The Frights - "Leave Me Alone"

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We’re flying up the coast December The sea and me are blue The city of LA is ugly And I’m coming back to you There’s nothing in my hands but sugar I’m more than you could need I smile hurricanes in summer And I drink more than I eat Leave me alone I know you need this Leave me alone this time Leave me alone I know you mean it Leave me alone Alright fine She’s gotta be a fake I think so A sinner when she sleeps We always do our best I mean that My confidence is weak And I’ll slam a thousand doors to scare you But you gotta give me slack I’ll write you every thought I’m thinking You take your promise back And I swear to God that I need this And I swear to Christ I feel you in my bones I mean it But I wrang you out for more A cut can only be so decent My blood is on your floor
Written and Directed by Marc Finn
Produced & Edited by Andrew Gibson
Produced by Michael Kagan
Produced by Tyler Boudreaux
Cinematography by Chad Corhan
Ronin Operator - Nick Morelli
1st AC - Ian Matthews
Make Up - Sarah Loranca
Visual Effects - Marcus Blair
Colorist - Ryan Moser
Phil Matarese
Misiluti Salelesi
Judah Lyfe
Angel Contreras
Daniel Mandehr
Marv Williams
Dede Matz
Tom Wade
Michael Kagan
Andrew Gibson
Anna Marusich
Hannah Morgan
Hirari Watanabe
Sandra Contreras
Special thanks:
The cities of Palm Springs and Palm Desert, CA
Carolina Viazcan and the Renaissance Esmeralda Resort & Spa
Official Site:
Facebook: frightsband/
Twitter: thefrights
Instagram: thefrights
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  1. Jspitz 0348

    Jspitz 034818 napja

    Where was this filmed?

  2. Bradley Del Oro

    Bradley Del Oro25 napja

    love the video but the album is a good lullabye :/

  3. Vanilla Gorilla

    Vanilla GorillaHónapja

    I dig it. I also like the other albums. As its honest.

  4. coochieissick dude

    coochieissick dudeHónapja

    i love this but i want to scream 😔

  5. Eric Meraz

    Eric MerazHónapja

    I love the album and all but I kinda want them to go back to their old style.

  6. Curtis Harding

    Curtis HardingHónapja

    Damn you all are hating on this dudes art. how can you not accept a little sound change if you love the frights this album really good actually i was surprised to see these comments

  7. Shmust Bucket

    Shmust BucketHónapja

    You know you're an excellent band when you can make different styles of music sound great. Keep up the good work 👍

  8. Vintage Lazer

    Vintage LazerHónapja

    Jesus Christ I wasn’t expecting them to change their sound. 2/10

  9. smethie, 1OTM

    smethie, 1OTMHónapja

    Heres some algorithmic gravy

  10. Le Burguez

    Le BurguezHónapja

    Church music zzzzzzZz

  11. Jana Tomše

    Jana TomšeHónapja

    What the son of biscuit?

  12. tsb

    tsb2 hónapja

    I'm so confused

  13. Dan Sopa

    Dan Sopa2 hónapja

    I do not like this song. I love the Frights but I hate this song . Lacks the energy of their other songs.... Nevermind...i herd more as I typed the previous comment. It's all right in a postal service sort of way ....but I still don't like this song



    Frights from 2013 were awesome. I hope them the best though

  15. IlIIIlIl

    IlIIIlIl2 hónapja

    The entire album is country emo and then they hit you with this trash... Such a let down. -_-

  16. 6dm6tina6

    6dm6tina62 hónapja

    Nevershoutnever is back

  17. Jambi

    Jambi2 hónapja

    Goodbye epitaph

  18. reverieplastique

    reverieplastique2 hónapja

    wait what

  19. TheWiśniewski

    TheWiśniewski2 hónapja

    Gotta admit, I was kinda skeptic when hypochondriac came out but now I started to love the fact that you're experimenting and just doing your own thing. It's not only good but also what music should be all about imo.

  20. Jennie Mae Tandayu

    Jennie Mae Tandayu2 hónapja

    This was dooope!!!! Another one to add to the favorites 💯 BRAVO 👏🏽👏🏽

  21. Freedom Riders Skateboarding

    Freedom Riders Skateboarding2 hónapja

    Good job Misiluti 🤙🏽

  22. DaBigBennzino21

    DaBigBennzino212 hónapja

    Thanks Bro!

  23. Chumbasauce

    Chumbasauce2 hónapja

    I just wanted him to yell at least once

  24. codpod

    codpod2 hónapja


  25. Vladimir Subota

    Vladimir Subota2 hónapja

    it’s clear that music should progress, but it’s just like another ordinary band, with all due respect to old creativity

  26. jasonchil

    jasonchil2 hónapja

    apocalypse now?

  27. zuma

    zuma2 hónapja

    Scusate forse sono male informato ma che è la svolta trap della epitaph? Cosa non si fa per un pugno di dollari?!

  28. cmculver

    cmculver2 hónapja

    So good. Stoked for the new album.

  29. lol Maya

    lol Maya2 hónapja

    Soft indie emo, I can't believe I've never listened to this band before 🥺🥺

  30. Shmust Bucket

    Shmust BucketHónapja

    I laugh at the people who cant enjoy the diversity of their music. I may prefer their older stuff. But that doesn't mean I cant enjoy the new stuff that's different. Only good bands can make different styles of music sound good.

  31. tsb

    tsb2 hónapja

    lol Maya you should listen to their old stuff imo it's better

  32. Tyler Ballingall

    Tyler Ballingall2 hónapja

    Their old stuff was better, this is shit

  33. Hannah Kuitems

    Hannah Kuitems2 hónapja

    None of us had. This is nothing like their normal stuff. This is brand new to even the oldest fans 😢

  34. Robbie Matthews

    Robbie Matthews2 hónapja


  35. Lydia Tankersley

    Lydia Tankersley2 hónapja

    This isn't bad but it's just.. so mellow for The Frights.

  36. videos for my brain

    videos for my brain2 hónapja

    apparently this actually wasnt meant to be a studio album for the frights. it was carneval solo project and he actually made these songs around fall 2018. I think if you look at it from that perspective you can find some more appreciation for it, it grows on you.

  37. Jadyn Rabbit

    Jadyn Rabbit2 hónapja

    yeah like where’s the random screaming?

  38. Jay

    Jay2 hónapja

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="197">3:17</a> another hand HAHAHA u guys break the scene, 10/10

  39. Rachael

    Rachael2 hónapja

    @Jay order hand?

  40. Jay

    Jay2 hónapja

    @Rachael he is sitting on the order hand the real hand is grabbing the chair

  41. Rachael

    Rachael2 hónapja

    Another hand? Where was the first? Where is it at 3:17 ?

  42. Robert Stratton

    Robert Stratton2 hónapja

    Ok does this make sense to anyone?



    We need Bernie to win the presidency. So we can get the green new deal. I miss the old firghts

  44. Riley Siegler

    Riley Siegler2 hónapja

    I just see it as showing that even while the state is burning up, people in LA can't help but only focus on their small problems, drama queens etc. (source: am from LA)

  45. Gabe Simpson

    Gabe Simpson2 hónapja

    Damn Ryan mower and chad Corhan w the coloring and cinematography that slapped

  46. _Malignance

    _Malignance2 hónapja


  47. Farid :D

    Farid :D2 hónapja


  48. Fabulous Killjoy

    Fabulous Killjoy2 hónapja


  49. Lemming

    Lemming2 hónapja

    The way his shoes are in the thumbnail, I can’t help but see Godzilla.

  50. Barry AsILayDying McHugh

    Barry AsILayDying McHugh2 hónapja

    Well happy so I'm the 242nd view, very chilled song to hear in the morning!

  51. Axel Renoir

    Axel Renoir2 hónapja

    MARC FINN ON THE MOTHER FUCKING (directors chair) WE GOT - MARC FINN ON THE MOTHER FUCKING (directors chair) This was very good.

  52. xX squeaker Xx

    xX squeaker Xx2 hónapja

    This is the kind of music I’d shag too

  53. IlIIIlIl

    IlIIIlIl2 hónapja

    I really hope you're joking. xD

  54. xX squeaker Xx

    xX squeaker Xx2 hónapja

    Leigh Douglas nah that goes to way back when lui calibre was doing his squeaker voice and he would make a squeaker squad

  55. Leigh Douglas

    Leigh Douglas2 hónapja

    So that's why you're called "Squeaker"😂

  56. Leigh Douglas

    Leigh Douglas2 hónapja

    @xX squeaker Xx 😂😂😂😂

  57. xX squeaker Xx

    xX squeaker Xx2 hónapja

    Leigh Douglas I blast it to mask the bed squeaks 💀😂