The Weeknd - Blinding Lights (Official Audio)

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►"Blinding Lights" Lyrics:
I been tryna call
I’ve been on my own for long enough
Maybe you can show me how to love, maybe
I’m going through withdrawals
You don’t even have to do too much
You can turn me on with just a touch, baby
(Ohhhh oh)
Sin city’s cold and empty
No one’s around to judge me
I can’t see clearly when you’re gone
I said ohhhh I’m blinded by the lights
No I can’t sleep until I feel your touch
I said ohhhh I’m drowning in the night
Oh when I’m like this you’re the one I trust
(Hey hey hey)
I’m running out of time
Cause I can see the sun light up the sky
So I hit the road in overdrive, baby
The city’s cold and empty
No one’s around to judge me
I can’t see clearly when you’re gone
I said ohhhh I’m blinded by the lights
No I can’t sleep until I feel your touch
I said ohhhh I’m drowning in the night
Oh when I’m like this you’re the one I trust
(Hey hey hey)
I’m just calling back to let you know
I could never say this on the phone
Will never let you go this time
I said ohhhh I’m blinded by the lights
No I can’t sleep until I feel your touch
(Hey hey hey)
(Hey hey hey)
I said ohhhh I’m blinded by the lights
No I can’t sleep until I feel your touch

#TheWeeknd #BlindingLights
Music video by The Weeknd performing Blinding Lights (Audio). © 2019 The Weeknd XO, Inc., manufactured and marketed by Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


  1. MLGBonnie Gamer149

    MLGBonnie Gamer1497 órája


  2. Kevin Moore

    Kevin Moore8 órája

    Very smooth voice. Awesome song!

  3. jkar1973

    jkar19738 órája

    TiKTok destroyed this magnificent 80s synth wave pop revival song

  4. Cream

    Cream8 órája

    People in 2020:there are no new songs that feel like 80s Blinding lights:am a joke to you

  5. husen mamo

    husen mamo8 órája

    Solange das Lied spielt , bin ich glücklich 🥰😘🤩❤

  6. Calvin Biefeld

    Calvin Biefeld9 órája

    *Stop by my channel and watch a couple of my covers,i've done 134.SUBSCRIBE,LIKE,SHARE if you enjoy.Thanks,and have a great day!!!!!*

  7. Nol Dmt

    Nol Dmt9 órája

    I love this song ❤️ it’s so beautiful

  8. Kary Thomas

    Kary Thomas9 órája

    Chang from Community was right....the keytar is coming back

  9. Φαίη Γεροντοπούλου

    Φαίη Γεροντοπούλου9 órája

    The bit is just like the 80s❤️

  10. Anna Jakubas

    Anna Jakubas9 órája

    my and my friends danced in public when I accidentally clicked on it-

  11. Heidi Crisologo Aguas

    Heidi Crisologo Aguas10 órája


  12. AB. Legend's

    AB. Legend's10 órája

    This song should be in GTA VI Trailer 🧡🖤

  13. hep mawsor

    hep mawsor10 órája

    This song should be in the Stranger Things

  14. hep mawsor

    hep mawsor11 órája


  15. ratasana camps

    ratasana camps11 órája

    Jesus, é foda não saber inglês, fiquei uma hora e meia tentando acertar até achar, essa música tem uma vibe muito boa❤️

  16. Alewyx •

    Alewyx •11 órája

    I normally hate 80s music but the 80s vibe to this is just way too good..

  17. esteysi castillo obispo

    esteysi castillo obispo11 órája

    Que buena mierdaa

  18. T i a g u i t o z278

    T i a g u i t o z27811 órája

    put this on GTA VI please...

  19. Andrew sanga

    Andrew sanga11 órája

    Fifa 21 song right here

  20. denis leclair

    denis leclair11 órája

    Super!! Just fantastic! Thank you for the great vibe.

  21. Jake Prosser

    Jake Prosser11 órája

    I’ve been out gangstaed

  22. Mark

    Mark11 órája

    Best song since the mid 90s hands down.

  23. David Avalse

    David Avalse11 órája

    To beat and rhythm seem from the 80's I like it

  24. Marco Gasperini

    Marco Gasperini12 órája

    Please can you insult me in the comment? Dio porco

  25. Mike Mike

    Mike Mike12 órája

    i drive a friends Porsche 911 and listen this song!! oook i feel cool

  26. recopilacion de tik toks

    recopilacion de tik toks12 órája


  27. Karolina Escate

    Karolina Escate12 órája

    Me gusta muchoooo

  28. Paulina Sikorska

    Paulina Sikorska12 órája

    Cannot stop replaying.. 🤩

  29. Atte Ahlgrén

    Atte Ahlgrén12 órája

    Man, this song is the most underrated from "After hours" DEFINITELY! This is Abel just beginning to show what his made of, and this is definitely my favorite song of all time!

  30. Rafael Figueiredo

    Rafael Figueiredo12 órája




    Man this song does not sound or feel 6years old it sounds so new 💗

  32. Gyula kocsándi

    Gyula kocsándi12 órája

    perfect 80 "song, the name was a new wave in Hungary !! you have a perfect clear voice !!

  33. Lucas_YTB motobikelife

    Lucas_YTB motobikelife12 órája

    j adore ce titre

  34. Jerry Got The Big Gay

    Jerry Got The Big Gay13 órája

    Man it was New Years Eve and some buddies and I went to do fireworks. This song played on the radio. And it was just a really good song for the night.

  35. Cherrisme

    Cherrisme13 órája

    Gran theft Auto 6

  36. Maya Avelarde

    Maya Avelarde13 órája



    OPTOBLADE !13 órája

    Is it only me or does this gives gta vice city feelings! Lol

  38. KamsonPlay

    KamsonPlay13 órája

    The best song ever!

  39. naczelny internetowy napinacz

    naczelny internetowy napinacz13 órája

    Song will be in new Lucifer or Stranger Things

  40. Teo Gamer

    Teo Gamer13 órája

    Am i the only one that this song sounded familiar to me like it is a song from 80's?

  41. Jean Lachaise

    Jean Lachaise13 órája

    c'est super bon ce tu nous donne c'est intergénérationnel t'es un vrai artiste merci mec grand bravo tres grand bravo

  42. Ken Aro

    Ken Aro13 órája

    The dislikes are from those that never get day offs on the weekend

  43. wilde _andrew

    wilde _andrew13 órája

    Lol 69k comments

  44. Luis Ernesto Salinas Astete

    Luis Ernesto Salinas Astete13 órája

    He fills with peace and joy in all my being

  45. Marydesstiny

    Marydesstiny13 órája

    Arrived here after hearing Kim hyoyeon and sleeq’s version of this song. Now I know why I love it and i will keep on listening to this song so addicting. 😍😍

  46. Freya-Lisa Morgenstern

    Freya-Lisa Morgenstern13 órája

    Sie sind der beste Sänger der Welt

  47. Willie Wilson

    Willie Wilson14 órája

    This is more of like the casino vibes from GTA and maybe not the whole game

  48. jose torres gonzalez

    jose torres gonzalez14 órája

    Escuchándola en cuarentena

  49. David Quevedo

    David Quevedo14 órája

    Definite FIFA soundtrack

  50. Jennifer Kriwet

    Jennifer Kriwet14 órája

    Voll geil

  51. Jennifer Kriwet

    Jennifer Kriwet14 órája


  52. Fadly Zursy

    Fadly Zursy14 órája

    Tbh , I click on this bcz he low-key Coryxkenshin

  53. Kun sel_

    Kun sel_14 órája


  54. Blindinglights FredKing

    Blindinglights FredKing14 órája

    Roblox ID: 476423839

  55. Алима Осмонова

    Алима Осмонова14 órája

    I'm here after Hyo&Sleeq cover of this song. And I loved the song. And now I love his voice too.

  56. Seeds

    Seeds14 órája

    I felt "stranger things" vibe from this. yeah

  57. InsideOut Broken4Christ

    InsideOut Broken4Christ14 órája

    Hold on there world and U2 Ughh, almost there broz and grrz time again for a wing and a prayer cloud9 higher elevation time to change stations and lift up the nations. Alleluia, Hallelujah, Amen. God iz Good. Jesus iz Lord. 💯❤️✌🏼🙏🏼😇🤪🥰👣⚡️☘️🐻 Bless your enemies but in this order family gold, friends silver and enemies bronze, each gets something hey but minimum is food, rent, water, electricity and clothing hey. Have a nice day. Body Odour Saving Souls, I stink I’m funny, seriously. Both! Rolf(rolling on laughing floor)

  58. Alejandro Guevara

    Alejandro Guevara14 órája

    Parece un tema de los 80, es genial para gta 6 🎉 saludos desde Argentina🇦🇷

  59. evie

    evie14 órája

    the 5 year old who lives next to me asked me to play this song....gotta say, she has good taste

  60. saleth Arboleda

    saleth Arboleda14 órája

    soy el comentario en español que esperabas jajajaj esta re buena la música

  61. Kacper Richter

    Kacper Richter14 órája

    If that isi't in the gta6 trailer i dont play that game...(sorry for my English)


    MAJA BRUHN14 órája

    Łonie tą piosenkę

  63. Raven Allen

    Raven Allen15 órája

    This song was on my birthday and the video to but it wasn't that scary and I'm eight and I love this song the people from the 80's should love this song

  64. Benyboyscoots

    Benyboyscoots15 órája

    This song sounds like a song when your driving in a car in gta 5

  65. Bryan Vyral

    Bryan Vyral15 órája

    I finally found it...heard it on the radio.. thought it 80s song

  66. jessica fabiana medina quispe

    jessica fabiana medina quispe15 órája

    This BEST song ever i like it

  67. Krasimir Ivanov

    Krasimir Ivanov15 órája


  68. Melvin Le jacques

    Melvin Le jacques15 órája

    Love from Sénas, France ❤️❤️

  69. H wiekenkamp

    H wiekenkamp15 órája

    I looooove it

  70. Maran Garlen Androci

    Maran Garlen Androci15 órája

    Doctor: 3 minutes left to live me : ...

  71. SaNe

    SaNe15 órája

    Der Dude macht Gute-Laune-Musik. Geht ins Ohr, bleibt im Kopf. 🎶

  72. Jesse

    Jesse15 órája

    I wasn't a The Weeknd fan (nothing against him, just never crossed paths with my normal music tastes, just knew the name) but I heard this on the radio and was like wow, I need to find this song. It's literally a perfect song in every way. Love the 80's synth too!!

  73. Lester Enrique

    Lester Enrique15 órája


  74. Xx_TRAE WAY420_xX

    Xx_TRAE WAY420_xX15 órája

    Imagine if they put this in stranger things❤️🙏

  75. Atomic Nuggets

    Atomic Nuggets15 órája

    ngl this is pure perfection

  76. Mr.VORPAL

    Mr.VORPAL16 órája

    why is the weeknd doing synth retro wave

  77. MSF Clouds

    MSF Clouds16 órája

    Bro seriously this needs to be in gta 6 deadass

  78. Panda Rei

    Panda Rei16 órája

    Very good

  79. Nicoleta Hrezdac

    Nicoleta Hrezdac16 órája

    Very cool .

  80. GeneralHuhn1

    GeneralHuhn116 órája

    Varo... Das waren Zeiten