The Pussycat Dolls - I Hate This Part (Day 2 Teaser)

Music video by The Pussycat Dolls performing I Hate This Part. (C) 2008 Pussycat Dolls, LLC


  1. La Rebelde

    La Rebelde8 hónapja


  2. gabriel logan

    gabriel logan8 hónapja


  3. THAIS Q

    THAIS Q10 hónapja

    Mano que saudades 😢 Melhor grupo que já existiu ❤️

  4. Agung Cepe

    Agung CepeÉvvel

    Nov 2018 ?!

  5. Marcos Costa

    Marcos Costa2 évvel

    Come back please!!!

  6. Grenda

    Grenda2 évvel

    They look very close.And yet,why broke up?:(

  7. Talita M.

    Talita M.Évvel

    Grenda they were not close. There were a lot of conflicts that’s why they broke up.

  8. Laissa Ingrid

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  9. Jermaine Reid

    Jermaine Reid3 évvel

    peace and love you and your family

  10. IIh Martiins

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  11. Juliana Rieck

    Juliana Rieck4 évvel

    Quanto tempo! Saudades!

  12. Fuck Off

    Fuck Off5 évvel

    Oh god, I remember this.

  13. Ana Pokora

    Ana Pokora5 évvel

    nicole got a meghan fox thumb

  14. Allyson Soriano

    Allyson Soriano5 évvel

    I admire how theyre so real and genuine on camera

  15. PinkBoy

    PinkBoy6 évvel

    Omg if they would of stayed together by now they wouldve owned pop .. well they did but now they wouldve have been valled queens or maybe goddess

  16. Princess Alexandria Ligasan

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  17. BrittoBabe

    BrittoBabe6 évvel

    you mean NICOLE ?

  18. Kendrick Lamar

    Kendrick Lamar6 évvel

    Damn show some damn respect at least they show us what they did

  19. Freeman Da Gospel Rapper

    Freeman Da Gospel Rapper6 évvel

    type into youtube search [ Freeman Da Gospel Rapper ] I want to say may God bless everyone.. Thanks for your time & support..

  20. Angelina Berberian

    Angelina Berberian6 évvel

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="72">1:12</a> everybody's screaming and Nicole is just standing there haha lol

  21. Jessy Croft

    Jessy Croft6 évvel

    Just Nicole sing, so why they are five ?

  22. Aline Santos

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  23. Alina Maria

    Alina Maria7 évvel

    I hope you realise that wasn't real rain....

  24. Valentine Mistress

    Valentine Mistress7 évvel

    and Nicole didn't get plastic sergery like kim :/

  25. Trinity

    Trinity7 évvel

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="72">1:12</a> the voices.

  26. desare berumen

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  27. Allison Alicea

    Allison Alicea7 évvel

    I hate this part

  28. Arelly Serrano

    Arelly Serrano7 évvel

    Love this song!!!:-*

  29. 4hiphop1

    4hiphop17 évvel

    fake rain, you know?

  30. Tom Toey

    Tom Toey7 évvel

    I love these girl haha

  31. yasmeen mohammed

    yasmeen mohammed7 évvel

    عسل يا بنات انتو اختكم ياسمين من السودان

  32. yasmeen mohammed

    yasmeen mohammed7 évvel

    I appreciate the way that this video is made because it makes me feel very thankful. I viewed it three times and I liked it too! Please go to my channel for a web site that I found where I stumbled into

  33. Dilian gonzalez

    Dilian gonzalez7 évvel

    i love you pussycat dollsss

  34. niculetz Lachica

    niculetz Lachica7 évvel

    hi nicole....ur the most beautiful women in this world.. Lol...but its true..!!wooow go philippines..hehehe

  35. iDontlikel

    iDontlikel7 évvel

    iHate The Part Justin Bieber Is Born

  36. Kim M

    Kim M8 évvel

    Wow !!! They are funny !!! ;)

  37. Davo Moreno

    Davo Moreno8 évvel

    Nicole es muy linda, y canta muy bien, todo el grupo es perfecto

  38. music1is1epic

    music1is1epic8 évvel

    love dis song

  39. alexis day

    alexis day8 évvel

    k,i agree.that was very funny when they were screaming

  40. D Fiori

    D Fiori8 évvel

    Why there are ONLY 249 000 views ?

  41. Lucio Fabian Parisi

    Lucio Fabian Parisi8 évvel

    qe suert tiene lewis hamilton con tremenda morocha qetiene a su lado.

  42. lynlee23

    lynlee238 évvel

    where the hell is the rain coming from i get its a machine but where and how lmfaooo

  43. 전원우❤에밀리

    전원우❤에밀리8 évvel

    The dog that looks like a wolf is adorable

  44. valeria paradiso

    valeria paradiso8 évvel

    NICOLE IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. A. S. Hiwa

    A. S. Hiwa8 évvel

    i miss them :(

  46. Alec Grebbien

    Alec Grebbien8 évvel

    @balan141 *sarcstic* nooooooooo of course not

  47. Joe Holybay

    Joe Holybay8 évvel

    pcd and dancers / friends.! who know what that is.!!! ewwww

  48. catchycatherine

    catchycatherine8 évvel

    LOL only two of them screamed and Nicole is like.. omg. Aha

  49. Frumensia Amanda

    Frumensia Amanda8 évvel

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="92">1:32</a> ashley and kim under the rain moment

  50. Maria Sylvester

    Maria Sylvester9 évvel

    :) :O they really danced in the rain haha wow!!!!! they did a good job on making this video tho love it

  51. Vanichia Butler

    Vanichia Butler9 évvel

    omg i love melody voice

  52. Daniel Buhonita

    Daniel Buhonita9 évvel

    only 143,351? why?????

  53. Finn

    Finn9 évvel

    @stabyoumove lol it's not Carmit ! Not trying to be mean ... You're so wrong !

  54. Shennelle ST

    Shennelle ST9 évvel

    I love the part about kim's car can't stop laughing

  55. Alanzon Chan

    Alanzon Chan9 évvel

    is that a wolf? oh <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="55">0:55</a>, that's cute and obedient

  56. coolasice20

    coolasice209 évvel

    LMFAO Melody is so weird lol.. in a good way XD and for some reason when Meldoy and Ashley get together they're 10 times funnier. XD

  57. pcdriri12

    pcdriri129 évvel

    Love melody and ashley!!! <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="113">1:53</a> <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="122">2:02</a> !! lOVE THEM !!

  58. Arianeful

    Arianeful9 évvel

    Robin is always there to make sure nicole is front and center and in every shot!

  59. PrincessMerlene08

    PrincessMerlene089 évvel

    @PurpleBoy07 ITs not fake. Its real. It started raining when they were shooting.

  60. Ashley Syl

    Ashley Syl9 évvel

    hahah! :P

  61. Lex60

    Lex6010 évvel

    @PurpleBoy07 lol i too, they look so cute in this video with the rain, the sand, the animals!

  62. mademoisellex33

    mademoisellex3310 évvel

    they had a great fun ;) by the way that video is amazing.

  63. bbrasia

    bbrasia10 évvel

    omg haha