The Pussycat Dolls - Beep (Live on CD Live)

The Pussycat Dolls performing "Beep".
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  1. Sirleston DuPless

    Sirleston DuPlessNapja

    The transition at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="199">3:19</a> though 😍. Only a true PCD fan will get it.

  2. Shenn Borro

    Shenn Borro14 napja

    And now they're back #PCD

  3. Lily123 Newland

    Lily123 Newland29 napja

    Nice I guess

  4. Willian Will

    Willian WillHónapja

    Shes beautiful girls!!😍😍😍😍😍

  5. Bryant Defon

    Bryant DefonHónapja

    Wow they all actually sang👀

  6. Siera (The Chosen One)

    Siera (The Chosen One)Hónapja

    I always feel fat when I watch Nicole. I need to exercise more lmao 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  7. KevenTalks


    2007 video quality lol

  8. My Name

    My NameHónapja


  9. quaquo

    quaquo3 hónapja

    lol Jessica, Ashley and Kim don't even hold a microphone

  10. Danish Imran

    Danish Imran3 hónapja

    Miss u

  11. Lew Art

    Lew Art3 hónapja

    lodi inunahan na kita nice vlog.nice video ang galing mo naman po.minarkahan na kita sana markahan mo din saken.legit toh.staycon ty.😊

  12. HL Watts

    HL Watts3 hónapja

    The other girls were so thirsty for a chance to sing...

  13. May-May batoon

    May-May batoon3 hónapja

  14. Liam Caesar

    Liam Caesar3 hónapja

    The most useless group ever. A bunch of women that hate themselves, they squeaks equal, dancing the same way trying to be sexy. Who pays to see a bunch of thots yelling?

  15. Francisco Hernández Álamo

    Francisco Hernández Álamo3 hónapja

    Nicole let them sing too please. I think that group is more a singer with dancers than a group.

  16. Andrew Locke

    Andrew Locke3 hónapja

    When Carmit left Jess stepped up in the ranks to sing Carmits bits

  17. Hawk eye

    Hawk eye3 hónapja

    well they had jessica model herself after carmits look.

  18. Marcel Arcaya

    Marcel Arcaya3 hónapja

    this performance is why they gave nicole all the attention, what a mess

  19. DIY Construction

    DIY Construction3 hónapja

    Its because she is the lead singer of a song which was recorded and every record should be clean and pleasant to hear

  20. adueso

    adueso3 hónapja


  21. John Ace Palisoc

    John Ace Palisoc4 hónapja

    They're back without Melody. Melody wants to be noticed too as a Solo Singer, . but that's okey, it was her dream too But for me, I'm happy for being a part of this group.. I don't aim for more and fame. ❤❤❤

  22. Philipp19967

    Philipp199673 hónapja

    Im actually happy. She wont ruin every single performance of Buttons.

  23. Susan Basile

    Susan Basile4 hónapja

    Espero q agr na volta as outras meninas cantem mais 💔

  24. Rahmat Fadilah Akbar

    Rahmat Fadilah Akbar4 hónapja


  25. Ghea Bella

    Ghea Bella4 hónapja

    @Rahmat Fadilah Akbar samaaa.. pcd fan jg akunyaa..share ig dong

  26. Rahmat Fadilah Akbar

    Rahmat Fadilah Akbar4 hónapja

    Ghea Bella guess it, lol. Jk yes i am

  27. John Ace Palisoc

    John Ace Palisoc4 hónapja

    Yeah.. They're back. Just saw just now.

  28. Ghea Bella

    Ghea Bella4 hónapja


  29. Kevin Kurz’s art display

    Kevin Kurz’s art display4 hónapja

    This is actually the first song I heard when I was in kindergarten gym class, I was 7. How different music must have sounded like back then compared to today pop music

  30. Jonnel Sunga

    Jonnel Sunga4 hónapja

    Nicole and her back-up dancers .. lol!

  31. Baeby Bear

    Baeby Bear4 hónapja

    Wow Nicole looks great here with those backup dancers. It's so cool how a few of the dancers get to say "ha ha ha" how special this must have been for them 😊

  32. Marie Putko

    Marie Putko4 hónapja

    This is my idea of a good show.

  33. tmlcrosbyfan

    tmlcrosbyfan4 hónapja

    Lol holy shit someone else other than Nicole sang on this song? I knew Melody sang a bit, but I thought it was mostly ad libs and Carmit the low melodies lmao

  34. Queen Olufunke

    Queen Olufunke4 hónapja

    Wow November 10 2019. I'm happy listening to them once again

  35. Steven Yanchak

    Steven Yanchak5 hónapja

    #NicoleScherzinger #TupacShakur #PearlJam #VanHalen #MyMtRushmoreOfMusic

  36. Yerkinbek Yerkinbek

    Yerkinbek Yerkinbek5 hónapja

    this is my song

  37. Exo Team

    Exo Team5 hónapja

    2019 anybody

  38. Александр Калашников

    Александр Калашников5 hónapja

    Че за уебища?

  39. Jayiswara VEVO

    Jayiswara VEVO5 hónapja

    if u all comeback 2020 im the 1 person happy for it even more haters say nicole n backup dancer for me without this all girl the name PCD is not perfect

  40. Watermelon Queen

    Watermelon Queen4 hónapja

    Jayiswara VEVO April 2020

  41. Jayiswara VEVO

    Jayiswara VEVO5 hónapja

    miss them hope 2020 Hollywood bring back this girl in MV please

  42. Jayiswara VEVO

    Jayiswara VEVO4 hónapja

    my coment is real they back thank God thank MTV, Thank X-factor

  43. CaJIaT_ OJIuBbE

    CaJIaT_ OJIuBbE6 hónapja

    Here October 07.10.2019??????

  44. daria rodriguez

    daria rodriguez6 hónapja

    here after the comeback news omg

  45. Mr. Single

    Mr. Single6 hónapja

    2019 and I still love and listening. Who else???

  46. g xo

    g xo3 hónapja


  47. Exo Team

    Exo Team5 hónapja


  48. xavier bit

    xavier bit6 hónapja

  49. julio urdaneta

    julio urdaneta6 hónapja

    Tetitas caídas, es que ya la cabritas amamanto, no como en el video del 2005 que estaba buenísima

  50. Pocholo Yanes

    Pocholo Yanes6 hónapja

    2019? Anyobody?

  51. Paulinho Kobawsck

    Paulinho Kobawsck6 hónapja

    Comeback 👀😰

  52. Ena Karčić

    Ena Karčić6 hónapja

    This comes back memories please comeback 👏

  53. Pubg_tv troll

    Pubg_tv troll6 hónapja

    she ded😶😶

  54. Queen of TikTok

    Queen of TikTok7 hónapja


  55. Manuela Kani

    Manuela Kani7 hónapja


  56. M. AK

    M. AK7 hónapja

    Они такие горячие!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  57. Jam Reyes

    Jam Reyes8 hónapja

    Aug 2019 anyone??/

  58. Aline gonçalves

    Aline gonçalves8 hónapja

    Please come back the fans of you want you back we call you back #PDC

  59. Gillian CN

    Gillian CN8 hónapja

    THIS GIRL GROUP BITCH NO WAY I C O N I C !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. 강태희

    강태희8 hónapja

    Before K-pop

  61. wonderwoman

    wonderwoman8 hónapja

    2019 !!! and still my idol!!!

  62. Damien Reacts

    Damien Reacts4 hónapja

    They back

  63. Nazokat Ibragimova

    Nazokat Ibragimova8 hónapja


  64. Drew Henschen

    Drew Henschen8 hónapja


  65. shoko chan

    shoko chan8 hónapja


  66. Ryanchii Pereda

    Ryanchii Pereda9 hónapja


  67. Danny Bilek

    Danny Bilek9 hónapja

    Cadê vocês? Sumiram ?

  68. Qianli Yelv

    Qianli Yelv9 hónapja

    Girls you r best

  69. Айгерим Тайжанова

    Айгерим Тайжанова9 hónapja


  70. Victória Alves

    Victória Alves9 hónapja

    Da época que eram as 6

  71. Tashell Clarke

    Tashell Clarke10 hónapja

    Best group singers

  72. Aneeka

    Aneeka10 hónapja

    Lol why are the other girls holding mics lmfaoo ! As accessories ??

  73. Lesly McLean

    Lesly McLean10 hónapja

    They sound different

  74. ii SleepyQ

    ii SleepyQ10 hónapja

    They Didn’t even age that much!

  75. This is Cutie Ringo Joy

    This is Cutie Ringo Joy11 hónapja

    Do they only performed in cd?

  76. Salman Shaikh

    Salman Shaikh11 hónapja

    I love this girlssss

  77. Akio Aslan

    Akio Aslan11 hónapja

    they really need to come back

  78. Hafnerbach Hafnerbach

    Hafnerbach Hafnerbach11 hónapja


  79. Angelica Santos

    Angelica Santos11 hónapja


  80. ii SleepyQ

    ii SleepyQÉvvel

    New PussyCatDolls? Or plastic surgery dunno why my parents used to listen to PussyCatDolls

  81. Gissell



  82. Zhansaya S

    Zhansaya SÉvvel

    мы подражали им

  83. Zhansaya S

    Zhansaya SÉvvel

    ностальгия ❤️

  84. Yahir Gonzalez

    Yahir GonzalezÉvvel

    Guys i think that there will be a comeback. They still have this channel, and their apple music profile says that they released doll domination (deluxe) on september 19, 2019.

  85. Steven Germanotta

    Steven Germanotta18 órája

    @Lily Sophia Really ? They are back !

  86. Lily Sophia

    Lily Sophia5 hónapja

    It didn’t happen They can’t stand each other

  87. SIK7

    SIK75 hónapja

    Yea and it"s almost november 2019, but nothing.

  88. Sarah B.

    Sarah B.Évvel

    very pitchy...

  89. Marsha Marsha

    Marsha MarshaÉvvel

    2019 anyone? 🙋🏻‍♀️

  90. Ghea Bella

    Ghea Bella4 hónapja


  91. Wellington Garcia

    Wellington Garcia4 hónapja

    Bast moment ❤

  92. Exo Team

    Exo Team5 hónapja

    I am

  93. KingOfJ King

    KingOfJ KingÉvvel

    they should do a comeback concert

  94. Новости YouTube

    Новости YouTubeÉvvel

    I miss u sooo much!!!!!!!!!!! 😭❤

  95. Kidimation Legends

    Kidimation LegendsÉvvel

    nice and creative thinking. Keep connect.

  96. Captivatedone


    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="149">2:29</a> is that bitchh!!!

  97. Angelie Ignacio

    Angelie IgnacioÉvvel

    Gosh.. miss these girls..

  98. Jhim De Leon

    Jhim De LeonÉvvel

    Need them today 😥❤️