Trying TJ MAXX Makeup For The First Time

HEY EVERYONE... Welcome BACK to my channel! Today I go to TJ MAXX for the first time in 10 years and try to find a full face of makeup! Follow me on this journey and see what happens when I go home and try all the makeup!
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  1. Dione Metzger

    Dione Metzger3 órája

    I want the brush cover set for foundation

  2. Dione Metzger

    Dione Metzger3 órája

    I’m your fan

  3. Grace Wagerman

    Grace Wagerman4 órája

    who got the bag ????????????????/

  4. Carmen Jordan

    Carmen Jordan5 órája

    Jeffree :doesn't even look at the price me: if i don't look at the price i die

  5. crAzY foR mYselF

    crAzY foR mYselF7 órája

    wish I could get makeup like you "what's this? idk I'm getting it" "oh idk what to pick, let's buy both" I'm broke😔✊

  6. Tiffany Zheng

    Tiffany Zheng8 órája

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="717">11:57</a> 😂😂😂😂

  7. Ofelia Valdez

    Ofelia Valdez8 órája

    Hi how are you

  8. Alan Wisniewski

    Alan Wisniewski9 órája

    Hi how ar ya :)



    i love you

  10. Kirstie Sanders

    Kirstie Sanders10 órája

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="738">12:18</a> asmar lol

  11. Avery Herfert

    Avery Herfert11 órája

    Can I please get a makeup pallet

  12. ThatLilBean

    ThatLilBean12 órája

    Ok but can we just talk about how nice Jeffree is to his fans

  13. Kathryn Grubor

    Kathryn Grubor13 órája

    ♥️ your videos

  14. Houssam El Tbi

    Houssam El Tbi14 órája

    You have azma like me 😂😂 😂 gold


    ART FACTORY15 órája

    I am so surprised jefrees inhaler isn’t from Gucci or have sworvoski crystals

  16. Michael Alfonso

    Michael Alfonso17 órája

    Alabyaaa jefreestarr how a youuu😘❤️

  17. Nyanchama

    Nyanchama19 órája

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="167">2:47</a> it's here now💀

  18. Connie W

    Connie W20 órája

    I got a Shiseido sunblock there years ago and used to buy shoes but never makeup. Good to know lol

  19. It’s me Beau x

    It’s me Beau x20 órája

    I do not have Twitter

  20. It’s me Beau x

    It’s me Beau x20 órája


  21. Lazy Lizeth

    Lazy Lizeth21 órája

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="178">2:58</a> ummmm what about the persons license plate 😐

  22. Irwan Rusli

    Irwan Rusli21 órája

    Hi how are you

  23. Mckenzie Sikes

    Mckenzie Sikes23 órája

    I hate you

  24. Julie Carlos

    Julie CarlosNapja

    I. Can't. Stop. Watching. You. I. Watch. You. Every day❤️

  25. Nicole Angela Quizon

    Nicole Angela QuizonNapja


  26. Jayda Haley

    Jayda HaleyNapja

    I love Jeffree but why does he have to eat pure frosting and smack it in his mouth (GROSS 🤢

  27. Nora P

    Nora PNapja

    my mom: u do not need expensive makeup get it from target or TJ MAXX Me after this video: OO HELL NAH!

  28. jemma morris

    jemma morrisNapja

    Hi how are ya I love you Sm you are such an inspiration I love your makeup.

  29. Edén de los Ángeles

    Edén de los ÁngelesNapja

    I worked at TJ Maxx for just 4 hours. My work ethic, years of experience and customer service were brought to the ground when it showed I was not falling for their store history and their name when mess was all over the store. Terrible Dallas store and management skills

  30. Francesca Piano’s vlogz

    Francesca Piano’s vlogzNapja

    TJ maxx was having a good day. Cause Jeffree spent $102.10. They can pay for good music now. Maybe they can even buy Marshall’s too!

  31. Francesca Piano’s vlogz

    Francesca Piano’s vlogzNapja

    I saw your bag up in shelf heaven. Me: “oh that’s cheap.” Also me waiting a minute: “That’s really expensive... wait isn’t that the Hermès bag that they only have 2 in the world and Kris Jenner has it too? Maybe, hope not.”

  32. Francesca Piano’s vlogz

    Francesca Piano’s vlogzNapja

    Can I still get that Louis bag?

  33. Alyssa Doughty

    Alyssa DoughtyNapja

    Jeffreeeeeee! Your videos need to start coming with custom "shook" counters 😁💎😂

  34. Vivian Smith

    Vivian SmithNapja

    I love Jeffree Star

  35. Jazlyn Tiger

    Jazlyn TigerNapja

    “See you soon” girllllll we all know he won’t be seen soon there again 😂

  36. Jazlyn Tiger

    Jazlyn TigerNapja

    Ahhhh the Kat Von D palette 😂

  37. Erin Morrison

    Erin MorrisonNapja

    Hello past jeffree

  38. Marie Manion

    Marie ManionNapja

    ROTHL...Thanks Jeffree! I haven't laughed like this in a while. Such a good sport. Love your spoon!

  39. Αθανασια Κομματα

    Αθανασια ΚομματαNapja

    Why do you need so many cars?😕

  40. Scarletts I love Squishy’s & all things blue & pink

    Scarletts I love Squishy’s & all things blue & pinkNapja


  41. Lisa Kellett

    Lisa KellettNapja

    TJ max is the American version of TK max that is in England

  42. Kara Bland

    Kara BlandNapja

    Done and how are ya

  43. Laura Gormley

    Laura GormleyNapja

    I can’t have Twitter I’m to young

  44. Emilie Christine Hart

    Emilie Christine HartNapja

    When Jeffree started chewing, I cringed soooo hard. Like, I was internally screaming.

  45. Sonia García

    Sonia GarcíaNapja

    Me encanta el contenido de tus videos, No entiendo inglés pero con solo verte me subiste a lo lindo . Muchas gracias

  46. Sky R

    Sky RNapja


  47. Tia Saxon

    Tia SaxonNapja

    Yo why are you tubers make up so expensive Anyway I love these videos

  48. Ceredwin Milford

    Ceredwin MilfordNapja

    Girl when u said you were gunna give it a sprits it was not a sprits it was a shower

  49. rudo chapman tanga

    rudo chapman tangaNapja


  50. Sherita Marsh

    Sherita MarshNapja

    Try ross makeup

  51. Mila Devillard

    Mila DevillardNapja

    its called tk maxx over seas because there is a shop called tj hughes and tjx and tjh were to close

  52. Garmond Rani

    Garmond RaniNapja

    At first after foundation you looked likeParis Hilton Secondly. After eyeshadow you looked like Celine Dion Thirdly after that Chinese product you look like corona virus 🤣🤣🤣 kidding

  53. Unicorngirl


    😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘🤪🤩Love your channel

  54. Noctix


    You don't throw make up

  55. domini 123999

    domini 123999Napja

    I'm from Poland and in Poland it is TK MAX

  56. Noctix


    Why do you dress like a girl jefree I hate boys dress like girls

  57. Maline JAYNORES

    Maline JAYNORESNapja

    Are you gay ( I'm asking)

  58. Leah Purcell

    Leah PurcellNapja

    Here in Ireland 🇮🇪we call it TK MAXX instead of TG MAXX

  59. eggo


    Jeffrey saying he got a still for 16 99 when I can’t even pay 9 99

  60. Alyvia Meier

    Alyvia MeierNapja

    Hi I love your makeup

  61. Vi Craft

    Vi CraftNapja

    Hi how are ya

  62. Maia Morgan

    Maia MorganNapja

    omg hi how are ya i love you so much you are the best gal

  63. Olivia Chan

    Olivia ChanNapja

    Hi how are ya

  64. michael mccarthy

    michael mccarthyNapja

    People talk shit about Jeffery well if u got to live with a rich person U bitches probably be like oh Jeffery I love u sooo much GOLDIGGERS

  65. giggygigy09


    Hi how are ya

  66. Summer Campbell

    Summer CampbellNapja

    Jeffree: pray for me Nate: stabs a giant beauty blender me: oml my fav part of the vid

  67. JuliaJoy86


    TJ MAXX has some pretty baller clothes ngl tho

  68. warriorcatsfan14


    Jeffree is so nice to his fans omg

  69. Chloe Dove

    Chloe DoveNapja


  70. ella smith

    ella smithNapja

    Causally puts a bag that is worth probably over 500,000 dollars on a tg max shelf (I think that is is worth more because he said on the closet tour with the Dolan twins)

  71. Noelle Letizia Angela Ronquillo

    Noelle Letizia Angela Ronquillo2 napja

    In 2009 Somebody: Where is Jeffree? (i dont know how to spell) Another person: Bitch he is in TJmaxx

  72. Raphael Newton

    Raphael Newton2 napja


  73. Ava Bernstein

    Ava Bernstein2 napja

    love when jeffree put his 30,000 dollar bag on the wall of tj max

  74. Mallorie Fields

    Mallorie Fields2 napja

    Your so beautiful ughh 😍 I literally love your makeup but I want your new palette so bad

  75. Yvonne Brennan

    Yvonne Brennan2 napja

    Jeffree sweety, u always look good no matter what makeup your using. Ur always lookin bomb :)

  76. Mya Chippeway

    Mya Chippeway2 napja


  77. Mya Chippeway

    Mya Chippeway2 napja

    Hi how are u 😛brushes

  78. sarah chappell

    sarah chappell2 napja

    i am a big fan from canada i have subscribed to you channel and i wil follow you on twitter Hi Jeffree love all of your makeup dont have any yet but have tried it before its amazing

  79. Angelica Harlo

    Angelica Harlo2 napja

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="718">11:58</a> IM WHEEZING LMAOO

  80. Eva Zsigmond

    Eva Zsigmond2 napja

    the reason its TJMAXX in america but TKMAXX in the UK is because the letters were the initials of people who owned the company but the guy who was J didn't own shares in the UK stores