Foo the Flowerhorn
Foo the Flowerhorn
Foo the Flowerhorn

I like flowerhorn fish. Most of my videos are about flowerhorn care. A lot of it can be applied to oscars and other carnivorous cichlids.
I also like nano planted tanks with organic soil as substrate.
I do some DIY stuff, too.
I also like betta fish.
Thanks for stopping by.

  1. Eli Nederpelt

    Eli Nederpelt10 órája

    Mergo’s wet nurse, is that you?

  2. Hori Moto

    Hori Moto10 órája

    I love watching these its just so peaceful and amazing to see!


    EZ VAG4LIFE11 órája

    Why would someone dislike this? I mean he is saving trying to save the environment, why are you mad?

  4. Ardana Rahadiyan

    Ardana Rahadiyan11 órája

    The title : how to make colorless watermelom

  5. Douglas Mercado

    Douglas Mercado11 órája

    What kind of light do you use?

  6. Kenny

    Kenny11 órája

    co2 + lighting was my nightmare. not any more cos i quit

  7. Dipayan Dey

    Dipayan Dey11 órája

    That Betta reminds me of Milotic

  8. Beam me up JESUS

    Beam me up JESUS11 órája

    Alejondro!! He's definitely Alejondro! There you go, Dude!! That's his name!! 😎😎😎

  9. Brandome333

    Brandome33311 órája

    I love how thorough you are! You have excellent work ethic. Great work!

  10. yogasxsagoy _

    yogasxsagoy _11 órája

    where is the ep.13

  11. starry baby

    starry baby11 órája

    who else high as fuck

  12. Creative Spike

    Creative Spike11 órája

    Anybody else feel sorry for the Loomster 😉 He needs a date or some mates (maybe a pool party!) 😎

  13. Dipayan Dey

    Dipayan Dey11 órája

    Amano has class.

  14. Rell Capone

    Rell Capone11 órája

    When it's 4am and the HU-gos matrix has chosen you with a recommend lol

  15. Lecyay

    Lecyay11 órája

    this footage of a wilderbeast getting killed by lions made me feel bad for the wilderbeast. so by using computers i turned the wilderbeast into a im glad that its dead

  16. Llonely Elijah

    Llonely Elijah12 órája

    Fish Name : Ribbon

  17. kai

    kai12 órája

    name the beta steve

  18. 马长江

    马长江12 órája

    It's really hard for me to build a fish tank like this.

  19. 马长江

    马长江12 órája

    What a beautiful fish tank.

  20. Ana Paola

    Ana Paola12 órája

    What is the name of the music playing?

  21. Chrissy Amaral

    Chrissy Amaral12 órája

    I want a boyfriend who does this kinda stuff.

  22. Brandome333

    Brandome33312 órája

    I love your choices of music. New subscriber here. Can you tell us what your zodiac sun sign is? Wondering if you’re a water sign like me.

  23. Wayne Huang

    Wayne Huang12 órája

    Honestly I don’t need to go to church, I felt calm just watching this 🌈🌈🌈

  24. shaun lam

    shaun lam12 órája

    Size of the acrylic tube?2.4mm?

  25. Deepak Bhole

    Deepak Bhole12 órája

    Guys I'm from india. I'm planning my aquarium but pet store seller's don't letting me know the names or types of the glass with prices.bthey are hust saying like one is normal glass and if u go for other it will cost high but not telling me the names or types for glass. Please do guide. They don't know whats low iron glass etc. Please guide

  26. Bernard Stander

    Bernard Stander12 órája

    Who else was watching the big snail all the

  27. Megan Howe

    Megan Howe13 órája

    Oh to be a shrimp

  28. Da ve

    Da ve13 órája

    Just call him Fred 😂😂😂

  29. Flair Jordan

    Flair Jordan13 órája

    Idk what’s going on but I like it

  30. 민슈가천재짱짱맨뿡뿡-마리사

    민슈가천재짱짱맨뿡뿡-마리사13 órája

    so much responsibility but your tanks are so lovely and i bet its so nice to check in on everyone like a little family <3

  31. JareJare YT

    JareJare YT13 órája

    Did i just watch shrimp porn

  32. Faith Rogers

    Faith Rogers13 órája

    I just wanted to comment. C _ C

  33. Czesław Wiesław

    Czesław Wiesław14 órája

    Kartofel means 🥔 in polish language 😅

  34. John Galt

    John Galt14 órája

    Not sure how I landed here, but those little shrimp are cool af.

  35. jchiakik

    jchiakik14 órája

    Ughhh you're making me want to build a tank again.

  36. Zuu Kukawska

    Zuu Kukawska14 órája


  37. Jim Hertel

    Jim Hertel14 órája

    Simplicity at its best no overload just enjoyment - thank you

  38. Brithney Savage

    Brithney Savage14 órája

    And still I have no clue what I am watching

  39. Maya Mira

    Maya Mira14 órája

    Why in the thumbnail is an all seeing eye with a pyramid in the middle 🤔

  40. Kittyunicorns

    Kittyunicorns14 órája

    is it just me, or is the music horrifying?

  41. Mrs Gemini

    Mrs Gemini14 órája

    What is this.. I like .. what the fuck

  42. Addison Marks

    Addison Marks15 órája

    Why did you cut out the cleaning process?that's the best part is when you move into a video with a clean tank

  43. geministar

    geministar15 órája

    cannibalism? :O

  44. Joe

    Joe15 órája

    Cool video!

  45. Kat 210

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  46. NaturalNini94

    NaturalNini9415 órája

    This is so satisfying to me

  47. espethe hobbyist

    espethe hobbyist15 órája

    Your videos makes me happy it helps me to relaxed. I miss living in the sea side.

  48. John Abi Lucañas

    John Abi Lucañas15 órája

    So he just put a plant on aquarium and days later shrimp and fish suddenly appear? I'm going to try that lol

  49. Crystal .Cross

    Crystal .Cross16 órája

    So calm and beautiful and educational..ahhh peaceful thank you

  50. Real izbac

    Real izbac16 órája

    I want to see a series like this but with the micro organisms living in my eyelids.

  51. anne

    anne16 órája

    so beautiful

  52. Jen Conrad

    Jen Conrad16 órája

    This is the most peaceful thing I️ have seen all day ❤️

  53. julian higgins

    julian higgins16 órája

    Bro one fish needs a 30 gallon tank to be healthy

  54. heiressheiress

    heiressheiress16 órája

    What is this? Why am I obsessed?

  55. geministar

    geministar16 órája

    I’ve never seen shrimp have sex before 🦐

  56. Certified Boomer

    Certified Boomer16 órája

    I love your content. You are one of my favorite channels to go to to rewatch videos because it's so interesting and has a certain vibe I was looking for. I love you and everything that you make for us!

  57. avert thy mortal eyes

    avert thy mortal eyes16 órája

    Outstanding how captivating this is

  58. Morgan Maher

    Morgan Maher16 órája

    Thank YOU so much for posting <3

  59. Angel Vallejos

    Angel Vallejos16 órája

    Omg I want this. This is so peaceful I can literally just sit there all day and watch them swim around

  60. geministar

    geministar16 órája

    I like these videos. Very calming and relaxing.

  61. Ken Kaneki's Toe's

    Ken Kaneki's Toe's16 órája

    whats with the creepy music

  62. 晴

    16 órája

    5:10 (^▽^)

  63. Sharmi7469

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    U are so kind. U gained a new sub!!

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    Screw it! This too pleasing to watch, I’m subscribing!

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  67. Douglas Noren

    Douglas Noren17 órája

    Hi! Nice videos! I am wondering where you got the stainless pipes and connectors for the light hanger?

  68. Best Food Reviewer

    Best Food Reviewer17 órája

    the weird thing is i didnt skip a second of this video and i usually do that

  69. Mita Hill

    Mita Hill17 órája

    Like the rest of you...I don't know how I got here...I ended up watching the entire video because I was curious and it was relaxing...Now I feel like I need to go and find the very first video to see what the tank looked like when it was first started or I won't be able to to sleep

  70. Brock Winiecki

    Brock Winiecki17 órája

    What is the oily stuff on top of the water? I have had the same stuff for years and have never been able to figure out what it was

  71. denimlabels

    denimlabels17 órája

    Ohhhhh ,...yeah .........🤗

  72. Junique

    Junique17 órája

    綺麗な. I wish I have more time to watch videos like this..

  73. Audai Awadallah

    Audai Awadallah18 órája

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  74. geministar

    geministar18 órája

    lol the slug keeps eating on the glass

  75. older than Enoch

    older than Enoch18 órája

    I love this channel!! I really do. I just think that maybe the tank is too small to house the betta and the tetras . It's good for one fish only, the nerites and a couple of Amanos. Just saying.

  76. Natália Basto

    Natália Basto18 órája

    Muito legal 🙂

  77. Metal Angel

    Metal Angel18 órája

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    Denilson Huaman18 órája

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  83. quietone748

    quietone74818 órája

    How do you manage to not suck up the shrimp, fish fry and shrimp fry when changing the water?

  84. Little_Ghost0220

    Little_Ghost022018 órája

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  85. Leandro Souza Ferreria

    Leandro Souza Ferreria19 órája

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  86. CommanderZarkon

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    this is the most wholesome channel on youtube

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    Anarya Tornglara21 órája

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  95. Sugarcube599

    Sugarcube59921 órája

    Hey fellow aquarium people, I want to try a dirted tank but the soil that this amazing person (I love your channel!) used (Miracle Grow Orgaic Choice Pottong Mix) is no longer available. Does anyone have a recommendation for soil choice? I'd really like to use exactly what someone else has to decrease the risk for error so if you remember the brand and any other details about the bag that would be wonderful! Thanks guys!

  96. 88Shredder88

    88Shredder8821 órája

    So how possible would it be to have an ecosystem in a tank that requires little to no human input? For instance here you still had to skim the surface every now and then, put food in and I noticed you had to clear the plants out too. Are there other members of the ecosystem that could accomplish those tasks?

  97. Donnie Lee

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