The Oscars 2020 | Legendary comeback from Eminem “Lose Yourself” Live | FOX

Eminem verraste de gehele zaal, en vervolgens de hele wereld met een live optreden van Lose Yourself. Geen woorden voldoen aan dit legendarische comeback optreden. Het enige wat we willen zeggen is: deze video wil je op REPEAT.
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  1. Good Fella

    Good FellaNapja

    I just don't like that dude

  2. Zhandos Mansurov

    Zhandos MansurovNapja

    Legend ...

  3. KILLSHOT -Shadow Sniper

    KILLSHOT -Shadow SniperNapja

    Most overrated rapper ever

  4. Francisco Martinez

    Francisco MartinezNapja

    3:27 AURORA 😍 is beautiful

  5. Flono


    "legendary" "comeback" i better say nothing...

  6. sreggird60


    Guess I'm showing my age because I didn't recognize half the people they showed in the audience.

  7. shelloumie gonzales

    shelloumie gonzalesNapja

    I miss him..solid lodi of eminem.😗😗😗😍

  8. Luis Portugal

    Luis PortugalNapja

    the goat himself

  9. Сергей Зенькович

    Сергей ЗеньковичNapja

    Батя рэпа. Кто бы что не говорил

  10. HAB'S 25'th CUP

    HAB'S 25'th CUPNapja

    Elvis....Robert Plant....Eminem! Everyone else.

  11. HAB'S 25'th CUP

    HAB'S 25'th CUPNapja

    @I'm a retro Millenial you high!?

  12. I'm a retro Millenial

    I'm a retro MillenialNapja

    HAB'S 25'th CUP add Steve Perry

  13. reez.soort70 alg

    reez.soort70 algNapja

    Iswear... evry words coming from his heart...💔

  14. Batya Synovey

    Batya SynoveyNapja

    Эминем красава раскачал зал!)))

  15. KILLSHOT -Shadow Sniper

    KILLSHOT -Shadow SniperNapja

    Most overrated rapper ever

  16. j a r k e s son

    j a r k e s sonNapja

    Why did it take Eminem 20 years to perform at the Oscars

  17. Einsatz Weaver

    Einsatz WeaverNapja

    needs more stamina

  18. j a r k e s son

    j a r k e s sonNapja

    Eminem Always be the king of rapping the new generation rappers are stupid enough to make music

  19. Neil Dutta

    Neil DuttaNapja

    He is the best

  20. Loitongbam R

    Loitongbam RNapja

    Who hurts when ur idol gets old......

  21. Remy Rash

    Remy RashNapja

    And thats how you rap kids

  22. Darren Rogers

    Darren RogersNapja

    Up the irish 🇮🇪🇮🇪

  23. Oliver Teague

    Oliver TeagueNapja

    Bruh i would have been going nuts unlike some of those lemons

  24. Paul Todd

    Paul ToddNapja

    Great live performance.....😂😂😂 he cant even spit the bars on time to his own song!!

  25. Thomas Shelby

    Thomas ShelbyNapja

    Wish it was real people not these Hollywood elitists

  26. Code FK8

    Code FK8Napja

    He's been wanting to do that for almost 20 years. 🤜🤛

  27. Tom


    Eminem has no drive currently! He had his time before. Still an exceptional artist!!!

  28. ray man

    ray manNapja

    I just can't stop looking at his ass😂

  29. David Burgess

    David BurgessNapja

    Legendary comeback? He's had a couple of albums out in the last couple of years and this was just a censored bullshit neutered version of the song for the establishment, so go fuck yourself! 😉🎅🏿

  30. Mithilesh Das

    Mithilesh DasNapja

    Mumble rapper's gang- we win Grammy's Shady whisper in the ear of em- lets go to Oscar Em- said no more

  31. Anthony Vasquez

    Anthony VasquezNapja


  32. Great Ideas

    Great IdeasNapja

  33. 1 2

    1 2Napja

    LOL WTF.....he was actually singing it....out of breath most of the time.....but the whole song the album recorded version lyrics are playing at low volume....kinda lip syncing for when he ran out of breath lol

  34. Sora channel

    Sora channelNapja

    for one moment it was the best part of grammys XD

  35. life is good

    life is goodNapja

    2:30 Martin Scorsese: facepalm)

  36. Salabh S.G

    Salabh S.GNapja

    Oscars took 17 years to be cool enough to have Eminem on stage.

  37. beautiful nightmare

    beautiful nightmareNapja

    I feel like this would make more sense if it was the grammys everyone would've lost their damn minds

  38. beautiful nightmare

    beautiful nightmareNapja

    Anthony Ramos and Jasmine actually knowing the words. I love them lol

  39. nublex


    ok boomers

  40. Bhanu pratap Singh

    Bhanu pratap SinghNapja

    1:25 enjoying moment

  41. Daniel Vijil

    Daniel VijilNapja

    I smiled with Aurora at the end

  42. микаил



  43. Marcos Pacheco

    Marcos PachecoNapja

    A comeback? Eminem never left my guy



    Made my day

  45. Tim Bahr

    Tim BahrNapja

    Martin Scorsese just like "the fuck am i listening to this at the oscars for"

  46. Val Val

    Val ValNapja

    MGK on airpods keep repeating his disstrack on youtube : “... lets talk about it” Somebody next to him with a boombox : “.... you better lose yourself! (echo)” A few minutes later MGK on his fake acc commenting to this vid : “yo man my idol steal the show! 🔥🔥🔥”

  47. Liliana recinos

    Liliana recinosNapja

    Director : you know the presentation we did not about Eminem last time. Oscars : what about it? Director: let's do it now.

  48. Shantanu Pandey

    Shantanu PandeyNapja

    0:45 'Um, okay. Like why like.' Look.

  49. suicidart


    Музыкантов притащил а толку от них если никто не играет, фанерщик

  50. kamal palia

    kamal paliaNapja

    Eminem showed everyone that who is the "Dad of Rap"🤘

  51. Vasquez Elias

    Vasquez EliasNapja

    Bien echo asi secanta artistas vasuras de hoi aprendan no con pistas

  52. isay ysay

    isay ysayNapja

    Dissing this man is really a suicide. Hope those who dissis em know how great em is. Eminem is my goat.

  53. 메이플충


    Legend never died

  54. Laurene Hamilton

    Laurene HamiltonNapja

    The sigh at the end, i think, was his way of smiling. Love his new look, gorgeous !!

  55. Mohammed Rizwan

    Mohammed RizwanNapja

    15K disliking losers?? Seriously? Who the fuck are they all?

  56. Praga Salas

    Praga SalasNapja

    All the audience sing the songs with Emiem that still love him no matter what he awesome I follow him when he star sing as a artist ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤love you Emiem

  57. Davi Yudha

    Davi YudhaNapja

    This not Oscars, this is Athena. And Em is Zeus

  58. Evan Eagan

    Evan EaganNapja

    Had to go with a song from 15 years ago because that was the last time he put something out worth listening to.

  59. Tẩu Dã

    Tẩu DãNapja

    Sao mọi người cmt được nhiều like vậy

  60. Mufasa


    Di caprio was never outside from the titanic?

  61. Jae S

    Jae SNapja

    I can't be the only person who doesn't listen to eyelash . I don't think she deserved any of her awards, she's cringey af. Em is my man tho

  62. Johnathan Lopez

    Johnathan LopezNapja

    A lot of people looked bored or lost... Pretty cool though.