The Green Knight | Official Teaser Trailer HD | A24

From director David Lowery and starring Dev Patel, Alicia Vikander, and Joel Edgerton. The Green Knight - Summer 2020.
RELEASE DATE: Summer 2020
DIRECTOR: David Lowery
CAST: Dev Patel, Alicia Vikander and Joel Edgerton
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  1. MidnightMovieClub


    Did anyone think this was a King Paimon, Hereditary prequel for a second, with that opening shot?

  2. Ujjwal Nabin Tripathee

    Ujjwal Nabin TripatheeNapja

    It gives me "The Witch" vibe

  3. überguy


    The Jewish blackwash of European folklore, history and heritage is real and it pisses me off equally as whitewashing of other ethnicities does. Slightly more in fact since this is much more lasting damage than other ethnicities due to quantity. Europeans are a huuuge minority globally.

  4. Spess Sigiswulf

    Spess SigiswulfNapja


  5. DeepFried Wat3rMel0n

    DeepFried Wat3rMel0nNapja

    i swear this director does completely different films which are all great for completely different reasons. a ghost story was fantastic but The Old Man and the Gun was also excellent and really overlooked, Robert Redford's last role before retirement.

  6. chloe


    *Borat voice* what is.

  7. AuspiciousToad



  8. cool cat like looking thing

    cool cat like looking thingNapja

    To all teaser makers watching this *PLEASE TAKE A NOTE!*

  9. Jacob Gooslin

    Jacob GooslinNapja

    Dark souls 4 is looking good.

  10. Cerulean Cielo

    Cerulean CieloNapja

    Dev Patel is so underrated. He is a pretty good actor.

  11. JamesBearVR


    No matter how much this movie denies it I am head Canon this as a Hereditary Prequel. That creature at the end is Paimon.

  12. Jason Poersch

    Jason PoerschNapja

    It looks cool but one thing bugged me.....the fox howl????

  13. Marcus B.

    Marcus B.Napja

    Dear A24.... Much more Films like THIS and much less 'Pseudo-Cult Horror Slow Burner' stuff. Thanks! This looks F****** AMAZING!!!

  14. Joseph Boche

    Joseph BocheNapja

    Yo I thought this was slumdog millionaire two

  15. Charlie_Barber


    It’s funny because an Indian man is playing the lead role... lol

  16. mountedpatrolman


    Terrible casting... No thanks

  17. RoadieTV


    Instant watch as it's A24

  18. Amelia Lynn Puhr

    Amelia Lynn PuhrNapja

    Not gonna lie, Dev Patel is in it. The man is so pretty, of course Imma see it. Also it looks cool, so there's that too.

  19. Ammoniumbicarbonat


    If Monty Python and the Holy Grail wasn’t a comedy, this has a similar vibe.

  20. 9Dragon


    The Green Knight fails because Gwain was English, not Indian you morons. There were not any Africans or Indians or anything else in England during those times because the Romans would have enslaved them. If by some chance there was, one or two in the whole country, it probably was from a trading vessel from Asia. So basically not King Author and that is where the story is originally from, this movie will suck. Probably only have the Green Knight in the Movie for less than 15 minutes the rest will be about how the Medival times was bad.

  21. obsession byEXØ

    obsession byEXØNapja

    ok summer flick booked.

  22. Mark Birnage

    Mark BirnageNapja

    Looks good ;-)

  23. Rohan Patel

    Rohan PatelNapja

    like if yall read the story in english class

  24. Emre Gürler

    Emre GürlerNapja

    Looks like Solo Leveling I'm hyped

  25. Baran Aksoy

    Baran AksoyNapja


  26. Ryan McCoy

    Ryan McCoyNapja

    The imagery of this trailer really reminds me of Ari Aster and his style. Not familiar with David Lowery but I need to watch his films.

  27. LaLaGrunge


    Ethnic revisionism again?

  28. AuspiciousToad


    Our history and culture is commercialized by people who share no ties to it, so much so to the point that we and people of non-european descent become so inundated with it's presence that it's origin becomes obfuscated, and is never recognized as being part of or inspired by any culture or peoples, but rather just some story.

  29. xacharias_s


    What are the circular parts of their crowns? Are they meant to represent halos or saints?

  30. Woable Attack

    Woable AttackNapja

    Fear and Loathing in Camelot? Sounds fun!

  31. Ranphanm ka

    Ranphanm kaNapja

    When I see A24 logo : "Shut up and take my money !"

  32. sedih hijab

    sedih hijab2 napja

    mode in king..

  33. bssni touir

    bssni touir2 napja

    to see it

  34. Rodney James

    Rodney James2 napja

    I was waiting for the Green Knight to say: *"I am GROOT!!!"*

  35. aaron Morais

    aaron Morais2 napja

    Wow this looks really dark ! I hope they will respect the original story without adding stupid socio-political propaganda. Nevertheless I'm surprised and pleased to see a medieval tale such as Sir Gawain and The Green Knight coming to the big screen.

  36. Aeta Capella

    Aeta Capella2 napja

    I have a VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION: what kind of dog is that at 1:01 !? I love it!

  37. bssni touir

    bssni touir2 napja

    Color me intrigued

  38. Alyssa Yeo

    Alyssa Yeo2 napja

    does anyone know what the spinning wheel puppetry is called, and if it's a real medieval puppetry technique? Can't seem to find any information on the whole stone wheel concept, but would love to know if the commentors have any input!

  39. Pepsiman

    Pepsiman2 napja

    Hmmm ah yes a medieval english tale with a non white protagonist.

  40. Najmi Zesdyzar

    Najmi Zesdyzar2 napja

    For a second there I thought this would be a Hereditary sequel/prequel

  41. Shining Moon Studio

    Shining Moon Studio2 napja

    Groot is angry!

  42. Sadat

    Sadat2 napja

    Gives some Dark Souls vibe.

  43. A M

    A M2 napja

    After Hereditary, everyone is wary of A24 films. Pop a Xanax before this one, y'all.

  44. Wythe Davis

    Wythe Davis2 napja

    For more info on the source look up the BBC podcast “In our time” they did a great episode recently on The Green Knight. Full of interesting backstory including the relation of green to the natural world and therefore the devil, in an old Christian sense. Really interesting stuff.

  45. Herschell Bennett

    Herschell Bennett2 napja

    There’s a certain sort of student of English that carries this book around like an emblem of honour, as if to understand the Middle English language confers an intellectual prestige beyond most people. Well, judging by this trailer, that type will not like this film. It’s immediately accessible and provocative. It is strange to see something so old (in the European context) appear to evoke some of the terror of its time. Surprisingly, I am looking forward to this film, based on this trailer, which is all the more surprising for a poem, which I thought inaccessible and elitist for most of my life.

  46. TeamKhronicZer0

    TeamKhronicZer02 napja

    Oh hell this looks so good. Even if the movie is no good, this trailer has me fucking sold

  47. Hugh M

    Hugh M2 napja

    There were no Indians in England during King Arthur's time. From this alone, it's already obvious that the filmmakers don't care about faithfulness to the original story. So disrespectful.

  48. Charming nowhere to hide

    Charming nowhere to hide2 napja

    Something about that shot of him tied up and paralelling the skull tied up decaying . just that shot is cinematography gold. I want to know what camera they used

  49. 簡哪拿

    簡哪拿2 napja

    be humble

  50. ShalakumX Simba

    ShalakumX Simba2 napja

    *D O P E*

  51. Da Sword Of Gork

    Da Sword Of Gork2 napja

    So this is about Gilles the Breton? The founder of Bretonnia?

  52. Charming nowhere to hide

    Charming nowhere to hide2 napja

    lead into an end movie that covers The Strife of Camlann.

  53. Unlimited Fandom

    Unlimited Fandom2 napja

    Color me intrigued

  54. Audra C

    Audra C2 napja

    A24 doing Arthurian period pieces? Count me in.

  55. Chris Wright

    Chris Wright2 napja

    look up Joseph Campbell and the Green Knight if you want to hear him tell the story in a really interesting way

  56. JANDERSO4555

    JANDERSO45552 napja

    Someone named "Dev Patel" starring in a film based on Arthurian legend. This is cultural appropriation. I'm shaking. I literally can't breathe. Yet, White actors in a film about legendary Egyptian Gods...and everybody loses their minds! The anti-White hypocrisy is truly breathtaking.

  57. P Am

    P AmNapja

    JANDERSO4555 I’m indian, most Hollywood “Indian” roles were played by Arabs and sometimes white people so it’s kinda refreshing to see Indian playing a white character... I don’t think anyone should bitch about white people playing other races I think that would be hypocritical

  58. Taylor Williams

    Taylor Williams2 napja

    I need this NOW

  59. Stefferson Segundo

    Stefferson Segundo2 napja

    Is this a new teaser of the Hellblade game from Xbox Series X?

  60. shaddy Wesley

    shaddy Wesley2 napja

    Yes dev Patel...this dude is awesomely

  61. Fuck You And Your Ideology

    Fuck You And Your Ideology2 napja

    Are they serious with this diversity propaganda? Hey A24, there was no diversity in ancient England.

  62. Josh West

    Josh West2 napja

    Nor was there a Tree Man.

  63. Soylent Green

    Soylent Green2 napja

    This looks promising.

  64. Gus Topher

    Gus Topher2 napja

    There is a Version of this with Sean Connery as the Green Knight that is delightfully and enjoyably campy

  65. Т - И - З

    Т - И - З2 napja