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Saiyan Mode (Dbz Parody)
Mo Bulma (DBZ Parody)
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  1. Ludseann 13

    Ludseann 136 órája

    It sound like kyyngg rapping 😂😂

  2. hollow erased mind

    hollow erased mind6 órája


  3. mike fire

    mike fire6 órája

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  4. mike fire

    mike fire6 órája

    Veagta the red nose vs Santa jiren

  5. Eliazar Martinez

    Eliazar Martinez6 órája

    What the real song

  6. MasteredTheUniverse

    MasteredTheUniverse6 órája

    2:39 18 got a phatty 🍑🤖

  7. Andre McKenzie

    Andre McKenzie6 órája

    "There was booty juice everywhere bruh" Lol piccaFRO has his big toe on the right of both his feet 😂

  8. Daniel kakaroto

    Daniel kakaroto6 órája

    Cell: I know you are not the real Goku and vegeta your skin is to dark!!! Bro you are so racist 😂

  9. Mohamed Abdinoor

    Mohamed Abdinoor6 órája

    Pause the video at 0:27 and read Froku’s tweet. It had me rolling 😂😂😂

  10. culer O'connor

    culer O'connor7 órája

    Iremember when your videos where funny

  11. C Hi

    C Hi7 órája

    The Kame-Playa! I'ma dead nappy, PLZ WISH ME BACK TO LIFE!

  12. Breno Wellington.Sempai

    Breno Wellington.Sempai7 órája


  13. Silhouettedasixth VI

    Silhouettedasixth VI7 órája

    2:48 'Yeah I'm rich now, might flex on your bitch now'.

  14. Harold's Random videos

    Harold's Random videos7 órája

    That's too funny

  15. C Hi

    C Hi7 órája

    Omega Sean John got that tail swag slapped like a bih!

  16. diamond crafter Chin Kung Chew

    diamond crafter Chin Kung Chew7 órája

    Goku win give him energy

  17. Dane Harris

    Dane Harris7 órája

    One of ya best

  18. Rock Peigan

    Rock Peigan7 órája

    This is how many people went to see kakashi face after he died

  19. Jamar Martin

    Jamar Martin7 órája

    These bars are over 9000 You will not wear me like a scarf lol

  20. Jamar Martin

    Jamar Martin7 órája

    These bars are over 9000

  21. Gabriel Perez

    Gabriel Perez7 órája

    “Put that iron man to your heart, call me tony stark .” 🔥 🔥 BARS:!!

  22. Harold's Random videos

    Harold's Random videos7 órája

    That's funny

  23. C Hi

    C Hi7 órája

    Why did my man say on Martin Luther King Piccolo!

  24. kings Chronos

    kings Chronos7 órája

    4:30 broly lookin' kinda thicc man

  25. Nicholas Mcnealey

    Nicholas Mcnealey7 órája

    Is Slim Thug doing the voices😂

  26. Super sayin 3 Gokuuu

    Super sayin 3 Gokuuu7 órája

    Almight-I gave him all for one and he’ll take your girls thong Yung midory- Y-yea

  27. Shockhorn 317

    Shockhorn 3177 órája

    Bulma vs Chi chi rap battle needs to happen

  28. Mr John KNIGHT GAME Z

    Mr John KNIGHT GAME Z7 órája


  29. Dyson Vaarnold

    Dyson Vaarnold7 órája


  30. Darkninja494807 Playz

    Darkninja494807 Playz7 órája

    Tell me why dende sounds like rae srummerd

  31. Juan camacho

    Juan camacho7 órája

    Dende won this rap battle.

  32. arrow flech

    arrow flech7 órája

    Sut the hell up poop

  33. SYG TermlessSea

    SYG TermlessSea7 órája

    Yo what song is that from o know theres a song that has that beat

  34. draganeel 20 gen

    draganeel 20 gen7 órája

    Thats crazy your already on 1.15 million

  35. Timothe Harris

    Timothe Harris7 órája

    Dende got with both their asses😂

  36. Nobody’s Hero

    Nobody’s Hero7 órája

    Porunga got that weak sauce

  37. Malik King

    Malik King7 órája

    Black guy vs goku black. That wou be nice

  38. Lu Bu

    Lu Bu7 órája

    Dende 🔥

  39. obito uchiha

    obito uchiha7 órája

    that was amazing ubut u need to do one on dat good boi obito

  40. RootBeard Survivor

    RootBeard Survivor7 órája

    dende is the real G

  41. Davon Adams

    Davon Adams7 órája

    Shenron and Porunga: We spitting heat Dende: Pulls out the heat

  42. cyan

    cyan7 órája

    shenron, whats your anaconda looking ass doing on my planet?! that part had me dead already😂😆

  43. Rock Peigan

    Rock Peigan7 órája

    Say Fam!!!!!!

  44. The Behemoth

    The Behemoth7 órája

    Use Heaven Shaking Event for Part 2 PLEASE

  45. Jimmy Wright

    Jimmy Wright7 órája

    3:21 “That flute tho”

  46. Brendon J

    Brendon J7 órája

    Dammmmmmn this shit firrrrrrrre lol

  47. Alivfd

    Alivfd7 órája

    Dende is a damn monster in this video

  48. MorszBG_

    MorszBG_7 órája

    2:28 Thought Goheezy was about to pull up an drop some lyrics😂

  49. Prince Alex

    Prince Alex7 órája

    O.o *dies*

  50. Anthony Hill

    Anthony Hill8 órája

    I'm sorry I'm late this can't happen again D: this stuff was to fire

  51. christian anderson

    christian anderson8 órája

    Porunga was 🔥 AF

  52. XXXSuperLone Z

    XXXSuperLone Z8 órája

    Wait y’all tryna jump CAUSE I DO NOT PLAY THAT SHIIIIT!!! XD

  53. XXXSuperLone Z

    XXXSuperLone Z8 órája

    You are the best at making paradies

  54. Jack Sparow

    Jack Sparow8 órája

    Can someone edit this from 2:00 till 2:40 I want to set it as incoming call

  55. Urban Lifestyle

    Urban Lifestyle8 órája

    Dende sounded like a baby Lil Wayne

  56. Leon Rolle

    Leon Rolle8 órája

    Me: This lit Brain: Bro, play this in 1.25x speed, lets experiment. Me: Sure. *Becomes so lit, my house burn down*

  57. Dillon Dalton

    Dillon Dalton8 órája

    When Dende said: * Bleh, Bleh Bleh...CHIT CHIT......BLEH BLEH BLEH BLEH* I felt that 💯

  58. Angelo Adorno

    Angelo Adorno8 órája

    At least shenron gets more screen time than Porunga

  59. Toxic Mello

    Toxic Mello8 órája

    It’s him the black one lol

  60. Reversekami

    Reversekami8 órája

    Dende surprised me tho was not prepared

  61. Njideka Jack

    Njideka Jack8 órája

    Porunga studies bars me wishes for bars 😎

  62. Md Mangwendeza

    Md Mangwendeza8 órája


  63. Toxic Mello

    Toxic Mello8 órája

    Hinata playing you Nintendo switch

  64. Toxic Mello

    Toxic Mello8 órája

    Naruto Yooous a bittchhh

  65. Ayoup Hassen

    Ayoup Hassen8 órája

    You made cause your dende wont grow lol

  66. the moon gamer

    the moon gamer8 órája

    Those bars where over 990000000000000

  67. Toxic Mello

    Toxic Mello8 órája

    The Gokage of the village hidden in the bars

  68. Goku Red hair

    Goku Red hair8 órája

    Gohan:now she gonna grow up and be a thot I am weak😂😭🤣

  69. Nomex Prod.

    Nomex Prod.8 órája

    SSJ9K can you upload or maybe send me this but as an acapella, I want to make a remix

  70. Ayoup Hassen

    Ayoup Hassen8 órája


  71. Daniel Philabaum

    Daniel Philabaum8 órája

    Damn Dende

  72. Mandela Francis

    Mandela Francis8 órája

    Plz make a part 2

  73. UniversalBip

    UniversalBip8 órája

    I feel bad for naruto his wife calling Goku and Vegeta fine


    SAD BRAINZ8 órája



    SAD BRAINZ8 órája

    Veggie girl looks like a crack baby XD

  76. TheXavierClark1

    TheXavierClark18 órája

    Black guy and beerus about to spit next

  77. NPA anims

    NPA anims8 órája

    Damn chi chi got a BOOTY!

  78. Deadly Raver

    Deadly Raver8 órája

    damn man. Why Dende have to come in and step on both of them like that?

  79. Death 1

    Death 18 órája



    SAD BRAINZ8 órája

    I feel bad for lord beerus


    ULTRA INSTINCT Zack8 órája

    Ight nexted up super shenron vs black smoke shenron

  82. Silver Strider413

    Silver Strider4138 órája

    Not gonna lie I thought super shenron was going to stop the two but I was wrong bruh

  83. Tbs_Sora

    Tbs_Sora8 órája


  84. Melissa Watson

    Melissa Watson8 órája

    Shenron won

  85. LanceChang808

    LanceChang8088 órája

    Yeah, ima go back and watch ERB.


    RICKYOG8 órája

    *YOU AINT BOUT THAT LIIFE* One of the funniest shit I've heard all day XD

  87. Manorbaby Boi

    Manorbaby Boi8 órája

    Dende is on fire🔥

  88. Kemgaming YT

    Kemgaming YT8 órája

    The voices are so identical to the real character's

  89. Nikola Pavlovic

    Nikola Pavlovic8 órája

    Tf, thats all Imma say

  90. Cody Smith

    Cody Smith8 órája

    Dende for the win

  91. Livingdead898

    Livingdead8989 órája

    Nice very nice

  92. DreamBig319

    DreamBig3199 órája

    that opening actually scared the shit outta me for a sec.

  93. Ultra Instinct Koffee

    Ultra Instinct Koffee9 órája

    Ok, who taught them how to spit fire!?

  94. Sakariya Ahmed

    Sakariya Ahmed9 órája

    I was dead when he said imma wear you like a scarf 🤣😂

  95. RR Unbreakable

    RR Unbreakable9 órája


  96. Micheal Sinclair

    Micheal Sinclair9 órája

    now that was some barssssssssssssssss🤯

  97. Christopher Smith

    Christopher Smith9 órája

    AWESOMENESS! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. April Brown

    April Brown9 órája

    I’m thug life gohan

  99. Lil Junkies Greasy Hustle

    Lil Junkies Greasy Hustle9 órája

    this one was good

  100. Bliss Productions

    Bliss Productions9 órája

    "Tell me why chi chiana just punched frohan in the chest and now he gonna get his niggas to jump his own moma"😂 the fuck