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  1. Steel Shadow

    Steel ShadowNapja

    Daredevil season 4 teaser looks good. Not sure about the cape though.

  2. ΩMayen Ω

    ΩMayen ΩNapja

    The imperial march who?

  3. Bran Stark

    Bran StarkNapja

    Weird head Batman...

  4. ©®™✓


    All I need is for the cape to be blue and the ears to be long and I'll be satisfied.

  5. androidmaui


    DC movies are literally so dark/dim/brightness on fucking max level and I hate it.

  6. Mr. Satyre

    Mr. SatyreNapja

    I wonder who first smoked the crack pipe at DC when the name Robert Pattinson was suggested? The producers or the casting head? "Oh, yeah! THAT'LL work!"

  7. jazzy jamess

    jazzy jamessNapja


  8. jazzy jamess

    jazzy jamessNapja


  9. Sgt Pepper

    Sgt PepperNapja

    Im really feeling the whole angled plate look for his armour and Pattison suits the cowl really well, my one gripe is that the cowl itself makes him look almost scared rather than angry, the brow is too high.

  10. kirkhasglasses


    After seeing The Lighthouse I am super excited to see the R. Pats Batman.

  11. n.m.e


    Is this an the same universe of the joker film?

  12. Apxllo Wxsted

    Apxllo WxstedNapja

    So we’re just going to ignore the funeral march in which they put the theme?🤨

  13. tanvir rahman

    tanvir rahmanNapja

    Anyone else notice that the bat symbol around his chest is made out of the gun that killed his parents?

  14. Jeremy Adams

    Jeremy AdamsNapja

    Batman is not a gd vampire

  15. Mopar Muscle

    Mopar MuscleNapja

    Not gonna lie... looks like trash.

  16. Sergio Alcantara

    Sergio AlcantaraNapja

    Another damn Brit playing Batman. When are we going to get a good AMERICAN Batman DC!? He’s not foreign in the comic books!!

  17. Richard Rodriguez

    Richard RodriguezNapja

    I loved Godzilla since I was little but I like King Kong more #godzilla #kingkong

  18. IceColdKilax


    That's The ARKHAM KNIGHT Suit. 1000% I'm Sold. 💛

  19. Jason Do

    Jason DoNapja

    I'm so glad marvel is bringing daredevil back, can't wait for season 4

  20. carlos samudio

    carlos samudioNapja

    De vampiro de los Razzin al superhéroe de Gótica.... tengo hartas dudas

  21. Critikz


    Heavy Batman Arkham vibes 🚫🧢

  22. Rachel Soto-Wallace

    Rachel Soto-WallaceNapja

    Omg it looks so good I’m sooo excited

  23. MROJAS


    Worst batman ever , bale was the best

  24. snoopi831


  25. Ruben Ramirez

    Ruben RamirezNapja

    This movie will either be overshadowed by previous batman's or will be unexpectedly amazing, after all you don't just make another batman cause you feel like it ( technically you can) but there's something in this movie that's going to set itself apart from the others it's the only way

  26. Jose Franco

    Jose FrancoNapja

    I think he’s too White. No cartoons, no comics, no video games and no other past movies Bruce Wayne is that pale. We all know that there has been no other better Batman than Michael Keyes and Christian Bale. Ben Stiller sucked! But Robert Patterson? Ok.. Let’s give him a shot and best of luck to succeed and accomplish a trilogy.

  27. kevin texter

    kevin texterNapja

    The Affleck script would have been the best DC movie ever But you are more than welcome to try and achieve this title for yourself. #BetheBatman

  28. BlazeWolfdx90


    Suit looks phenomenal but the mask seems a bit off....I can't put my finger on the issue.

  29. 3 Vargas

    3 VargasNapja

    I hope he acquired some serious GAINZ before he dawns the mask. Dude is build like a 13 year old girl. I believe he can act the part, but without the physique it’ll be a tough sell.

  30. Jackson Dunlay

    Jackson DunlayNapja

    Is the Bat symbol on his chest made out of a gun? Just curious.

  31. Russ Vasquez

    Russ VasquezNapja

    I think that the suit will fit better than its predecessor, seeing that this is going to be a process:

  32. JPLMONEY23


    I can tell it's Bruce can thank me later.

  33. Golden Spatian

    Golden SpatianNapja

    Not much of a reveal when they don’t show you much of the suit and a lot of it is impossible to see with the red light

  34. John Smith

    John SmithNapja

    It’s not Vader it’s the Batman

  35. mirza sabir

    mirza sabirNapja

    The suit reminds me of the Batman from Injustice: God Among Us.

  36. adham omran

    adham omranNapja

    we abandoned ben affleck for this bitch ... remember that when the film released

  37. Bruce Wayne

    Bruce WayneNapja

    The bat on his chest is so much better than the Ben Affleck one.

  38. Jelly Nono

    Jelly NonoNapja

    I already hate it...they won’t make it about the story or the plot or even give the villains a chance to challenge not only batman but us the viewers. It will just focus on batman’s origin, and about his relationship with catwoman which will be bland and unseasoned. It will obviously not be about the story at all just about how cool batman is and nothing else. I hope when this movie comes out it feels like something. I want to feel something like how i feel reading the comics. In the comics you can sense the love and hard work that was put into them. Unfortunately this already feels bland and it will definitely 100% fucking suck. Ugh DC deserves better

  39. Autumn Likes memes

    Autumn Likes memesNapja

    Too many things are happening today new Batman trailer hopper not being dead Billie puts out a new song

  40. Beasts


    Looks more like Robin

  41. Richard Rodriguez

    Richard RodriguezNapja

    Let me me say something GODZILLA OP

  42. TJ Parker

    TJ ParkerNapja

    This shit is Savage

  43. Health & Peace Alchemy

    Health & Peace AlchemyNapja

    Suit looks good, but still iffy about the casting.

  44. C- 50

    C- 502 napja

    Que merda em

  45. Brione

    Brione2 napja

    I’m sure the suit looks cool, but I couldn’t see anything through this Virtual Boy filter

  46. Richard Rodriguez

    Richard Rodriguez2 napja

    Kong Kong Kong Kong Kong Kong Kong Kong Kong Kong Kong Kong Kong Kong Kong Kong Kong Kong Kong Kong Kong Kong Kong Kong Kong Kong Kong Kong Kong Kong Kong Kong #kong 🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍

  47. Cj1495

    Cj14952 napja

    Can anyone else picture a gang of thugs on the corner making a drug deal and hearing this theme SLOWLY creep up?

  48. Francisco Casas

    Francisco Casas2 napja

    Thought it was a Daredevil trailer until I saw the title lol

  49. Richard Rodriguez

    Richard Rodriguez2 napja

    I’m sad Godzilla going to win because the movie studio is going to make him win #kingkong 🦍

  50. GeniusGamerShow

    GeniusGamerShow2 napja

    the actors head doesnt fit

  51. pwetty4r4

    pwetty4r42 napja

    Robert's performance is going to make or break this thing

  52. DevPack

    DevPack2 napja

    BIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG shoes to fill after Nolan/Bale trilogy.

  53. JoyBox Trickster

    JoyBox Trickster2 napja

    I get that DCEU is trying to embrace the “dark characters” identity, but this has just gone too far. I could barely see! I needed to put my brightness all the way up. You could’ve called this a Darth Vader movie and I would’ve believed it.

  54. SparkinHeart

    SparkinHeart2 napja

    This would of been epic if it was just without the red and showed the bat ears.

  55. justin rodriguez

    justin rodriguez2 napja

    1939 vibes!!!! Only real batman fans understand

  56. pwetty4r4

    pwetty4r42 napja

    I hope the rest of the soundtrack is this great!

  57. Christian Killgore

    Christian Killgore2 napja

    So if they are rebooting the series from beginning, I'm guessing the naming convention will go like this: The Batman The Batman Returns The Batman Forever The Batman & The Robin Although frankly I would prefer this movie be called The The Batman Begins.

  58. Eric M

    Eric M2 napja

    This will be overrated

  59. Richard Rodriguez

    Richard Rodriguez2 napja

    Godzilla without his atomic breath he would die don’t attack me 😭

  60. Richard Rodriguez

    Richard Rodriguez2 napja


  61. Seamus McFlanery

    Seamus McFlanery2 napja

    Daredevil season 4 looks a bit different.

  62. Sana All

    Sana All2 napja

    Am I the only one getting Telltale Batman vibes?

  63. The Prince Nate

    The Prince Nate2 napja

    Make sure to watch till the end or you miss out!!

  64. Brian

    Brian2 napja

    When is the new Batman video game being released?

  65. Richard Rodriguez

    Richard Rodriguez2 napja

    King Kong American classic Godzilla Japanese classic

  66. my2centsRC

    my2centsRC2 napja


  67. Sppa X

    Sppa X2 napja

    On the highest brightness you can see the bat ears at the beginning

  68. Gutierre Costa

    Gutierre Costa2 napja

    is this kong the same as that of Skull Island? I think not

  69. Arthur do Prado

    Arthur do Prado2 napja

    I missed the horns on the Bat-simbol in his chest.

  70. Lucas Albuquerque

    Lucas Albuquerque2 napja

    That´s the new Battinson

  71. Fink Ployd

    Fink Ployd2 napja


  72. Leo Stiffler

    Leo Stiffler2 napja

    Won't be as good as dark Knight trilogy

  73. Q WWG1WGA

    Q WWG1WGA2 napja

    Come on, how many times do you guys have to do a remake? Try some new original content and we might just buy a ticket for the movie!

  74. Tory Jefferson

    Tory Jefferson2 napja

    Yall like the new daredevil bootleg

  75. Iori Yagami

    Iori Yagami2 napja

    Sees trailer: OH SHIT!!! After trailer: :|

  76. Abdourazak Hassan

    Abdourazak Hassan2 napja

    It's so dark... It must be a DC film

  77. Prickly Pear

    Prickly Pear2 napja

    Replace this with the theme from Daredevil and I wouldn’t believe it to be anything else

  78. C L

    C L2 napja

    All I see is my stupid face in my screen reflection

  79. Ray DaMan

    Ray DaMan2 napja

    Why do I not care?

  80. Will B

    Will B2 napja


  81. Fernando Bottazzi

    Fernando Bottazzi2 napja

    Why are they hiding the ears?

  82. Christian Leeperrr

    Christian Leeperrr2 napja

    Bruh if the rumors are true and his bat logo is made from the gun that killed his parents........ I’m gonna shit myself

  83. JoeDurp

    JoeDurp2 napja

    If thats the gun on his chest that killed Martha and Thomas im so in

  84. tek noir

    tek noir2 napja

    We didn't ask for this and we don't need this....COME UP WITH SOMETHING ORIGINAL YOU LAZY FUCKS

  85. Rich Santana

    Rich Santana2 napja

    TRUMP 2020🏄😎🇺🇸

  86. Niokee Concepcion

    Niokee Concepcion2 napja

    The first gay batman.

  87. Bigshotz 12

    Bigshotz 122 napja

    Daredevil? Is that you?

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    Nice stories2 napja

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  89. Rebekah Wolkiewicz

    Rebekah Wolkiewicz2 napja

    Well, that was barely worth my time. I couldn’t even really see it and I turned my brightness up all the while... 😐

  90. I pew pew a lil bit

    I pew pew a lil bit2 napja

    Aaaaaandd just like that Robert Pattinson went from girly vampire to a goddam badass

  91. Ariel Rios

    Ariel Rios2 napja


  92. PLC The Legacy

    PLC The Legacy2 napja

    Wow, this is cool.....if I could see what I'm looking at.

  93. I see no point with this

    I see no point with this2 napja

    Another fucking batman movie, if anything we need to explore a Batman beyond movie



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  96. Brian Burghard

    Brian Burghard2 napja


  97. I have a small dick but,

    I have a small dick but,2 napja

    Joaquin Phoenix needs to be the joker in this timeline

  98. msa1985

    msa19852 napja



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  100. Emek Korkmaz

    Emek Korkmaz2 napja

    What an awful custom design!