Top 5 Moments Package Thieves GOT OWNED!

Top 5 Moments Package Thieves were caught stealing packages...
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  1. Andy Bbb

    Andy Bbb13 napja


  2. G S

    G S16 napja

    It's mostly brown or black people. White people to busy working

  3. Jason Lucero

    Jason Lucero16 napja


  4. Jacques Merde

    Jacques Merde16 napja

    The cops want to be called first. By the time the Stockton cops get to the scene, except in the frequent instances when the bandit IS a Stockton cop, the package will be in Mexico.

  5. Babeena_Gt _

    Babeena_Gt _18 napja

    Dang it I wanna see what happened in the end

  6. Snow The Ghost Tiger/terrygotswag3000/RaaRaa69

    Snow The Ghost Tiger/terrygotswag3000/RaaRaa6919 napja

    I actually work and I actually make sure package is brought to me on days I'm not at work since I get home around 4:10pm est or 16:10 and my package get there at 3:30 so I actually get it delivered on days I'm off work

  7. Mark Rogers

    Mark Rogers21 napja

    way to go ,,,,,,,,get them all


    METALMAN4Wii23 napja

    My neighbors wouldn't care if I'm laying in my driveway dying from a heart attack.

  9. Love Peace

    Love Peace24 napja

    It was a buncha oversized adult toys.

  10. Bruce G.

    Bruce G.26 napja

    digital video doorbells help, and so does an exploding package full of diarrhea.

  11. Narwhal OfFate

    Narwhal OfFate26 napja

    What makes me the most angry is how little regret even how righteous they feel when they get caught.

  12. alecia175

    alecia17527 napja

    Hey that was only 3.

  13. Asher Johnson

    Asher Johnson27 napja

    Their faces are on HU-gos forevermore.

  14. Mik Rod

    Mik Rod27 napja


  15. Daniel Bras

    Daniel Bras27 napja

    Make sure you call 911 first so they can tell you it’s not worth their time to chase porch pirates

  16. Raptor *7

    Raptor *727 napja

    That girl cute😚

  17. Michael Anthony

    Michael Anthony28 napja

    Keep the change ya filthy animals lol

  18. AlphaTheTruthSeeker

    AlphaTheTruthSeeker28 napja

    If you leave ANYTHING in the hands of the police, you might as well just forget about it. They are widely known for being trash at their jobs unless its time for them to kill.

  19. 白い戦士

    白い戦士28 napja

    If package thieves are seen in action like that it should be legal to put a bullet through them.

  20. T. Le

    T. Le28 napja

    What's the follow-up story??

  21. Baron Karza

    Baron Karza28 napja

    It is always fat chicks...they must think food is in there.

  22. gerald hills

    gerald hills29 napja

    Just go to the shops .forget the internet .

  23. Guy Sky

    Guy Sky29 napja

    I’m sorry but there’s no way I wouldn’t smack everyone of these scum mutha fuckers in the mouth.

  24. KEEYTA



  25. hovawart16


    The "suggestions" are pretty useless for older people.

  26. superstar85ca


    Oh yeah right, call 911 first because I'm sure that will get results real quick

  27. Smooth Criminal

    Smooth CriminalHónapja

    I'm not saying shit to them I will just walk up and beat the shit outta them just like they just walked up and took my package.

  28. QuiteDecent


    So, what happened afterwards?

  29. Garrett Wilson

    Garrett WilsonHónapja

    Useless police

  30. The Jackass Linguist

    The Jackass LinguistHónapja

    YO did anyone catch how the last girl tried describing the black woman??? “Um...her hair” “I’m wearing green~” LMAO she’s a thief and you’re trying to be PC by describing her AND yourself without bringing ethnicity into it?? Glad to know we could count on you in a situation where time is of the essence 👏🏻

  31. Ronin Editor

    Ronin EditorHónapja

    2:06 - Have you ever tried to actually call 911 in California? You're on hold 'at least' five minutes... usually ten and by then, it's too late.

  32. endorphinz


    Video: Top 5 monents... Me: I only counted three

  33. Dare Devil

    Dare DevilHónapja

    America is a SHITHOLE!!!

  34. Ze Tuan Lim

    Ze Tuan LimHónapja

    People should be allowed to beat the crap out of thieves who are caught red handed. U can see the justice system failing here. Love and peace isn't going to fix thief problems. Broken bones may, though.

  35. Radiohead


    why don’t the ppl who deliver the packages leave it at a local post office and put a note on the door instead of leaving it at the front porch?

  36. Mick


    Call 911 instead? I literally just watched a video where the police said they couldn't do anything despite the victim having security camera footage 😂

  37. Lauren Nicole

    Lauren NicoleHónapja

    The lady saying her mom lives there 😂 dumb bitch

  38. Swifttyku141


    Wasn’t that just top 3 not 5?

  39. Toe Licker

    Toe LickerHónapja

    This is old it was a couple of years ago not 11 months

  40. Mortac


    Typical American video editing in the first one. Let's show fragments of the same clip a hundred times but never actually show the complete video.

  41. Ronald Matlho

    Ronald MatlhoHónapja

    I would have slapped the white off white off that bitch

  42. alphavortex1


    everyone knows the cops won't do a thing with these low level things - calling the cops is literally a waste of your time.

  43. Midi Music Forever

    Midi Music ForeverHónapja

    Top 5 Moments. 3 clips. The other two in some package that got stolen?

  44. Lazy Pandah

    Lazy PandahHónapja


  45. Just A Guy Production

    Just A Guy ProductionHónapja

    The cops are partially to blame for not doing anything to help.

  46. Galaxy Backup Group Channel

    Galaxy Backup Group ChannelHónapja

    is it me, or was there only 3 clips...

  47. Rick Adrian

    Rick AdrianHónapja

    Call to cops "She's wearing a red slutty dress that she is too fat for and she's got a hair piece that must be covering a bald patch"....

  48. Shadow Ninja

    Shadow NinjaHónapja

    Wow I wonder they have legs, fingers, hands, complete body, why can they work hard.

  49. Maiquel Carrasco

    Maiquel CarrascoHónapja

    I love how she throws it on the floor like a fucking child

  50. Rafael Mendonça

    Rafael MendonçaHónapja

    I live in Brazil, they never deliver packages like this, leaving it in the open. If the person isn't there, they try another day. They do this 3 times. After that you receive a letter to retrieve the package on the nearest postal office. Most services currently offer scheduled delivery so you can make sure you can receive your package, too.

  51. Gangsta Imouto

    Gangsta ImoutoHónapja

    That's just three..

  52. Baldgeta


    As you can see, all of them are females

  53. C J

    C JHónapja

    Them: screaming at thief. Me: pulls out gun.

  54. The Furry Gamer

    The Furry GamerHónapja

    The first package thief is hilarious who runs off with a package on a bike that is a dumb way to get away with it

  55. pootis bird

    pootis birdHónapja

    She's a fatass that's the reason she gets away using a bike. Those fatass legs can't run

  56. Brooklyn Avenue

    Brooklyn AvenueHónapja

    All Trump supporters should have no problem with these people. They put the packages back after being caught, so, no crime, right?

  57. Laura


    Thank you to all the people that didn’t “mind their own business “and caught these thieves. Nice to see people finally standing up to these pos.

  58. LifeLongMETALHead83


    If some threw my packages like that I would hit them. And no I will not assume their gender. Any one doing that gets punched.

  59. Spektrik


    If someone chucked my package like that she deserves a baseball bat to the head

  60. Oxi Clean

    Oxi CleanHónapja

    can't be happening in texas a porch bandit would get fucking shot

  61. Dory Rodriguez

    Dory RodriguezHónapja

    Nobody: Package thieves when caught: ABORT MISSION! ABORT MISSION!

  62. Yellow Penguin

    Yellow PenguinHónapja

    In Holland they never leave a package outside. If you're not at home, they deliver it to the neighbors, try again the next day, or let you pick it up at the post office. In all cases they will leave a note in your mailbox saying where it is.