THE BOYS Season 2 Trailer (2020) Superhero, Action TV Series HD

THE BOYS Season 2 Trailer (2020) Superhero, Action TV Series HD
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A group of vigilantes set out to take down corrupt superheroes who abuse their superpowers.

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  1. Anthony Shedd

    Anthony Shedd16 napja

    When will this season occur

  2. Dustin Smith

    Dustin Smith17 napja

    The show is coming in 2020, but I'm coming now

  3. john gn

    john gn17 napja


  4. Samantha Bourne

    Samantha Bourne20 napja


  5. Rhys Cory

    Rhys CoryHónapja

    So starlight fights homelander.

  6. Spxx Fones

    Spxx FonesHónapja


  7. Trey Gibson

    Trey GibsonHónapja

    This looks so damn good

  8. Agif Al-Aviv

    Agif Al-AvivHónapja




    I honestly can't wait to see what the Deep will be up to. He's now off to the side doing all the unimportant stuff but I wonder if he'll ever come around to becoming a genuinely good guy and finding redemption.

  10. Good Man

    Good ManHónapja

    Who else hate the blacknoir for talking too much?

  11. Good Man

    Good ManHónapja

    I want to thanks the director, producer, cast, writer and so on for making such an insane series

  12. Дамир Асянов

    Дамир АсяновHónapja


  13. Ryan Carter

    Ryan CarterHónapja


  14. Wuyev


    hopefully butcher kills his cheating cunt wife!!!!!!

  15. Saleem Ali

    Saleem AliHónapja

    Glimmer from she ra really changed

  16. TheLonelyMe


    amazon prime is the bestgore of steaming services

  17. Ron Hertzberg

    Ron HertzbergHónapja

    Karl urban is a legend

  18. Phong Tran

    Phong TranHónapja

    “No words have been spoken in the trailer, but the video has spoken to me.”

  19. Polon Polon

    Polon PolonHónapja

    Looks diabolical

  20. 8D VIBES

    8D VIBESHónapja

    Gus is alive 👁👁

  21. Warface India BlackburnFire

    Warface India BlackburnFireHónapja

    Dude can we have atleast one dialogue trailer i know u dont wanna open up but just one 🙅

  22. stillgamelover 1

    stillgamelover 1Hónapja

    2020...2020....2020!.....2020!!!!!......20fuckin20 WHAT!??! WHATS THE GODDAME DATE!!!!!

  23. Kane The Unsettled

    Kane The UnsettledHónapja

    I'm glad to see they aren't toning down the gore and I can't wait to see hughies growth and development

  24. Gabriel Rocha Muiños

    Gabriel Rocha MuiñosHónapja

    where can i watch this without paying?

  25. Hoang Son

    Hoang SonHónapja

    cant fukig wait

  26. K /DA

    K /DAHónapja

    just fkin release it goddamnit!

  27. RagingCynical


    Mother fuckers stole the bl3 music for hype of their shitty show

  28. The Meta Forum

    The Meta ForumHónapja

    F*** yes.

  29. johnny pumper

    johnny pumperHónapja

    Whoever edited this was on crack. I could make a better trailer than this and I've got brain damage

  30. Milan


    What a shitty trailer

  31. The Murderbot Feed

    The Murderbot FeedHónapja

    The spice girls are back!!!

  32. Patrick Gleason

    Patrick GleasonHónapja

    Missed opportunity to use the boys are back in town

  33. Sergmerg Guy

    Sergmerg GuyHónapja

    So hyped ngl , the cast is so good

  34. időlovag


    Its gonna be diabolical

  35. ragingmollusk


    That Tea though....right?

  36. Angelo Acosta

    Angelo AcostaHónapja

    Trailer looks DIABOLICAL

  37. Local Warlord

    Local WarlordHónapja

    just look at homelanders face in the beginning how worried and scared he looks in the beginning then shifting to curiosity thats how you start a trailer this season homelander is getting his fuckin ass kicked

  38. mr_wright_official_


    You have something good going. Please Do. Not. Rush. It!!!

  39. Isaiah Leksell

    Isaiah LeksellHónapja

    Gus Fringe has entered has entered the room*

  40. BaptainBalcon


    A bad trailer for a good show about bad good guys.

  41. gede dimas

    gede dimasHónapja

    got the wrong Borderland 3 trailer

  42. Evan Abbott

    Evan AbbottHónapja

    I’m so glad they did such a great job with it.😁👍

  43. LegendArySayain


    I fucked up by reading ahead. I wonder if they’ll stick to the source material.

  44. maher daibes

    maher daibesHónapja

    When will the season start ???

  45. Felipe Antonio Valenzuela Aguilar

    Felipe Antonio Valenzuela AguilarHónapja

    Soo....the boys still dont have powers pfffff yup

  46. Logen M

    Logen MHónapja

    Oh yeah, that's the stuff.

  47. mephisto1025


    Was he drinking breast milk 🥛

  48. Pascoolism


    shoot shoot blood blood middle finger middle finger, i like it

  49. [Unoriginal Username]

    [Unoriginal Username]Hónapja

    At this point I’m on the edge of what Black Noir is gonna do

  50. Rafael Nascimento

    Rafael NascimentoHónapja

    The Song: Des Rocs - Let me love or Let me Die 🤘🏻

  51. J. K.

    J. K.Hónapja

    Its "live" not "love", buddy

  52. 희원


    ㅈㄴ 징그러우

  53. nananooknak


    of course it's on fucking Amazon

  54. Miles Higgs

    Miles HiggsHónapja

    Wonder what Hughie did to deserve that punch Butcher gave him.

  55. Ebony Maw

    Ebony MawHónapja

    never been more hyped for a show wtf

  56. Matt Offman

    Matt OffmanHónapja ❤❤❤❤

  57. DeathInCarn 8000

    DeathInCarn 8000Hónapja

    In case there was still that small percentage of viewers who thought Karl Uraban’s character was seriously just going to be killed off following season 2

  58. Saad Ashaba

    Saad AshabaHónapja

    butcher: "that was diabolical "

  59. Doxa Ekwo

    Doxa EkwoHónapja

    Juvenile stuff.

  60. Alastair Snook

    Alastair SnookHónapja

    This series is fantastic, and Karl Urban is made for his role, but they should have just let him have an Australian accent. Can’t wait though!

  61. Ivan Drago

    Ivan DragoHónapja

    I hope Black Noir gets a bigger role in this season, I noticed Homelander throwing Starlight around that elevator,