Tiki-Taka- Is it Dead or Just Evolved? | Football Tactics

Tiki-Taka- Is it Dead or Just Evolved? | Football Tactics
The man who made tiki-taka almost perfect, Pep Guardiola, revolutionized football and led Barcelona to 14 out of a possible 19 trophies between 2008 and 2012.
The Spanish national team were World and European champions at the same time by bolstering the tiki-taka style, but in the last five years it seems that tiki-taka is beginning to fade. Since Guardiola left Barcelona in 2012, Real Madrid have won three European titles in the last four years, while the Spanish national team lost both their crowns.
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So, is tiki-taka dead in 2017, or has it just evolved?
First, let's discuss the basis of the tiki-taka style.
Barcelona’s tiki-taka was based on the passing and positioning excellence of midfielders Andres Iniesta and Xavi. During Guardiola's time at the helm, Barcelona's players were constantly playing in triangles during the buildup, allowing them to always have a teammate free to receive a short pass. Passing the ball around quickly and directly cut errors to a minimum, and it was almost impossible for them to lose possession. On the rare occasions it happened, Barcelona were quick to press the opposition with all available players to regain possession.
In defense, Guardiola often used a midfielder to maximize the passing potential of the squad. His defensive line was always very high up the field, and he installed a sweeper-keeper into his team. Victor Valdes was expected to take part in the buildup phase and sweep every dangerous long ball, even outside his penalty area. This tactic denied space to opponents behind the defense, and allowed Lionel Messi to flourish in the final third of the pitch.
However, after Xavi departed and Barcelona struggled to find a midfield partner for the aging Iniesta, the Catalans had to modify their playing style. Instead of comfortably passing back and forward in the middle of the field, they adopted a more direct approach. After forming the attacking trio of Messi, Luis Suarez and Neymar, Barcelona moved the ball to the final third of the field much faster. That caused passing accuracy and possession to drop, but they kept the goal machine running, thanks to the excellence of their amazing attacking trident.
Pep Guardiola struggled to implement the tiki-taka style to Bayern Munich completely. He had his sweeper keeper in Manuel Neuer, Javi Martinez, the midfielder who fit into the defensive line perfectly, they executed high-pressing flawlessly, but the attack was very different from Barcelona’s. Robert Lewandowski is a classic striker, complemented by Frank Ribery and Arjen Robben as wingers. While he was at Barcelona, Guardiola urged his players to roam freely in the last quarter to create gaps in the opposing defense, which would eventually lead to goals. At Bayern, Guardiola instructed his players to find Lewandowski in the penalty area and feed the Polish striker with assists. That tactic was fruitful in the Bundesliga - Bayern won back-to-back titles - but he failed to win European silverware for the club, which was the top priority in Munich.
In 2017, we can find elements of tiki-taka in unexpected places. Apart from Guardiola's Manchester City, who clearly have some elements of tiki-taka installed in their playing style, Tottenham Hotspur and Napoli are two other clubs which took the most elements out of the famous Barcelona concept.
Barcelona's glory tiki-taka years with Guardiola have passed. The style which made Barcelona and the Spanish national team one of the best in the history of football had to be modified, because the players who were exceptional in that style of play retired, or were at the end of their illustrious careers.
However, that doesn't mean that tiki-taka is dead. Almost every La Liga club was influenced by tiki-taka, and some of the ideas implemented by Guardiola are currently being executed across the continent.
The golden generation led by Iniesta and Xavi is no more, but their influence permanently changed football as a game.
What do you think?
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  1. Saacid Omar

    Saacid OmarHónapja

    No Tiki Taka will never ever dead since there is Genius Midfielder in this planet For me I'm talented midfielder who have same mindset with Xavi and Iniesta and i was played this style For years and i didn't learn from Barcelona because i started watching football for 2018 Tiki Taka is unstoppable no one can stop even Bayernmich idiots 😡😡😡

  2. Sushil Kumar

    Sushil KumarHónapja

    It's back under Setien Visca Barca👏👏💞💞

  3. Ragnar

    Ragnar2 hónapja

    Napoli and Barcellona have the same taste about playing football. They evolve the game but basically use constantly tiki taka style from many years. In Napoli this idea of football was taken by Rafa Benitez and maximised under Maurizio Sarri. Under Ancelotti we lost unfortunately that identity, but Gattuso seems to return to our origin adopting tiki taka style again. As a Napoli supporter, I really hope that he manages to do it because I love this style of playing

  4. Athul Krishna

    Athul Krishna2 hónapja

    You know ajax has similar style

  5. Giann B

    Giann B3 hónapja

    Tiki-taka is the most boring system EVER. Yes, it was very successful (and copied by Spain 2010 and Germany 2014) but still boring and destructive, sucking life out of football and filling the game with false wingers/false 9s/false 10s but no true strikers...

  6. Hareesh Kichu

    Hareesh Kichu3 hónapja

    Xavi-iniesta-messi nothing can be greater than this combination

  7. Rich Warega

    Rich Warega5 hónapja

    Tiki taka only works with intelligent midfielders..duo of inesta and Silva Will never be repeated

  8. Brian Lam

    Brian Lam6 hónapja

    When Lopetegui came to Real Madrid, Real Madrid was playing tiki taka, it was highly ineffective. So tiki taka is no more. Counter pressing style is rising. That's how Germany won the World Cup in 2014, that's how France won the World Cup in 2018, that's how Real Madrid won the UCL title 2016, 2017 and 2018 and that's how Liverpool won the UCL last season. Will total football or catenaccio ever rise again? I say total football could rise again because of how Ajax went in the UCL last season. So Real Madrid vs Ajax in the UCL final could be a possibility in the upcoming season. For catenaccio, it's highly unlikely.

  9. Brian Lam

    Brian Lam6 hónapja

    That's the reason why Manchester City looked like they can go far in the UCL but got taken down in the quarter finals by Tottenham. With Tottenham? Now I know why Tottenham were stronger compare to Liverpool in the UCL final 2 months ago. But Tottenham often do alot long through balls from the back to the front or from the middle to the front.

  10. Max Andersson

    Max Andersson7 hónapja

    I think Sarris Juve will play fantastic!

  11. Arithmetic

    Arithmetic9 hónapja

    Tiki Taka will never die.

  12. Fr33 Worker

    Fr33 Worker10 hónapja

    Imo Xavi, ineista and messi are what made tiki taka great, then in their prime can 5-0 any team

  13. Wayne B

    Wayne B10 hónapja

    Ajax 2018/2019

  14. Ujustgotdunkedon

    Ujustgotdunkedon10 hónapja

    Dele... speed?

  15. Martin Rosario

    Martin Rosario11 hónapja

    tiki taka was prominent because the players were trained to play specifically for the system in the barca youth programs once other clubs figured it out and/or the key components were no longer there that's when it ended, you still certain concepts being used now but in totality its dead, why do you think barca are struggling to win champions league lol you can't just plug and play after Xavi and iniesta not to mention you had Puyol, Alves and busquets, now you only have pique and busquets both past their primes and messi isn't getting any younger

  16. GMGCubing


    Tiki Taka fits the best in Barça

  17. GMGCubing


    Tiki Taka fits the best in Barça

  18. rizki dunop

    rizki dunopÉvvel

    And you know what? Even if Hotspurs tried to imitate tiki taka, they never won a fuckin' trophy

  19. ben dakl

    ben daklÉvvel

    It was johan cruyff that invented it

  20. Ryan Lee

    Ryan LeeÉvvel

    Tiki Taka sucks

  21. Grezmel Chisim

    Grezmel ChisimÉvvel

    Mesi xavi iniesta are perfect for tikitaka

  22. NMRS


    Cruyff created tiki taka

  23. The Ugliest

    The UgliestÉvvel

    Scholes taught Xavi how to play football

  24. Marco Assassin

    Marco AssassinÉvvel

    nah it never died bcz pep left barca tiki taka still awesome left barca ..bayern learnt tiki taka from pep when joined bayern and germany win World cup by tiki taka soo ye its not dead

  25. Abir Khan

    Abir KhanÉvvel

    Not died just evolved

  26. IE


    Tiki taka is great. It's just a lot of clubs are not executing it right, and they don't understand the secret reason why tiki taka is so effective.

  27. Max Thomas-Bland

    Max Thomas-BlandÉvvel

    Barcelona and spain are just the only ones who can pull it off

  28. Ty Denty

    Ty DentyÉvvel

    Really well put together video 👍🏻 Very well explained with great detail

  29. Riqui


    For all those wondering why this video is terrible: 1.''Tiki taka'' does not refer to a playing style. It is actually, as Pep says himself, a negative spanish term meant to describe possession without purpose. 2. ''Creating triangles'' is not how you win in itself. It is a means to an end. It's more how the team and players positioned themselves to keep balance and deconstruct the opposition in different zones that is important and interesting. 3. Passing quickly and precisely is not a feature unique to Guardiola, it is simply a foundation for effective football that every team and player should have mastered at a pro level. 4. Javi Martinez never played as a holding midfielder at Bayern. 5. At Barcelona the players did not roam freely in attack. Positions were to be held by specific players at all times and balance was to be kept. Guardiola's philosophy is called Positional Play, and players have a lot less freedom than the media says. 6. Napoli under Sarri look completely different to any of Pep's teams. The forwards are narrow and the focus is much more on combination play than creating superiorities through positioning. 7. The description of Spurs' playing style is what any big team plays like in possession. Nothing is said about what is aimed during possession phases and how they break down opponents.

  30. Riqui


    I like this channel, but this is kind of a shit video. I you pride yourself on correct tactical explanations, you should know that ''tiki take'' does not refer to a playing style, rather a negative term for possession without purpose. You should also know that Pep Guardiola, similarly to Pochettino, use variants of ''positional play'' or ''Juego de Posicion''. This is actually their philosophy. It revolves around creating different superiorities in different areas of the field, depending on the qualities of your players. So no, ''Tiki Taka''is not dead, it is just adapted by coaches at different clubs to suit their teams. No playing style dies, it simply depends on the quality of the execution.

  31. Pranjal Sao

    Pranjal SaoÉvvel

    Valuable content..i appreciate that..:)

  32. Druchk


    Guardiola didn’t create nor did he perfect Tikki takka.

  33. Denilsen ck

    Denilsen ckÉvvel

    Barcelona is great still without tiki taka

  34. Ahmed Zaman

    Ahmed ZamanÉvvel

    The real tiki taka are Johan Cruyff's and Pep's tactics at Barcelona The rest are just bullshit possession styles

  35. TheSpector


    Is it a coincidence that almost all Pep Guariola's players reached the knock out phase of this year's world cup? And I don't think it's a coincidence that Frances world cup winning squad has mostly players from the premier league. Pep has a worldwide influence on football wherever he goes. Great coach.

  36. DVI


    was Guardiola's Barcelona bigger than Zidane's Real Madrid (coach Zidane era)?

  37. car32953295


    In game theory, you have to adapt tactics to the playing style of your opponents, and even tactical changes during a game. Tiki-taka is a tactical tool that can unlock things in various cases. It has strengths and weaknesses, so it's been popular to find weaknesses in it, and this will make new tactics come through. But it's as valid as any style, and will probably have at least an evolved form returning. Sometimes though, the intuition of the players needs to be trusted in order to create the unexpected. So if a system isn't working too well, you can signal for players to play with a bit more freedom. The amount of extra freedom would depend a lot on a detailed knowledge of the players, but not too much or then it will look like there's no plan at all.

  38. CodeX


    High pressing and overlapping Fullbacks is the dominant tactic these days

  39. Certinho


    A brilliant and revolutionary style of football. Hat's off to Pep.

  40. Jason Oon

    Jason OonÉvvel

    spain with xavi and iniesta is having possession and passing the ball with clear attacking objectives, spain without xavi and iniesta is having possession and passing the ball mindlessly while letting your opponent counter attack you.

  41. shadow0106


    Guardiola took It all from the dutch, who invented this style of play in the 70's (Ajax and Duth National team), and Cruyff brought the concept to Barcelona when he managed the team in the 90's, and Guardiola was a player at Barcelona back then, so, he is kind of Cruyff's pupil.

  42. arieteruggero


    Evolved only... Tiki Taka is fantastic (Napoli Man City Totthenam are fantastic teams) but Napoli and Man City for me are better than Pochettino’s squad

  43. Biu Erlangga Putra

    Biu Erlangga PutraÉvvel

    No xavi and iniesta no more tiki taka

  44. prabin guragain

    prabin guragainÉvvel

    like worth

  45. The Legendary Genius

    The Legendary GeniusÉvvel

    Johan Cruyff actually made tiki-taka

  46. danes53


    It's dead after Bayern Destroyed them in Champions League ...The Tiki tika was possible only with players their old players Xavi Ineista

  47. Ben Shoshani

    Ben ShoshaniÉvvel

    It's not the style it's the players. Xavi, Iniesta, Messi, Eto, Yaya Toure, Puyol, Henry... They would have won by parking the bus or by playing any other style...

  48. Maximus3075


    Tiki Taka is dead

  49. toy feliz

    toy felizÉvvel

    tiki taka starts in ajax you fanboy fuck go fuck yourself ,you think Guardiola dit it jajajaja holy sheet you suck

  50. satyam sharma

    satyam sharmaÉvvel

    Barcelona 1st started this form of play with rondo technique introduced by gr8 Johan Cruyff .....All Pep did was adapting this technique n applying it well bcos of greats like Messi, xavi, Iniesta

  51. Josiah St.

    Josiah St.2 évvel

    You all know that Pep hates tiki taka...right? A quote from Pep: "I loathe all that passing for the sake of it, all that tiki-taka. It's so much rubbish and has no purpose."

  52. Claudio Ricardo Tormen

    Claudio Ricardo Tormen2 évvel

    In Brazil, Grêmio adopted the tiki-taka and was the champion of the last Libertadores de America and Brazil's Cup. thank you Guardiola!

  53. Green light

    Green light2 évvel


  54. Froggy Noddy

    Froggy Noddy2 évvel

    incredible, a brutally effecient and unbeaten system can suddenly fade with the departure of a generation of players, with the possibility of it never returning to its classic pristine form.

  55. Muhammad Zailani

    Muhammad Zailani2 évvel

    Iniesta and Xavi were simply Aliens.

  56. Brian Lam

    Brian Lam6 hónapja

    Plus Puyol, Villa, Maxwell and Eto in the squad back in the days, Barcelona were the real killers back in the days. Now they have fallen and looks like they fall alot more in the upcoming season. The only threat they have is Messi. Messi always brings the ball up and scores. He's the only consistent one. Everyone else are all inconsistent. That's why the fans of Barcelona weren't that happy with their victories for the 2 seasons.

  57. The Lord

    The Lord2 évvel

    What Man City use is a hybrid. They play two games at different scenarios. Their main one is Tiki taka as the like to press high create many passing lanes and draw players to split defences using many short passes. They also use a high press counter attack style which they mainly use once they're a few goals up or are being put under pressure. They use the pace of Sane and Sterling combined with the passing quality of DeBryne to pull of the perfect counter attacks.

  58. el buen Erniko

    el buen Erniko2 évvel

    As long as Guardiola lives, tiki-taka will live too

  59. Bedaiwy Albedaiwy

    Bedaiwy Albedaiwy2 évvel

    Xavi and ainiesta I hope you are always together #tikitakabros

  60. Elric of Melniboné

    Elric of Melniboné2 évvel

    They did not really influence football as much as Johan Cruyff and Rinus Michels did back then. Cruyff himself influenced Guardiola's vision of football. Tiki-taka is just another name for Totaalvoetbal.

  61. Karl Heinz

    Karl Heinz2 évvel

    Borussia Dortmund also did Tiki Taka Football under Thomas Tuchel and was at least in the national League very succsessfull