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  1. Squish_the_stupid


    Why does the “woman driver” look like my fucking history teacher

  2. Van Monroe

    Van Monroe2 napja

    At 1:30 --- dude, just give her a couple of bucks so she can work on getting her next hit, or tell her to have a nice day and then bounce ---- listening to you interrogate her like a prosecuting attorney is worse than listening to her begging for money.

  3. Anthony Munoz

    Anthony Munoz6 napja

    That's dumb filming ur self burglaring

  4. Ali M

    Ali M8 napja

    4:25 😂

  5. Burr Anderson

    Burr Anderson9 napja

    When I worked at Borders right next to I-5 there was a guy we liked to call Gasman. It seemed that this feller ran out of gas every day for a month. He carried around an empty 1 gallon gas can and hung out in our parking lot begging for gas money. He was very successful and gleaned 5-10 and even 20 dollars from kindly suburbanites. I have a sister?????

  6. Abbas Memon

    Abbas Memon10 napja

    You are the idiot who gave her money three times.

  7. xR Naughty

    xR Naughty13 napja

    Last dude was off drugs and liquor

  8. Lil Ugly Dude

    Lil Ugly Dude15 napja

    A few were fake BTW

  9. totallynotaweeaboo

    totallynotaweeaboo18 napja

    he couldve said "suq mah dieck for 3 bucks"

  10. MrBleedk

    MrBleedk21 napja

    Alot of coward people doing NOTHING! so thieves can steal from others!

  11. The Irish detective

    The Irish detective22 napja

    Wow I’m a detective and I can say that first kid he was damn prepared to steal😂

  12. Galaxy Guy

    Galaxy Guy24 napja

    Second woman is a babe.

  13. Hydrorational

    Hydrorational25 napja

    I feel bad for the woman, because I've been trying to get to my mother's house for 3 decades now and I just need 26.95 for Minecra- I mean mommy house

  14. Season 8 Player

    Season 8 Player26 napja

    That kid was like fuck this shit I’m out

  15. Jeff Kealy

    Jeff Kealy26 napja

    The thumbnail.... didn't dinosaurs go extinct?

  16. Spectre Davido

    Spectre Davido28 napja

    "I'm a woman driver" So what Ohhh cause woman cant drive? My motherfucker have crashed 6 times in my motor cycle and 2 times in my car

  17. Natanel Davidoff

    Natanel Davidoff29 napja

    the pickpocketer was such a smartass lmao I bet he's a cool friend to have until you cant find your rolex

  18. Kaanybal

    Kaanybal29 napja

    The video at 4:18 is not real lol it’s Halid arsajev

  19. kelvin hu

    kelvin huHónapja

    1:59 i know that vid it is make in the netherlands i saw another vid about it it was staged lmao it isn't real

  20. Person ?

    Person ?Hónapja

    They guy just Preying not to get sued regretting pickpocket

  21. Ghillie Gamer

    Ghillie GamerHónapja

    I have a sister

  22. 06_o_clock


    If I witnessed someone stealing, I would think about sneaking behind them and surprising them. Idk but that would be funny af

  23. Netafaly._


    lmao that 1st kid was smart

  24. Suzy Boyle Anderson

    Suzy Boyle AndersonHónapja

    My friend had a package stolen once. She has her packages sent to her office now. But puts poopy cat litter into the packages and leaves them on her porch. They can steal that.

  25. Suzy Boyle Anderson

    Suzy Boyle AndersonHónapja

    Watched a video of a woman trying to steal someone's package on her porch. The owner sees her runs after her ripped the package from her and flings her hot coffee on her and kicked the thief's car door shut on her. I hate to mess with this lady

  26. Emir 57

    Emir 57Hónapja

    The one on 4:19 is not a real video that's something he made for fun

  27. 4 20

    4 20Hónapja

    4:17 he is a german Comedian...

  28. Jason Mukerberg

    Jason MukerbergHónapja

    0:46 I can’t stand the turbible lighting

  29. 「s o o - r i」

    「s o o - r i」Hónapja

    This reminds me of the woman who tried to steal a whole turkey at the supermarket by shoving it up her vag*

  30. Jason Clementraj

    Jason ClementrajHónapja

    Lol that pickpocket guy

  31. Wolfpackshadow3 Ross

    Wolfpackshadow3 RossHónapja

    Speaking of thieves

  32. Christopher Albino

    Christopher AlbinoHónapja

    mf wth happened to this mans roof 00:00

  33. Elijah Valongo

    Elijah ValongoHónapja

    That pickpocket one had me deadddd lmao

  34. RespekonmaName


    So we not talk about how every Video here is from the USA?

  35. darkfarie94


    These type of people are a waste

  36. AndrewTV


    6:07 atms are like onions

  37. Kris BD

    Kris BDHónapja

    What kind of dumbass who filmed themselves robbing the house?

  38. Sp00nism


    Bruh I live in bullitt county smh what a bum

  39. K F

    K FHónapja

    This shit is so staged if you don't know that you stupid

  40. JJK0992


    There’s this lady at our local grocery store who fills an entire shopping cart with junk food and uses her granddaughter to get people to pay for all of it, its messed tf up man. So many people who pass through fall for it no matter how many times locals warn them.

  41. Sam N

    Sam NHónapja

    Who ever said nice guys finish last.

  42. Dark Thunder

    Dark ThunderHónapja

    You guys take submissions? I caught two fifteen year olds trying to steal a package from my porch. When caught and confronted I let them know they had been recorded attempting to steal a package with an item that costs $700.00 and the video would be turned over to the Sheriff's Office. I told them that an item of that price is a felony offence and they would most likely go to "Federal Pound You In The Ass Prison!" If you have seen Office Space you get it. One of the kids started to cry and the other kid literally started to piss himself.

  43. Mara L

    Mara LHónapja

    Adrienne givens mentally ill thief and predator caught stalking. Adrienne is also trying to steal from my father. Her and her sister are Mentally ill human garbage

  44. Sirios Star

    Sirios StarHónapja

    I have ZERO sympathy for thieves . If you come to my house , one of us is going to the hospital or worse and the other to jail.

  45. Jay Hallman

    Jay HallmanHónapja

    Panhandlers make way more then ppl working full-time at $15 hour. It’s crazy how much they can pull in in a day. All you got to do is be willing to bag. Reach out your hand and ppl will put money in it.



    1:50 Roll Bluff Check - At minus 2 CHA and 4 Bluff Skill on a roll of 2 that would end up beingggggg... A 4 on your bluff roll. Everyone knows you're bullshitting.

  47. Greg Sproles

    Greg SprolesHónapja

    Always carry a gas can- and they shut the hell up once I tell them I have gas for them.... they always go pale..... uhhhhhhh no thanks

  48. ImSplizzY


    Mrk einfach Halid bei 4:15

  49. fatboy


    Yeah I know her she gave me blow job for 5 bucks

  50. Noah Peters

    Noah PetersHónapja

    Man that guy who pick poket was such a gangster man 😂😂😂tht shit was gold he said plz forgive me

  51. Ernest Clayton

    Ernest Clayton2 hónapja

    Lying thieving trash!

  52. M N

    M N2 hónapja

    YOU SEE, some poor soul broke into my house WHAT HE did not know was that I had a GUN... Let just say it was so SATISFYING TO SHOOT HIM that I stood over him and waved him off to meet JESUS.

  53. M N

    M N2 hónapja


  54. Andrew Sewell

    Andrew Sewell2 hónapja

    My parents and i had a couple incidents when i was 16 where a truck was driving up to my parents yard around the house. They live in the country so they have a lot of land. And the house is fairly large. The first night i woke up early cause i had something to do at the school and i saw it pull up in our front yard and park right outside the door and sat there for a little. I hid in the bathroom with my handgun which had a tac light with a strobe mode. I loaded it cocked it and was waiting for a window to break or anything. I didnt hear anything and i went out and saw it driving off. I told my parents about it and for a couple days nothing happened. One night when my dad was at work and my mom took my little sister to basketball practice and it was just me and my two older brothers. I had the lights off cause i was watching a movie. I saw headlighta on the road make a couple slow passes but in different directions then after aabout 4 passes i see them drive up in the yard. I run text my mom get my brothers and calling the police. I told them to keep all the lights off and i saw the trucks headlights stop and then a few seconds later i hear tapping on the window. Then i hear a loud metal clanging. I had enough of that shit and went and grabbed the twelve gauge, put on my holster and my handgun loaded the shotgun and went outside. I was scared as hell dude. I walked around the corner and could still here the metal clanging. I put the strobe on the shotgun but i got closer and it was dark so i couldnt see anything, i said "Hey Fuckface." And cocked the shotgun. I hear running but it gets quieter and i turn the tac light on and see a dude in a brown jacket and a black cap running off towards the truck. I go back inside and tell my brothers i scared em off and a few minutes later a police officer shows up. I told him what happened and he told like good job but next time wait for the police or something. Only problem is it took them like 20 minutes to show up. And we went around where we heard the clanging and we saw a hammer and a bunch of dents and marks on our propane tank cap. Dont know what they were trying to do but sometimes i wish i pulled that trigger. My little sister and my mom were told by the police dispatcher to go to our neighbors across the street and they saw me walk out there with a holster and shotgun and that kinda gave my mom a panic attack. Just the amount of fear in everyones faces made me wish i pulled the trigger. My sister was in tears, my mom was all nervey and crying, my brothers just looked shaken up. I dont know what i looked like but i was fuckin scared dude. I remember my dad coming home. He was haulin ass down the road and i could see the bulge in his jacket where he put his handgun. We told him what i did and i kinda got in trouble for it but they were proud of me at the same time. My dad looked me in the eyes and kinda grinned and said "damn, good job buddy." Then you know we just went back to what we were doing. I still have that 9mm springfield. Love that gun except for the standard grip. Its a bit too thin for me i had to get a grip sleeve to make it wider. But that incident happened about 3 and a half years ago.

  55. zBlxme_wik

    zBlxme_wik2 hónapja

    Thieve,,im ready. Im gonna record myself braking into a house"

  56. johnthegreek1980

    johnthegreek19802 hónapja

    2:25 incriminate yourself. Good job

  57. Anonymous User

    Anonymous User2 hónapja

    If I catch you breaking in to my house or stealing from me I'm literally going to rob you. Gun in your face, empty your pockets. This is a robbery.

  58. Najah Anjah RA

    Najah Anjah RA2 hónapja

    What a tool

  59. Activus

    Activus2 hónapja

    That atm scam was very weird... Someone must have had a good ass brain to notice that the entire thing was fake

  60. KTMD

    KTMD2 hónapja

    I want to rig my alarm system to sound like a machine gun going off. No sirens.