The Pussycat Dolls - Don't Cha (Control Room) [Official Vevo]

Music video by The Pussycat Dolls performing Don't Cha. (C) 2007 Pussycat Dolls, LLC
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  1. Megan Morris

    Megan MorrisNapja

    Lily and Chloe Parr Peterborough

  2. sweetsuszie


    Omg can’t anyone say they can’t sing....

  3. Me Too

    Me Too5 napja

    Back in the day when she was cute, she's hit the wall hard in the past few yrs

  4. Giulio Tirapelle

    Giulio Tirapelle6 napja


  5. Samarony Batista

    Samarony Batista7 napja

    Where is Kimberly?


    BRACTWO DELTA8 napja

    Damy radę

  7. Antonio Gonzalez

    Antonio Gonzalez8 napja

    Such a nostalgic song. Who's watching in 2020? 🙋🏻‍♂️

  8. Tanea meka

    Tanea meka10 napja

    La voz de Nicole es para morirse tan potente....

  9. mario antagonist

    mario antagonist13 napja

    Are they serious? Seems like a bad b-movie

  10. Mira Vihtamäki

    Mira Vihtamäki14 napja


  11. Osoro Shidesu

    Osoro Shidesu15 napja

    Where is Kimberly in this performance??

  12. Jacob Rivas

    Jacob Rivas15 napja

    where the hell is kim?

  13. dj jazzy

    dj jazzy15 napja

    Such a lame crowd,until they go into turbo mode!!

  14. Ms. Mekia

    Ms. Mekia16 napja

    I'm tired watching them dance around. Def miss PCD!

  15. Gulya Swift

    Gulya Swift22 napja


  16. Ben Hartley

    Ben Hartley22 napja

    Dip me in honey, and throw me to the pussy cat dolls! Damm that’s some nasty kitties!

  17. Ri Mu

    Ri Mu28 napja

    I love them all

  18. vasana chimrit

    vasana chimritHónapja

    Lov cat👯‍♀️

  19. Jay Shreve

    Jay ShreveHónapja

    "Don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?" ANSWER: No. Why would I want to downgrade?

  20. JH P

    JH PHónapja

    너네 아빠는 너 공부 안하고 연예인된 거 어떻게 생각하냐?너네 아빠 일본회장이라며?요번에 간다. 정치해라!너네 아빠한테 정치해!!

  21. Pirre


    I need the studio version of this! That funky sound at the end. I love it 😍😍😍

  22. Chris Hall

    Chris HallHónapja


  23. Jaakko Aropuu

    Jaakko AropuuHónapja

    Women look so fine. Song is also ok.

  24. Nail Hend

    Nail HendHónapja

    Before feminism started becoming conservative over how women display their bodies

  25. Justin Pawluk

    Justin PawlukHónapja

    where is Kimberly????

  26. M_iche88


    Anybody catch Nicole saying "Your secret is safe with me Melody"??? @3.43

  27. Jcdida 14

    Jcdida 14Hónapja

    Wow melody solo here was bomb! Why the hell didnt they put it in the track?!?

  28. Jose Miguel Rubio Tovar

    Jose Miguel Rubio TovarHónapja

    thanks my father god thanks happy Day

  29. Jose Miguel Rubio Tovar

    Jose Miguel Rubio TovarHónapja

    thanks all my People thanks

  30. Jose Miguel Rubio Tovar

    Jose Miguel Rubio TovarHónapja

    I am celso contreras cruz wAoooooooooo c3 I am hooot

  31. Saffron Belle

    Saffron BelleHónapja

    Where was Kimberly? she must have been injured or something?

  32. Paulo Silva

    Paulo SilvaHónapja

    Who likes leaves a 👍🏽 click here 👉🏽 #vivadedescontos

  33. Абдузахид АЛИМАРДАНОВ

    Абдузахид АЛИМАРДАНОВHónapja

    Супер пупер класссс

  34. Ana Paula Rocha

    Ana Paula RochaHónapja


  35. Jackie Settle

    Jackie SettleHónapja

    What. A. Great. Singer. And. Group. They. Can. Dance...

  36. Courtney Lynn

    Courtney LynnHónapja

    Nicole is so fun to watch!!

  37. Bruna brunety

    Bruna brunetyHónapja

    Lindas.. Love 😢😢😍😍😍😍

  38. Ash Richards

    Ash RichardsHónapja

    After watching I need to have a serious talk with my girlfriend...

  39. Carly Marie McIntyre

    Carly Marie McIntyre2 hónapja

    Don't yah

  40. Carly Marie McIntyre

    Carly Marie McIntyre2 hónapja

    Where the pussycat girl whispering

  41. ak 45

    ak 452 hónapja

    Я их люблю всех!!! )))

  42. mary rose demegillo

    mary rose demegillo2 hónapja

    wow! nicole singing and dancing at the same time! shes a total powerhouse! love the voice!

  43. John Veca

    John Veca2 hónapja

    The girls are cute, the set is cool and the song is catchy. But, but where's the band? Audience paid for a ticket to see a supergroup with no live musicians? Maybe I'm just old school but ya'll need to go back to L.A., Chicago, NYC, wherever the hell ya'll from and get some live musicians. I know, I know, you don't want to spend the extra dinero, but live musicians step the show up a thousand percent. 2009, I guess I'm kinda late to the party.

  44. Nair da Silva Dourado de Paula dourado

    Nair da Silva Dourado de Paula dourado2 hónapja

    Carmit Diva 👑❤

  45. Maribel Gata

    Maribel Gata2 hónapja

    Pero dónde están los músicos???...y el coro de ellas no corresponden... Bueeeeno lo hacen bien!!!

  46. antoña montoya

    antoña montoya2 hónapja

    Xk enfocan todo l rato a la morena??las demás parecen como si fueran menos que ella😡😡

  47. 想做你的太陽小小想做

    想做你的太陽小小想做2 hónapja


  48. 想做你的太陽小小想做

    想做你的太陽小小想做2 hónapja


  49. 想做你的太陽小小想做

    想做你的太陽小小想做2 hónapja


  50. 想做你的太陽小小想做

    想做你的太陽小小想做2 hónapja


  51. Beto Santos

    Beto Santos2 hónapja

    I wish....

  52. trevor edwards

    trevor edwards2 hónapja

    nicole defo has the best voice , worst dancer tho

  53. Nels Mostaza

    Nels Mostaza3 hónapja

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="114">1:54</a> Have you noticed when Nicole sings “Now, fight the feeling” the back up voice was “let’s keep it friendly” ehrm but overall girls, you guys were sexy and hot! I love you!!

  54. Vanessa Struyven

    Vanessa Struyven3 hónapja

    Maandag dat dansen voor andere mannen in de versuz🤪

  55. Bonita Wilcox

    Bonita Wilcox3 hónapja


  56. Серб

    Серб3 hónapja

    Пусики вдулс

  57. Ryan David

    Ryan David3 hónapja

    Only Nicole's mic is on.

  58. JoyCabillo Cabillo

    JoyCabillo Cabillo3 hónapja

    Im here when i watch there performance in the x factor Uk. Whos here

  59. 오free한 일상

    오free한 일상3 hónapja

    Who is listening this music in holly x-mas?


    iKETOURAGE3 hónapja

    I know I'm on your mind,I know We'd have a good time,im your friend, I'm fun annnD I'M FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE.

  61. Les Perkins

    Les Perkins3 hónapja

    They Suck

  62. Chubi Del Rosario

    Chubi Del Rosario3 hónapja

    Where's Kim.. Melody csn dubg why she ni linr

  63. CB TV

    CB TV3 hónapja

    So sexy I LOVE Nicole amazing

  64. Seeing Dragons

    Seeing Dragons3 hónapja

    I lost 10 IQ points watching this ....

  65. Layne Lee

    Layne Lee3 hónapja

    damn your good at singing

  66. 周芳芳

    周芳芳3 hónapja


  67. Trarogers Rogers

    Trarogers Rogers3 hónapja

    Nicole is selfish to the other members of the band only focus in on her

  68. Dana Jensen

    Dana Jensen3 hónapja


  69. J-Miey SR7

    J-Miey SR73 hónapja

    Don't cha baby😘

  70. honest john

    honest john3 hónapja

    Blimey ! I don't fancy the audience much.

  71. Gigi

    Gigi3 hónapja

    que perras

  72. marcus diniz51

    marcus diniz513 hónapja

    o grupo voltou ou é antigo isso?

  73. Wind

    Wind3 hónapja

    Hombres perdiendo la cabeza...guapisimas!

  74. Dorota Winiarska

    Dorota Winiarska3 hónapja

    Melody is the best😁 🤟

  75. Stevie Dallas

    Stevie Dallas3 hónapja

    I don’t get all the Nicole hate... I love her.. she obviously is the most talented out of all the girls. She has an amazing voice and she can dance and she’s gorgeous... Now don’t get me wrong I love PCD, all the girls are talented, just sayin there’s a reason Nicole is the Lead.

  76. EG Evasco Jr.

    EG Evasco Jr.3 hónapja

    Melody's voice ❤

  77. k pax

    k pax3 hónapja

    I'm sorry, but their image doesn't scream "talent" to me.

  78. Elisha Walcott

    Elisha Walcott3 hónapja

    Wow and u don't scream talent to me either so that's ok

  79. S2daUZ

    S2daUZ3 hónapja

    Nicole is everything!

  80. Giulio Campi

    Giulio Campi3 hónapja

    Nicole is EPIC , always will be

  81. Gaz Mikey

    Gaz Mikey3 hónapja

    Old skool still big in 2019