Trap Nation: New Year Music Mix 2020 🍾🥂

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Trap Nation: New Year Mix 2020 🎉 Best Trap Party Dance Mix 🔥
0:00 PLS&TY - Summer's Young (Shadient Remix)
2:47 Jey Vazz "World In Flames EP" Coming Soon!
4:34 ODESZA - Corners Of The Earth ft. RY X (MEMBA Remix)
7:40 Shisto - Strangest Things
9:34 Haterade - Friends Don't Lie
13:28 Juelz - ID
17:10 BRUER - Fall Hard
20:08 Audiovista - Over U
22:40 Matstubs, Rfen "Destined EP" Coming Soon!
25:30 KLOUD - Humans (Far Out Remix)
33:14 Ian Munro - Murmur
35:54 Mahalo x DLMT - So Cold (feat. Lily Denning) (BRUER X Brite Lies Remix)
38:38 MEMBA - Walls Down feat. EVAN GIIA
41:30 Juche - ID
44:18 Ian Munro - Again, Again
47:14 Sweeper - ANIMATE
50:48 Conrank - Bullet In The Gun
53:34 Ellise - 911 (Tom Wilson Remix)
55:43 Jey Vazz - Disaster
58:12 Egzod - Lone Wolf (feat. Wasiu)
1:01:36 2 Souls - ID
1:03:54 32Stitches & Hoober - Astronomia
1:05:48 INZO - ANGST
1:08:19 WE ARE FURY - Memories (Hahlweg Remix)
1:11:19 Sace x Loneliness - Virtuoso
1:14:44 MEJKO - Derealize
1:16:39 Hex Cougar - Sacrifice (feat. Ruby Red)
1:19:13 Hex Cougar - ID
1:20:29 Coopex, Besomorph - On The Line (feat. Galvanic)
1:23:15 Fytch - Metamorphosis
1:25:57 RL Grime & Juelz - Formula
1:28:53 Duke & Jones - Isolate
1:31:11 WiDE AWAKE - How It Go (feat. Indiah)
1:34:06 Hex Cougar & AWAY - Hourglass (with josh pan)
1:36:54 Vosai - ID
1:39:00 Lux Holm - ID
1:41:31 Jey Vazz "World In Flames EP" Coming Soon!
1:43:57 TroyBoi - ID
1:46:39 Manila Killa - Atypical (Juelz Remix)

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New Year Mix
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    02:44 is 🔥🔥🔥

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    not gonna lie, there are some really crappy songs on this

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    35;50 best shit brp love that

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  16. Ben A.D.

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    Love how there's no ads

  17. Douglas Luan

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    13:28 juelz ❤❤❤❤🇧🇷

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    20:11 just putting this here so I can jump to it.

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    Nice trap ❤️❤️❤️

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    *Megaman*: What happened that night?

  23. Patrick U

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    Missed the entire trunk series, a moment of silence.

  24. Joel Mekelburg

    Joel Mekelburg10 napja

    i don't know if any of you guys play pixel gun 3D. but there are small parts of ID the song that I feel like has references to the teleportation and the shooting of some of the guns. Probably not but idk the teleportation part is at 14:17 or close to that. shooting right after


    KADIN BUTTS12 napja

    Can’t hear it

  26. Jesse Pilcher

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    when is world of flames ep going to get released that song is amazing

  27. Deandre Vandeusen

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    The way you treasure your loved ones is incredible.

  28. Nabael

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    Just out of jail after spending 45 days there with this blasting in my ears and a blunt between my lips. It's the simple things in life you miss when they are taken away. You can't imagine the heavenly high I am riding right now. Thank you for that. I am in absolute bliss after a month and a half of hell.

  29. WoA Twins

    WoA Twins19 napja

    is this kopieright?

  30. Balázs Weiss

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    1st 5 min. OMG..

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    Really good TRAP NATION so cool

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    06 - 00:13:28 - Juelz - ID plzzzzzz anyone canfind this song? i love it

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    @Douglas Luan already on HU-gos

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    I'm waiting for this song too, I wanted to know when it launches

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    Dude that is so good for gaming… love your Music since the first Song came out.

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    Can I have subscriber

  41. Agua Flow

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    i wish i could do remixes of anysong out there yet for me it has seemed too complex..... which is hard when i hear the beats and they lack my beliefe

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    1:03:59 for me nothing else

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    NO ADS This is perfect

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  48. Umar Safdar

    Umar Safdar26 napja

    Too Damn Awesome Man. Loved it. I am at a loss of words right now. Keep making such awesome content. From one music producer to another. Well done. Too deep and perfect. Hats off to you guys. Such an amazing inspiration for me . Dude I;m still listening while typing. FIST BUMP TO YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. NoMi xD

    NoMi xD26 napja

    Happy new year you are the best👍🏽 It's very late i know :(

  50. Kimberley Popp

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    Bra big fan

  51. ITZ DOM

    ITZ DOM26 napja

    That first beat dropped harder than my my mom dropping me as a baby

  52. Axel Boudet

    Axel Boudet26 napja

    Who have the entire title of this beautiful sound at "41:30" by Juche !?

  53. Team Akarui Japan

    Team Akarui Japan27 napja

    Anyone else catching some Pixies Where is My Mind vibes at 01:25:57? Love it.

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    Upriver the things you've

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    I really love all the mixes that guys do every year this my favorite channel to listen to music and see beautiful backgrounds. ❤

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  57. Cj Combs

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    This is DOPE dank music Trap Nation, great work as always! I listen to your music at the gym when I workout and on the go.

  58. Meagan Orand

    Meagan OrandHónapja

    That Juche song is beast. What's it called tho for real? I can't find it solo anywhere and I want it on my playlist :(

  59. Private Channel

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    This is 🔥

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    Nice trap🔥👍💪

  61. Женька Mega

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    Where to download Juche - ID? 41:30

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    Happy new year 2020🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

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    Qual foi a sua musica preferida??

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