The Pussycat Dolls - How Many Times, How Many Lies

Music video by The Pussycat Dolls performing How Many Times, How Many Lies. (C) 2007 Pussycat Dolls, LLC
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  1. Square Jellyfish

    Square Jellyfish17 napja

    J-hope likes brunettes with big dark eyes apparently!

  2. Otgonjargal Sengedorj

    Otgonjargal Sengedorj3 hónapja

    Wooow it is so wonderful song ❤️

  3. Nicole Scherzinger

    Nicole Scherzinger3 hónapja

    Love you Nicole 💓from ALG

  4. Susan Tejeda

    Susan Tejeda4 hónapja

    Love this group and this song



    Amazing song !!! Nicole is the Best!!! 2019-26-11

  6. Square Jellyfish

    Square Jellyfish17 napja

    You know J-hope listens to these kinds of songs? He said it on weverse

  7. Itzel Hdz

    Itzel Hdz5 hónapja


  8. Marianne Murder

    Marianne Murder6 hónapja

    My Girl 🖤🗡💋

  9. Frances Ann Teves

    Frances Ann Teves7 hónapja

    Loved this song and still love it to date. Nicole is an amazing singer!

  10. Steven Yanchak

    Steven Yanchak8 hónapja

    #NicoleScherzinger #TupacShakur #PearlJam #VanHalen #MyMtRushmoreOfMusic

  11. Vitória Cardoso

    Vitória Cardoso10 hónapja

    2019... I miss this soo fuckin much.. 😭

  12. AnDii Joya

    AnDii Joya11 hónapja

    Girlicious' version is way better. All they sing. Sometimes I cannot stand Selfishcole.

  13. Zoloo Zoloo

    Zoloo Zoloo11 hónapja

    2019 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  14. Duane Clarke

    Duane Clarke11 hónapja

    Really showed her range on this. She's dope. A shame her solo career ain't really take off

  15. Delphine Mallard

    Delphine MallardÉvvel

    Je t adore ❤❤❤

  16. Little Big

    Little BigÉvvel

    2019 anyone?

  17. Berg Dantas

    Berg DantasÉvvel

    I live for what she does at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="148">02:28</a>

  18. Miss Laura

    Miss LauraÉvvel

    You know if the other dolls were ugly I'd understand it all being about Nicole but they weren't I don't understand why this was a solo on a pcd tour if ur gonna do it for this do it for the rest of their songs and make it the Nicole tour don't get me wrong I love Nicole its just after seeing this I understand more now why the other girls were pissed

  19. thalisom Botelho da silva

    thalisom Botelho da silvaÉvvel

    ela tem uma vos encrivil merece volta ia fase muito sucesso

  20. Queen Doll

    Queen DollÉvvel

  21. Tanulienka



  22. Vladimír Dědek

    Vladimír DědekÉvvel

    Really wonderful song. I would like to go back ten years. PCDs were amazing.

  23. Imen Bendjazia

    Imen Bendjazia4 hónapja

    They're baaackkkk😁😁😁😃😃😃

  24. Simon Zabala

    Simon ZabalaÉvvel

    Beautiful voice

  25. Juuh


    The VOICE!! ❤❤

  26. Шах Мусульманов

    Шах МусульмановÉvvel

    Love this song ❤️

  27. Janna Burgos

    Janna BurgosÉvvel

    2018? ❤

  28. Você está aonde vc se põe.

    Você está aonde vc se põe.Évvel

    Linda 👑 sempre diva 💃❤ 😘

  29. Manoj Kumar Barnawal

    Manoj Kumar BarnawalÉvvel

    great with powerful strengths of vocals.

  30. danny Horton

    danny HortonÉvvel

    I like to have sex with nicole

  31. Blake Revlon

    Blake Revlon2 évvel

    Why is Nicole the only one singing on this when Carmit literally sang the song with her

  32. Kwamé Berry

    Kwamé Berry9 hónapja

    @Lyfeanmusiq The album version is essentially Nicole and Carmit, who's prominent in the bridge

  33. Lyfeanmusiq


    No on the original studio version of the song it was only Nicole singing

  34. Chris - magik

    Chris - magik2 évvel

    I love this music

  35. Amy Arora

    Amy Arora2 évvel

    Lov tis songss

  36. CaapriceTube

    CaapriceTube2 évvel

    Man, no one could top PCD from 2005-2008, those were their prime days. This and stickwitu, don;t cha and i dont need a man are forever my faves. Takes me right back to being 16 years old again.

  37. tragicmulatto

    tragicmulatto4 hónapja

    I know . The golden era that was

  38. Lyfeanmusiq

    Lyfeanmusiq2 évvel

    I always thought this song was very Mary J Blige inspired.

  39. Samanta Rizzi

    Samanta Rizzi2 évvel

    I always wanted them to do a song with Lil'Kim, I don't know why :) I think it would be so dope. Anyways, I'm super exited for a reunion!!! I love PCD!!!

  40. Dani Harris

    Dani HarrisÉvvel

    Samanta Rizzi i always wanted to hear their actual voices in concert. And a faced mic were you have to listen carefully doesn’t count

  41. Ali Movsumov

    Ali Movsumov2 évvel

    Samanta Rizzi OMG I'M NOT ALONE!!😂😂😂❤

  42. Amy Arora

    Amy Arora2 évvel

    Lovv tis songss

  43. Lynn Marie Anderson

    Lynn Marie Anderson2 évvel

    It's rough when you figure out the person you thought you knew ISN'T who you though he was AT ALL!!!

  44. nostalgia носталгия

    nostalgia носталгия2 évvel

    aww brings back memories of my childhood

  45. Shawna Maner

    Shawna Maner2 évvel

    Britney Spears needs to sing this about Kevin federline

  46. EU Anny Andrade

    EU Anny Andrade2 évvel


  47. Jed Martins

    Jed Martins2 évvel

    My favorite song.

  48. Lisa's Security Guard

    Lisa's Security Guard2 évvel

    I miss her alot

  49. C.Torrs170

    C.Torrs1702 évvel

    MSN music? omg this video is so old hahaha 😂

  50. Ellie A

    Ellie A3 évvel

    I seriously got the chills wow!

  51. Ellie A

    Ellie A3 évvel

    This should have been a single.

  52. Darell Grant

    Darell Grant25 napja


  53. Cristina larisa Pena

    Cristina larisa PenaÉvvel


  54. Ellie A

    Ellie A3 évvel


  55. Tess kittycat Williams

    Tess kittycat Williams3 évvel

    Ima do a cover song one day I like this song

  56. Justin Arnold

    Justin Arnold3 évvel

    I love this song

  57. Nora Williams

    Nora Williams3 évvel

    I miss PCD this was my favorite on Their CD

  58. Ashal Rowland

    Ashal Rowland3 évvel


  59. Libby AnnGrace

    Libby AnnGrace3 évvel

    I love it , I like it

  60. Sheryl Irasusta

    Sheryl Irasusta3 évvel

    love this song..awesome singing...gorgeous and talented girl..she is so underrated..she should be really big now..

  61. Maria Eduarda Rocha

    Maria Eduarda Rocha3 évvel


  62. Stacey got da sauce

    Stacey got da sauce3 évvel

    Love her sweater

  63. PooShock

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  64. PooShock

    PooShock3 évvel

    A CHOM ATA PESNYA 111 !11 !! !1 !11!1 11!1!1111!!1111111111 11!1!1 11Q11!1!11q!1!!11!111!1

  65. Ayoup Al karbal

    Ayoup Al karbal3 évvel


  66. Ol Ga

    Ol Ga3 évvel

    did really nobody realized she made a mistake in her own song ? lol <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="203">3:23</a> just noticed im not hating dont care that much

  67. dy saac

    dy saacÉvvel

    atleast it doesn't sounded like a mess up...It can happen when you don't always used to sing that song as a performer I guess

  68. Robin Alejandro López Mayorquin

    Robin Alejandro López Mayorquin3 évvel

    Olga Kantoch she made a mistake and at first she asked people if they knew the song and turned out to be that she was the one who forgot it lol

  69. David Martinez

    David Martinez3 évvel

    I saw that. She smiled right after, probably embarrassed a tad.

  70. Dricks SonatA

    Dricks SonatA3 évvel

    acho q sozinho vou fazer esse live chegar a 1kk pq olha, assisto todo dia

  71. SkinnyLamb 9920

    SkinnyLamb 99204 évvel

    It's not the pussycat dolls if she's the only one on stage 😔

  72. Ay, Lalo

    Ay, Lalo4 évvel


  73. Paulo

    Paulo4 évvel

    Outstanding work!

  74. Lyfeanmusiq

    Lyfeanmusiq4 évvel

    and some people say Nicole can't sing like this dumb bitch named brittany...hahaha!

  75. FluffyK

    FluffyK4 évvel

    They would try to tell me something Oh, but I was hearing nothing When they said you was just playing me I didn't listen I didn't want to You couldn't find a blinder fool I'm here Searching through the wreckage Wondering why the message never got through And I found I misplaced all of my faith How could I put my faith in you? [Chorus:] How many times? How many lies? How long you been sneaking? How long you been creeping around? How many lies? How many times? Were you here deceiving While I was here believing in you I got to put the blame on myself Should've known with everyone else Just knowing they knew you was just bad news I should've walked out (I should've walked out) I should've seen clear (I should've seen clear) I'm glad your sad ass is out of here I've gone and thrown out all the records All the ones that ever reminded me of you I've gone and tore up all the pictures 'Cause there was not one shred of truth [Chorus] There were so many times There were so many lies I don't know why I stayed on you There were so many days There were so many games I should've thrown your sad ass out But now the game is through I'll never trust in you I've finally got wise I opened up my eyes Your game is over I've gone and thrown out all the records All the ones that ever reminded me of you I've gone and tore up all the pictures 'Cause there was not one shred of truth [Chorus x2] I opened up my eyes Oh Yeah

  76. Samanta Rizzi

    Samanta Rizzi2 évvel

    Yeah, thanks :)

  77. Gina Lycan

    Gina Lycan3 évvel

    Thanks for the lyrics.

  78. Allan Esquivel

    Allan Esquivel5 évvel

    She fucked up the second verse, though it sounded great! :)

  79. Belkyb14

    Belkyb145 évvel

    I will love it FOREVER

  80. Felipe Ehrenberg

    Felipe Ehrenberg5 évvel

    forever in my heart!

  81. Anna Gancear

    Anna Gancear5 évvel

    love u PCD!!!love u NICOLE!!!!

  82. M F

    M F5 évvel

    my childhood omg!! she's like a talented + skinny version of kim k haha

  83. Phillip Prince

    Phillip Prince5 évvel

    Sang it live Just like the record!

  84. Danilo Cordeiro

    Danilo Cordeiro5 évvel

  85. Sunny Gill

    Sunny Gill5 évvel

    Her skin tone is beautiful. Exotic looking.

  86. nosterbebot

    nosterbebot2 évvel

    Surely her skin tone comes from her Filipino lineage... Most Westerners wanted to have the kind of tan color that we Filipinos are born with. However, most Filipinos especially girls want to have light tone skin like a Spanish Mestiza... Proof of that are the Filipinos penchant of buying whitening products.. Hahahah

  87. Gina Lycan

    Gina Lycan3 évvel

    Plus Ukranian. She's so beautiful. I love her.

  88. Chris John Doria

    Chris John Doria4 évvel

    yuh i agree... hawaiian plus filipino

  89. dadij jiji

    dadij jiji5 évvel

    I just luv the song

  90. jefferson mendes

    jefferson mendes6 évvel

    I love it

  91. tintin takyut

    tintin takyut6 évvel

    i love this so much ,,,enique

  92. Jennifer Doan

    Jennifer Doan6 évvel

    wow, it felt like it was all about her.. and nothing to do with PCD :( but she really is talented though

  93. lifeassheknowsit


    @Lyfeanmusiq I've heard Melody live she's sound great she has bad days just like Nicole

  94. Rainier Gimeno

    Rainier GimenoÉvvel

    @Lyfeanmusiq Melody got better now. Also, there are songs where you can see that the other girls have great voices as well, listen to Tainted Love. That was a very awesome performance.

  95. Lyfeanmusiq

    Lyfeanmusiq2 évvel

    Yeah cause she was the singer. If you ever hear melody sing live you'll know why it was always Nicole singing.

  96. locus jhon

    locus jhon6 évvel

    hhhhhhh I love how she mixed up the lyrics "how many lies, how many times"

  97. Letícia Macedo

    Letícia Macedo6 évvel

    nossa! minha cara!!

  98. Tatiana2Nicole

    Tatiana2Nicole6 évvel

    Wow Nicolee.!!

  99. peppermintslushy

    peppermintslushy6 évvel

    Wow!!! She sings amazing live. Well, she's got the whole package really..

  100. Jasper Jay Antenor

    Jasper Jay Antenor6 évvel

    One of my fave song from PCD! Should've been a single!

  101. José Alboledo

    José Alboledo6 évvel

    this song ♥