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Shawn Mendes - Ruin
  1. TaeTaezz

    TaeTaezz24 másodpercig

    I refuse to believe this came out 5 months ago..

  2. Kim Penney

    Kim PenneyPerce

    Omg 😭❤️

  3. Claudia rosario Lizarraga ramos

    Claudia rosario Lizarraga ramosPerce


  4. Ava’s Hecken Vlogs

    Ava’s Hecken Vlogs9 perccel

    the video that started it all

  5. Angie Apaza

    Angie Apaza9 perccel

    Y el 14 de diciembre del 2019 lo escuché por fin en vivo, estoy infinitamente feliz 🥺❤️

  6. Alex Mellark

    Alex Mellark15 perccel

    Like si vienes del video de los Amas de la Divaza

  7. Isabella Espinosa

    Isabella Espinosa18 perccel

    Shawn Méndez papacitoooooooooooooooooooooo (・ัω・ั)

  8. Nata Music

    Nata Music22 perccel

    Badak dan ikan?

  9. Jhonatan Bibiano

    Jhonatan Bibiano27 perccel

    Esta bien buena para cojercela comenten si esta buena

  10. Amber134 Xo

    Amber134 Xo28 perccel

    This song finds Shawn Mendes singing about a relationship that's helping him to feel free to be himself This girl makes Shawn feel so excited, especially when she's acting crazy, he stops feeling self-conscious and is willing to be taken to places he's never been.

  11. Amber_pops133 Xoxo

    Amber_pops133 Xoxo30 perccel

    This song finds Shawn Mendes singing about a relationship that's helping him to feel free to be himself This girl makes Shawn feel so excited, especially when she's acting crazy, he stops feeling self-conscious and is willing to be taken to places he's never been.

  12. Tal Sudarut

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  13. kv

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  14. Amber133 Xo

    Amber133 Xo31 perce

    This song finds Shawn Mendes singing about a relationship that's helping him to feel free to be himself This girl makes Shawn feel so excited, especially when she's acting crazy, he stops feeling self-conscious and is willing to be taken to places he's never been.

  15. Juan Jacobo

    Juan Jacobo35 perccel

    June 20 was my birthday

  16. Kavitha Nelluru

    Kavitha Nelluru42 perccel

    His outfit is damn cool ♥️♥️♥️

  17. Karina Rivas

    Karina Rivas48 perccel


  18. Jaidy U.

    Jaidy U.54 perccel

    Por fin después de tanto tiempo en 2 días podré ver esta canción en vivo :') 17 de diciembre, Monterrey, N. L, México ❤️

  19. Joshua Carrico

    Joshua Carrico57 perccel

    One of the worst things I've ever watched. Good lord. What is wrong with you people?

  20. Hayden The geeky maniac

    Hayden The geeky maniac59 perccel

    I usually don't like modern artists. However I think what I like about Shawn is his voice. It's loud and powerful but somehow soft. He creates songs that are powerful and catchy. That's hard to do with artists of today In my opinion.

  21. Eduardo Sanchez

    Eduardo SanchezÓrája

    Like si hablan español me siento solo

  22. dn dn

    dn dnÓrája

    I can’t... help

  23. ye fernandez

    ye fernandezÓrája

    Ay por dios! Tanta belleza me ciega 😍 no pueden ser más lindos los dos! 😻

  24. llama the Gemini

    llama the GeminiÓrája

    This is what happens with my ex-girlfriend. Sad. Hopefully everyone else is doing fine though. It's never good to have that kind of hurt. This kind of pain. It is even worse when it wont go away. I sympathize. 😔

  25. Jaylin Wou

    Jaylin WouÓrája

    Everyone: *actually good comments* Me: wHo’S cAlLiNg ShAwN sEñOrItA? 🤔🤔

  26. Stephany Talaviña

    Stephany TalaviñaÓrája

    I love so much this song❤

  27. Ceci Torres

    Ceci TorresÓrája


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    Telugu entertainment tÓrája

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  30. Mahajaji Yudana

    Mahajaji YudanaÓrája

    badak dan ikann

  31. Kavitha Nelluru

    Kavitha NelluruÓrája

    His outfit damn cool....♥️♥️♥️

  32. quang nhật đinh

    quang nhật đinhÓrája

    fan shawn

  33. Denise Hwang

    Denise HwangÓrája

    Tay tay's reaction will be not forgotten haha

  34. Luanna Macêdo

    Luanna MacêdoÓrája

    Isso é o que eu chamo de casal quente 😎😎😎

  35. Victor Gonzales Silva

    Victor Gonzales SilvaÓrája

    Oh my God

  36. Isabel



  37. TheLBgamerYT


    When you find out you 0.00001% Spanish

  38. Airton Santos

    Airton Santos2 órája

    Algem ta vemdo em 2019

  39. Norelyn Zurita Rios

    Norelyn Zurita Rios2 órája

    like si hablas español y no entiendes nada de los comentarios

  40. Free fire player

    Free fire player2 órája

    What the fuck

  41. Bianca da silva macedo

    Bianca da silva macedo2 órája

    Como que eles conseguem ser tão maravilhosos eu shippo muito de mais meu casal Shawmila ❤️😍😍😍

  42. Fernanda Isidora

    Fernanda Isidora2 órája

    what's the girl's name? thx

  43. Abelardo martinez

    Abelardo martinez2 órája

    i love your video an am your biggest fan

  44. Mena’s Editz

    Mena’s Editz2 órája

    2:15 am I the only one who keeps replaying that?

  45. Yesin Chelala Arteaga

    Yesin Chelala Arteaga2 órája

    Está muy ermosa

  46. Ava Garcia

    Ava Garcia2 órája


  47. Tamara 466

    Tamara 4662 órája

    Un like por camila cabello es la mejor

  48. prettythug2731

    prettythug27312 órája

    TEE “ DeeZ TheSe NuT ‘z *[[ 🥛 ]] ThE CuLTure .... OuT * BegonE 4 GooD

  49. Daniela Fernanda Soto Reyes

    Daniela Fernanda Soto Reyes2 órája

    love you

  50. Junior Cunningham

    Junior Cunningham2 órája

    He looks like a zombie

  51. Itzel unicorn

    Itzel unicorn3 órája

    Ewwww you guys are kissing

  52. Lucero Cardenas

    Lucero Cardenas3 órája

    Es tan perfecto 😍❤

  53. Ian !

    Ian !3 órája

    shawn fetus

  54. Simone’s Music

    Simone’s Music3 órája

    This song is my lifeline for my anxiety 😂

  55. Doge98722 xd

    Doge98722 xd3 órája

    Algun solado k hable español :v?

  56. Dakota L

    Dakota L3 órája

    Omgggggg your my cousin I wish lol omggg I love u and this song and mercy omgggggggg love u sooo much omgggggg

  57. Ryan Garry

    Ryan Garry3 órája

    Hi everyone

  58. Chris G.

    Chris G.3 órája


  59. dani_ jsjs

    dani_ jsjs3 órája


  60. Joaquin Mesa-Ramirez

    Joaquin Mesa-Ramirez3 órája

    Cool song

  61. Maria Calix Escobar

    Maria Calix Escobar3 órája

    When you will come to Honduras come please🇭🇳🇭🇳🇭🇳🇭🇳

  62. Pixie Lynn

    Pixie Lynn3 órája

    I just want to go back to when this was released. Much simpler times

  63. Asad Gaddi

    Asad Gaddi3 órája

    im going to sing this in my talent show for school infront of my crush!!!

  64. Le petit snow

    Le petit snow3 órája

    Just a typical one night stand song...

  65. Maria jose Veron

    Maria jose Veron3 órája

    Me encanta esta canción,hasta busque la traducción me encanta ♡♡

  66. Gar Obando

    Gar Obando3 órája

    Los que ablan español y no pueden parar de escuchar un like

  67. Samantha McCallum

    Samantha McCallum3 órája

    He's so much younger than me but is so damn fine...

  68. Thomas Runnalls

    Thomas Runnalls3 órája

    you are my favriet

  69. Martin Acuña

    Martin Acuña3 órája

    Nose como.llegue aca, q tma d mierda

  70. Writers Ink

    Writers Ink3 órája

    I might retract my like the last 2 minutes was horrible they could have just done it on an extra song geeez talk about killing the buzz :(

  71. Preeti Nerella

    Preeti Nerella3 órája

    i could really feel him asking these girls if they had plans that night

  72. Samantha McCallum

    Samantha McCallum3 órája

    This video made me a Shawn Mendes fan because I was amazed that someone used a music video concept that I also thought of (the invisible force that is beating him up). Even though he used it first, I was fascinated that someone used it too and that made me an instant fan.

  73. Crystaliana _playsRoblox

    Crystaliana _playsRoblox3 órája

    Director : Hit him in the face Lady: k = 1:45

  74. Gabriela Muller

    Gabriela Muller4 órája

    Holi solo quería desir que me encanta la música solo que el video no es muy adecuado

  75. Aly Roher

    Aly Roher4 órája

    Shawn te quiere ver mi hermana te amamos versos por favor saludos

  76. Kiki Paulina

    Kiki Paulina4 órája

    Please refresh kiiss

  77. thatdudescool

    thatdudescool4 órája

    I didn’t know the music video was like this.... 😳 Thumbs down 👎

  78. valentina arias

    valentina arias4 órája

    My bisexuality is shook

  79. Gladis Duarte

    Gladis Duarte4 órája

    Like: King Of Pop Michael Jackson Comment: Shawn Mendez

  80. Esmeralda Nadya Ruza

    Esmeralda Nadya Ruza4 órája

    What type of dance will this be good for ?

  81. praveen yadav

    praveen yadav4 órája

    Most liked song 🎶🎤

  82. Human

    Human4 órája

    Heavy metal bands like korn, limp bizkit are my thing but this is an exception

  83. Shin Albino

    Shin Albino4 órája

    Ow em gee kilig na kilig aqo! Hahaha kaineees!

  84. jessica olivares

    jessica olivares4 órája


  85. Cassandra Copeland

    Cassandra Copeland4 órája

    I love you

  86. Maegan Gist

    Maegan Gist4 órája


  87. Jonathan Valle

    Jonathan Valle4 órája


  88. roberto rodriguez

    roberto rodriguez4 órája

    i love this song

  89. senpaini_chan b

    senpaini_chan b4 órája

    Like el que en tiende español 🙇‍♀️🙇‍♂️

  90. Ayesha Ahmed

    Ayesha Ahmed4 órája

    You can tell that the Audience was expecting it but its there choice

  91. Alana Howard

    Alana Howard4 órája

    Lil nas x would be my reaction lol

  92. Evan Imhoff

    Evan Imhoff4 órája

    You will get all the presents you want on Christmas Like to activate If everybody subbed to me that would be my gift 🙏

  93. BoriGringa 2131

    BoriGringa 21314 órája

    I like your video I Love your music!❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😇😇😇😇

  94. Lívia Franco

    Lívia Franco5 órája


  95. TheRonnyGames

    TheRonnyGames5 órája

    Perfec music

  96. Linda Frisby

    Linda Frisby5 órája

    Skip the plans how many miles are you from New Mexico?

  97. Sergio Gomez

    Sergio Gomez5 órája

    Amo esta musica x dios tanta ternura



    me come


    MD YEASIN5 órája


  100. Jerrie Perkins

    Jerrie Perkins5 órája

    This is my and my baby Mama's song of how we got together. She's due on March 17th. The second verse really mirrors our relationship.