5-Minute Crafts
5-Minute Crafts
5-Minute Crafts

Fun diy-projects, crafts, experience the joy of doing it yourself!

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  1. khiam massey

    khiam masseyNapja

    The reason why you call it 5 minutes is because y'all are pros. Think about the other people who are not pros at this.

  2. Zala Franulic

    Zala FranulicNapja

    ooooo cool!

  3. Dj Yeyen

    Dj YeyenNapja

    greetings back soon ready to put out the red light

  4. belle levesque

    belle levesqueNapja

    This music tho

  5. Rory Stewart

    Rory StewartNapja

    Ya. It the toothpaste would have to be cold

  6. Serhan


    Fun Fact: You Entered The Video Cause Of The Thumbnail.

  7. D Cartoon

    D CartoonNapja

    Achha he

  8. Lea Dali

    Lea DaliNapja

    4:27 Totally not wearing foundation

  9. D Cartoon

    D CartoonNapja

    Nice baka

  10. The Rainbow Unipuppy

    The Rainbow UnipuppyNapja

    Awesome ideas!🌈🦥🦦

  11. 50hellkat2


    I tries the staple thing with my pants. Not good...

  12. D Cartoon

    D CartoonNapja


  13. Emmylou Fumera

    Emmylou FumeraNapja

    If anyone is reading the comments, Have a fruitful 2020 and faced "all odds" Like to activate




  15. Kirsti YT Music

    Kirsti YT MusicNapja

    2:50 that is 10 coins from Romania

  16. Andrew Davies

    Andrew DaviesNapja

    Your coping it from troomtroom

  17. Vanessa 09

    Vanessa 09Napja

    12:11 πάνω στην ζάχαρη γράφει στα ελληνικά ,είναι Έλληνες??

  18. Gabby Vandal

    Gabby VandalNapja

    5 minutes to make a real miniature knife really? Do you think we’re dumb. Also you’d loose that immediately. Sorry I don’t mean to be a troll but why do you even make the videos, none of them work the way you say they will and most of them are completely pointless if they do.

  19. sati gaur

    sati gaurNapja

    The phone box one is bad for ur eyesight so u just want the viewers that for once try these hacks to get bad eyesight and get glasses

  20. danks brother

    danks brotherNapja


  21. Kaylen M.

    Kaylen M.Napja

    When you falled from the stairs did it hurt are you okay!? :(

  22. Alexia Maria

    Alexia MariaNapja


  23. blazeandboomer Family

    blazeandboomer FamilyNapja

    It is my birthday today

  24. S. Safi

    S. SafiNapja

    At 6:20 What they use to cut . What is the name of it ..

  25. Abby Anderson

    Abby AndersonNapja

    When this channel was actually good😢

  26. _AminA_ ALIEVA_

    _AminA_ ALIEVA_Napja

    Hot water shows for tomorrow at work and at home the dog wasn’t lost and I can’t...🤍🙄

  27. Trish Babcock

    Trish BabcockNapja

    How come they are exposing food commercials but not exposing their self and all their lies

  28. Great- Inspire

    Great- InspireNapja

    All Exposed by the BBC as Clickbait .

  29. Fanka Janka

    Fanka JankaNapja


  30. Caroline Thami

    Caroline ThamiNapja

    Or just wash them without using salt vinegar or whatever then wash as usual

  31. Kenzie Mock

    Kenzie MockNapja

    me and my friend got all of them for the stressed out one

  32. sara alkatheeri

    sara alkatheeriNapja

    this how many times the flashed the toliet 👇🏻

  33. Narek Kornienko

    Narek KornienkoNapja

    девочка очень NOOB

  34. Danilo Radulovic

    Danilo RadulovicNapja


  35. valuca xl coppola

    valuca xl coppolaNapja

    Bbbbuuuuu 5 Minuto Crafts piu meglio STEF&PHERE

  36. Great- Inspire

    Great- InspireNapja

    Please stop watching these videos , they are just Clickbait and have been exposed by the BBC .

  37. The Real Furret

    The Real FurretNapja

    Ah, yes. Sticking tampons in the quesadilla.

  38. leonerdo09 leonerdo09

    leonerdo09 leonerdo09Napja


  39. Peter Lehmden

    Peter LehmdenNapja


  40. Camila Rohenkohl

    Camila RohenkohlNapja

    I love you five minutes crafts

  41. Shahrina Sohrab

    Shahrina SohrabNapja

    I love u so much mom! I promise I'll take good care of u when you will get old! U r my one and only sunshine! I can't imagine how I will survive without u...💕

  42. Ariana Ramsaran

    Ariana RamsaranNapja

    I think that this video was an heart-touching video. And I cried and got to realize how important out parents are,especially our mothers. Without them we're nothing. I love you mom with all of my heart

  43. Chris F T P

    Chris F T PNapja


  44. Tristen Kunerth

    Tristen KunerthNapja

    Here some. Thing done go to the store and get another

  45. Morgan Muhs

    Morgan MuhsNapja

    Omg 1:14 They just pour on new pants

  46. 성이름


    잠자기 딱좋ㄴ

  47. ali Noonh

    ali NoonhNapja


  48. arianarianachiken nuggets

    arianarianachiken nuggetsNapja

    You don't even have to make something for the oily skin, and oily hair. All you have to do is take a shower..

  49. Wiktoria Kustra

    Wiktoria KustraNapja


  50. NTKG25


    I’m Just Happy The Shrimp’s Editable.

  51. Molly Wilcox

    Molly WilcoxNapja

    Pls tell me why I clicked...

  52. Dawn Ruhl

    Dawn RuhlNapja

    The good thing here is now commercials won't make me hungry any more!

  53. • AngryGorilla Gaming •

    • AngryGorilla Gaming •Napja

    I have never seen such a dumb girl in my Life!