It's hard to be famous, it's hard to have a normal life like us Normal people.

  29. Little Pikachu

    Little Pikachu6 perccel

    I always like it when big artists show videos of themselves when they were kids because sometimes its hard to imagine that they weren't always famous and they used to be like everyone else

  30. Susie Ballard

    Susie Ballard6 perccel

    It's not a Taylor Swift video without a agenda pushing, that all country people hate gays.

  31. Lemon Trade

    Lemon Trade7 perccel

    I made a really happy Beat🎵 guys make sure to check it out🔥🔥🔥

  32. Thu Nguyen

    Thu Nguyen7 perccel

    If HU-gos had Haha reaction, I will react 🤣🤣🤣

  33. Stacy Nelson

    Stacy Nelson7 perccel

    So sweet 😍😍😍 this made my heart so happy.

  34. Ink Rain

    Ink Rain7 perccel

    so warm😭

  35. Win Khine

    Win Khine8 perccel

    Oh no! Cuteness overload! 🤩🥰 Thank goodness Can’t believe Taylor’s family keep the video records from 1989 and 1992! This is another beautiful song of your childhood coming out long after one of my favourite songs “The Best Day” 😍😍😍

  36. Rusty Shackelford

    Rusty Shackelford8 perccel

    Them eyes❤

  37. 라떼는말이여

    라떼는말이여8 perccel

    Begin of legend 2:55

  38. funny guru njr

    funny guru njr8 perccel

    Lana Del Rey vibes.....

  39. Itsme, A

    Itsme, A8 perccel

    Taylor is one of the most paid artist but still doesn’t use airpods. Ugh mah hart 0:12 - 0:22

  40. Khon Sunt Salawng

    Khon Sunt Salawng8 perccel

    Love u Taylor

  41. MikeVvoski draws

    MikeVvoski draws8 perccel

    *everything is icy and blue* Middle East : wait, what?

  42. Dave Ridlespriger 2

    Dave Ridlespriger 29 perccel

    I grew up on a funny farm

  43. Karen J

    Karen J9 perccel

    Omg!!! The definition of CUTE!❤️

  44. Ibanrihun Kharlukhi

    Ibanrihun Kharlukhi9 perccel

    awww so cute

  45. MikeVvoski draws

    MikeVvoski draws10 perccel

    Haters : All Taylor does is write songs about her ex’s Taylor : *My HeArT wAs A cHriStmaS tReE fArM*

  46. Stella Newell

    Stella Newell10 perccel

    Man this hits deep, I live on a Christmas tree farm

  47. Unbeatable Life

    Unbeatable Life10 perccel

    Who's here before 10 million views?

  48. Aphelia Em Rose (SMP)

    Aphelia Em Rose (SMP)10 perccel

    Just noticed the snake on her neck. Hahahah

  49. Unbeatable Life

    Unbeatable Life10 perccel

    Who's here before Christmas?

  50. Colleen S

    Colleen S11 perccel

    5:57 (screams SYDNEY)

  51. Jake Mazo

    Jake Mazo11 perccel

    635 494

  52. Jys Kr

    Jys Kr12 perccel

    This is like one of her Christmas songs from 2007. I like it!

  53. Kushagra Agrawal

    Kushagra Agrawal13 perccel

    👩🏼 👕 👖 She is Taylor swift. 1 like for 1 fan who thinks she is amazing.

  54. Phuc Positive

    Phuc Positive13 perccel

    Well, I just fly from " Christmas tree farm " to here. And I honest, this song is a Wonderland 🌈🌈🌈

  55. Ryan Mock

    Ryan Mock13 perccel

    PA represent! Most of those videos were probably shot in PA!


    PlGEONS AZERBAIJAN14 perccel

    Toylar dünyaya bir hediye mahnı buraxdın

  57. Anita Pope

    Anita Pope14 perccel

    I love Taylor Swift <3

  58. ut levo

    ut levo14 perccel

    Is that you when you were a child ??

  59. Kushagra Agrawal

    Kushagra Agrawal14 perccel

    Ur amazing Taylor swift 👍🏻

  60. aalona audrey

    aalona audrey15 perccel

    Austin is so cute;)

  61. Sebbbas

    Sebbbas15 perccel

    So nostalgic and reminds of the all I want for Christmas song😂😂😁👌🏼

  62. Kinsey Santos

    Kinsey Santos16 perccel

    Looks like she had a wonderful childhood.

  63. Nicole Rina

    Nicole Rina16 perccel

    In the year of 2020's christmas day i'm gonna go back here. 😢

  64. EVAN Andreas

    EVAN Andreas16 perccel


  65. Polo Jacobo Leyva

    Polo Jacobo Leyva17 perccel

    Vamos por esos 40 millones este año:)

  66. Swiftie Paulie

    Swiftie Paulie18 perccel

    Wishing that all children would have such happy memories of Christmas

  67. TGMusique

    TGMusique18 perccel

    It's so warming, and a bit tearful, to see how oblivious young Taylor is in these clips, not knowing that someday she will grow up to be one of the most celebrated pop stars of our generation 😢♥️

  68. Fannie Dixon

    Fannie Dixon18 perccel

    I think Taylor is talented and has a very sweet nature coming from an older woman

  69. Valerie Leung

    Valerie Leung19 perccel

    She’s so cute 😍😍

  70. YEL

    YEL19 perccel

    What is the title of her last song she sings

  71. Unstoppable Goddess

    Unstoppable Goddess19 perccel

    What’s with the celebrities making a money grab and doing Christmas songs? You’re not going to be played annually with the classics so stop

  72. Nikki

    Nikki19 perccel

    austin tho, ahhh theyre so cuteee

  73. Tanya Watkins

    Tanya Watkins19 perccel

    Awesome 😊🎄🎅

  74. Angela Benton

    Angela Benton20 perccel

    LIZZO DANCING im In love

  75. Meli Girl

    Meli Girl20 perccel

    Como me encantaría que vengas a chile Taylor!💚😍

  76. Ellaha Sadat

    Ellaha Sadat20 perccel


  77. Nikki

    Nikki21 perce

    this video is so wholesome :') I really miss her curls

  78. choerry on top 🍒

    choerry on top 🍒21 perce

    I'm a swify but undeniably this song sounds like "All I want this Christmas is you" .

  79. Lygend

    Lygend21 perce

    this is gonna be the new 'all i want for christmas is you' and it's gonna last us 10 years like mariah carey did.

  80. Leo19rash

    Leo19rash22 perccel

    Nice attempt to copy Lana Taylor

  81. Mikel McGill

    Mikel McGill22 perccel

    At 2:57 look mommy something that will lead to me having an ultra successful career and then me putting this clip in a music video for a song about our house

  82. Afiq Akmal

    Afiq Akmal22 perccel

    She’s a legend. 💗😍

  83. bip bong

    bip bong22 perccel


  84. Swifties TS

    Swifties TS22 perccel

    My prediction for first 24 hour vi3ws:4.3m

  85. Meli Girl

    Meli Girl22 perccel

    Taylor linda ven a Chile por favor😍😍

  86. S K

    S K22 perccel


  87. Amy Turner

    Amy Turner23 perccel

    Lovely of her to share it

  88. gw fishing

    gw fishing24 perccel

    I go artificial trees, don’t want them termites in my house!

  89. Sabela Chelba

    Sabela Chelba24 perccel

    a perfect Christmas song to end the decade love it. :]

  90. You Can't Spell AwesoME Without ME!

    You Can't Spell AwesoME Without ME!25 perccel

    Me after 10 years: *I remember how Taylor Swift broke HU-gos again after she released this song*

  91. Kevin Dumaguit

    Kevin Dumaguit25 perccel

    Nice 1B views

  92. aalona audrey

    aalona audrey25 perccel

    Omg I can't stop smiling when she fell from her walk

  93. giangwindy

    giangwindy26 perccel

    Support for Taylor by just listen her music on only her youtube chanel, love you Taylor ♥️

  94. I don't have a name

    I don't have a name26 perccel

    Does anyone notices how she always include the color blue in her songs? Like, is this another easter egg?!

  95. Praxilla

    Praxilla27 perccel

    This is too cute. Much love.

  96. Maddie Cauley

    Maddie Cauley27 perccel

    MERRY CHRISTMAS 🎄🎁 💚❤️💚❤️

  97. Aileen De Jesus

    Aileen De Jesus27 perccel


  98. Khalid Juaksan

    Khalid Juaksan27 perccel

    400M is coming

  99. SOL ONLY

    SOL ONLY27 perccel


  100. Joe Orzech

    Joe Orzech27 perccel

    Soon it will be white girl farm