TroyBoi - Mmmm

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🎵 TroyBoi
#TroyBoi #Mmmm #Trap


  1. Trap Nation

    Trap NationHónapja

    What makes you go "Mmmm"?


    AYAAN GAMER2 napja


  3. KiNG 12

    KiNG 122 napja

    @KOROZYFF c0rrect!

  4. Swaluu uwu

    Swaluu uwu3 napja

    @Alien Boy a soup?

  5. Dubstep Army

    Dubstep Army4 napja

    MMM patas

  6. biillylxxmis

    biillylxxmis5 napja

    @Lukas dsa FBI OPEN UP


    LUCIDITY SOUND17 órája

    LOL what is that sample "who the hell do you think you are " from??

  8. kugelblitz

    kugelblitz21 órája

    Troyboi likes to do weird things with his kicks, but the effects he adds just makes everything 20x better

  9. Alenzzz


    How's the drop Me: Mmmm

  10. Simone Jamilla

    Simone Jamilla2 napja

    I'm AWAKE! Pull up Blood Clat and get on the Dancefloor! :D ♥

  11. YungSpeedRunner

    YungSpeedRunner2 napja

    When you finally found uncensored hentai

  12. Alex Johnson

    Alex Johnson3 napja


  13. Sangita Gupta

    Sangita Gupta3 napja

    🤘 "T-R-O-Y-B-O-I" 🤘

  14. Andressa Freitas

    Andressa Freitas4 napja

    Ok this song deserves more attention

  15. Mc PixelMaker

    Mc PixelMaker4 napja

    this is the same as Trap city you just copy each other

  16. Saliu A.I

    Saliu A.I10 napja

    I just felt heaven, are you God !! DAMN

  17. Dubstep Army

    Dubstep Army11 napja

    Mmm patas

  18. Dubstep Army

    Dubstep Army4 napja


  19. KNOCK

    KNOCK4 napja

    Justo eso pensé xdd

  20. ꧁GODCHRIS꧂ Ğř

    ꧁GODCHRIS꧂ Ğř11 napja


  21. jansher khan

    jansher khan12 napja

    The nation's best, Trapnation.

  22. jansher khan

    jansher khan12 napja

    Troyboi is bass genius.

  23. RiK Rivine

    RiK Rivine14 napja

    Bass is Good When Rolling,

  24. blick fernando gamer

    blick fernando gamer14 napja

    my favorite part 1:44

  25. Sebas Tián

    Sebas Tián16 napja

    Mmmm 🇦🇷😎

  26. Teasy -

    Teasy -17 napja



    LOBO LENDÁRIO17 napja


  28. s e c f

    s e c f17 napja

    Ay la terracota, que rica la terracota MMM

  29. genius Fan Opex

    genius Fan Opex18 napja

    Who the hell u think u r?, btw that background was Troybois music video

  30. Mm Mm

    Mm Mm20 napja


  31. Munch

    Munch21 napja

    I likey!!!!!!!!!

  32. Ваня Кирьянов

    Ваня Кирьянов21 napja

    I like troyboi, he is the best

  33. Joyce Zhong

    Joyce Zhong25 napja

    Wowwwww so gooooood!!! 🖤

  34. Andrew Bender

    Andrew Bender26 napja

    This would be the most perfect music for a thursday.lines video on instagram 😭🤣

  35. Yuri Nate

    Yuri Nate27 napja

    This is NAsssssttyy

  36. Edilma Almeida

    Edilma Almeida27 napja


  37. MystikNoir

    MystikNoir28 napja

    Mmmm. This song was like a 5-star restaurant to my ears

  38. OriginsOG

    OriginsOG28 napja

    Banger 🔊

  39. Muhammet Türkmen

    Muhammet Türkmen29 napja


  40. PackerJack87

    PackerJack8729 napja

    0:26 *Terraria flashbacks*

  41. Jazzamataz :3

    Jazzamataz :329 napja

    Bro as soon as the beat came in you already know the song about to be lit

  42. Timothy Brook

    Timothy BrookHónapja

    You know why I’m here.

  43. Lost_PCBoombreaker


    I feel this Beat lovely ❤️❤️

  44. Faiyad Omer

    Faiyad OmerHónapja

    This is what goes on in my head when i bite into a Big Mac Mmmmmmmmmmm............

  45. Влад Беспалько

    Влад БеспалькоHónapja

    So sweet!

  46. Chirag Chandel

    Chirag ChandelHónapja

    People : wats the name of this song man? Me : its Mmmm People : u sick bro?

  47. Diggy Sama

    Diggy SamaHónapja

    Cool, used this for my blur video,gg

  48. Adam Campbell

    Adam CampbellHónapja

    HU-gos doesn't do this song justice way more bass on Spotify premium.

  49. Devin Brown

    Devin BrownHónapja

    I’m getting really sick of this dude putting me in the hospital...for ONCE I wish he would make a song that’s just ok and not OVERWHELMING 🔥 🔥🔥

  50. Larissa Lucifer

    Larissa LuciferHónapja


  51. Mrdeadlykitty64


    99% of people: 1% of people: EAT "2,500 calories of TRAP" every day that 99% of people: *bru moment*

  52. Kaveman 808

    Kaveman 808Hónapja

    Literal reaction to the drop... Mmmm~

  53. J Zulez

    J ZulezHónapja

    This track is dubstepably awesome!!!

  54. Waqas Khanzada

    Waqas KhanzadaHónapja

    OMG Bass 🔥

  55. Kereil Tutt

    Kereil TuttHónapja

    I think I know why he called this track mmmm.... Its fucking delicious

  56. Robert Raichev

    Robert RaichevHónapja

    A very wavy and simple beat, catchy as heck and I can't lie, TroyBoi, I definitely went "Mmmm" in my mind when I heard that low-key hard drop. This is the type of beat/track where its kept simple, not too many parts to focus on, but you can't stop bobbing your head because the drop is just so dirty without even trying too hard. I mean what else can I say...its a banger 😌

  57. HIDD


    Keren cok, drop nya bikin "mmmm"

  58. Mr. life

    Mr. lifeHónapja

    ух мармок...

  59. Li-jester


    This song deserves the longest mmmmmm, but the thing that makes me go mmmm is Ahey Poke(Raw clean Tuna with chili and seaweed flakes and sesame seeds with a tad of soy sauce), but seriously this song is possibly one of the bests on Trap Nation 😜

  60. Shadow Foxy

    Shadow FoxyHónapja

    Original mix :538 likes This video 13

  61. Divo Bessa

    Divo BessaHónapja

    The king is back 👌🏻

  62. EuÞhory



  63. Mian Hussain

    Mian HussainHónapja

    00:57 when you get the perfect joint MMMMMM

  64. NFI-Gaming-Zone


    Did anyone tried the 1.25 speed? IT'S AWESOME!

  65. DaB3ZT


    This is really relaxing its amazing

  66. Aweron YT

    Aweron YTHónapja

    Nobody: My cat at kitchen: Mmmm

  67. Julia Mariñe

    Julia MariñeHónapja

    I love music electrónica